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  1. CaliburxZero

    $800 dollars in, got Mo

    You do you, lol. I won't waste my time further on the subject.
  2. If they are not the most intelligent human being and handed this company money for the ship, let them. There's no reason to say a word to them-- However farming them if they are on the other team as easy kills I may or may not be inclined to do so with extreme prejudice.
  3. CaliburxZero

    $800 dollars in, got Mo

    Actually, yes. This year for the game has been huge progress, and the things recently announced and shown off for the upcoming year will probably be the true jump off point. There's plenty of people like you though so no worries lol. However Derek Smart of all people you want to buy into? You may want to do your homework on the guy, i'd be embarrassed to show the pic you did.
  4. CaliburxZero

    $800 dollars in, got Mo

    If you think Derek Smart is right about SC, I have some really prime real estate in Louisiana's swamps to sell you
  5. This becomes a value question at that point. Realize that Free exp'ing up to Tier 6 would be more advised once you understand what class of ship you would be good at, as it looks like you haven't played the game enough to understand what it is that you would fit best in. A premium ship is what sustains your account, and is a much bigger and important consideration. why? Because once you buy it, there is no refunds once you play your first game in it. It will make you credits and help you buy everything. You need to understand that getting some Tier 6 ships can be done with not much effort, whereas the money for a premium ship is "eternal" for you.
  6. Do not give them a single quarter as the phrase goes, but this time both literally and metaphorically. If you seriously must though... If you have not played Zara, play her first. Then use that as a measuring stick. If you find you like it SO much you want a premium to play often, buy it on the last day its available to make an informed decision. But not until then.
  7. At this point, I don't even feel like typing alot. Here, to the OP this is what I think of what you got to say:
  8. CaliburxZero

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    That's right. Had he just came out and admitted what the grind actually was, the Gorizia would actually be a HIGH POINT of the current festivities for players to earn and work decently hard for. Now? Its just yet another nail in the coffin.
  9. Oh I'm aware. That was a rhetorical question I had more or less, and sarcastic at that. The only reason why I even mentioned that notion was because WG could stand to do *something* in the present situation to look like not absolute soulless jerks looking to best Scrooge McDuck himself out of his title.
  10. Alex, i'll take "Keep your mediocre T10 Alaska to yourself, its not worth the time or money nor do you deserve either" for 500.
  11. CaliburxZero

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    In a vacuum, this should be the truth. However if you haven't watched Flamu's video, he shows Sub_Octavian's direct quote of how he claims Gorizia would actually be *easier* to get than PEF, followed by a fancy table of the 700+% increase in grinds in a direct comparison of all tasks required to completely disprove him and catch the lie. Sooo that only poured on what was already a hectic scene straight out of a lower level of Dante's Inferno even more gasoline to ignite this egregious situation.
  12. This. To say this fiasco isn't absolute nonsense and makes WG look incompetent, shady, untrustworthy, and greedy among other words I won't be using here... Its overly dramatic to say your christmas or holidays are ruined. If anything... Hey, WG gave us the best gift of all: More time with family, friends, and kinder games because we won't be spending our time bent over working for PR. Heh.
  13. CaliburxZero

    Getting 6k Doubloons Back

    Maybe if you're a back-alley doctor selling "supplies" for people's "problems" this is how you do business.
  14. CaliburxZero

    Getting 6k Doubloons Back

    Obviously, people in this situation doesn't have a gun to their heads being forced, they made the choice where not all information was presented so I could also argue in your favor they should have waited. They do indeed share a good portion of the blame, they pulled the trigger in the end. However... I can also blame the seller too for being shady on not letting that same information in this case be clear and listed outright. The cost of PR wasn't just listed as a sticker price like just any other premium. I would go as far as to say the event is done to obscure the true cost, trying to garner a sunk cost fallacy to get people to pay their whole way through once they realized they can't get their money back. Could they have inferred based upon surrounding optics and what you said? Yes. But is the NEED to do that in the first place a good look, or even a respectable way to do business? Heck no.
  15. CaliburxZero

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    Not gonna lie, that's probably one of the most disgusting attitudes I've seen in the situation. I think this is a prime example that the playerbase is now going so rabidly mad they'll take "shots" at anybody associated with WG. The only people in WG that should be held in contempt are those who try to invoke censorship to public opinion (that isn't full-blown smacktalk), and people directly responsible for the decisions or lack thereof that has lead to the status quo of PR. Its toxic in here, even beyond what I am willing to display in anger from some. I think at this point I'll go back to my potato-performance Venezia grind, or try to undo my very lackluster initial stalingrad performance now