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  1. CaliburxZero

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich is utter garbage

    Since people want to say a ship is good just because of one good game, here. I'll post this and say it isn't. Ultimately, the "cruiser killer" people like to label this ship as can be achieved by of the other T6 BBs, it doesn't do this better or excel in it. The thing that makes this junk special is, of course, its AA. You know... a feature that is about to be gutted for a new system that looks extremely questionable. There'll always be defenders, and people calling for its server stats saying its fine but really, given how much of a pain it is to earn her for free, only those who are fairly experienced at the game with the ships to grind out those 24M credits, or who is dedicated enough to have purchased enough premiums to make it easy. And this probably inflates its lackluster abilities. It trades pretty much any type of stand-out characteristics it could have for better sigma (not that it matters alot with its base dispersion still being typical German stats here), AA that's only amazing if you spec into it, and good speed. Yes, its serviceable. Yes, you can do well in it. But when you stack her to her peers? I think the only ship I wouldn't want to play over this ship at the bracket is New Mexico. Every other T6 BB can walk all over it, no questions asked. Oh and for those comparing her to Hood, at least Hood gets better ricochet angles, shorter fuses, and guns with some ability to overmatch. A BB at the end of the day is largely weighted in worth from her main battery. And this ship is definitely bottom of the pack in this regard. The argument that even Kongo can give it a run for its money in this regard kind of says it all. And if u want a good T6 Premium BB with lackluster pen, I point all of you to Mutsu
  2. CaliburxZero

    WG, your Scrooge is showing.

    Yeah and those specials are complained about all the time on here, unless you'd like to pretend the threads started about that don't exist. The 4 mill across 6 nations is not doable for younger players. And the ARP/other reward ships are a Red Herring here. Those ships don't offer economic bonuses (I think Ark Beta might, I can't remember) but this involves a real premium, and a skip across 4 lines to tier 6 which I'd argue is significantly more important. Known quality? Why does this matter? In any case, its only a free ship for someone like you or me. For someone like my friend, the amount of time it would take to grind up that many lines, then earn with those lines the 4 mill would DEFINITELY exceed the amount of time it could be spent earning the 32 USD to buy PEF from the get-go. Therefore in my eyes, it is not free for some no matter what. You're welcome to disagree to that conclusion, but it won't be changing my mind or my stance.
  3. CaliburxZero

    WG, your Scrooge is showing.

    1 and 2. Stating its confirmation bias is meaningless. As said before, any feedback here based on the logic that it represents a small portion of the playerbase. You started citing the thousands who play. Well, guess what? You either concede any of your defense that WG is doing things fine here is NULL as well as MY OWN opinion because we CANNOT speak for the large, silent playerbase as a whole. So either pick one: Minority feedback here in all forums do indeed matter or because its a minority, its confirmation bias either way and everything said here is for naught. You can't sit there and say "oh well its a small group therefore it don't matter" when that is easily applied to this entire forum. Cherry-picking. 3. Yeah, its free alright. Free with an asterisk next to it but that fact is something you won't recognize. Unless you'd like to tell me with a straight face that my buddy who has bought Atlanta and a few others ships and is only up to Omaha, Bayern, and I forget the other ship can do this easily and for free? I think not. And he IS a paying customer, just not as much as myself. The reason for complaints is the fact that over a sudden, they slap on a very anti-new player or time constrained set of requirements whereas previously every other christmas event giving out a premium was nowhere near this bad. So, where is the justification that they bump up the grind like this no less in such a way my buddy gets screwed? Oh right, nothing. To really split hairs here, Duke of Yorck aka an T7 premium should've demanded even more work than this. It didn't. My buddy was excited in earning PEF, but more importantly getting those juicy T6 ships to skip the early grind. I mean, its YOUNGER players who would benefit most out of those ships is it not? That's why this is very ridiculous in my eyes. Those T6 ships are locked behind earning PEF in the first place. And I have *never* seen anybody here complain about the christmas campaign allowing for new players to profit. Never.
  4. CaliburxZero

    Musashi or other options?

