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  1. DaryaKonstantin

    GK got power crept hard and no one seems to care

    I would have 100% agreed with you up until we got the Russian BB's. While obviously people in other BB's learned, GK has been legitimately powercrept. While not specifically a brawler, they're supposed to fight at around the same ranges in an ideal world, and thus have more comparison than Montana, Yamato, Republique or Conqueror, as those ships fight in different ways from different ranges. From a stats perspective, Kremlin is objectively the superior ship in just about every important regard. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Kremlin has slightly more health (functionally irrelevant, but indicative of a larger trend). Kremlin has significantly better torpedo protection, a full 21% better. Kremlin has a much stronger belt (430mm vs 380mm). Kremlin has better guns.These guns do more damage, turn faster and are less prone to be taken out due to significantly tougher armor. Großer Kurfürst has 12 guns vs. Kremlin's 9. This seems significant, but in the current meta is a point for Kremlin since it needs to expose less for a full broadside. Kremlin's AA is miles above the AA of Großer Kurfürst, also important with the current cv heavy meta. Kremlin's base rudder shift is ~3 seconds faster than Großer Kurfürst's, while having functionally similar speed and turning circle (0.5 knots slower and a 40 meter longer turning circle are irrelevant in at least 95% of matches). Kremlin's base surface concealment is 1.2km better than Großer Kurfürst, with air detection following suit. I'm not going to say it's specifically because the devs are biased towards Russia. I don't know enough to make a claim like that without looking like a conspiracy theorist. But Kremlin is, in terms of statistics, the superior ship. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX tl;dr - Meta creeped GK until russian bb's, and then Kremlin stat-creeped GK.
  2. DaryaKonstantin

    Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    Oh great, another ship based around a gimmick...anyway, thanks for the review LWM, good work as always, take a +1. Asashio seems like a ship that'll punish lone battleship players in particular, but could be be neutered by a properly managed combined-force division (especially something like a Bismark, Hipper/Edinburgh and Z-23/Loyang chaining hydro). As much as I'd want the Asashio for...ahem...historical reasons, I simply can't justify to myself spending that kind of cold hard cash for yet another port queen to be protected.