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  1. Can I shut off badges?

    Being able to turn it off is cool with me. My statement was directed at the perpetually victimized that now make up 50% or more of the population. Being offended, triggered has become the daily norm it would seem. Maybe to off set the cruelty that is being thrust upon the just exploded cotton balls that can't take the indignity of the exploders patch, war gaming can show a smiling Mr. Bill playdo figure that sings a gender neutral lullaby while rainbow unicorns dance in the background and frolic amid flowers of pastel colors. Ohhh Nooooooo
  2. Can I shut off badges?

    The fact that grown men (I am assuming), and maybe some women are triggered (funny concept) by the flashing of a silly new game concept when they virtually explode, and then come to a forum and complain about it is absolutely hilarious. And to think that these same cotton balls are the same age (in general) as the men who left in the millions to fight in 1941. Wondering what this countries men will be like in 2 more generations. I suggest bringing back Captain Kangaroo reruns or Mr Rodgers. If the badges upset you, turn on a few shows and seek that safe space.
  3. 100% true here. I have been playing since Beta. And I started up the Japanese line, then the Russian. I am just now getting to the US lines, and STILL have not started the USN BB line. That's why the ships I play now have a better w/r than in beta and after till I got Gud. Most everyone started up the US line at start.
  4. Premium Elitism

    So, because we don't think like you, we are just plain stupid. Because you are blessed with an intellect that would shame old albert, it is your duty, nay DESTINY to enlighten us mere mortals that we are all wrong. That because we feel the compulsion, the NEED to purchase ships in a video game, with money that we EARNED, we are probably troglodytes that separated from the evolutionary ladder in the Neolithic time period. I for one want to thank you for rectifying my sorry existence and completing me as a person. You sir stand above the rest of us,,, I am not worthy,,,,,,
  5. How to fix the badges: A list

    You good sir should consider a run for public office. I would vote for you at every polling station that ID was not required and build you a shrine in honor of such a forward thinker.
  6. Which T6 Prem Cruiser to buy?

    I have em all and I generally play T5-9 Cruisers now. I would say the Perth then the De Grasse. I get deleted in the Duca a lot, so I have to find my style in that, but it's a cruiser and I just luv em. USS Marblehead is my soul mate tho,,,, being able to contionusly shoot while doing a full speed 360 and having 8.2 KM torps that you can fire off 3 at a time per side till 9 are heading back along the track of that DD and it reloads before they have run outta steam is just hilarious while kitting away from a BB that chases you. IMO the Perth is close to the fun factor that the Marblehead offers. My 2 cents
  7. The Voyage of the Transylvania (Part 1)

    Its like reading a cool series from Piers Anthony. 'A spell for chameleon' which I highly recommend, or Flying sorcerers. Good reads...... Keep it up snarf
  8. MM whingeing and whining

    As a rule I NEVER whine. Sure I will talk in game to my teammates if they lemming/hide/head to back of map or in general cap 1 cap and camp. Whats the point in whining? Solves nothing, shows that you are a melty snowflake and generally ticks off everyone over the age of 25. I can usually tell in the first minute after spawn, during deployment, whether we will win or not. I strive to do my best, carry has hard as possible, get as much damage while staying alive to try and pull a wabbit outta the hat like old Bullwinkle tried to do. While I have only managed 1 Solo warrior, I've been close a few times. But I DETEST whiney snowflakes that bottom tier in and start to bemoan MM as soon as they load in, or start to state for the record, (We are gonna lose). Plus the short bus riders that die in the first 30 seconds-1 minute and announce to the world that the team suks and it's everyone elses fault. I submit that there is a new levels in Dante's Inferno,, the perpetual melting level #8 where everyone is a snowflake,gets perpetually under tiered and melts into a puddle of beer for the cool wargamers on level #9, whom all drive top tiered ships as they sips the precious beer and plays the precious ships.
  9. I've increased mine by the simple trick of staying alive longer so I can do more damage. Don't have the mentality that was my problem for so long,ie (I have to get up ahead faster because all my teammates are likely to potato & that a trade off for my death was 1 of their ships was ok). Play smart & cautious, but not hang back. Find the ship that fits your style and play it 50% more than your other ships.Cover your captured caps by resetting them if they are getting captured. Watch the entire map constantly so you can head back to your cap if a flank vanishes before the enemy can cap you out is a good 1. Always stay near teammates that you can support and vice/versa. As I stated stay alive, that alone will reap rewards.
  10. The Pall (Part 4)

    Nothing here to see Humans,,,,,,, continue to pew pew ships.
  11. I always chose the Flags/camo. Prem stuff you can buy with silver, and the drop rate for SC is so small why bother. Plus it's free, and I likes my flags.
  12. The powers that be give you a free phone,, you gripe because it's not the newest I-phone, give you food stamps/ EBT card, you complain because you can't buy beer/pot at the corner dispensary/cigarettes, give you section 8 and or assisted housing, but you don't want it because it doesn't come with a pool, in-state tuition, nope,, I wanna go to Harvard/Yale/School of Rock. Trophies for last place, tax cuts but the rich get more cuts so it's bad mummmkay. Free, that is a wonderful thing that should be appreciated no matter the container's contents. The entitlement attitude = bad. RESPECT my authoritah.
  13. I already have them and started the grind to T10 on all those 7 lines at once and 3 more on T8 to 9 grinds. so 7 x 20 million = 140 million plus the upgrades maybe 15-20 million more and the 3 T9's @15 million each plus upgrades = way more than I have. Time to hit the blood bank.
  14. I feel your pain. I need 200 million (most likely 300 million) as I am on the 2 tier 9 Russian destroyers, the tier 9 German CA Roon ,the tier 9 English CA Neptune & the tier 9 US CA & the tier 9 US destroyer, plus hot on their heels with the tier 8 German BB Bismarck, the tier 8 Russian CA Chappy. I need sooo much coin it's crazy.