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  1. Seagrizzly

    Refund Issued Question

    Where did I ever ask for a refund of Doubloons? In your example if I went to the store and they offered me store credit but I wanted cash I could keep the item or take the store credit, WG didn't give me an option as I was not aware that they never give refunds in the form they were originally purchased. What every this whole event is a crapshow and they get what they deserve for this massive cash grab game they played. I am just mad that at this point thousands of people were juked by this event and WG still makes all the money for it without having to give a cent back. Something changed around the time the French DD line came out and since then every event has just been a massive confusing event after event that they are just trying to scam money out of people. I
  2. Seagrizzly

    Refund Issued Question

    I don't think you are understanding me I didn't ask for a Doubloon refund but a Cash refund for the Doubloons purchased. My point is they are working so fast and hard to refund for their mess up they don't even look at the content of the ticket. Honestly I have already ground the first two objectives and was only needing to do the third so if they were not going to refund my money then I would have rather kept the doubloons in the boost because the 21k that I have now are useless to me. I don't need more boats or prem boats as I have most of them and have all the tier 10 boats researched and over 400 days of prem time. Thank you for reminding me about the mega crates for the boosters that at least explains the deduction in dubs, but I still am not sure the math adds up. What ever at this point doesn't really matter I just won't support the game with my money and play it with what I have.
  3. Seagrizzly

    Refund Issued Question

    So here is my issue I never asked for a refund of doubloons I asked for money so in essence they erased all the progress I had made. I totally understood if they could not do that but they shouldn't have refunded the doubloons just for the heck of it. Also no clue I have spent nothing on anything other than the PR grind for Doubloons so now I have in essence been screwed twice.
  4. Seagrizzly

    Refund Issued Question

    I hope somebody can explain this for me, so I requested a refund of money for my purchased doubloons for the PR event and opposed to giving me the paypal money back they stopped my progress on the event and took away the 3 boosters I purchased and now made it impossible for me to get the PR at this point even if I spend the tokens on the boosters again. Secondly they took away 3750 doubloons for containers I opened. I have no issue with the container part but where does this number come from since I opened one normal, one big and one mega which in the armory comes out to 2250? Can somebody enlighten me where this 3750 number is coming from?
  5. Seagrizzly

    Puerto Rico booster refund.

    Personally for me I purchased the Dub's for the event so I have asked for a cash refund of the Dub's I purchased as I have no use for them otherwise. Basically by them giving you back your dub's they didn't really refund anything other than the way you used them. I totally get it if you had them to start with but if they were purchased specifically for the event then they physical money spent on them should be refunded as well so its not stuck in the game giving them the cash grab they were after.
  6. Seagrizzly

    Puerto Rico booster refund.

    I am sure they did, if they didn't then you would get both the ship and dub's back and I really doubt that would happen.
  7. Seagrizzly

    Italian Cruisers - Serious Discussion

    While this is a good game you still didn't do much damage seeing that you had 12 cits and 131 hits. If this were say a henri or DM your damage would have been higher IMO. I am no cruiser slouch and I have a real hard time making this boat work. The reload is way too long to ninja anything because in 20 seconds another boat can just ruin you while you sit there and reload.
  8. Seagrizzly

    Halloween Event (Raid for the Filth)

    I played this a few hours ago and had no issues like you speak of.
  9. Seagrizzly

    The Raid for the Filth Begins!

    How do you get the %50 victory bonus for the ship?
  10. Seagrizzly

    Game Freaking out Issue

    Thanks, I also got a few direct messages that others have had this issue so I will go ahead and create a report and send it in.
  11. Seagrizzly

    Game Freaking out Issue

    It was my first time ever having it happen to me since alpha so thanks for your help but just trying to find people that might have had the same issue so we could find more info to submit a bug not snarky remarks about how it has not happened to you.
  12. Seagrizzly

    Game Freaking out Issue

    Hey guys me and my clan mate have both had an issue were all the sudden the game controls seem to stop functioning. This just happened in a match for me but I was in a CV and went to map, clicked behind me to backup and realized that they have not taken the right for CV's to use autopilot to backup and also that it was now moving me forward out into 4 other boats in a ranked match. Tried to stop it and ended up getting autopilot disabled notification but boat was still moving forward. The planes I had launched were just flying straight at this point and I couldn't move my camera or any typing keys were not working although I could type in chat window but when I pressed enter it would just go away. Also checked ping and it was fine cause I thought I was DC'ed, couldn't hit escape, could get back to map but couldn't click or do anything in there. Wondering is anybody else has seen this type of behavior and if so what they did to have it happen.
  13. Seagrizzly

    Help me choose my main ship for Ranked Sprint Tier VIII

    I would assume that there will be a lot of USN AA out there in cleveland and balt but I could be wrong. I would love to play CV but man the hate will be so bad.
  14. Seagrizzly

    Help me choose my main ship for Ranked Sprint Tier VIII

    This is what I do, I find a tier 8 boat I need to grind and put it in ranked because the games a shorter and not positive but I think the rewards are better as far as Xp or at least they are close to what a normal match is and you are always with boats of the same tier so that is also good.
  15. Seagrizzly

    Kelber - Is something wrong

    I don't have much problem with the boat and at the tier 8 I loved the "Fantasy" but so far had an issue with BB's just straight up deleting me so that is why I asked. I can't make the speed tank thing really work very well so I use the torps in very very circumstantial situations, move in torp move out reset. It worked really well in tier 8 but the tier 10 bb's just mess me up if they get a chance to lineup right. I guess I just have to adjust a bit. I do like the utility of the DD and the speed is no joke with the +5% flag and speed boost you can shift very quickly for position to position. I do think long term people will figure out the speed tank and the ship will become ever harder to play but those torps are amazing with the angles they can launch at. Maybe a slight bit less detection range would be amazing as 1k with both skills for concealment make it bearable but not good by any means. A slight buff to concealment would allow that move in torp and move out option a bit easier.