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  1. CaliburxZero

    I Can Already See Whiners Screaming OP And Nerf It

    At least spell SCREAMING right. And the only people who will cry OP are the 5 CV mains on these forums that constantly talk about how "weak" CV is.
  2. New blood is how games like this stay alive, so you better care about them you low quality troll. No problem, I was reading the exchange between you two and I was getting a headache from looking at it so thought i'd waste a moment to talk sense into the potato.
  3. How about this then? I say, as an active player that Kiyo is correct about the points made regarding players and their awful experience in T5 as well as 8 in my opinion. Don't wanna hear it from them? Well then -I- am telling you. Which on the note of this thread, the kitty pool at T2-4 was such awfulness for the game. All WG has done is create the situation we have now, but ALSO a T2-4 bracket where experienced players like myself can waltz in, easily stomp on new players whenever we want, never having to worry about Matchups in that spread. and Going there, it happens all. the. time. So what WG has done is prepetuate seal clubbing, and double-effing the new guy who had to suffer through that but then go through being bottom tier on top of seeing most likely more experienced players, heaven forbid its a new DD player seeing a Belfast.
  4. I'm sorry, but if WG cared about the development of skills for a player there would be in-game tutorials and active help for grooming players in the fundamentals. To this very day, you still see plenty of Deep water torps sent at DDs, broadsiding ships at high tier, the list goes on. The game doesn't even try to educate the player and worry about their skill, its left up entirely to players who want to go above and beyond and go to search out that information, whether it be from WG's articles but more than likely, the community. Laziness. Until WG implements ways to educate a player in a concise and easy way that doesn't force the player to have to go hunting down information the ability to sit there and "We care about the skills players develop!" is a very, very hollow statement in my eyes. And this has been brought up for years now, and I and many others can vouch for this.
  5. CaliburxZero

    Conqueror Kremlin

    That's a huge problem. Have you seen how Conqueror players play? Its very... "special".
  6. CaliburxZero

    Nikolay Kuznetsov or Murmansk?

    Commander. While Murmansk is perfectly good for her tier, between the economy being broken with T10s being played exclusively by some and the super, super awful idea that is T2-4 kiddie pool the Murmansk suffers from awful MM, and the Murmansk will be citadelled by a strong breeze hitting its broadside. If you have ANY interest in RU BBs, he's the perfect captain for them.
  7. CaliburxZero

    Do the Russian BBs actually get good?

    Not sure if you touched Izmail, but while her damage potential is extremely high... it was quite the dud to me. Rear-swinging turrets coupled with awful turret traverse, with extremely vulnerable deck armor made it to me at the very least highly uncomfortable to play when thinking about its citadel. T9 being mediocre, we both didn't like it. Maybe you eventually changed your mind but i didn't, lol. But on topic, Kremlin is insanely strong and good. T5+ are at the very least, okay for the worst one (Izmail).
  8. My take? Wait and see. Will play less and definitely close my wallet in its current form if released. Remain skeptical on all WG statements until seeing the live iteration.
  9. CaliburxZero

    Why NTC is fine.

    I think OP makes good points, but overall I do think NTC is not good for the game. Really, even if we ignore all of these arguments it just smells very, very cash grabby for me. There's a certain degree i'll tolerate for a game that wants to reach for my wallet, and this goes too far for my personal taste.
  10. CaliburxZero

    Since everyone's making a thread about it NTC

    God, what a cluster. This may actually drive me to quit, or at the very least never give money to again. No Wargaming. Stop. This is the proverbial "you got your hands caught in the cookie jar" now learn your lesson and don't do it. So many sister ships that chances are we'll never see outright, use those as copy pasta premiums with some historical camos as per Lert's post here. Getting a Tier 10 an accomplishment? WG, you can easily get people to do this just as a surefire way to get STEEL, and you'll only garner the praise of every gamer here that wants a shiny steel ship but doesn't have the time investment or skill to do CB/Ranked. This way, they can earn Steel at a pace they desire. Its a no-brainer. Will you guys listen? Hmmmmm, I doubt it. I already play the game less, Yoshino was a fairly large disappointment for me. You guys haven't learned a thing from the RTS CVs in fixing the rework CVs, and you swing from one extreme to the other in balance. I think the only real reason why nerfing premiums didn't work was because a Lawyer's opinion told you not to do it but that's just me. If this goes through as is, I hope WG enjoys a revolving door for a playerbase-- Player retention for those who learn about things and become invested won't stay mostly, and only new unsuspecting prey will get clubbed by them. Of course, this is not an overnight process. This is merely the downward trend you guys are moving towards. The few who do will be those small handful of whales looking to stroke that e-peen... let me know how profitable your bottom line is WG when that happens by comparison. Don't worry, I'll wait.
  11. CaliburxZero

