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  1. sabotfodder

    Bestest CV idea EVER!!!!!

    I would like to have WG add more CVs to the game. I just played a tier 4 match with 3 CVs on each team. It ended up as CVs fighting CVs. If you add more CVs to the game I will not have to try and sail anywhere, I can just stay at spawn and be attacked by all sides without having to think about where to sail too . After all. I had 12 aa guns to defend a Gangut and the rudder shift of a snail. 3 DCs, make it 9, 12. Why not?
  2. sabotfodder

    Kleber gets clubbed...

    Any comment less than stellar about WG just drives people nuts. Should put a red star at the top the forum
  3. sabotfodder

    Enough with the ridiculous 3 cv matches

    Why not give us good aa all the time? If carriers can keep sending wave after wave of planes at least give us the ability to shoot some down. The mode as it is now is just stupid.
  4. WG is going to do what they want. Georgia is proof of that. WG would, by the way, like you to buy the Georgia. a wallet warriors dream ship at a price WG likes. WOW rapidly changing into WOT mindset
  5. sabotfodder

    I'm done in Random

    Sorry I used to play Random and no clan. Key here is USED to. I am extremely disappointed with 8.0, and I fear that 8.1 will stretch out to 8.9 before you see any significant change. WOW knows this is not right or balanced but they did it anyway. Oh yea, keep buying until we fix it. You folks knew there was a problem from the tests. Anyway, much like talking to a brick wall. Thanks to my fellow Captains for the games. Cannot say I loved every match them all, but enjoyed them just the same. Good group of gamers. I will use up whatever premium time is left then leave. Again, many thanks
  6. sabotfodder

    Problem entering game

    Tried to fix my issue. Now it will not accept my password. Any suggestions are helpful and thanks for the information so far
  7. Just tried to get on the Public Test Server. Monitor goes blank and stays blank Anyone else having problems?
  8. sabotfodder

    Server overloaded? 13k players?

    5 times tonight denied access in Tier 8 and Tier 6
  9. sabotfodder

    0.7.7 Public Test Bug Reports

    Game is up
  10. sabotfodder

    0.7.7 Public Test Bug Reports

    Server not up yet