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  1. Nice PFP and background, love it.  And I haven't seen Arturia in that outfit before.  I'd fanboy so hard if i saw a good cosplay of that :P

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    2. Battleship_60


      Do you watch OtakuDaiKun?

    3. CaliburxZero


      I have her as well.  and I have not, any good?

    4. Battleship_60


      I enjoy his Fate Lore videos.
      He does do some other Fate content as well

  2. I find this thread hilarious. No matter what OP or what anybody else has said, CV power has been talked about since time immemorial for this game. And the official statement from WG is that CV is getting a rework, and its ability to roflstomp is too much. I agree, and good that they'll be changed. The people most defending CV's problems in balance are definitely a vocal minority claiming how powerful they are. Even a pretty decent CV captain heavily swings games, moreso than any class in the game singularly. I'll say the very old mantra of CVs that pretty much implicitly states that as a whole, they are OP compared to everyone else: Limited to only one per team, and they *must* have an opposite number so that they can counter each other to a degree. A ship that needs to have a counter for it to be itself is well... overpowered. Plain Logic.
  3. 8000 Gold Paintjobs - Acceptable?

    Oh greedy WG... I was in love with the Kurfurst Space Camo but I already own the standard permanent camo-- So I would be spending 8k more just for the looks. I really, really want it but I have pretty much every reason to not buy at such a price point since I would be doing it only for aesthetics. That greed is real. Would've been really nice to see if you owned the standard camo they give you a discount, but we all know WG would be incapable of such a friendly offer.
  4. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    In my opinion, WG does indeed rig matches. I suspect as you climb higher and higher as a player in your own performance it starts to make things harder and harder for you for teams. Most likely, there are indeed players however that are so skilled that they can even overcome this adversity set for them and still come out on top, but most likely this is due to divisions and a very, very small percent of players who are 60%+ actually are truly strong players. The bottom line is this. While people like to say "oh you blame this due to your lack of your skill" but i'll play devil's advocate here: Perhaps some of the higher win rate players win by luck of MM and would rather not admit that its not their skill that keeps them doing well. Alas, this discussion is more or less pointless. At the end of the day both sides of this argument can't truly prove it is rigged, and the other side can't prove its not. One thing I can say for certain on match quality is this: This game by design doesn't reward all the good types of play there is, primarily damage only for a nice payout. And the game's lack of any shred of guidance on how to teach even basics on how to be remotely competent is why the average player is so horrifically bad. Let alone provide incentives for many of the good play actions you would need to do to be good. I don't blame loss streaks on the MM system. I blame them on WG's complete and utter lack of trying to teach the average joe a single thing necessary for victory and so it becomes a slug-fest of basically "red shirt" players and the comparatively very few subset of players who are intelligent at game mechanics and strategy or skilled or both.
  5. Since the french battleship line has officially come out, I have been miserable with the quality of play no matter how hard I try or play. I'm looking for a pretty good clan to division with and possibly even learn things from to improve myself, but hopefully to find like-minded friends who enjoy anime like the weeb I am plus a whole bunch of other games such as Escape from Tarkov, Warframe, and a whole bunch of other stuff (See my steam if you're really that curious). Anybody who'd be interested to have me or just as a clan who'd like to have me around for some casual play, let me know. I'll add more to this and re-write this so i'm not so salty later, i'm going to sleep
  6. Times When SALT is Justified?

    I may actually quit this game this game again after only coming back about a month ago because of how tired I am of absolutely pathetic players. I love my new Alsace and look at this bullcrap. And yeah that top damage? Apparently that's what I have to do to win.
  7. For those grinding the French Battleship line:  Do yourself a favor, skip the Richelieu.  I think this is the weakest T8 BB I have played, combined with the MM regularly pulling me into T10 games for a minimum of 66% of my games... yeah no.  Don't suffer like I have.  *Free exps through the rest of this hunk of junk*

    1. Sledgehammer427


      Shes currently my best tier 8 atm. But thats because I prefer faster battleships anyway :P

    2. CaliburxZero


      If you enjoy her, then aside from AA and a bit more of an exposed citadel I guarantee everything Richelieu can do, Roma can pretty much do better.

  8. You should know Pope better than most. Because on these forums its the sensationalist/popular thing to do to hate on BB players and everything they stand for as well as its playerbase. People here *want* to have a reason to talk poorly about Battleships and perpetuate this idea this game is centered around them. Which funnily enough, BBs as a whole are the least impactful of all classes for Win Rate. A few claims such as more forgiving and popular due to the era are true but pretty much everything beyond that is just the vicious cycle of vocal minorities wanting to beat on the class. Its kinda sad really.
  9. Hey Blail, been awhile.  If u wanna play together sometime i'd love to.

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    2. BlailBlerg


      You don't need to join our clan. Its just a friend of mine who likes to play, and does better when he's div'ed with good players obviously. 

    3. CaliburxZero


      Sounds good.  U can give them my name to join them then if you'd like

    4. BlailBlerg


      Will do. 


  10. MM change!!

    Oh boy, this topic again... the change i'd like to see is to get rid of the "kiddie pool". Wargaming, you've pretty much created a MM spread that literally puts a good portion of your premiums (no less the most expensive regular ones) in a less-than-favorable spread. Tier 5 of course gets shafted to 7 regularly where 6 is very "meh" at best and its no surprise premiums at this tier don't see many recommendations. Furthermore, T8 matchmaking is abysmal as almost always sees 10 now. The only tiers that are comfortable for Premiums is 7 and kinda 9. Either way, the MM change for making a "Kiddie pool" for T2-4 needs to go. a -1/+1 spread would be nice too but i most certainly don't believe they'd do that. If I had to guess, that's pretty much there to "encourage" people to go up the tiers fast and perhaps spend money to do so.
  11. Hey all, so I live again here.  Pretty much lurking mostly though

    1. pikohan


      Ohhh, a "coming back" post for once. Welcome back! :Smile_honoring:

    2. CaliburxZero


      Thanks Piko.  For better or worse I'm here *shrug*

  12. Somewhat back on the forums and I see not a single thing has changed, lol. Also the listing of reasons Yamato needs to be dropped down a tier includes "Has no Radar" should've been a giveaway this was just bait... Not that posting here is techincally feeding this read to begin with
  13. Shame on this french event

    Quick question for this event on the mission drops for the T5-8 French BBs, is it possible to get a duplicate? Or if I already have gotten some of them I can't get the mission again which would technically eliminate them from the pool of possible French BB mission drops I could get? Couldn't find a straight answer. As to the OP: Of course its a cash grab to entice you to spend money. They need to make money somehow but... Wouldn't have killed them to give the T4-5 guaranteed from jumping through all the hoops.
  14. I don't forsee myself coming onto these forums often anymore for a number of reasons, one reason being that I feel meaningful discussion has long since stopped here.  If anybody has been looking for me, find me on steam, in warships (assuming I'll even do that many battles at the moment to be found), or discord CaliburxZero#6415.  Either way, take care to all those who still reside on these forums.



    1. Hatsuzuki_Kuchikukan


      See ya Calibur, take care you too


    2. BlailBlerg


      Aww, hit me up for a chat any time!

    3. Combined_Fleet_HQ


      aight man, I feel ya


      good luck and fair seas


  15. Shows how long i've been gone.  The Forum setup is all different, seems nice though.

    1. Eisennagel


      I think the new forums works much better.  Much easier to post pictures and videos.

    2. CaliburxZero


      Seems so... although looking at the types of posts on the forum, i see the change is only "skin deep", heh..