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  1. CaliburxZero

    The real Russian CV we all know is coming!

    Nah, that's just the tier 4 as they were being humble. The Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer is actually what's going to be at the top of the chain. WG will devote tons of time to render sections of the ship so even when you destroy it as it humbles itself by landing in the water, the battle will shift over to other parts of it. This after all allows CV players to truly engage in ships that completely prop up their inability to play like FDR, as that was merely training for the true god on the field anybody can pick up and be successful with! Teaser picture: Seen in the background are Tier 8 Soviet CVs, known as the Imperial class. This is after all the balance the forums has so desperately called for, it'll be great for the game!
  2. CaliburxZero

    CV moan

    At least it took the skill of two working together instead of one lone guy thinking he should be allowed to accomplish the same feats alone while in a team-based game. Imagine.
  3. CaliburxZero

    To the death of fun! - Rocket Planes

    For reference: EI2aZeR is in the middle, the guy running off screen is Zaydin
  4. CaliburxZero

    So are we going to tell WG no for RU CVs?

    Guys. You're all looking at this the wrong way-- See, WG is trying to actually dispel RU bias. With the advent of subs, WG has graciously allowed all CVs to enjoy a 2 minute immunity duration from Torpedoes from subs, not just the Russian ones that will come! Now everybody is equally immune if you're the CV. See? Fairness. I knew they had it in them all along.
  5. CaliburxZero

    CV moan

    "Lately". Its not like its regularly talked about since the inception of this game. Feigning ignorance to try and pretend its a nothing burger is hilariously sad at best. Tell you what. You can have that handout when you realize the door labeled "0.9.0" where all the talking point handouts are is a push door, not a pull door that you seem to have a hard time opening.
  6. CaliburxZero

    CVs make this game un-fun.

    Potato comment detected, to the point where I have to actually post something about it-- DDs do NOT provide infinite spotting, unlike your beloved class. DDs only spot on its flank, not most of the map just for existing like a CV does (no less at significantly less risk. Sorry, your envoys of game-breaking death known as "planes" are nowhere near as valuable compared to outright HP of a ship no less a DD's) and they must consider radar or other DDs spotting them, which can make them smoke or disengage which breaks that spotting. This doesn't include terrain features to break that spotting, something your beloved class also does NOT worry about. So as much as i'd like to refute the drivel that comes out of you in response to this post most likely, I have better things to do after this (which aren't this game, lol). Do enjoy though.
  7. CaliburxZero

    CV moan

    Oh yeah, since you made such a poor take one last thing-- This here? Me and others aren't. Because at least we know any shots on their broadside can be mostly mitigated through dodging/skill. That's called a fair fight-- You know, something people value in PVP games? CVs have no such fairness. And players who are much, much more experienced than you on both sides of that exchange would be happy to tell you that.
  8. CaliburxZero

    CV moan

    While true, this is a video game. If a video game creates instances that are not only not fun, but downright bad then why play? Short of the most tryhard/sweaty of players, a fact like that means little. After all, these forums have a huge portion that tout "I play for fun, not to win". And PS, if u want to say "then why are you still playing?" well. You can check my stats-- For right now, I'm not. And won't really for awhile.
  9. CaliburxZero

    New soviet cvs good addition for game

    Looks like OP has put out so much bait, he wants to *feed* into a Kraken. See what I did there?
  10. CaliburxZero

    CVs make this game un-fun.

