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  1. Psiamp


    thanks i couldnt find any information ..it would have been helpful for them to tell us that lol...im use to past years when you got the tokens you got the gifts right away....
  2. Psiamp


    ive seen that but my question is where do i see the new years token ive collected already? ive looked every where and cant find out how many i have or if they have given them to me...the t5 to 9 works fine but the t10 doesnt show the new years certs anywhere?
  3. hi my problem is this..the first game i played in a t10 ship i won says i got cont which i did i opened it ..the next 4 ships i played to get the snow flake ..after battle which i won says i got gift but no cont or new years token..ive looked in armory to see if they show up there...i cant find them any where? it is removing them from my ships as i win but i dont see any rewards anywhere? is this a bug? where are we suppose to turn them in? and if i cant tell how many i have how do i know i really have them? any help is welcomed thank you
  4. all of mine were fine yesterday ..today i play and i got 517 base in my t8 american dd and it still shows 300 base? i did 692 in my t10 italy ca and it still shows 300 base? any word on whats up?
  5. well i no longer get waiting for authorization now im stuck at logging in for 5 minutes
  6. not sure why our servers have trouble on twitch there are people in game playing live ive seen the world of warships japan server people playing and the french one
  7. well 15 minutes after the servers should be up and running and still no servers hope they give us something for them breaking the servers
  8. game updated but trying to connect.just sits there saying checking authoriztion then after 5 minutes disconnects and says unable to connect to servers?