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  1. majchaos29


    By that logic hybrid battleships are not needed
  2. majchaos29


    DE. Destroyer Escorts. Dedicated ASW/AA ships. Cause why not? WE have almost everything else now.
  3. majchaos29


    So with subs looming closer on the horizon you might as well add a dedicated line for US DE's .
  4. It was locked on DD right in front of a cruiser. It started firing at the DD then alternated between it and the cruiser. It was bizarre.
  5. It's kind of a pain when when you want to focus a particular ship and it's split between two on the same side.
  6. You get the extra range but the accuracy is more terrible now. Also I've noticed that even though I have a priority target selected it will fire on two ships on the same side. I don't like that at all.
  7. majchaos29

    Siegfried and Commanders Skill Re-Work

    I used to get 11.3? before rework on Siegfried now it's less accurate and the range is lower for my secondaries. Siegfried lost its niche.
  8. Just looked in the armory..Black Friday crates are there!
  9. majchaos29

    Twitch Drops 0.9.9 - Gothic Bismarck Special

    I just watched the German stream yesterday and it popped up. But thanks my man!
  10. majchaos29

    Twitch Drops 0.9.9 - Gothic Bismarck Special

    I watched it for an hour Wednesday.....nothing.
  11. majchaos29

    Odin 'Dockyard' is WORSE than PR event!

    I ground out the PR event through to Directive 6 just in time to spend a little over twenty bucks in dubs to complete it in time. I was exhausted after a that. Looking at this grind for Odin, even though I'm not that excited for it, it will be a absolute cakewalk compared to the PR event.
  12. majchaos29

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    So the chart given by WeeGee doesn't seem to address the Mikasa MM. It will hang in MM limbo while waiting for a battle. Just curious as to why it seems to be excluded.
  13. majchaos29

    ST, German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    With the vast array of real world ships we could play why are the devs still in fantasyland?