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  1. German Cruisers patch 6.6

    As far as im concerned, its good. Especially for the N-K'berg. Expert Loader for faster switching between shell types lets me not "Mindlessly spam HE" but purposefully do so for consistent (if not outstanding) damage when AP would just bounce. Combined with adrenal rush because after one or two good hits your lucky to still be alive Example: fires AP at a broadside and hits. Enemy starts to angle. switch to HE. Pen his Bow. Drink his tears. Enemy starts a turn again. AP is loaded in time to get that citadel (maybe) if the aim is true. This helps Karl (much like Yorck) not for penning bows but for getting Citadel Hits with IFHE from any angle on certain fragile vessels that rely on angles to survive.
  2. Kahrlsrue has an undeserved bad rep

    Going through Karl is like going through puberty. Because WG likes to make german players suffer before getting to the "nice" ships and once you get to a point where you can look back on it, you can laugh and say "it wasnt so bad" those torpedo launching arcs are as always sweet. (as is the damage they do which only gets worse from here) It introduces a big [edited](for its tier) 150mm gun. Its so nice that it just gets better soft stats as you go into tier 5-6 Just like the Yorck; with AP that only works reliably at "almost close enough to Torp" range, or the occasional tasty Citadel against a broadside RN CL. HE damage was better than nothing but is good enough (and even better with 6.6 buffs) and DE +flags makes for good enough fire starting. Or use IFHE and Pen citadels with HE. ( that is ALOT of captain points for tier 4 unless you are a filthy stat-padding seal-clubber) With SONAR + Vigilance, it's perfect for DD hunting. if it could get out of its own way ... and for a cruiser its kind of tanky. especially compared to others in tier 4. That Tank-iness is really the only thing you will miss as you go up tier. (this and Torp damage vs enemy HP pool) all and all its a bit of a pain in the [edited]for a Noob. But a pleasant change of pace from being in a Hipper and playing against Yamato for the 4th time in a row. Its not the obviously OP Clemson, and it never will be. But with the right skills; you can come back to this ship and surprise not only yourself, but counter some of the other seal clubbers.
  3. What can we do About Nurnberg?

    All of you crying about the HE spam trick not working on the ship need to try new tactics. It is not now; nor has it ever been, a [edited]Cleveland. M'kay? Its armor layout is ideal for being chased by kited opponents. i like getting in position then turning around and backing up toward my enemy. It confuses them and allows me to dictate the exact range I want to engage.(+10km or bow on = IFHE; -10KM AP into superstructure and Broadside Crits. 8 km or less? torp spam for them to turn for crits as you run away) If things go well i can keep going and if things go bad im already facing the right direction to get the hell out of dodge. More than a few times i annoyed 1-2 enemy BBs enough to chase me so far from any cap as to be useless to their team. The Guns are wonderfully accurate. So you can aim for specific portions of the enemy to strike for reliable damage. Its AA is enough to mean you dont launch a fighter and not sweat Air strikes. Ruddershift mod means you can wiggle your hips like a gypsy and not get hit in the first place. Yes its armor is wrecked by IFHE. But thats Light Cruiser life. you want a tank? get the G.Spee CAnt hang with tier 7 big dogs Play the Konigsberg in Tier 5 the same way. Its MM is more forgiving.
  4. umm get both. IFHE improves your damage per game, especially at long range (where you should be) and improves xp gain for more captain skills Its also gratifying CE allows for invisi-firing (briefly) at longest range and allow you to fire up the cloaking device when you stop shooting (at long range) Allowing you to live longer and that usually increases your average xp per game.
  5. The Nurnberg- HE spammer or AP support?

