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  1. The credit grind is real-- Gonna have to put off getting ahold of my Amagi despite having it researched... the good news is, I bought my Myoko though!

    1. Carrier_Ikoma


      I've been kind of watching my credit flow as I go up in tiers, and more and more of it is consumed not just on the big purchase of the ship itself, but even by upgrade modules... x.x

    2. CaliburxZero


      Yeah... NorCar's Hull upgrade was 4 million by itself, that kinda pissed me off. I free exp'ed the first hull of Myoko which was another 1.2 million... The most expensive modules I buy one as it becomes available and de-mount them with gold to save credits as much as possible as I go up a line, but that only helps so much. I have every premium ship save for Aurora in the game, plus premium time... and this is still ridiculous X_x