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  1. thelastholdout

    Musashi Monday - The Last Call

    I was ambivalent about the CV rework and was mostly just looking forward to spending the 1 million free XP that I've spent months banking in order to get Alaska. Instead, supposedly, we're still getting this half baked rework dumped on us and the Alaska is being delayed for... Reasons? I really hope this is just bad info.
  2. thelastholdout

    WG - Please look at the uncounterable DD rush

    I'd love to see the replay of this battle. Do you still have it? Because I bet that you turned and gave the DD broadside to fire your guns, thinking that one HE salvo on a full health DD would kill him, then didn't turn away fast enough to avoid the torpedoes.
  3. thelastholdout

    WG - Please look at the uncounterable DD rush

    Now, if you're not joking, then I can tell you how to counter a DD rush: 1. Make like Styx and sail away. 2. Load HE and don't miss. That's all there is to it! Actually, there is one more thing: 3. Resist the temptation to swing out broadside to fire all of your guns at a target while it's trying to torpedo you. I haven't played Eitel Friedrich, but I have ample experience in mid tier battleships. Most recently, I used them a lot in Ranked Sprint. On more than one occasion I had to fight DDs at close range, and usually blapped them hard and avoided most of their torpedoes. On one particularly amusing occasion, I was in my New Mexico, saw that there was a Farragut nearby, and turned away and loaded HE. It took a couple of salvos using just the rear turrets, but I wiped him out and he didn't land a single torpedo hit on me. (it was fantastic when he raged in chat about me "spamming HE in a battleship.") Maybe the Eitel is worse at this kind of thing at close range, but maybe it needs to be to make up for being largely immune to low caliber HE and one of the fastest battleships at its tier. It's called "balance," and someone with ten thousand battles in the game should understand this. Maybe if you did you'd have a win rate above 50 percent.
  4. thelastholdout

    WG - Please look at the uncounterable DD rush

    I'll admit I don't have enough forum experience to know who is who. Is it possible this is a joke or a deliberate shiptoast?
  5. thelastholdout

    Arsenal Buy - Flint or Black?

    If you like Atlanta and Belfast, then the Flint is an excellent choice. If you can get someone to spot for you, you can dakka dakka in places that you cannot with Atlanta.
  6. thelastholdout

    St. Louis/Charleston: how good are they?

    The St Louis is one of my favorite ships in the game. It has an extremely heavy broadside for tier 3, an HP pool that rivals battleships, it's difficult to citadel, and its armor belt gives it large immune zones to HE. It's not perfect; it's slow, has limited range, bad shell velocity, bad dispersion, and you have to give a near complete broadside to enemies to bring most of your guns to bear. However, its strengths outweigh its weaknesses by a long shot. It's one of only a few cruisers I've managed to score a "devastating strike" in, without detonating the other ship.