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  1. Due to the nature of game play in randoms and lack of new scenarios, I don't expect my team to release any new funds to WG in the foreseeable future.
  2. ohioan55

    ST 0.10.0, new ships

    I just removed the program.
  3. I would like to see the OPS return as well.
  4. ohioan55

    where do we go from here

    I say add an Italian DD line (they had 12 different classes up to the start of WWII). Also, if it is about money, I'd rather them charge me $25/month, give me a better MM system plus premium. That would be preferable to the constant barrage of premium ships that I don't buy.
  5. ohioan55

    ST 0.10.0, new ships

    Hey, there is plenty WG could do in adding new lines to research. One would be an Italian DD line. There is plenty of historical info to do this and they built at least 12 classes before WWII. I, for one, enjoy researching/learning about the different 'real' ships that sailed the seas and fought real battles. I don't purchase the prems or play the paper ships as they just don't interest me. I do pay for premium time and occasionally purchase extra doubloons as it's hard to play high tier ships with out this. WG is in this to make money and I'll pay a reasonable amount for the service (not $100 for a virtual ship).
  6. ohioan55

    Clan chat dropping

    I'll try this. If it doesn't work, I guess I'll live without chat. Hope my clan understands.
  7. ohioan55

    Am I the only one? Port chat

    I guess I'll live without port chat
  8. ohioan55

    Am I the only one? Port chat

    I, too, reported this issue a while back and they suggested it was my PC. Doubt that, but I suspect there may be code that doesn't work well in certain conditions. Also. when I click on the chat thing in the bottom left corner, it says it is unavailable and that they are working to resolve the issue.
  9. I've had an issue with the chat feature for a while. It drops out from time to time. 3 times this morning it has dropped while I was getting ready to add a lengthy blurb to clan chat about clan brawls. Each time I have completed the message and hit enter, chat stops and then disappears. It pops back up in a little while with no trace of my message. So here I am after losing the same message 3 times. Is this an issue with my client or is there an issue with WG's chat server?
  10. ohioan55

    Match loses and Tier mismatch

    I don't mind the 2 tier spread, except when you have T8s vs T10s. The mismatch is too great and the T8s get clobbered right off the bat. At least a T7 has some long odds against a T9, but a T10 just one shots a T8 and that's it. And if folks keep telling others to quit cause they feel there's some sort of issue, then the remaining players will need to buy ships daily to keep this little game afloat. It's the average players that keep the game going with a trickle of $$. When there's no fruit on the vine, the vine withers.
  11. ohioan55

    Shipbuilding container

    Thanks. Stupid me, reading the patch notes while game was updating, then thinking it was 9.11 without checking. So the next patch will be next week? maybe?
  12. I read that shipbuilding containers would be available in this patch. I can't find them in the armory under containers, and I've checked everywhere else. I would like to complete this collection, but haven't been able to do this until now. Am I missing something, or did they forget to include it?
  13. Thank you for highlighting this hero.
  14. ohioan55


    Not a bad idea.
  15. ohioan55


    How about PT boats (torpedo boats) then? Small, fast, and hard to hit. They would have to return to the tender after each run to reload.