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  1. CaliburxZero

    WG...go back to co-op

    Its rude, but warships players are by far the most obstinate group of gamers I have seen, most likely because the average age is higher than most games. Truth hurts, but the game doesn't teach you anything and combined with that behavior/attitude players never get any better. Let's take away this game as the pretext: If you told me you for example, made paper airplanes for a living and you made like... 10 thousand of them but if you pull your 1000th plane and 10000th one and yet they're equally shoddy, does that not say "unwilling to improve"? I'm sure what said just now will hit home and offend someone, but I don't care. WG's unwillingness to teach their playerbase combined with a unwillingness to learn and fragile ego means the player will never improve. People who play aren't stupid. But they are willfully ignorant.
  2. CaliburxZero

    CV Rocket Attacks, why have they not been nerfed?

    spoken like a true 41%er. Moving on, rocket planes definitely are braindead easy on seriously ruining a DD still. But as CV players tell us, we should tell them the same strategy, it should work about as well: Just DODGE the nerfs. :)
  3. CaliburxZero

    Detonations are still [bleep]

    That's a very good point there on dealing damage. I suppose that in and of itself is probably the strongest argument for detonations, since this is more or less more of the same when you tink of it this way. Okay, fair. As for that other part well... Don't know how much you remember how I played years ago, but that's slowly become my most focused mindset, winning and improving my play to generate more wins. So, I suppose you hit me bullseye. The latest trend of player quality due to the Corona outbreak has me ripping my hair out for this. I'm lucky to have half my games last 10 minutes for the last two weeks, even with my new Kraken divmates on some of these losses.
  4. CaliburxZero

    Who have you seen in game

    Ah yes, I remember the idiot you shot well.
  5. CaliburxZero

    Detonations are still [bleep]

    Of those two things, the latter of the two is probably much more... relevant to everyone. The former of the actual detonations... I'd have to say that I don't think nor feel that's really the case for anybody except Destroyer players. I'd love to see the numbers on how many detonations occur by class (and by tier). Still though, while its not a direct fault of detonations... Its still irritating for someone like myself where the average player in a destroyer at high tier can't hope to survive beyond 5 minutes into a game and this adds yet another nauseating factor into their abysmal survival chances making the team blind on non-CV games. Humor and Realism? I didn't realize we were in a stand-up comedy game, although the intelligence of the players trying to tout some of these reasons and quality of play I suppose you could try to make that a real thing, huh? As for realism: Don't even try. Just don't. And you should know better.
  6. CaliburxZero

    Detonations are still [bleep]

    Your definition of "death by addition" is literally just boiled down to "i'm tired of chewing through HP and the regular mechanics, I just want to see them explode." And that's right, the person exploding doesn't gain anything from it. At least from a citadel or burning from fire that was through direct cause and effect being punished for misplay. Detonations are merely RNG. Sorry, but your reasoning doesn't remotely justify the means to the end. Its not logical, and your argument of "lethal force" flies right out the window seeing as how we are playing an arcade game, not a simulator.
  7. CaliburxZero

    Detonations are still [bleep]

    Back onto topic though I gotta ask: What do detonations add positively to the game? Is the experience it gives to those causing it outweigh the negative the person being detonated for creating a healthy environment? How and why would the game be worse off for removing them entirely? These are questions I have never seen a single soul in all the time this topic has come up ever properly answer to justify their existence. Before I sleep and check back later, I figured i'd give you these questions as I'm sure if there is a good answer for any of these things, you are one of the few who could provide it. Trying to play devil's advocate with myself, I could not come up with anything I feel that was good enough.
  8. Absolutely magical pepega players in world of warships due to the pandemic going on, anybody who doesn't want to hard carry every single game or just eat loss after loss I advise to not play the game at all for awhile.  

    This is pathetically awful, even by Winter Holiday standards.

    1. Lady_Athena


      I was just thinking of playing due to the time I have now.. Thanks for the warning :D

  9. Rolling out armor changes alongside of Pen value changes was a very, very dumb move. It ruined some ships plus trying to accurately gauge how much something has been buffed or nerfed starts to become more skewed when you change the baseline like this. I vote Nay, as on the whole I do not notice any level real change in how matches play out, damage output, or whatever else. The only thing this has done that WG set out to do was their narrow-field vision of staring at IFHE then going "We MUST make it not mandatory for light cruisers!" and that is about all they have accomplished that is 100% positive here. All the while, completely shafting T7 light cruisers among other things. Bravo for making T7 even worse to play out when they see T9 alot more with the MM changes.
  10. CaliburxZero

    KOTS boxes odds - Really WG?

    Its easier to have a 1:1 rate of exchange than program it to give something specific. This was probably the easiest way for them to let us earn it all. Either way, you're only embarrassing yourself by complaining... you made a mistake. Own it and move on. Just be happy they are giving out a T7 premium box and premium time.
  11. If they are the perceived largest threat, I target them. Aka like any other ship in the match.
  12. Gotta say, this is a very strong argument to those who justify Smaland.
  13. CaliburxZero

    Thunderer, Yoshino or Salem

    Thunderer is by far the strongest of the 3. The other two have some major downsides, but i'd pick Yoshi over Salem personally.
  14. One of the few CV messages I will approve of. Its not like scouting the enemy team takes any more than a few extra seconds anyway.
  15. CaliburxZero

    A cv Main question

    Okay, then answer why every ship NEEDS to be 100% vulnerable to a CV where nothing short of a team deathball can stop them? You are one of twelve players on a team. Armor and positioning when used correctly can make you immune during certain attacks at certain times. Pray tell, why does CV get to sit there and go "I get to push a successful attack on you if I aim correctly 100% of the time"? Nobody else gets to have that guarantee. Nice try, lol.