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  1. Alien_Observer

    Help understanding (a) current CV meta

    CV's that move at the start to gain island cover are a rare breed. 90% of most carrier captains don't even realize that they have engines, and some that do, head straight for the back of the map, creating flight times that are of no use to anyone. Just watch which side the enemy advances on and move the opposite direction, while hunting the DD's at first. Look for German BB's. Do that and be aware of your surroundings and that will lead to success. But then again I have less than 20 battles in em, so if you get advice from a carrier skipper worth his/her salt, listen.
  2. Alien_Observer

    Viribus Unitis

    First battle in mine, the enemy ignored me the entire battle except for a few carrier strafing's, so I was able to roam and wreck cruisers. Sat in the middle and targeted any cruiser that showed me his broadside. Battle ended after 3 cruiser kills, 1 BB and 1 BB. 67 K damage. Fast shell velocity I think. Good accuracy. All in all, I enjoyed my first battle in her.
  3. Alien_Observer

    What is this Hall of Fame I keep seeing ingame?

    Thx for the quick answers.
  4. Have no clue what this is. Can someone give me the lowdown? Where it is, what it does,where to look at it. o7
  5. Well I've been at this game a long time. And eventually the same-old same old sets in. So what can you do? My solution seems to be finding that perfect ship, that meshes with your play style 100%. Took me all these years, but I've settled on the Marblehead. Tier 5 American cruiser (Omaha Line) that has the armor of wet toilet paper, a health pool that 1 salvo from a BB will make 1 heck of a badaBIGboom, but oh my,,, the maneuverability of a greased piglet, 360 degree firing arch, torpedo's that have 8.2 range @ T5 is sweet, and my favorite Bevis saying, (Fire Fire Fire). It is now my 2nd most played ship,(after the Gremy which I abused back in the day) and I have gotten it up to unicum status after 500 + battles. It is HARD to play and survive for the entire battle in this beast, as I'm soon the target of all BB's (from starting 10 or so fires) and carriers as I find I'm targeted by them a lot lately. This thing looses health anytime an enemy even looks my way. But the ability to bob and weave and launch 9 torpedo's at a bb chasing you that reload sooooo fast and go 8.2 km is just fun encapsulated. And the ability to turn in a circle, firing the ENTIRE time is a blast.This almost has the fire power of a Atlanta and when I see one I will charge him and fight back, with a 50-50% chance I'll get him before he gets me. This ship just flat out destroys DD's. Hydro and a fighter (spotting)plus the ability to shoot every few seconds is just too much fun when 1 of them pesky lil ships try's to get a torp into me. And when a BB surprises you, bow on attack and usually his shells startle you so you get close enough to send him 9 fish. The last 6 months I've been getting 60-100 k damage, so I'm slowly driving up my damage % and 1 day hope to get to 60k average. So that is my way to beat the same-old same old. Sure I have broken ships, and most of the T10's. The challenge is playing in a ship 95% of the community thinks is worthless and skipper it like your John Wicks,,,, Some may claim the Murmansk is better, or the Omaha,,, subjective I suppose. I've played em both and there you go My 2 cents
  6. Alien_Observer

    War Movies

    Movie, The Longest Day,,,Das Boot,,,Hamburger Hill,,,Blue Max,,, Kelly's Heros TV Combat,,,Rat Patrol,, Most epic Ben Hur
  7. Alien_Observer

    2 resources containers picked, 2 SC dropped. Sweet

    I already had 553 of em so it wasn't like getting the golden ticket,,,
  8. This is a first 4 me. Picked first container of the day (resources), Bam SC dropped. 100 Zulu Hotel, meh,,,,,,, Second container of the day,(resources again), Bam SC dropped. 50 Leviathan flags. That's more like it. What are the odds on 2 SC dropping back 2 back? You math guys take a run at that.
  9. Well, I happened to unlock 8 TX ships in 4 months, as I was grinding up all line at once. I'm between 55% and 64% on all but 2 of those, plus lower % on my first 2 TX's unlocked as I was a tater. I just cant seem to get a feel for the 2 Russian dd's. So a lot of times the lower sub 50% w/r may have to do with new ship blues and the TX learning curve. I'm at 680 battles and 52.5% w/r now. But during the first few months after unlocking all them 10's my w/r was aboot 40%,,, as The learning curve in a tier that allows 0 mistakes will devastate you quite often. So I think most salty players the longer/more TX battles they play, the better the % will be.
  10. Alien_Observer

    Best music while playing

    I discovered a station while looking on the net. 101.ru 24/7 stones music. no commercials. I'm in heaven. Of course you have to dig the old blues/British invasion stones music, plus all the newer stuff of course. The amount of music they have produced is simply staggering. Has anyone seen my baby???????? Great for sinking ships all day long...…. o7
  11. Alien_Observer

    Solo Warrior Achievement

    I have 1 in 10 K battles, in a Gremy,(I killed the 4 ships and didn't run 4 the border). So I think 8 is astounding. A feat that few will ever achieve,,,,,,,,Well Done
  12. Alien_Observer

    So, Mogami

    As you mentioned, kiting is the key. I also like running the 155's and will travel with a pack ALWAYS. I will usually unload my spread only after my group has fired and be ready to turn 90' at the first indication someone is targeting me. I will stay in a group, until it turns into (IMO) too many BB's. I know 1 well predicted BB spread will delete me, so Ill hang back and just start fires where I can, shadowing the group. I don't utilize islands but tend to open water steam. I prefer the ability to turn and go dark if necessary. Stealth and fire setting are how she is specced. Just realize, 155's lay a ton of firestarting hurt on BB's and it will get their attention, even while you are in a flotilla, so be ready to turn and go dark.
  13. Alien_Observer

    Armed Forces players Acknowledgement

    If you would bother to read the answers to OP's post, you will see that all the vets are doing the opposite to what you are saying, aside from the OP. So go back to the basement.
  14. Alien_Observer

    Ships I'd like to see added to the game

    Id like to see the Dutchman, Marie celeste, and the Black Pearl show up as passers by after a monsoon,, Heck,, random life rafts that if you stop and render aid, you get a 10 point captain,,,, or Steven Segull comes back into game,,, (imho that would be the bomb)
  15. Alien_Observer

    So you [POP] guys....

    4 Thumbs up,,,,,,,,, o7