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  1. CaliburxZero

    Time for steam bath of self pity

    Terrible weekend for me too. Gotta love the quality of play on weekends. I should've given up after this game but I didn't take my own advice.
  2. Okay, and? You can defend the CV but I can easily sit there and say for a good CV player and one that I div with, they have run out of planes a whole *one* time. Plane reserves are more or less the true analogous comparison for a ship's HP in that as a ship's HP is lower, their ability to make plays reduces in order to play safer and stay alive. CV can regenerate this unlimited for their planes. Therefore, CV is broken because in addition to other benefits that I will not get into here, CV also gets to enjoy the ability to literally have little to NONE of its combat effectiveness reduced even at the very end of battle.
  3. Happens every so often, and I've even called it out myself at times and I have no qualms about admitting it. The reason is simple. Because CV is essentially an entirely different game, and definitely influences a game more than any one single ship in the entire match, aka the most power to win. People say that because they see playing the CV as a means to escape the fact that they couldn't make the cut in a regular surface ship, therefore they had to pull out a tool that's just blatantly more powerful. Although the amusing part is, a bad player is a bad player. Those same people I have called out are just as bad in their CV as they are in anything else, which is why for a good majority this line of reasoning doesn't even hold up. You will, however see that there are plenty of players who have their performance propped up by the power of their CV though. okay CV mafia, i'm ready to take those downvotes now *wink*
  4. CaliburxZero

    Do I free XP Seattle or Neptune?

    Why did you necro this thread? You responded to something from months ago...
  5. CaliburxZero

    DDs still not playable

    I'm not even a good DD player, and my Jutland performance is quite good. Is it a PITA and frustrating experience with CVs in the DD? Most definitely yes. Unplayable? No.
  6. CaliburxZero

    Waiting for the buff to Italian ships like...

    I find Abruzzi can really swing games due to her concealment and can apply pressure but your top game there kinda exemplifies how weak her damage output is. I think I've only done 90K and change in my top game in her, and for a player like yourself to only do 109K doesn't exactly put out a flattering number. I think the case that can be made for upping the fire chance or some of the HE damage could definitely be made.
  7. CaliburxZero

    Waiting for the buff to Italian ships like...

    Agreed on all accounts. This is why I've shifted away from BBs as a whole (and I see much, MUCH more success because of it) and have gone cruiser, for the AA support plus the consistency on what I can expect. Roma's issues pretty much with the CVs making a comeback has meant that i'll never use her again without buffs or CVs go away. She needs her concealment to get into great positions for her guns and to protect her citadel for movement. Without that and poor AA she's too vulnerable for me to ever try.
  8. CaliburxZero

    Waiting for the buff to Italian ships like...

    Yup, which with CVs making her an easy target combined with eliminating her concealment for protecting her citadel I don't actually know why you'd want to use Roma at all in this outside of her beautiful looks. The reality, while my Roma performance is okay, having to dump out tons of awful salvoes is pretty much not a quality experience. If I had to guess-- The people who do well with her know how to abuse her armor scheme long enough to balance out the quality of each salvo, and given her penetration makes her ideal for shooting higher-tier BBs. Ultimately though, it doesn't change the experience is a lesson in bending over for RNG gods, now more than ever (because CV MM)
  9. CaliburxZero

    Azuma, better than it gets credit for.

    So you justify Azuma's strength... in co-op? Uh yeah, to put it politely, I think that exemplifies just how weak she is if you had to do it like that. You cite all those others ships with Izumo being trash up until not too long ago and is now fine due to those various buffs, but best you can argue you LIKE Azuma. Not that she's good. Sorry, but defending it just for the sake of "Hey I like that ship and i'm offended people are calling her weak!" is kind of ridiculous. You don't need to be some kind of warships 1%er to recognize in hard stats and armor scheme that she's objectively inferior. Is she outright trash? No. Is she trash when compared to her peers? Oh heck yes. When a ship makes Ibuki of all things look solid for a pick at T9, you know you've made a dud. And for how much she costs... no way is it worth it.
  10. CaliburxZero

    Yubari should really receive a buff.

    I've never taken Yubari into a fail division and have witnessed that, but tha tthing already feels like a free kill in same-tier games. Those torpedo arcs are laughable.
  11. CaliburxZero

    Yubari should really receive a buff.

    Yeah, her AA is now not even good, which was probably the only reason why you'd want her. Although from in general, I always thought Yubari was a piece of junk, even with the accuracy module it got. Could definitely use those 6 guns, but given how little WG makes off the ship and how popular it is I suspect we'll never see something as radical as a new configuration to make her more viable. If this were a high tier premium that was a turd, though...
  12. CaliburxZero

    How is the new Shokaku?

    From what I've been told with the divmates who do run CV, its most likely the weakest of all T8 CVs atm.
  13. CaliburxZero

    Yubari should really receive a buff.

    Yes, Yubari does need a buff. But I gotta ask-- When was Yubari *ever* good? I don't think WG cares.
  14. CaliburxZero

    Concerns for Yoshino (Yes, I know its WIP)

    Reward ships iirc get treated differently than paid for ships, although just bear in mind... Alot of the figureheads within the community are from top clans. I wouldn't put it past WG to keep them happy at the expensive the 99%, no less the health of the game.
  15. CaliburxZero

    $100 what ships we buying

    If you are not an experienced player, I would suggest the T7 bracket as it is by far the most favorable outside of 4 and 10. T9 is fine too as those ships are usually able to contend at 10 but I wouldn't reccomend if you don't have a grasp on the fundamentals. Scharnhorst if you like BBs, Abruzzi if you want a cruiser (but take IFHE FIRST as your first level 4 skill), and Z-39 if you want a destroyer at the tier (always take concealment expert and Survivability expert on all DDs as your first level 3 and 4 skills).