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  1. In a Fiji, due to the short range of the shells, I was actually shooting at what ships I could reach. I quite literally would fire a volley, switch targets, fire and fire again before the first volley would land. As for hiding, I was dead center in the middle of B most of the entire match,, not quite island spamming,,, I'm like Han Solo kiting the falcon,,,,,,,,juke and jive,, fun & gun,,, and use my smoke of course. People kill my targets all the time in matches,,, don't give it 2 seconds notice,,switch targets and rain tha pain. Damage and winning is where its at.
  2. Been seeing the matches drop like flies for a few days? No matter what you do, potato soup is on the menu and your the twice baked potato as the centerpiece? Can't hit that Yammy from 12KM away? I think I have stumbled upon the holy grail,,,,,, when all else fails and your ready to quit and go play candy crush, try the HMS Fiji. Fun & Gun encapsulated,,, Oh My,,, steal kill your way to a blueberry day, perhaps a shade of Barney will look good on you if the force is stronk within you. Back 2 back games,,, If only I had some White Castles and a Dr Pepper life would be complete. Give her a try to break that shade of red that keeps showing up at the end of those matches,,,,,, 07
  3. I think I may have unseated the king with this game,, it was a blast.
  4. 137 Ramming kills,,,,,,,,, I guess that makes me a dangerous tater to other BB's,,,,,,(Behold my awsd skillzzz)
  5. My question is why would you NOT do it if your most likely gonna be sent to Davey Jones? You get the flags, and 99% of the time you sink what you hit. So if you have over committed, or your team as evaporated around you and your soloing it, death is imminent, all ahead flank speed Mr Spock.If I'm lower tier than my target (BB of course), and I know that the engagement is going south I will ALWAYS ram. Trading a T8 for a T9/10 is 4 thumbs up in my neck of the galaxy.
  6. Missions Ruining the Game

    ummm no
  7. Can we get a Giulio Cesare buff please?

    Needs a truly skilled special skipper that adds 50% moar secondary reach and Moar fire setting capability,,,,
  8. Solo warrior

    o7 well done. Did mine in a Gremy like that back in the day. Hard to accomplish,,, 4 thumbs up
  9. Possible Solution to Radar

    Give carriers wild weasels,,,,,,, nuff said
  10. I don't consider myself a BB driver, as I'm almost equal in DD,CA & BB matches. But BB's seem to be the best % w/r of my classes. I can usually find redeeming qualities in almost every ship I play. Some may not be my style, so I'll drop them after achieving my goal. In 14 battles I'm @ 64% w/r in the QE, and I can say, I totally deplore this ship. This is actually the 1st ship in this game I actively dislike, even tho I'm pretty good in her. Turret speed, dispersion, just plain feel of this ship makes my 4 thumbs itch. I almost never fast track up a line, so I'll bite the bullet and hope the next BB in this line isn't as bad (imho) as this 1 is. My 2 cents
  11. Fighting Fridays - The Nemesis

    For me it's not the ship,, it's always the players that I prioritize. When I see a clan/player that I know to be above average to great,, I ALWAYS gun for them, regardless of the ship that they are in. I know what a great player can do with any ship. And I pass along that information to my team. Great players tend to carry, lead or rally a team. Sinking them is Mandatory in my book ( The Art of Sinking them pesky Unicorns). My 2 cents,,,,,
  12. BOTES/HOTEL Clan

    Greetings earthlings,,, I have observed that Botes players are quite skilled. 4 thumbs up.
  13. I 100% totally disagree with this statement. I have almost 10 k battles. At around 6k, when I was at 52% (guesstamating here) I decided to change my play stle ,ie,, live longer, not be to aggressive and emulate some of the unicums on video I had started watching. I play solo, except for CB's and am now nearing 10k battles I have watched that my performance curve is slanted across the board upward and now I'm closing in on 56%. Due to how many battles I have played, upward mobility is slow, but it is a hill anyone can climb if they are so inclined to do so even in solo play. So yes, IMO a decent player can in fact change the out come of any given battle. I'm thinking at around 12 k battles I'll be closing in on 60% if I continue my current style.
  14. After thousands of battles, if you have a w/r over say 53% you are doing something right. Take into account the randomness of players, if you happen to be a solo player, and your w/r curve is slowly but steadily inching upwards, it is because you are good. Also that you have learned how to maneuver the maze well,,, but that's a moot point. Honestly, how could it NOT mean that you are better than your average bear?
  15. I would have bigger teams, on a bigger map set at 30 minutes like ocean with very small islands. AFKers will be sunk after 5 minutes inaction due to enemy SS activity. Every 5 minutes from alternating directions, DB's from shore make runs at ships,(adds a new level of danger). No objectives except to sink the enemy, and at the end team with most capital ships wins. 1/2 damage reduction would be ideal in this scenario. MM generated mine fields any 1?