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  1. I have a few helpful suggestions for you with DD play. If by chance another DD or 2 is on the team, follow them. Utilize their spotting. Observe what they do and be prepared to pop smoke to give them an exit when they get spotted. ONLY when they are clear,you can launch your fish then get away from the smoke(torpedo attracter) and steam parallel to spot the bigger enemy ships so your team can attack from distance. Don't attempt to cap unless you are sure no enemy are around. Play slower, realize that shooting your guns will give your position away. Fire from behind islands by using other ships on your side spotting the enemy. Predict where a BB will be in 1 minute,stalk him/her and launch your torps as your turn away,keeping stealthed. TURN off your AA. ALWAYS. See a fighter coming ur way,go the other. Get spotted,start the dance,,,,,, if necessary, slow down then pop and wait em out. Carrier drivers usually will move on after 30 seconds. Your best friend is stealth. If you get spotted and you don't see the DD,turn and boogie the other way 2 fight later. If you unmask a DD in a cap circle,and he has a few buddies in the area, pop,turn DONT FIRE your guns and haul [edited]. Torps are ok, but priorty is getting clear. Your team needs an alive DD. Use HE on DD's. Observe how others play. IJN DD is not the easiest to master,but if you play to the strengths,, fun. GL
  2. Plus you have to admit, the USS Missouri with Fleet Admiral Steven Seagal at the helm ROCKS. It is 100% worth it.
  3. Are you not forced to cap a circle in that map? Do you not have to defend your flag on a map? Are you not forced to accomplish those objectives before your enemy does? You already are forced to follow a direction the dev's have set in motion on any given scenario, and that is why we have these threads. Because people don't want to have to do what is necessary to achieve victory in their opinion. They don't want to play as a team/group/to win/yada yada yada. As is their right. But they will LOSE by following the mindset they are in. Happens every game. Has that stopped the dev's from making the win criteria any different? The map style I suggested would be IMHO a fun/different style of an encounter. You don't like it? Sit still and die. You wanna stay in back and snipe? Here comes that red zone,,,, ever expanding, Piss you off? Complain about it on the forums,, as everyone does. You can't please everyone all the time.
  4. If you are gonna run up a cruiser line to 10, My opinion is this. Best line imo French. Kiting gods with great guns,,, I'm at T9 (I have loved every cruiser in the line) Most fun British. smoke + fast guns is fun & gun,, I'm at T8 (the Minotaur need I say more) Laser accuracy and awesome stealth Japanese,,Mogami 155 is just amazing as is the Zao,, ,,,I'm at T10 (Mogami w/155 is glorious) Lacking on information in the Russian line as am only at T6,,but I hear the T10 is a beast (the chapy is a must) American ,, I'm happy with my premium the Marblehead,quite honestly my favorite ship in the game,,,close to 70% w/r so,, line unknown German line has good vibes,but am undecided. I'm at T8 my 2 cents Pssss,, having a few premiums to help run up skippers in a certain line is icing on the cake,,,
  5. Hows this for a new map idea, teams spawn and HAVE to all move forward as the rear of each side (and sides ) slowly turn red. The reason being both fleets need to get to the other sides rear area (call it a safe zone). The red area that is encroaching will be fill with unseen submarines, speed boats, pirates, you name it, and if you get over taken by the red area its instant detonation. The zones that the fleet can escape through can be 2 or 3 larger funnels plus a few island groupings, that are large enough to shield which way the enemy fleet is advancing till BOOM, contact. Now you will have fleets moving together and cooperating, with the victory being which side gets more ships to the other safe area before meeting Davey Jones. My 2 cents
  6. Here is a crazy idea, off map dive bombers/torp planes that can/will attack ships close to the rear camp zones of both sides. You wanna stay in the back 1/4 of the map avoiding capping sniping? Fine,but get ready to have land based planes all over you. That would also force carriers to actually engage engines,, a novel concept ,as 3/4 of carrier drivers don't move.
  7. If your desperate your Gremy,, Oh tha pain,,,, That ship is fun & gun concentrated, refined, and encapsulated awesomeness on a biblical scale unheard of since the Millennium Falcon made the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs.
  8. Not in my tree before or after the rental time. typical,,,, i'm not surprised.
  9. I have been waiting for this ship to go on sale for awhile. Imagine now that a lot of people have played it,what T5 battles will be like if it goes on sale for around 20 bucks.. Every 1 will stay clear of islands and in the open water to avoid 16 torps in the side. May be the answer to island hugging,,,
  10. I picked a SC out of the blue,,,(wine is fun), and walaaa,, 14 days prem. Salute WG. Marblehead 4 tha win,, (cum get some)
  11. And I thought that I played this game way too much. (Bows to your accomplishment). Bravo !!!
  12. Ummm, dropping a clue here 4 ya. Most clans won't bother with someone that will broadside em if they are in a battle,playing on TS and utilizing the available cover to get a win. Might wanna edit that post. Just saying,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  13. You could always drive a dedicated AA cruiser or a mean American BB set up for all the lil torp droppers,,,,,
  14. Growing up I had the model of the USS Missouri BB 63,so that was my ultimate prize. Would love to have(but never going to) the ships that I served on, USS Saratoga CV60,USS Detroit AOE4,USS Ticonderoga CG47. Now having the Tico in the game would be something,, engage Aegis and launch the missiles against the red team. Be kinda cool to add fast support ships to this meta and limit ship ammo/fuel so that it's necessary to add 1 to your teams fleet to fight a battle,and need to do ship to ship un-rep.(Underway replenishment) Salute
  15. Totally disagree with you,, 263 total battles 60%W/R 360 ships destroyed 2.18 K/D ratio Its a beast,even with 0 AA guns