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  1. Yep you are correct, it was a different game back at the start but it will get ironed out. I really hope the CV changes go well and thus more people play CV class and thus make the build of your ship more important than everybody taking the same skills and modules on their ship thus making play a bit more dynamic. Will see though.
  2. They are going to give you free capt respec so you won't have to pay anything. Us alpha testers know that they way this game was supposed to work from the start was the AA cruisers supported bb's so that they didn't get messed up by carriers but soon they found that nobody in randoms could put that together (nor did cruisers want to just sail around with a bb to keep him in their AA vail) so they ditch that and thus all the AA skills went down the drain as AA became hit or miss depending on if somebody played a carrier. Back in the early beta you paid hard for mistakes weather it be a dd dunking a BB, or a bb one volley a CA, or a CV torping a bb without CA cover. It was supposed to be a team game and your aa skills were important but they ditch it because players didn't understand that. They are trying to go back to that to make carrier more used in matches and thus make people make a choice of do I want AA or not and do I want to play a support role or more active role. If you notice most of the ships that have great aa are also hide behind islands and passive play boats. AA is a choice and if you don't chose it then expect to get targeted by a carrier, or get AA skills and lose some health and power, its all a choice, like it currently is a choice but you see so few carriers that the choice doesn't matter.
  3. This right here is the best argument I have seen for all the sheep saying its unlimited planes how will we ever cope with unlimited planes.
  4. Seagrizzly

    Gaming the CV rework for FXP?

    I think it's all speculation right now. Wait for them to tell us what is up. Until then save credits to buy boats if if necessary. My thought is if you want to turn in your carriers if you have them bought you will get free xp and credits for them if you don't have them bought you will get free xp.
  5. Was this on PT2? 50k out of a tier 10 is very low IMO. As a carrier you should be in the 100 to 150 range, maybe not to start but at least 50 to 75.
  6. Good thing you have not been on the new server I have a hard time breaking 50k Tier 8 with PTS 2.
  7. Seagrizzly

    Well You got your Wish, CV Rework and AA

    Yea its going to change more and they even said it will change even more when it goes live, they will watch for a patch or two and figure out who is doing well in what and then adjust but there are some big gaps in the change all together with the even tier thing for sure. But will have to wait and see how it all comes together.
  8. Seagrizzly

    Well You got your Wish, CV Rework and AA

    But that isn't the issue, if the 8 is on the team he has a tremendous advantage over the 6 and the 6 will do zip in the new PTS because he will have to contend with higher tier AA and the 8 will have low tier AA and roll things. Thus the issue.
  9. Seagrizzly

    Well You got your Wish, CV Rework and AA

    I like this, might make queue's long but this could be good.
  10. Seagrizzly

    Well You got your Wish, CV Rework and AA

    Personally it would be fun to have manual AA on the boats where you aim at the planes but maybe that is for a different game all together. Imagine how much fun it would be to have a game like WOWS that plays like Sea of Thieves. One guy drives, one runs aa one runs secondaries and one on main guns. Would be fun that way.
  11. Seagrizzly

    Well You got your Wish, CV Rework and AA

    Glad you like it, I find it very fun and now that you really had to watch out and slow and speed up for the flak bursts its even better, so you know on the bottom of your screen each plane has a damage indicator and they go from green to orange to red to dead! So basically you can see how damaged your planes are. Also bombers can heal because it looks like they will need it because they spend a lot of time in direct aa as they drop and there is no way to avoid once you start dropping so they added the heal to help keep you alive.
  12. Seagrizzly

    Well You got your Wish, CV Rework and AA

    Oh yea, did another match with Lexi and did 14k damage this round, spent most of the time trying to kill a Groz that was chasing down my carrier, every person in this forum that [edited] about how easy it is to kill things as a CV should try playing against a real player before they weigh in. Its 100% different than playing bots and man it makes a difference. In Lexi the Groz killed all but 2 of my bombers in one run so I got to drop 2 bombs near him and then back to carrier. I like the way the flak works and I think its a fun way to keep the planes from just stomping things but the damage may need to be toned down, but the tier gap is going to make things really interesting.
  13. Seagrizzly

    Well You got your Wish, CV Rework and AA

    So 63k with the Hakuryu, not my best match but the only damage really came from Torp dropping at a distance at a lone bb at the end of the match. I will say its much more fun now lots more flak to dodge and you can't just fly straight in and hit them hard or your planes are rip, but even facing a conq as the last boat he tore me up pretty good and I just got lucky and hit him with my last group with 4 torps but still didn't kill him.
  14. Seagrizzly

    Well You got your Wish, CV Rework and AA

    100% Agree on this. Just starting a match in Hakuryu I will let you know how it goes. Maybe need to adjust strat but in US CV getting in close is a death sentence.
  15. I just played a round of my Lexi with tier 10 bots and man do you get shredded now. Before I could do 60 to 100 k damage per match in her and now I managed 18k. They buffed AA and seems now its very hard to do damage with a carrier. Also played a Groz match with a aa spec and I shot down 10 planes without a single drop hitting me. So we now swing the other way which is maybe what they want to find a happy middle ground but if the goal was to make it incredibly hard to do damage as a CV then they got it right. I will grab a tier 10 CV and see what happens.