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    Got a Warships Gift Card for Father’s Day

    Pretty easy friend! There's a "redeem bonus code" button either on the WOWS website or under account management on the WOWS website after you login. Scratch the back and input the code and yer all set!😁
  2. I mean I'm not gonna lie... The HAK, 2/3 Stalingrads and 2/3 Venezia's with a random fire slinger (we used Henri) got old after the first dozen matches or so. So much so I didn't miss missing out on "CW nights" where as a season ago I was kinda bent outta shape if I missed "CW nights"
  3. UnHoly_Handpump

    Anyone playing PVE anymore?

    Everyone is probably shifting back to random battles now that the nightmare PR event/grind is behind us.
  4. UnHoly_Handpump

    Steel Dilemma

    I am torn between the Stalingrad because of what you mentioned or saving the last 2K steel I need for the Bourgogne and having enough for the Stalingrad. I would almost bet my next 5 paychecks the bias-grad will be getting taken out of the armory. As a fairly competent Moskva player i feel like I'd do OKAY with the Stalin but MANNNNNNNNNNNN OOOOOOO MANNNNNNN as someone who loves them some Frenchy BBs the Bourgogne is like an Alsace and JBart had a baby and combined their consumables lol. That ship is like a wet-dream of mine. I might wait until they ANNOUNCE weegee is taking the biasgrad out of the armory to pull that trigger though.
  5. If not that then have the ships hold weight in the MM system. We all know some ships are clearly better than others or rather not better but have a higher skill floor.
  6. Point taken Mods can delete this post now
  7. Is this so hard? I can see mine and a lot of other players' issues with CVs currently going away if there was only 1 per match. Am I being totally ridiculous in seeing that this could be a GIANT step in the right direction with small balancing tweeks here or there as needed? WG is never going to be able to balance CVs effectively unless they put a hard cap on the number of CVs in a match. You can't hope to balance a class against instances where 2 CVs working hand in hand can pretty much win a match on their own while 1 CV working solo will probably have a mediocre match at best..... mostly.
  8. UnHoly_Handpump

    Total crap with the FPS drops.......

    GT960 with a i7 6700 GPU running between 70 and 80 percent at 60/70 FPS Though as described above, i do get the occasional couple second FPS dips into the 30/40s
  9. UnHoly_Handpump

    Threat Assessment Thursday - Air Strikes

    Attempt to dodge by dropping speed and turning into torp bombers, realize you're going to be cross dropped, go AFK and take bathroom break. Kite dive bombers to keep AA firing, pull a Notser, get shredded by AP bombers. Or don't beach, still get shredded by AP bomber. #SkyCancerFTW