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  1. Why did you pick your patch?

    I picked the shark because that's my three year old boys favorite sea creature....
  2. Skiping Ibuki yes or no?

    The ship would be playable if the shell arcs were not so floaty. Used flags and camo to get through it as fast as possible and sold her first chance I got.
  3. As stated in multiple other post this is not a simulator game, this is an action game. There are so many aspects of this game that defy logic and go against reality so why adhere to this aspect of naval warfare? Carriers launching planes with the deck on fire, while shells are raining down on the flight deck... are you kidding me...
  4. Is the Zao still a beast?

    I just recently got the Zao and she can really dish the damage in randoms still with her get fire starting capabilities and her good AP. You don't mind all those bow tanking BBs when you drop 8 HE rounds on their head and start em burning. Ive played her in a couple clan wars scrimmages and she does great firing at the enemy BB or a distracted cruiser but if you get into a duel with another cruiser your low RoF really handicaps her. She doesn't have radar to get a bead on that Minotaur or that DD that pops smoke as soon as you jump em and doesn't get smoke to sit in if you get in a tight spot. You just have to rely on that great concealment and great HE. Yeah shes got good torps but you have to expose a lot of broadside to get into the firing arc. She is squishy from the sides, I think a Hindy/Roon would eat her for breakfast in a brawl. I landed a devastating strike (3 citadel hits) on a broadside Zao the other day from 12km using my Roon. Shes a good sniper with those great gun arcs, but brawler, not so much. The Moskva is the long range bow tanking cruiser you should look into. Hindy is a good brawler with that turtleback armor as she's hard to citadel at close range.
  5. IJN cruiser bug, it's called the Ibuki

    I did not like the Ibuki either. The concealment is trademark IJN good, with those nice 10km torps and decent main gun range but apart from that.... The gun arcs are not as good as the Atago, Mogami or Myoko. Sure she gets a heal but so do all tier 9 cruisers. She has to stay at range to not get deleted, but her lazy gun arcs make landing shots at range difficult at times, and that 15 second reload is agonizingly slow after the 155s of the Mogami. I sold her as soon as I unlocked the Zao. Ive heard the tier 9 IJN BB is a pain as well. If the Ibuki had the same shell ballistics as the Atago she would be much more playable. The Tier nine Roon is a much more enjoyable boat.
  6. HELP--Kirov or Shchors???

    I thought the Kirov was ok, didn't hate it but didn't love it. The Buyonny is to me a big improvement over Kirov, I like her a lot. The Shchors has twelve guns with that nice 8 second reload and good guns arcs.... cant wait to get her ... shes gonna be like having of Tier 7 Mogami...
  7. Kirov

    I had a 10 point cappy in mine from an operation and went with IFHE instead of concealment expert. Partially because I knew I would need IFHE on Budyonny, but the lack of concealment was a rough trade off. The nearly 14km spotting range was tough you had to watch that priority target counter like a hawk and if anyone started to target me id start the WASD dance and no she doesn't turn well. I didn't love the ship but I didn't dislike it. The guns were good, torps worthless, concealment awful, no armor and maneuverability is not that great either. I sold it when I moved on to Budyonny and like her a lot better. The guns fire faster, the concealment is marginally better and she moves a lot better, the Bud is on track to be my new go to tier 6 cruiser for operations and what not...sorry Cleveland. I would definitely agree that the Soviet line is not the best one to start out with if you have never played cruisers before. The Kirov is really where the line starts to take its shape as the Bogatry is a lot like the St. Louis and Svetlana is a bit like Phoenix/Omaha. The Kirov really doesn't play like either of those ships.
  8. Budyonny Props

    I like the Budyonny a lot, it seems like a real upgrade from the Kirov. The faster firing guns, slightly better concealment and better maneuverability are nice. Those gun arcs are soooo awesome. I was firing at a cruiser on twins, cleared the end of one of the big islands and behold a Duke of York at 10K from me. I bow tanked him and figured he was gonna delete me fast at that range but I was gonna do as much damage to him before he killed me. Pointed the bow at him, came to a dead stop and let him open the distance as he was moving away from me. I put 6 guns on target and started peppering him with HE. Got him burning, he fired 3 salvos at me and got me to half health when his fourth salvo hit nothing but water he gave up and turned on another target as I just continued to BBQ him to death.
  9. Ibuki w/ Reload Mod

    I ran the range mod the whole way and never even unlocked the upgraded fire control. I used camo and flags to get this grind over with ASAP as the floaty shell arcs were just unplayable for me especially since you have to stay at near max range in this thing. I would have some good games, but balanced by some really terrible ones as well. There were nights where the shells just would not fall on target, or you just could not get any fires going as this thing seems to be highly dependent on fire damage. The HE would also seem to be really unreliable at times, as I would often hit a BB with 6-8 rounds in the super structure and only do 1,089 damage. The Zao is absolutely worth it so if you are struggling through the Ibuki.... hang in there and get through it. I love my IJN cruisers as I still have the Aoba, Myoko, Mogami and Atago but I am up to the Roon in the German line and the fast firing guns, great AP and reliable HE damage along with good to great gun arcs are really fun.
  10. If you play operations you probably got the 10 captain from earning 5 stars on one of them. That's where I got the 10 pt captain I have on my Kirov. Running PT, AR, DE and IFHE, really want to get to 14 points to grab CE. The 14km spotting range on the Kirov annoys me, being spotted for 90% of the game is nerve racking.
  11. Setting up my new Roon ?

