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  1. Another Dino Rider! My first 2 years in tanks were in the A3 w/ the Vermont Army NG. The last of the classic panzers, with the best thermals, and a carton of cigarettes fit perfectly in the base of the TCs cupola ( I was still a smoker back then)
  2. FUBAR_4_sure

    Forum Game - Word Association

    I had that game back in the 70s and 80s, frikkin loved it. It would be so awesome if they put it online..
  3. Hey, if you were aboard Little Rock in 73-75 time frame when she docked in Tunis or Bizerte (can't remember now), I was a kid from the US Embassy who got to eat aboard one day. My dad had an Annapolis class mate who was an officer on board, and me, my Dad and some other embassy kids had lunch aboard. I had a CLG-4 baseball cap for many years afterwards. My service: US Army and National Guard, 1987-2012. 13B Cannon Crewman 155mm SP, 19E M60 tank crewman, 19K M1 tank crewman and ended up, after the 86th Brigade transitioned to Light Infantry (Mountain) as 12C 120mm mortar crewman. All over the US, several places around the world. Apart from a year in HUMMVs in Iraq - OIF 3 2005 - I had a great time, and would happily do it all again. Well, maybe not some of the really terrible, cold coffee at 3AM on firing ranges LOL
  4. FUBAR_4_sure

    Forum Game - Word Association

    "Sorry, Charlie" ... who remembers?
  5. FUBAR_4_sure

    Is the server down?

    It won't let me in unless I install the WG center thing, which froze my comnputer completely.
  6. FUBAR_4_sure

    So what are US CA/CLs good at again?

    I'm a dakka dakka freak. Helena and Des Moines are great - just got a million XP in Helena. If I had a daughter, I would rename her Helena. I love it.
  7. FUBAR_4_sure

    Moskva without legendary upgrade

    I had Moskva rigged for maximum range, just to add that upgrade for even more "legendary" range. The upgrade brought the range down. It makes no sense. I sold the damn upgrade and now have better range than I had with it. I won't pretend to know why. It just is.
  8. FUBAR_4_sure

    Forum Game - Word Association

    "There's no way out of here" David Gilmour
  9. FUBAR_4_sure

    The master list of Shipboard Easter Eggs

    I would hate to have to climb the ladder on the bow of Yoshino - unless I was SpiderMan.
  10. FUBAR_4_sure

    Euro Destroyers Part 1 - PTS directive preview

    The world is already an UNprotected psychiatric ward !!
  11. FUBAR_4_sure

    Forum Game - Word Association

    schweddy balls
  12. FUBAR_4_sure

    Euro Destroyers Part 1 - PTS directive preview

    Is this like the advance info and planning folks did for the PR? Looks reasonable and then totally BOHICA? Sadly, we've learned to not trust what they put out in advance.
  13. FUBAR_4_sure

    Forum Game - Word Association

    No way
  14. FUBAR_4_sure

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Cavaliers -- Wahoo-wa!
  15. FUBAR_4_sure

    Forum Game - Word Association

    The Monster Mash