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  1. Shame on this french event

    Quick question for this event on the mission drops for the T5-8 French BBs, is it possible to get a duplicate? Or if I already have gotten some of them I can't get the mission again which would technically eliminate them from the pool of possible French BB mission drops I could get? Couldn't find a straight answer. As to the OP: Of course its a cash grab to entice you to spend money. They need to make money somehow but... Wouldn't have killed them to give the T4-5 guaranteed from jumping through all the hoops.
  2. I don't forsee myself coming onto these forums often anymore for a number of reasons, one reason being that I feel meaningful discussion has long since stopped here.  If anybody has been looking for me, find me on steam, in warships (assuming I'll even do that many battles at the moment to be found), or discord CaliburxZero#6415.  Either way, take care to all those who still reside on these forums.



    1. Cruiser_Ashigara_


      See ya Calibur, take care you too


    2. BlailBlerg


      Aww, hit me up for a chat any time!

    3. Combined_Fleet_HQ


      aight man, I feel ya


      good luck and fair seas


  3. Shows how long i've been gone.  The Forum setup is all different, seems nice though.

    1. Eisennagel


      I think the new forums works much better.  Much easier to post pictures and videos.

    2. CaliburxZero


      Seems so... although looking at the types of posts on the forum, i see the change is only "skin deep", heh..

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, the mic drop comment of the thread.
  5. Premium Ship Review: Mutsu

    I have Mutsu, was gifted her and i've played 6 games so far in her. I don't really understand people come off to her as weak. Yes, she's squishy but honestly not so much so that I've felt that she's an easy ship to get deleted in. Owning all T6 BB premiums, I'd still say dunkerque takes the cake on this (which is my favorite of them as of right now). Her guns can hammer targets with ease due to overmatching, and penetration is sufficient to even land citadels on New Mexico with decent ease if they give broadside. If I didn't, I landed 12-17k salvoes in full pens on them or Bayern. Accuracy can be wonky, but honestly proper angling and some wiggling against 15+inch guns and sitting at around 14-15km has allowed me to slam targets no problem. I've fairly enjoyed her, and my third game in her was great and she didn't let me down (see shameless brag thread for how well I did)
  6. Last ranked season I saw a Molotov sail in reverse broadside to an enemy warspite at 10km trying to kill him since he was at 20% or so... ofc he got insta-deleted for that. Probably most of the biggest levels of failure or awful play by people are in Ranked. Although every once in awhile you run into a tomato stat player in a T10...
  7. Mutsu is a terrible ship guys.

    yeah, you're set. I didn't think i'd like Mutsu but I've been pleasantly surprised. I normally wouldn't have reached to get ahold of her either. This thread was mostly about shameless bragging, but moreso to point out its not as weak as it seems. I'm definitely not the best player out there so i'm sure many could make the ship do even better.
  8. Mutsu is a terrible ship guys.

    The rudder shift, turret traverse, and reload rates were all buffed and it was pretty significant. 5 seconds off the reload is very, very good. She has very clear weaknesses but make no mistake, she's not weak in her current form.
  9. Mutsu is a terrible ship guys.

    I only have it because a friend was nice enough to gift me it. She's being sold till March 3rd so you've got time if you can pull together some cash.
  10. This is my third game in it, i mean damn. She can't do anything! But in all seriousness, she's quite the ship. I apologize for nothing regarding the thread title :p
  11. WG Europe: Alabama inbound

    Number one, since you clearly can't read and insist I will tell you again: No, I didn't support that behavior. You DO realize there were plenty like my buddy Wisconsin that had the same viewpoint as me, AND wasn't going on some kind of ST Crusade? Number two, you clearly are trying to cover your [edited]. You INTERPRETED my statement as such, but never tried to ask just exactly who's commentary was justified. Lastly, seriously, give it a rest and get off my back. You really want to come after me because I can say these things but didn't receive any kind of harshness because they interpreted my viewpoint as agreement? That's childish. If they're awful for trying to hunt people down in ST (and they are awful for it), you're equally so for trying to come after me just because I represent a minority that was not harassed for their viewpoint. So let me once LAST time spell it out for you: I support MY VIEWPOINT AND MINE ALONE. There are others who have this exact stance, however there are definitely not as many of us as there are the group you tried to lump me in with. Stop it. You were wrong in your assumptions. Get over it.
  12. WG Europe: Alabama inbound

    You can say that all you like, but fact is many more will care about a museum ship. Its possible but nowheren ear as likely. I'm complaining because I have to wait? Points for trying Aduial, because you've made it clear for awhile now you don't like me on these forums but seriously, learn to check your facts. I care in the sense that I think WG deserves to get some bad rep when they do something stupid, nothing more. I don't personally care about the ship itself, I just merely have friends who do. Have I ever expressed once that I want the ship? During the Alabama was first found out as a ST only ship and now? Check your facts before trying to brand me with your insults. You'll find no such thing.
  13. There is no life in stock ships

    Not all stock hulls are created equal. Bismarck's Stock hull is actually pretty decent, as is Gneisenau's. It varies from decent to absolutely garbage. My only advice is to save free exp for any stock modules especially bad, and plan ahead. Personally for this subject though, the VMF stock hulls with their super awful rudder had really annoyed me. Thankfully the only stock grind I'll have left soon is Moskva
  14. WG Europe: Alabama inbound

    There is a difference, a huge one. Scharnhorst and Konig albert were not museum ships, and some care about Alabama because its a museum ship they really like, home state, personal reasons. On top of that, people are already sore from the whole ST potentially only getting it as a reward for their hard work. The two premiums u stated have NOTHING in common aside from the fact that you pointed out we got those ships over EU first. That's where the similarities begin and end. You couldn't handle the sarcasm. Because if you could, you wouldn't have been trying all this time to provoke me and start a fight. You can lie through your teeth, but the only reason why your little friend is clearly at this point trying to be a troll is because you want to play these childish games with me. Either way, congratulations. You got me to waste some time on you and your little friend. And with that, the final time. I'll be the more mature person here and block you both and move on with my day. I apologize to the rest of the forum though for derailing the thread a bit on this.
  15. WG Europe: Alabama inbound

    I don't. I'm only operating under the premise this thread had set for. They have it announced, we don't. If we get it first or the same time, great.