    JB- Coal Baloney... I mean Bourgogne you get via steel (30K steel [edited]) Neutered... I mean Neustrazimy we don't know yet i'm fairly certain. Speaking on the T9 bracket, you'll be in T10 80% of the time which is perfectly fine for the reward premiums here as they're head-and-shoulders stronger than tech tree T9s on the whole (surprise surprise right?) but yes, facing T7 is just comedic. I've done some hilarious things in my Kron against T7 BBs, it truly does feel unfair. CVs i guarantee you will become a problem after the rework at least for a time, but that's just my guess. Yamato can be boring at times which is why I don't stick to her. Then again, all I do is hop around never truly learning my T10 ship well enough because I've yet to find T10 play that isn't static and dreadful aside from Kurfurst LOL.
  5. HEY, DON'T COPY ME KONGO THAT'S MY IDEA! lol, but in all seirousness with how AA is gonna be I suspect the only truly viable option will be to "deathball" like every player has to to survive at high tier in the current CV gameplay to fend off attacks. Outside of that I'm fairly certain you're lunch. Sad part is, without plane reserves this merely only buys time. Because you know, this will inspire such amazing and dynamic gameplay. Yeah, I'll be watching in another video game far, far away. Where the imperial scum CV players decides to make a move onto the galaxy open seas to reclaim the game once more.
  6. CaliburxZero


    Good job derpy blail, you should get a cookie.
  7. CaliburxZero

    DM Donskoi/T9-T10 tips

    Some *really* liked this ship, I didn't. Donskoi is your typical long-range HE spammer that has the gun power to blow out other cruiser citadels at a decent range when needed. Due to her outrageous turning circle and typical squishy cruiser broadside (nothing like turtleback or spaced to help) you only want to charge in when chasing DDs with your Radar but you must make sure you don't get beat up by any of his friend(s) on that flank. Typically I just didn't push unless I knew I could get into a 1 vs 1 or it was late game. I hated the ship. Free exp'ed after the first third of the grind, which is funny because I ended up not really playing my Moskva much anyways. (And probably need to now that I have improved as a player greatly from a bit over a year ago meh)
  8. CaliburxZero

    WG, your Scrooge is showing.

    1. Its not alot, but hey: I don't see anywhere with a larger sample size. Just because you don't like the poll doesn't mean the statistics are meaningless as well. 2. By that same logic, anything you say and what any of us say on the forums is pointless. The forums don't have even a quarter of the playerbase here, so what's your point? 3. Nice job with your own fallacies. You not only try to set up a false premise but also trying to tell me i'm "lower than trash" (Ad Hominem). For one, as I said in my OP which is a fact you and plenty like to ignore which is the fact that younger players with only a few hundred matches will not be developed in 6 different nations to do this without dropping cash or literally spending their entire life on this game which most cannot do therefore people do indeed have to spend money if they aren't someone decently-established in the game already. Furthermore, this is why I do see little point in even having this discussion after seeing you and Crucis act towards me. Toxic. Although this time said attack is "thinly veiled" at least.
  9. CaliburxZero

    WG, your Scrooge is showing.

    Seems plenty are in agreement, thanks for posting this. I'll post this into my OP. I truly appreciate someone taking the time to say this to Crucis, but imho you're merely feeding him for attention. Either he truly he's that antagonistic or its a troll, I can't tell which. Thanks for your time and reading either way my dude. And wow, I came back thinking this thread would die out.
  10. CaliburxZero

    Sledge's Weekly Ground Gear

    I completely forgot about Molotov. I'd say she's probably the only "balanced" premium they own. Kron should be behind a larger paywall with the current economy (assuming you're not F2P) but that's another bag of worms. Stalingrad however sets a dangerous precedent and because WG wants to keep people interested via powercreep, this only makes whatever will eventually replace Stalingrad that much stronger and widening the gap even moreso. The community as a whole especially on these forums will always do the sensationalist response. Only through very, very careful breakdowns, evidence, and logic will ever get most to listen in what I believe is an echo chamber here. Its just not worth fighting this battle, my dude. It will always be an uphill battle if truth doesn't meet what's popular to say on the forums by what is essentially a minority: "CVs are balanced, Stalingrad is not OP, all BB players are garbage and BBABIES", etc You have a point, and while I showed you a picture of an SSD as a joke for the T10 BB for the line as a joke, I will simply react to simply the facts and see.
  11. CaliburxZero