    The focus part you can't escape from, any other class I can disengage and go dark. Before you start going off about how this is a DD problem, that's a *everybody* problem. Next of all, DD has to risk HP. The fact you've written a long list of whining at me probably means I've hit a bit too close to home for these points. CV isn't balanced. And they are the most hated. Its come from statistics, player polls, and no less server averages show while having all the utility of CVs, can also deal comparable if not more damage on average to a class touted for its high damage output (BBs). Nextly, I'm not even gonna address your clear hatred against DDs as a class, no less trying to cite me as a DD main. Here, a breakdown of my stats that are now made public for you. I'm a *real* DD main, huh? I do play all classes, minus CV. And frankly my disdain for what CV does to the game makes me not want to be a hypocrite, so no I don't play CV. And if you want to tell me how I need to play it to understand, I've been playing with the idea on finally doing that just to shut people up. Getting away from a CV only exists when there's a large group of ships together you can use for AA. So basically, you want to eliminate aggressive positioning, flanking, and forward positions just to counter one guy. Right. And people who take offense to my comments about CV players are those who clearly identify as CV mains. If you took offense to that, well it tells me where you fall. If you're truly a player who "plays everything" and doesn't care, why are you so upset about that comment? Really though, I expected a much, much better take from you on balance. If you feel CVs are UP then seriously, read the numbers. Read WG's own commentary. Top players know what they're talking about, but I suspect you wouldn't listen to any of them including those *of the CV class itself*. Frankly i'm shocked given our previous conversations you think half of this.
  11. CaliburxZero

    CVs make this game un-fun.

    You're correct, and yet your argument leaves out one HUGE, GIGANTIC difference between CV and all other classes. The presence of any one class only affects LOCALIZED situations. Aka the flank they're on. No ship other than CV has so much impact it will be felt for the 11 others as much. Not one single BB, DD, or CA/CL would make everyone of the enemy team behave differently. And if everyone was on the same flank? If the ship was causing that much heartache for the team they'd just spot and focus it down if the team is competent. Good luck trying to do that to a CV, especially at tier 10 where it has an armor scheme that makes BBs jealous. You try to frame my argument as negative and skewed. Except that is you here, not me. Nobody here with any shred of competency of this game would ever agree either that the other classes of this game could single-handedly make everyone of the entire enemy team play differently. CV can only focus one single person down like everyone else... but no ship in the game can immediately start making large impact on a completely different flank of the battle. That is the fact you ignore here, and why your entire counter argument falls apart if someone starts thinking just a tad practically instead of theoretically. Class interaction that keeps others in check and makes each other makes the game interesting, you're sure as right about that. And yet the class you try to frame as apart of that conversation counters EVERYONE. You're either ignorant, or willfully disingenuous to this fundamental fact.
  12. CaliburxZero

    CVs make this game un-fun.

    What's that? That's an attack on proof of an argument. Stating you weren't putting up statistics that support you're doing well against a CV doesn't automatically state he's saying he's a trash player, as they can be mutually exclusive arguents. For example: A good player in BBs may not be doing the best in a specific ship, and that can be pointed out. Stat shaming aka saying you're a bad player because of your stats isn't the same thing. But of course, in order to discredit his argument you'd like to ignore the context and intent in order to silence someone you could never dream to counter both logically nor in-game. If your ridiculous argument's logic were to be allowed, the entire justice system of the US would never protect victims who had committed crimes without even knowing or trying to and just convict them.
  13. CaliburxZero

    CVs make this game un-fun.

    Nobody stat shamed, people like you just use this as a strawman in order to dodge the legitimacy of arguments you can't counter then hide behind it out of projection or know its your only way to deflect. I feel exactly the same way. Its also why vak you can't find me participating in CBs at the moment, or play random battles. I'm playing other games and my mood in my time off has improved greatly for it. Its not fun, and the fact that someone just needs to EXIST in order to make 11 other people play vastly different is just mind-blowing to me in a PVP game. Which only makes me believe people who defend this garbage are those with WG relationships therefore conflict of interest, or those who abuse the system (CVs) themselves, or perhaps just trolls and those who aren't even competent enough to know the difference.
  14. CaliburxZero

    CVs make this game un-fun.

    FIrst of all, if you think I'll just do anything my team wants if its unreasonable, you must certainly have *never* been in a match with me. Telling them to pound sand when they think they know what's best for me and my play is a regular occurrence. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I won't try to actually take a forward position and help them because this is a *team* game, and I need to help them to win.
  15. CaliburxZero

    Abusive purple players

    Yeah, after all... plenty of inferiority complexes exist in this game to scream in outrage to get back at the players who use them as XP pinatas.