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    Atago now good only as a port queen?

    I played my Atago recently in ranked for the first time in a while. Her stealth is nice, but her guns fire so slow and her range is a bit on the short side. The torps are nice, but players seem to have such a sense of awareness concerning them landing torp hits is challenging. Shes got nice gun arcs but the RoF makes it hard to hunt DDs and shes not good against other cruisers as they can just out DP you. Her ability to heal is the real trump card she has, so you can sometimes keep fighting after suffering a bad cit or torp hit. I played two games with the Atago and switched to my Mogami with the 155s and my IFHE captain, and noticed I did a lot more damage in the Mogami. The Mogami seems like she can hit harder, has more guns and a much faster RoF. Not having that heal though you just cringe every time you see some HPs chipped away from you.