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  1. Had the same experience, and WG claim the logs don't show me buying permanent camo on the kagero, yet I have it on all T8 and T9 as I buy them, which suggests the Kagero was the only one I didn't for some reson. Obviously, stealth wasn't important to me....
  2. Having to buy it is ok having to earn it is ok as well having it gifted to a small group, and with no way to access it for the rest of us - I'd whine about that for sure......
  3. I'm not convinced this is. Soom (™) there will be a "Regular" version released. Ie, no change in stance at all. Fair enough. My next purchase Soon (™) will be that "regular" version...
  4. I'm with the Pope on this. If the same or an equivalent isn't available to access for everyone in some way, then I would cease spending until it becomes available generally. I don't care if we have to work for it or pay cash for it, it should be available.
  5. Rare Medals

    Roll out the Colorado - I got my Clear Sky on the Coloardo shooting down 54 aircraft - fun times
  6. Rare Medals

    "Witherer" and "Unsinkable" still to get. Got "Solo Warrior" last week on my Myoko in a tense finish that involved bravely running away under fire from the surviving reds.
  7. 65 USD? LOL NOPE

    I'm not, bought my Torpitz this morning.....
  8. ripple fire has that effect. Press and hold left mouse and turrets fire one by one. On atlanta turret 1 is about ready to fire again when the last one has just fired
  9. [Poll] Draw Percentages

    7.1% off 617 games How do I find draw percentiles in my stats page? I logged into game and in the summary tab of Profile
  10. to many hackers

    1. Japanese cruisers have 10km torps from T6, DDs have them from T5 (IIRC) - later ones are 15km to 20km 2. TB can drop torps on an island so they appear to be coming out of it (or close to it) 3. concealment camo, concealment upgrade, perhaps smoke, or as you say maybe a game issue
  11. Equipment for the Warspite?

    I remember during CBT someone suggesting buff the ship's strengths, don't try to fix its weaknesses. So during that time I ran accuracy and turning and was at over 60% W/R (mostly lucky) and found it fun to play But I always thought that was good advice, and if I could remember who it was I would credit them on it. (maybe it was Tedster or one of the other good BB players)
  12. it says you get access. What is your problem?