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  1. Seagrizzly

    XP from ranked?

    How do people not get the basics of this. Sick of the crying that they didn't get what they want from a FREE to play game with a FREE boat to play in a mode that they would normally not even be able to play.
  2. Seagrizzly

    What if CV Fighters worked better?

    But if they just kept the same AA damage then CV's would do no damage at all. Like others have said in the posts surface ships want the CV's to do 0 damage and AA should smoke everything in the sky. Until that happens they won't be happy. A single DM should be able to wreck wave after wave after wave of CV planes and never lose AA to HE damage. This isn't how its going to be ever. Finally, Here is my thought after the posts in here, I think maybe remove the fighter option from the CV flight groups and make it so the CV can call fighters up to a specific amount of times to any ship and the fighters will support (follow) said ship for x amount of time. Thus covering them and providing for them without having to fly to them. Make CV's recall their planes to do this so there is still a decision to make and thus they would do less damage to support a surface ship. I know its not perfect but its an idea.
  3. Seagrizzly

    State of CV's from a Tier X Newbie

    Working as intended. This is good to here, I liked the part where you say he didn't kill me but caused me to actually move from my hiding spot where I can punish every ship type with no counter and you got blapped.
  4. Seagrizzly

    Make Radar a Damageable Module!

    If this is the case radar needs to work all the time and can be turned off while it is damaged, yet will repair with repair party consumable.
  5. Seagrizzly

    What if CV Fighters worked better?

    I would be ok with that if my torps did more than 5k per hit. Sure.
  6. Seagrizzly

    What if CV Fighters worked better?

    When you win you make more XP and money, If winning isn't what you are out there for then sorry but no CV or DD is going to help you.
  7. Seagrizzly

    What if CV Fighters worked better?

    They do already, I don't go after CA's with a fighter up because its almost a sure loss of a group after just one hit.
  8. Seagrizzly

    What if CV Fighters worked better?

    What is the reason behind this? A dd can do 200k in a match.
  9. Seagrizzly

    What if CV Fighters worked better?

    Like every CV post this is going from what I had said at the start about giving WG an idea to maybe help the game become better, to CV's are in it for themselves and so on. What I was looking for was a constructive conversation about the pro's and cons of this type of change. The only things I saw was somebody saying it wouldn't work because CV drivers don't care. My thoughts are if the fighters are responsive when you drop them then they become much more of an asset as they will chew up anything in their bubble almost instantly. It makes CV play a bit more strategic yet still stays the same play style as they have now. The question becomes how many and how long and that can be tweaked. Also could even see a group you could launch from your carrier being called fighters that would allow you to fly somewhere fast, not spot but drop a group or two of fighters fast if you needed to. Make CV's become more support.
  10. Seagrizzly

    What if CV Fighters worked better?

    Well so you guys are saying it wouldn't work because the CV players are not good, that isn't a valid argument because a not good dd will fall pray to a CV anyways. Also its not going to make things harder for the CV because they already should be using them to protect single ships or dd's trying to make a move. Just saying if they didn't have the lag then they would be more effective and used as a Denial of area. Make them tear up a full group of CV plane instantly and the CV won't go anywhere near them.
  11. So what would happen if a CV dropped fighters and they attacked right away. This allowing a counter to cv's attack groups if the other CV is paying attention. Right now even with fighters over ships the CV can still get attack in. This would allow a CV to protect a DD right away as well because a CV would lose their whole group before getting hits in.
  12. So let me get this right you want an ammo limit so ships can spend all their ammo and be useless the rest of the match? With RNG that makes no sense. You have games where you start 10 fires and games where you start 0. It's too random to limit ammo.
  13. Seagrizzly

    WOW 1-5 rank gameplay with CVs in them

    This right here, WG has made them so benign to BB's its not something that should take you out of the match. As far as the cruisers I firmly believe that WG has put them in so they can't continually farm damage sitting in one spot, that along with slowing DD's from just running to caps and other things but CV's are far from so powerful they can just change the game by being there, no more than anybody in a ship they are very good at I mean. You have to get very lucky in a cv and have the right mix of AA ships along with BB's and even then have to manage planes and losses and targets just like a normal ship and if the game does not last very long you are hosed for doing damage.
  14. Seagrizzly

    CV Plane Return Bug in Ranked???

    Show us the replays and proof then. Stop compiling and show it.
  15. Seagrizzly

    So How Many CV's have ranked out!

    Same, had some good games and some bad but I am in the 50 - 75k damage range with very few kills thus BB's are out damaging me, I know I am not the best but the CV's is not the beast everybody here says it is. Counter DD, maybe but I had a shimy win a match with his smoke and smart play and I just got rng boned a few times with rockets and he wins by capping it out. The post was more meant to stir the pot then a actual question. It is just all I have seen on forum is how CV's will dominate and rank out because they will always keep their star, I am not finding that at all.