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  1. This is easy. The reason? This is WG testing the waters to see how much they can get away with their insanely stupid ideas on counterplay. CV is a perfect example of this. And now they want to see just how many people will stomach being torp citadelled out of existence by a ship they can't even fight against in any way. CV fiasco 2.0 in the making, with this testing just done to keep appearances up and the people who already know this will be a huge mistake for the game slightly less vocal as those people pray for WG to do something about it, right up until they release and don't. Mark my words. This is exactly how it'll play out unless the backlash is too much for WG's bottom line to stomach.
  2. Tell that to the bazillion CCTV clans and others of the like, who also use the warpack equivalent to boot here. lol.
  3. CaliburxZero

    How would you "counter play" me?

    There are obviously more groups who sit in their own little camps. or were you expecting me to accurately depict literally every subset of players in world of warships on this topic? I don't really *care*, if you feel insulted or marginalized because I just stereotyped and probably ruffled a few feathers in here (Which is obvious when someone takes this level of effort to shoot down what I have to say), because anybody can see across all attempted measures of community unrest with CVs that across ALL social platforms including being in-game itself, that people mostly hate dealing with CVs. If people truly loved CV so much, then why is it when it is time to vote with their voices we don't see huge swarms of pro-CV players making the split more even? Because they DO NOT EXIST. Those 3 categories sum up easily 80-90% of the population. And given how many and the types of players who agree with that basic generalization, I'd say its pretty spot-on. Good day.
  4. CaliburxZero

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Re-read my initial post to you Kuro. I told you you'd be an entirely *new* category. Not any of those 3. There are of course ways to mitigate CV, but here's the thing... the key word is MITIGATE. Mitigate =/= Counter. This is where your suggestions and the nuance differ. OP and many other talented players that are much, much better than little old me have also nailed in the coffin eons ago why its a busted class. Your suggestions are ways to survive. But does it ACTIVELY damage a CV to the point where he's paid for the amount of damage done to you, your options in-game, and HP you've lost? Nope. Of course not. Because shooting down planes takes quite a few to make a CV suffer, and you alone never will. Which then all goes back into why you and others cannot answer the simple question: Why must multiple work together to be able to stand to be a threat to a single player where the same isn't true for any other class? A well played anything can be a threat to the other, with perhaps BB vs DD interaction. But at least then the BB can poisitonally AVOID or outright neuter a DD. CV you can never escape from.
  5. CaliburxZero

    How would you "counter play" me?

    I could give you names, but they'd probably whine if I did so publicly. I'm more than happy to list a few off to you in a private conversation if you're dying to know.
  6. CaliburxZero

    How would you "counter play" me?

    I tried Furious, I think *maybe* I have 10 games in them. And with that, stop talking little category 3. I'm sorry that hit too close to him for you-- So you had to go to Ad Hominem on a argument in order to try and justify yourself. Which to anybody with more than 3 brain cells in the room, shows how your petulant behavior admits logical defeat. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. and your lack of civilty means I no longer care to entertain the nonsense you've spouted out all along.
  7. CaliburxZero

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Let's take your sentiment right here as fact for a moment. Okay. So CV and DD interaction is mostly "balanced" at this point. I have a series of questions to ask you then: 1. Is there any ship in the game that can as freely dictate the playstyle of another player, and as many at the same exact time? 2. Do you believe that balanced interaction is enjoyable for most? If you believe yes, is there data you can use in any capacity that would prove that view of said interaction is enjoyable for people? 3. By saying DD vs CV interaction is balanced, can you tell me with a straight face the amount of effort a CV player needs to do to flatten a DD is equivalent to the reverse? Now, i won't pretend these questions aren't loaded. Because they are, and meant to be. I know you can't defend against questions 1 and 3, with 2 being subjective and debateable to a certain degree. As much as I respect you as a player, and would go as far as to say you're a 4th category of player (See earlier) in the CV debacle, I am more than willing no matter who you are to use pure logic to flatten any hope anybody can have at trying to say CVs are good for the game, or balanced.
  8. CaliburxZero

    How would you "counter play" me?

    WG did a risk analysis, mark my words. Then when they saw they have made more money off categories 2 and 3 of my earlier post for CVs for the type of player you are, it probably came out to being more money than what was lost off of players who quit or got pissed over the rebork. If the bottom line is not threatened, WG does NOT care a SINGLE iota about what any of us have to say no matter what side you sit on for CVs or anything else. If it'll make them more money in the short-term, consequences be damned. This may be a Russian company, but they sure know all about how unsustainable capitalism works. :^)
  9. CaliburxZero

    How would you "counter play" me?

    I know how to play DD, thanks. I have a replay of me taking B on North with full fighter support in a Halland no less. CV had no issues going through DFAA, fighters, and whatever else. He lost 27 planes. I still died. And for your little "counterplay" to work, YES YOU DO HAVE TO STAY PASSIVE. Please-- For DD to be any level of useful they have to be away from the fleet unless there's a deathball the CV's existence has created in the first place. If, on top of everything else, you think a player has to literally cower with his team just because of the *existence* of a single other player on the board, who's positioning DOES NOT MATTER is okay, then I think your 280 games in Enterprise tells me exactly what you care about more and its not the health of the game. You are category 3 as I mentioned earlier.
  10. CaliburxZero

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Thank you very much sir, I appreciate it. So what your saying is, the counterplay is to literally sit back and do nothing instead of going forward to spot and screen for your team as the mere existence of the CV neuters a DD's fundamental job. Noice.
  11. CaliburxZero

    How would you "counter play" me?

    There are 3 kinds of players on the CV stance: -Players who hate them and understand just how fundamentally broken the class is -Players who are so poor at the game they just write off CV criticism as any other complaining, and therefore argue back for the sake of arguing back and have zero clue what they're talking about. These players will get wrecked on the regular anyway and couldn't tell the difference. and what a good portion of the forums are: -Players who understand how powerful CV is, but cry against criticism because they want to abuse CV and don't care about the 11 people on the other team they are making miserable. These are your players who would suffer greatly stat-wise if you were to discount their CV performance.
  12. CaliburxZero

    Moskva Perma Camo

    You see potato, this reasoning doesn't work because they spent both money AND time to earn that extra bonuses. We both know this post is a pathetic attempt at trolling at best, that or your hidden stats say 42% or lower. I don't know which would be more true.
  13. CaliburxZero

    Wants Newer players banned from Ranked

    Regardless of what people will say, ranked draws out the absolute worst of the playerbase out because its the only way they'll ever get steel. They don't care to improve, nor are they willing. Ranked is a place for carrying and improving as a player, yes, but its probably the most toxic and frustrating environment you can do so in. Sure, anybody good here can say "its on you if you can't win" but I'll ask the question "but is that fun to constantly deal with?" There'll always be a few purples here that'll say "yes", but for most who have sanity or while trying to improve as a player like myself will find it anything less than tedious. Ranked in its current form will *always* be hot garbage of an experience. And no matter how much I improve as a player, that opinion will never change. New players who have no clue what they're doing isn't even the issue... the real players who are an issue? The ones who have thousands of games but still can't even hit 50 WR. Those are the true players who will weigh you down like cement weights shackled to you. And the best part is? They'll *never* learn. At least the new players have a *chance* at becoming players who are good because they haven't yet demonstrated they are satisfied with being nothing but a detriment to everyone around them.