    CVs seem perfect now :D

    Can easily flip this on its head: Prior to the AA change, people defended and wanted CVs to be able wreck surface ships while all we could do is sit back and hit battle, letting the AA work at a set effectiveness where our skill didn't matter outside of prolonging our inevitable destruction.
  12. Yoshino is... okay. Way too squishy for what kind of DPM/alpha she can put out in my opinion, and her torpedoes are very situational I find. I like her somewhat... but I can't swing matches at all in this thing. This ship, unlike Zao for me can't make things happen.
  13. CaliburxZero

    What is the Point of the Yoshino?

    I'm a bit over 20 games in now, and had to really, really try hard to make the ship work and not sit at the very VERY back like 90% of all Yoshinos I have seen been playing as and I can now elaborate more on her quality as a ship-- and before I do let me say I do agree with you 100% in this moment. Yoshino's guns are quite nice. AP is still fairly lacking, nothing but suicide ranges will it be threatening to battleships, with it being comfortable to wreck cruisers even the supercruisers. HE DPM with the reload feels comfortable, and the accuracy is actually quite good. That being said... the citadel is an awful joke. The torpedo options are both not great for the ship with 12km not being long range enough for where she wants to sit for half the game, and the 20km are just a meme that only will hit potatoes or if you're some 1% super unicum who knows how to position like a god and get into positions to force your opponent to eat them. The torps are not even good for yolo-- Citadel hitbox means someone who is waiting for it will punish you insanely hard, so even at close-in the torps are bad for most situations. The durability of this ship though severely punishes mistakes, limits the plays you can make, and ultimately forces you to be passive for a good portion of the game unless you can pick fights where its at most 2 engaging you... not common. The turning circle that is even larger than Yamato nearly guarantees you'll get to eat huge damage without pre-positioning in a kiting stance (angled and away). Do I think the ship is bad? No. Do I think its much weaker than it should be? Yes. Her damage output seems quite good, but does it balance out her fragility? No, not really... And when I was going for my TENTH loss in a row, I had a good laugh when Business6 was on the other team, he just flat out called the ship garbage. In the end, solid damage, very good accuracy, extremely garbage protection, and very little tools to make an impact on the game easily. Overall, am disappointed with Azuma 2.0. Oh, and go F*** yourself WG for thinking a OCTAGONAL-SHAPED CITADEL IS REMOTELY FAIR. I needed to get that out of my system.
  14. CaliburxZero

    Why the German BBs do not function as a line

    Hmmmmm. You're right. German BBs did get to enjoy being ridiculously powerful because "no citadel" for a bit, although I think it has always remained that GK at 10 has always had some huge tradeoffs in order to make this happen. The Cruisers... I always thought were fairly weak outside of Roon and Hindenburg, but I would argue by the time Moskva had been around, they were merely flexible, not insanely strong. As for the DDs... their moment to shine was literally a very, VERY hot second at most in the limelight. Graf Zeppelin is the product of public outcry from a super popular ship where WG had to concede to the anger, nothing more. That point I will write off at any given moment. Looking at your post, and thinking about the various statements given by WG I still would have to disagree on the on lack of a plot against them-- Its very plain as day they have lost so much ground in their power, but WG remaind insistent they are fine at every given opportunity to comment. The neglect to their state is obvious-- Just not as crazy as my comparison to World of Tanks, a game that most certainly DID have an anti-german bias in spades in soooo many ways, its actually what lead me to quit the game with the amount of evidence placed. Different dev teams, but nevertheless we are speaking about Wargaming here.
  15. CaliburxZero

    Why the German BBs do not function as a line

    I have to agree with this thread wholly, and made a thread very recently asking about what the point of GK is over Kremlin. Some really good points here, but ultimately I know they'll fall on deaf ears. For those who played WG's other major product with tanks, I still recall the days of the trash concealment of German TDs and German tanks with Frontal Transmission fires that they modeled in that wasn't remotely based in reality save for like one historical freak case or something ridiculous like that. I'm 110% convinced after seeing the relative power of German ships compared to all peers that WG just simply hate the Germans, wholly and unequivocally beyond compare. They exist in this game to always be the bridesmaid, never the bride and be stepped on. There are a few good ships, but on the whole? Name in the meta what German ship reigned over its peers in design/meta/stats and i'll tell you right now, GZ in RTS days DOES NOT count since that was a product of WG severely screwing the pooch then letting the community push them into making it a monster. But even if you do want to count that cluster, can you name a second? No? I didn't think so.