    Double rudder means you have steering gears modification2 in Slot 4 which gives -20% to rudder shift time and Steering gears modification3 in slot 5 which gives -40% to rudder shift time. Putting Rudder Mod 3 on means you cant run concealment Mod so its a trade off of as to whether you want the ship to respond quicker to helm commands or be more stealthy. Double rudder makes the ship respond very quickly which is useful when dodging incoming shells or torpedoes. As range goes you need to have Gun Fire Control Systems Mod in slot 6 to bump out your range by 16%. The gun arcs on the Roon are good but hitting at 18km+ might be tough unless you are firing at a bow tanking BB which is why I run Main Battery Mod in slot 6 so shes slinging shells every 8.7 seconds. If you wanna spec for max range I would run Aiming System Mod in slot three ... as speccing for max range and bumping your secondarys seems counter intuitive.... IF you wanna fire from long range you need the extra accuracy so you can get as many rounds to land on target as possible.... Just my advice....
  12. Setting up my new Roon ?

    On the captain I run: Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Superintendent, Demolition Expert, Concealment Expert and will add Adrenaline Rush when I get the points I had to re-spec my Hipper captain to get super intendant as I wanted that extra heal for those rounds when you eat a nasty citadel, that extra heal can keep you shooting. I run the reload boost on the main guns to get off rounds every 8.7 seconds and I run double rudder so she can WASD really well. For me its a toss up between double rudder or the concealment. With CE captain and concealment mod your spotting gets down to 11.4 KM or so which is not bad, not Zao or Ibuki good but its not bad. Noticed she was a bit sluggish on the turns though when kiting so moved to double rudder and she responds really nice but spotting is north of 12km now. Running double rudder for now though as I am pretty happy with it. If I make any change to her it will be to swap rudder for concealment mod. I would rather have superintendent than DE if I didn't have the points for both...... As the Roon's volume of fire will offset the slightly lower fire chance.... But that extra heal can be the difference between surviving late in the game or being sunk. Just my opinion....
  13. Order of Upgrades for Roon

    I got my Roon this weekend as well. Guns were first as that 8.8 second reload is awesome. I actually did fire control second as the extra range is nice, and am saving the hull for last. I may considered the double rudder as I current have the concealment mod installed. With CE cappy and concealment mod I figured it would get her spotting to below 11km... but it does not..... currently at like 11.2 or 11.4 km so might swamp out concealment for double rudder and see how that works. Like the Roon a lot so far. Didn't play a lot of games in her as MM decided I was not allowed to be on winning teams this weekend, but in like 2nd random game in her landed 150 hits for 120k in a loss.... The heavy rear turret layout is pretty comfortable as I came from IJN cruisers and you are always kiting in those anyway. The HE does solid damage and always be ready to switch to the AP when a target presents itself. The guns arcs are good and the shell groupings are not as tight as Zao but still pretty good. She seems like she is going to be WAY better than the Ibuki was....
  14. After some CW in Zao...

    Played the Zao in some clan wars scrimmages I have to admit Im struggling with her. If you can stand off at range she does ok but often in clan wars you have to push a cap or defend a cap and that means getting into brawling ranges and shes just not good at that. Her low RoF and low HP pool are a hindrance and yes you have to show ALOT of broadside to get all 12 guns on target. Her torps hit hard and are fast but the firing arcs are so limited you have to be right on top of another cruiser to land any torp hits unless the other cruiser player is just a total potato..... And you have to show a good bit of broadside as well.... Ammo selection at times can be a nightmare. Had AP loaded and jumped a USN cruiser who was bow on. I fired my AP and got a ton of bounces so switched to HE. I popped him with an HE salvo and about that time he turned broadside, and had I had AP loaded I could have crippled him... but that 13 second reload seems to take FOREVER in a brawl...... By the time I switched back to AP he re-oriented bow on against me... was super frustrating... Not sure if I should have just stuck with the AP and waited for him to make a mistake.... Really making a push to finish the Roon grind as Hindy seems like she will be much more suited to clan wars type battles.
  15. Cyclones fun anymore?

    As a cruiser player, I find cyclones ridiculous. Having to get within 8km of anything is usually suicide for a cruiser especially if its a BB. There's a reason navies take great pains to sail around storms, much less fight an engagement during one. That carriers can land, service and launch planes in the middle of a storm is laughable. The same way that carriers can collect service and launch planes both while maneuvering, (they should have to stay pointed into the wind to launch) and while receiving incoming fire. Nothing like fueling planes and loading ordinance with 155mm+ shells falling on the deck. That is another topic unto itself.... I would love to see cyclones removed from the game .... Im half tempted to quite matches when I see that in bound cyclone message.