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  1. R. Lee Ermey Fair winds and following seas

    A Salute to a Marine. I never looked at a maggot the same after your eloquent movie line. My dad was a Jarhead. 07.
  2. Premium shop...disappointing (rant)

    I would pay good duckets 4 a Tog with float bladders, telescopic exhausts, and 2 guys on the on port/starboard sides with oars and Enfield rifles. I demand it now in the store,, make it so #1
  3. Air Torpedo Attacks Should Be Modified

    I really get a kick (in the teeth) when the torps are dropped while I'm alongside an island and the drop occurs from the ISLAND side and not the side facing the water, and its almost as if they were dropped in the surf, around 3 feet of water and arm/detonate almost before I can slam a beer/toss the cat/holler at the dog/beat a red-headed step child. Amazing technology you humans possess to achieve this sneaky attack,,,,,,,,,,,, must inform the galactic overlord post-haste.
  4. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April 9th, 2018

    Daytona Beach @ the Peabody auditorium and Orlando are two awesome sites. Much fun/sun/water/football/racing/spring break stuff/bikeweek stuff from feb-late march.
  5. Des Moines Sekrits (Warning: Very Radar)

    Observing human spaceborne /waterborne ships is a very worthwhile thing. Much 2 report the supreme overlord aboot the sekrits in stealth/radar technology.,,,,,
  6. It's friday night,

    I don't need dolla bills to play this fun game tonight.
  7. What Did Your Ancestor Do?

    Well , grandpa was on a snargle hunt in the Andromeda galaxy, and found his soul mate in a dreef bar sipping void juice. She was a sassy little dancer. The rest is history.
  8. Steven Seagal GOne so instead lets....

    Mighty funny looking blimp
  9. Steven Seagal GOne so instead lets....

    Sigmund's two brothers names Burp & Slurp. Ive seen 1 huge UFO in Georgia while on leave in the navy. stopped my car,got out 2 stand on side of road, and watched it hover over a house. It was 4 times bigger than the house,and it slowly went off behind it and down into a valley back in the hills. Total time observing,2 minutes, no sounds,no lights, no romulan death rays. Next few days hundreds of witnesses reported it.
  10. 8 straight losses, I blame MM

    4 days ago, I think, I went 2/21 that was epic. After going unicum and supr unicum for weeks,,, I blame it on south park,,,,,
  11. Steven Seagal GOne so instead lets....

    I still remember the line that monkey boy would say every 10 minutes,, sareesataka,,, also some trivia 4 ya,, what was Sigmund the sea monsters two brothers names? Now that was a classic!!!!
  12. Steven Seagal GOne so instead lets....

    I get a kick from seeing your avatar as I was 1 of the Saturday crowd that watched the Banana Splits on Saturdays, along with HR Puffnstuff and Lancelot Link,,,,, great days from yester year. We need morally psychedelic shows like that again so the new generation can get back on track,,,,,,,,, Now on topic I like the idea of Ensign Pulver as a skipper,,,,,,,,,,
  13. I need some advice

    Important question. Will you be playing in clan wars or just randoms/co-op at T10? That will be the driving factor I think as each meta plays a little diff.
  14. How do you accomplish this rename/portrait change?
  15. Up-tiering T5 SUCKS

    Honestly, if I'm getting uptierd, it doesn't bother me at all. I just look on it as a challenge. You ALWAYS have to do your best while having fun and enjoying the game. No need to agonize over game mechanics. Just go with the flow, wreck havoc. DD's up tier well, were as CA's don't, but wth, utilize the mini map to your advantage, partner up with a high tier ship, and wreck havoc. There are many ways to beat the odds if you are low tier in a battle,, play second string, use cover, be the shot caller/focus caller. You would be surprised that when someone call for focus fire, most teammates will indeed shoot the bad guy in question. And realize that the more damage you do to higher tierd ships the more coin you make,, so stay alive, worship Rosie Odonald & wreck Havoc,,,,,, oh and have a bowl of Wheaties,,,,,,