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  1. Well.. graphic card took priority due to an unfortunate event occured on my PC... Press F to my GTX970.. and again thanks for the answers
  2. how long will it be available for purchase? My payday is 2 weeks away :p does bionic camo also come with custom models for aircraft? I know that space camo does. does bionic camo have some kind of custom tracer effect/color? thanks for the answer in advance.
  3. Yes, you're right. when I saw the title i skipped OP and replied. OP was talking about camos, not consumable... stupid me.
  4. No they specifically said removing option to buy consumables with doubloons. so If you really wanna spend doubloons on it, you have to convert it to credit first.
  5. they already planned to remove option to buy consumables with doubloons in coming patch.
  6. Ariana

    CV Rework Feedback

    keep in mind that only T6 ships give you 5 mil credit
  7. Ariana

    CV Rework Feedback

    I'm not complaining that you have to cruise back to action. there's planning involved in it. but I'm complaining about how sluggish it feels. how shallow the gameplay is. that's why I called it battleship in the air, on a 2D plain above the surface ships. there could be altitude control similar to submarine, they could kept plane limits so losing aircraft mean something other than cruising back to action within a minute without any penalty. the whole mechanic feel.... less developed than a submarine gameplay.
  8. maybe not the full price but if priced around 70~80% of same tier premium ship, I definitely going to slap some doubloons on my ships. after all, how much willing to spend on it is each and everyone's choice. all i'm asking is to give us an option to do so.
  9. Oops, it leaked out. premium ships can be a collective thing. and hopefully doubloon sales make up for it. and you're right, perma camo gives you somewhat similar bonuses. but you can't stack up with other camos like a real premium ship :P
  10. because why not? I don't see any harm to the game doing so? well, on a serious note, I see few benefits if WG allowed us to make in-tree ships premium with golden eagles. First off, it gives you reason to play fully researched ships other than for fun. while playing for fun is good and all, playing them with bonuses that come with premium ship would be even more great. second, you get to have premium ship that exactly suit your preference. sure, there's many ships to choose from premium shop too, but you often have to rely on other's comments and reviews to know how ship exactly plays out. and you never know until you really try out. (I really wish WG add some sort of a trial period btw) but in tree ships are accessible by just grinding for it. so you get to know before you invest real money on it. last but not least, it gives WG a way to monetize already existing content /winkwink
  11. Ariana

    CV Rework Feedback

    OK, here's some thought after around 10 CV matches. I won't discuss about balance here. but I hope statistics will. 1 deep water torpedo bomber is a great idea. one shotting DD with TB shouldn't be a thing. especially when there's no risk involved. 2. I like the idea of aiming time and multiple attack run. it forces you to plan your attack rather than drop and run. now here's something I didn't like. let me detail them. 3. Aircraft control feels sluggish and lacks 'depth' to it. It doesn't give you the sense of controlling squadron of fighters, but more like a battleship in the air. it has only one altitude setting to play around, turning rate is too slow even while slowing down airspeed, turning carries on even after I release A or D key. making them feel like controlling surface ship on just another 2 dimensional plain. if this was done due to balance reason, adjust other things rather than making them gimped. and it also lacks depth on gameplay wise. every 3 types of aircraft feel same to me; line up, attack, turn around, rinse and repeat. here's my suggestion. just give them a 3 heights of altitude control. just like a submarine. It can give you depth to both gameplay and dimension. for example, make them more visible when they're high but also take less dmg from AA. differentiate attack capability based on altitude and aircraft types. dive bombers can initiate attack without pop-up maneuver when they're high and less accuracy on low altitude, torpedo bombers aim faster on low altitude and so on. and please, please make them more agile... combined with following reason, CV gameplay has no tension whatsoever. its boring... 4. losing aircraft have diminishing effect on your combat capability unlike other classes, losing HP on carrier is not something to worry about. CV often sit back from the action and survive until the end of the match. what's in the action however, is aircraft. but there's very little result of losing aircraft. you can lose an entire squadron and comeback within 1 min without any penalty whatsoever. there's very little punishment of playing reckless other than possibly losing a match. there's no direct punishment on making poor decision in CV. thus no reward on saving aircraft too. It's same at the receiving end. shooting down aircraft doesn't give you the same satisfaction as before. you just shot down entire squadron of torpedo bombers? great, you survived one more minute! now they're coming back with another full squadron of dive bombers. /sigh. overall... I like the direction you guys are taking but not as action packed and tense as three other classes and even might worse than a submarine. again, whole concept is great but somewhat shallow.... :P