    Sledge's Weekly Ground Gear

    I think you're right, in that people aren't exactly fair by jumping to said conclusions. However its the bandwagon effect, and its easy to fall into. I think that can describe many who express the sentiment of "Russian bias OP ship" stuff. HOWEVER... I also believe there's a decent percentage of the community however that also has been logically giving pause to WG and their balance when it comes RU ships. World of Tanks has plenty of well-established bias, and its popped up here too. There aren't too many ships that aren't OP or at the very least, insanely strong that are Russian premiums for example. Krispy Kreme I think is there just to be the token "We don't always make RU premiums OP!" to be brutally honest. Gremy, Nikolai, Kutuzov, Kron compared to all other T9 cruisers, Stalingrad.. the track record doesn't look good. There is a precedent, and WG feeds into it. Its not a simple situation.
  12. CaliburxZero

    WG, your Scrooge is showing.

    Last reply for me here. As I've stated before, I'm not happy for those who are F2P and don't have the income to burn, or younger players who are interested, have even spent money in the game, but simply aren't developed enough in lines to meet this requirement. I agree with you its fair for 32 bucks. You're welcome to check, I do own her already. But you know, apparently i'm strictly F2P complaining for myself.
  13. CaliburxZero

    WG, your Scrooge is showing.

    Might be a fair reasoning, however this was definitely not the case with Graf Spee or Duke of Yorck, they could definitely be done much easier. Why over a sudden was an "establishment of minimum experience to earn her" needed this time? Its not like PEF is harder to play than the other two free premiums, I would even go as far as to say its the easiest of the three (just that I am heavily disappointed with it as I watched it in ST). To me, this change and "minimum requirement" wreaks of greed, especially by comparison. I will say though your reason is probably one of the more fair assessments of the situation, however.
  14. CaliburxZero

    WG, your Scrooge is showing.

    Listen up, white knight! They've always made money, but there are ethics involved in anything you do, making money included. And I hope you realize for me, I don't even need to worry. Cater to me? I'm not even talking about me here. Like most here who are going to post, you just assumed I was a F2P player who is whining about myself. I'm actually annoyed for the few friends and those in similar situations that are new to the game, don't have premiums, and are in medium-high tiers across maybe 3 lines. Nice to assume, though. And the information to prove if i'm Free to play or not is very easily noticeable and available for you to check. Anyways, I didn't post now or my last thread breaking down WG's business decisions to gain people's approval (Although the former seems to have) I'm merely posting my thoughts. Whether you like them or not, means nothing to me. Its the internet. Everyone has an opinion and can voice it. Its as simple as that.
  15. Something I didn't realize until today is the fact that you need to earn 4 mill credits across 6 different nations: What does this tell me? Oh, that WG wants every younger player to open their wallets for the "free" PEF who more than likely doesn't have ships across 6 nations, and even if they do... 4 mill credits is alot for those who don't have premiums. And of the 10 nations you could play, 4 of them demand premium ships. So what that means is you'd have to be decently established with econ flags and/or premiums to earn her. Two buddies of mine who are around a few hundred games or so in I was telling them "definitely play to earn a mediocre, but solid premium" pretty much was pointless. I feel bad for alot of people who will have to grind this out hard to earn her as it will be many and the average player I highly doubt owns a nice premium for so many nations. For a decent portion I suspect this will be merely outright impossible. Nothing will be done and this was merely to rant and lament my disappointment, as greed here has been rapidly taking over the pay model for this game and i'm sure some here remembers my thread I posted recently on the matter. I simply won't recommend this game to interested friends asking for my opinion. This time of year is a time of giving, but for corporations a time to have dollar signs in their eyes. At least for those who stop to think about how this was done and how you (WG) as a business have conducted yourselves for this past year, know which side of the fence you stand on. Truly a shame. By the way: I am not F2P, look for yourself and have even purchased PEF. Just thought i'd add that in. And for those disagreeing about my opinion: That's fine, go ahead. I'm a member of the community and have every right to say what I want on a subject so as long as it isn't insulting/breaking forum rules. I'm merely here to express my opinion. If people agree, fantastic. If people don't, that's fine too. Edit 2: Seems there was a thread/poll to leave your opinion, i'll leave that here.