    IFHE makes a big difference. It will consistently damage for more than AP in situations where AP would bounce/overpen . But it is still HE damage and your AP does much more. So us Especially DDs (instant engine wrecker) and pens (for he damage) the bow of ANY vessel the N/K-berg will see. Maybe even start a fire. not that its fire chance was great to begin with. Nor does it matter. Fire chance was a mechanic worked in so you could at least get that damage when nothing else would do anything. (small caliber guns vs angling bbs) That said; where AP does work it does much more. and even gets crits if you know what your doing. Broadsides of cruisers mainly and superstructures (from any angle) and upper hulls (when broadside) of most Battleships Just pay attention to your range. you can pen 100mm of flat armor at 9 km with AP. HE pens 25 mm of armor only. But with IFHE that becomes 33. juuuuust enough to pen bows of tier 8-9 BBs plenty for CL/CA At all ranges and all angles due to HE being HE As for fire flags and DE ... while very essential on Yorck, a waste of flags and skill points that a better used for Vigilance or CE on the 'Bergs Speaking of Yorck its HE gets an unmodified pen of 35mm. which is enough for anything it sees that isnt belt armor here is its AP curve, much like the Karlsruhe... its a big gun that can hit like a truck but the pen drops off after 8-9 km though landing a shell on someones deck with 110-160 mm of pen while they were hiding behind an island 16-17 km away <looking at ATLANTA/Belfast> is still fun even if the HE cant get the drop on 'em and later guns are Very much better. even at range... while its HE is around 34 mm of pen.
  6. Ranked battles and the Yorck

    I found i am doing ok (rank 12) and can crush an isolated vessel or (sometimes) two. But i want to get better. The 210mm HE spam is nice (DE ftw) if ...dull. And AP for things that trigger my secondaries for a surprise citadel is cool I can even accept the AP ballistic curve at range for shooting over some islands (some damage is better than none) :/ And the armor is still cruiser like but its better than the russians. and can bounce most AP thrown at it if your angled correctly ... but dealing vvith angry smoke clouds full of 150ish mm IFHE makes it painfull to get in there to sonar stuff. and torp spamming said cloud means getting just a bit too close for comfort. Hoping that the shiratsuyu driver (if my team even gets one) knows how2wallo'skill is what I'm stuck with at the moment and its only letting me break even in battles. Any of you Yorck drivers have suggestions? And none of that 'yorck sucks no one plays it' crap I DO see other yorck drivers out there... current spec includes: Main Armament Mod1 Aiming Sys Mod1 Damage Control Mod1 Steering Gear Mod2 a 10 pt captain with Priority Target Expert Marksman Demo Expert Concealment Expert and 3 unused points
  7. I Can't Believe I'm About To Say This...

    The big difference betvven Nberg and Kberg is the kind of players you vvill see. Kbergs take the ambush predator fun of Karlsrue and adds on the capacity to pen stuff beyond 8km vvith your AP. as long as you are backing tovvard or running from the baddies you can do anything even bounce (some) incoming fire. And because tier 5 inevitably there is someone on the enemy team that vvill do something stupid and you can capitalize on it. BB coming around an island? DD inside sonar range trying to hide in smoke? Cruiser shovvs broadside 16 km avvay? Nberg is more about finding an baddie and kiting them all over the map from stealth fire range using CE Using IFHE and you can rain pain in situations vvhere your AP just bounces. .Just keep your aft end pointed at the enemy because your best armor is still facing rear. Even getting good enough AA on the C hull to keep those carriers honest or you can keep the b hull for more torps and continue your ambush predator fun from teir 5 Kberg times. (i vvould recommend those fighter planes) But realize that folks are on to those shenanigans at teir 6 and BBs VVILL go out of their vvay to Crit-adel you from the other side of the map if they see a broadside.
  8. when pigeon of war is naughty

    'hen the main guns on your KM BB get the dispersion juuuust right
  9. Good bye, fair seas, thanks for the memories

    You need a fun change of pace for those times the grind gets to you. Get a nassau and make a secondary build captain. tier 2-3-4 KM DDs for torp spamming silly time. Clemson for seal clubbing.
  10. New build for Nurnberg?

    DE is a 'aste of points. the fire chance improvement is not enough. Save them for CE. IFHE though... is a must get. Your HE can then pen anything you see for nice damage that doesnt rely on firestarting to be effective. Dont forget your AP though. Its still +best for making crits on broadsides. Having the one point extra catpult fighter skill on the c hull lets you not have to 'orry about CVs that much and get a better bang for your buck than 3point BFT Also at one point: the skill that tells you ho' many ships are aiming at you If you're focused on kiting 2-3 ships and all of a sudden 5 of them are aimed at you then its time to dodge and cease fire. Because someone on the far side of the map sees your broadside and its time for CE to to its thing.
  11. Eugen / Hipper with HEAP + DE

