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  1. i have win10 and havent had any problems with game or win10, maybe its something on your individual computer since not everyone is having the issue.
  2. i guess this means credits and gold will never be shared with the other games.
  3. my update wasnt working either and i went to the updates folder and deleted all the updates and tried again and it worked. this worked for me in the past also.
  4. what does going into the xml file and bumping to 155 do?
  5. are you using windowed mode or full screen?
  6. ive been having the same problem but only in wows, i play wowp and wot and other online games and have never had this issue except with wows, im running an msi amd gpu, i forget the model, i think a 380, it was happening in win 7 and now in win 10. i havent submitted a ticket yet.
  7. im having a problem like this also, but its only when i have firefox open.
  8. how long is the que?
  9. ive been getting this too, its super annoying, i have an op gaming rig and no problems on any of my other games, just wows.
  10. i havent had any problems.
  11. chaos.
  12. the game went from awsome to more awsome for me
  13. i dont think there is going to be another opening for cbt, i think the next step is open beta.