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  1. If this is a sign for how the new year is going to play out, well, WoWS had a good run... until 2019/CV rework happened. This was a chance to show everyone you're sorry for 2019 and the Christmas fiasco. Since this isn't special at all, it's loud and clear you don't care.
  2. Drseckzytime

    Update 0.8.10: “Resolute and Rapid”

    Quit with the passive ways to try and make CV players stop playing and just get rid of them. They ruin the game for the 3 other classes, make that 4 with Subs from vids we've seen. At least for Subs to attack they have to be vulnerable compared to CVs. Rockets nearly deleting DD, bombs deleting Cruisers, and all 3 tossed at BBs. And then there's the spotting lol. Yes, CVs are king in real life, warfare changing, but this is a game with soon to be 4 other classes that they are ruining the experience for. I'm shocked this is still a thing to be honest.
  3. Drseckzytime

    Summer Sale: Today's Deal!

    Really is a terrible ripoff of a "sale" event, just awful. The day loot boxes err, surprise mechanics are banned can't come soon enough. I would say this is indicative of what wargaming thinks of their paying customers, but them allowing CVs to ruin matches just by their spotting alone, let alone damage and mobility with no counter all this time despite the outrage of the players is the real sign that wargaming and their employees don't care one bit about the fans.
  4. Drseckzytime

    I want the game I paid for back.

    I'll admit, I was a filthy whale. Was. This game suffered the same fate that WoT did when they reworked their clicker class too, arty. Haven't been back there. WoWS is facing that same fate. They can't have classes that do that much damage sitting the other side of the map behind a huge mountain that can only be damaged by the same class. This is the epitome of class imbalance. When one class is only countered by the same class, while the other 3 classes can't do much anything in return outside of delay the inevitable, it is a big problem. Yet, WG doesn't care. You'll be fast to learn they think they know best, they absolutely don't care about the players. They are one of the worst developers out there. I can't wait for lootboxes to get banned.