    IFHE+ CE for the Bergs. For the Yorck on up DE instead. 'hile CE 'ill not let your 200mm guns invisifire any more... it makes disengaging easier.
  12. The Nurnberg

    the difference beteen the K berg and the Nberg is the players you see. In a K berg you can ambush DD's ith that sonar. and AP and torp spam against broadsided BB;s is a joy. to do this you generally find yourself all kinds of over extended and better players (that see your Broadsides) can sink you fast. not that they are common in teir 5 MM. N-berg is not for that yolo crap. No 360 turrets. less responsive rudder. same crap armor and same (very good) [edited]guns (that fire faster)... and 1/2 the torps (but enough AA that CVs arent a problem for you) The best ay to play them is from long range. and have the enemy chase you all over the place. Your strongest armor and smallest profile faces the rear. And so do your torpedoes. (not that they ill likely hit anything chasing at 8 km but it forces a turn and then your AP can get a citadel) and 2 out of three turrets. Same play style really full speed to herever you are going to start fighting. Just before you get there point the [edited]of your boat to'ard the enemy. Full reverse speed (15knts or so) and engage. If you have the advantage continue to back dat [edited]up. If you are victorious then turn around and go to next battle. If you are out numbered and things aren goin your 'ay ... Let them chase you. (you are already facing the correct 'ay just go from full reverse to ahead 1/2) Adjust your speed to dictate the range you ant to engage the enemy at. 16+ km for CE invisifiring. AP can plunge onto deck armor of CL. HE for BB's 11-16 km HE spam. the occasional AP at unattentive CL broadsides 11-8 km AP unless target is VERY angled and superstructure is not an easy hit (HEAP really [edited]ith the bad guy in this situation because the shell doesnt bounce and the pen boost is enough to damage any front you hit) Note: if the enemy is chasing you at high speed you can fire a torp spread and still hit them if they dont turn. If they Do turn then your AP can have a better target. Less than 8 km (OMG Torps and GTFO) Just be mindfull that you dont get chased into a corner. If it looks like you have no choice about that then stop firing and disengage Skills? Get concealment expert and you can disappear henever you stop firing your guns. (or keep firing if 'ithin 1 km of the max range) DE seems good but no it just makes you barely adequate at fire starting. Save that skill for the yorck. Instead get HEAP. It means that your HE 'ill pen any BB front you see. And make up for the fires you couldnt have set to begin ith. (AP does more damage per hit but bounces can ruin your day HEAP dont bounce.) secondaries and AA arent all that. AFT+BFT do you nothing. That said launching an extra fighter hen a CV tries to kill you is a god send at one point. superintendant is nice but better damage control (15% less time on fire/flooding) is more useful to me than than an extra sonar and catapult fighter. YMMV
  13. Presuming you hit 'hat you are shooting at 'ith those gun arcs ... a dozen 128 mm shells every 3 seconds penetrating 28 mm (after rounding up) of armor.Combined 'ith that pic of the entire Colorado covered in 25mm hit box... .. its a great thing!
  14. Slow BB in a fast BB world

    Good advice Inktomi! The only thing I would add is this. Find a german BB that is pointed (more or less) toward the map center; and follow them. In point of fact do each other a solid and tell them that you are following/meeting them in the middle. Fun fact: If you find yourself with another BB and are trying to get into the center of the map... Let your Carrier Know. They will appreciate having a centrally located Anti Fighter Bubble for their strike packages to loiter in. Also really good CV captains may notice that you and your buddy are forcing a BB to hide behind an island. That is the definition of: an easy CV target.And Teamwork P.S. Ignore the IJN BBs on your team. they are too busy trying to keep up with the teams CLs on the map edges. They are not your problem and you are not theirs. (unless in Iowa and your anti air bubble can keep up)
  15. Gneisenau brawler build

    It is good for a Gneisenau captain to go full secondary If for no other reason than its perfect for Bismark. That said the secondaries on this ship are ... adequate but not god tier like in Bayern. And thats ok. Because your torps will make up the difference hen getting close in with an Arizona. Just be careful not to do this to another Gniesenau/Tirpitz. If one is charging you release your torps early to force a turn then run away.