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  1. Ranked out, and wow.  That was the worst experience I have ever had on this game.  Was it worth it?  Ehhhhh... I don't think so still.  Once I get the steel to get Balansgrad though WG can shove this mode where the sun don't shine.  

    1. VTAdmiral


      Ranked is never worth it. WoWS has downright the worst Ranked format out of any online game I have ever touched over the past 20 years.

    2. CaliburxZero


      Yeah... I have to agree.  I haven't seen such an awful setup in ages myself.  I'm only going to put up with it so as long as I need steel for a ship I want.  Once that's done, I'm 100% over it.  It did teach me some valuable lessons in my tactics/playstyle, but its anything but "fun".

    3. TsundereMusashi