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  1. Jason082278

    Gunther Lutgens

    His talents pop in operations as the op matches last longer. Coop matches are often over so quickly, you dont rack up enough main or 2nd battery hits to activate his special talents.... Or when it does pop the match is 90% over
  2. Jason082278

    Yo, mean people playing Ops tonight...

    Finished off Fiji grind this morning in NARAI with this battle ...getting all the transports helped my stats i will say Im a PVE main...I play the hades out of this op in my Scharnhorst as im grinding Lutjens to lvl 21 and use this op to pad credit reserves. Its one of the few ops apart from Aegis I can load up flags and feel 95% I am walking away with a win. Coop is so terrible lately and forget randoms, Naria is a bright spot in my playing experience.... Its a 15 min shooting gallery and once the rounds start flying worrying about others peoples playing experience seems to go out the window... DDs hoard all the damage in Coop so gotta get your kicks where you can i suppose
  3. Maybe better exp and credits than one coop match... but i can play 3-4 COOP matches in the time it takes to play a15+ minute op
  4. Jason082278

    Thanks Wargaming

    I bought the Yoshino and have buyers remorse... I rarely play her. As a coop player I like to brawl, and in the current state pf coop you gotta charge in, close the distance and land citadels/torp hits to get a decent score, or else the DDs and torp cruisers will horde all the kills. With her terrible armor, bad torp angles and low RoF shes OK at best, not was I was expecting in a "Super Cruiser"... she sits in port collecting rust most of the time.
  5. Jason082278


    I was in the middle of grinding Lutjens to lvl 21 and waiting for Naria to power through Fiji ... that's been on hold for three+ weeks and in the meantime my premium time expired I played the Saving Transylvania op 6 times and went 2-4 and the silver in the wins was not worth the 18+ minutes of play time it requires... In Sunray I think I was on teams that were also 2-5 and the wins were one and two stars ..the rewards were anemic And that was on normal mode, havent bother to play it on Difficult as I dont wanna waste my time ... Ready for the normal op rotation to resume
  6. Ive only played tier 3 and tier 4, and played them in coop, but a BB which can get to 28 knots and out run all other BBs and most cruisers at that tier is pretty fun. Everything isnt dead when you get into brawling range. The speed advantage does seem to drop away the further up the line you go. I was initially very excited for this line. The barrel count and slow torps tempered my expectations, but after playing a couple games I think they are going to be fun ... at least for a coop player like myself.... How they do in randoms is probably another matter...
  7. Jason082278

    KM BB Split/Personal Challenge Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Got all the 300 bars for cruisers and the 600 bar for German cruisers, as I had a 3/6 coop game with Hindy and racked up 198k damage. I was initially really excited for this line but after looking at them im kinda "meh" on them.... They dont appear worth taking time away from my other grinds ... ill prolly just end up free exp to the tier 6 anyway, get through 6 and 7 in ops, free exp past the tier 8 and play the tier 9 and 10. They seem to be moving more stuff to being base exp dependent to penalize coop players and force you into playing Randoms.... GL with that WG ...not gonna bite
  8. yeah re-read the article... I have zero interest in playing GK with current state of COOP so i wont buy the GK after all... maybe ill try the premium version when i can run Lutjens in her without retraining him. German battle cruiser early access in two days anyway so I will have zero interest in the other German BB My issue with the Bismarck, FDG, Pruessen ... looks like the same ship three times over... Kinda like how you get bored with Myoko, Mogami, Ibuki grind... feels like the same ship back to back to back
  9. Unlocked the GK but not bought her...guess I will have to now. Still rather play my Pommern any day of the week LOL in COOP. Only finished GK grind as it puts me one Tier10 closer to unlocking RB.... so much for that... not looking forward to having to rebuy and regrind the freddy.... Course my BBs are collecting rust in port anyway given the current state of COOP ....
  10. Jason082278

    Coop mode

    I for one miss the old 2/7 days... so the idea of making Coop more competitive by putting more bots on the green team is interesting I would love to see a difficulty setting for Coop so players that want more challenge can queue for the more challenging environment and those that want a more relaxed environment can queue for the easy setting Higher difficulty could mean as suggested 3/6, 4/5, or 5/4 human to bot mix on green team, more red ships just 9 vs 11 or 9 vs 12 format or if you want to stick to 9 vs 9 give the red team a slightly higher tier mix of ships instead of nine tier 8s vs nine tier 8s....give the reds six tier 8s and three tier 9s Another suggestion...Do away with the mirror system... so when you have 4 DDs and 2 subs on your team the red team is still balanced and not over loaded with DDs/subs Subs, over population of DDs and lack of BBs is making Coop very unenjoyable atm, been sticking to ops a lot
  11. Jason082278

    Worcester is really something

    They got three greens... not bad for the red team in this day and age.... Seen many a COOP match where no bot got over 100 base exp
  12. Jason082278

    Subs speed

    Nothing about subs makes sense
  13. Jason082278

    Subs in randoms

    Overpopulation of DDs and subs in Coop is making it totally unenjoyable... So random players...get ready for all kinds of terrible
  14. Jason082278

    NB - Damage week but...

    Yep 3+ DDs and 1-2 subs.... you kill one cruiser, look up and 3/4 the red ships are gone. You are especially screwed when the game starts you out WAY out on a flank. Matches are really short and damage for a Cruiser or BB can be really difficult to come by.... If this continues it will motivate me to spend more time on FF14
  15. Jason082278

    5 DD and 3 sub match, LOL

    Seeing NO BBs in Coop at the moment... 2-3 subs and 3-5 DDs or games with all cruisers. Its difficult to get in 65K damage and matches are over in 2-3 minutes... No fun at all