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  1. Rogue_Woodchuck

    Historical Scenarios, Your thoughts

    If you guys can't find historical naval battles on your own, you're not trying very hard. And if you do find one you want to work on, PLEASE keep it historically accurate, not aimed at the base of the bell curve.
  2. Rogue_Woodchuck

    Premium Ship Review #114 - West Virginia 1941

    What on Earth is the deal with the silly tie in with a John Denver song?
  3. Rogue_Woodchuck

    Moskva vs Kronstadt vs Alaska

    Moskva plays circles around Kronstadt. Deeply underwhelmed by Kronstadt and doubt I'll ever use it again; but every day I fall more in love with Moskva.
  4. Rogue_Woodchuck

    Worth getting Kronstadt before it goes?

    I really dislike it's horrible accuracy. I tried to make myself like it for a few days but couldn't. Very disappointed that I spent so long earning all that free XP and wasted it on a ship that I can't rely will hit what it shoots at.
  5. Rogue_Woodchuck

    Atago - A good Zao trainer?

    I built my Atago captain up to level 19 and use him in Zao all the time. That's a good fit. Atago and Zao move similarly but Zao has better guns. I prefer Atago's torp spread, but Zao's torps are longer range. Both are excellent, fun ships to play.