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  1. Vladeshi

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I think that I am starting to get the hang of this ship. I love how much of my damage was because I just got close to them.
  2. Flint if that counts as available, otherwise Ashitaka.
  3. Vladeshi

    Stream Code....

    Check under your personal missions. There should be one called KOTS IX: Long Live The King.
  4. Service cost has not been connected to damage dealt to your ship for years(unless there was some change recently that I missed).
  5. Vladeshi

    Savage Sinking - 1st - 8th

    Here you go.
  6. Vladeshi

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    As always, new ship goes great for the first run. I do get why people dislike this ship what is accuracy?, but for PvE this thing is a terror. Also just a good job shout-out to our Z-23, who got no kills because I kill secured them but wrecked everyone enough that I could single salvo them.
  7. But at least you couldn't mount the legendary and a normal 6th slot upgrade at the same time. So there was still an opportunity cost.
  8. The sad part is as a Co-oP player it will affect us. Not because it will affect our gameplay but enough people may leave to cause the whole game to go under.
  9. Vladeshi

    Naval Battles changing to ribbons

    Mass, GK, Georgia with full meme build in co-op = easy points as well.
  10. Vladeshi

    Fps dropped since patch...anyone else?

    I have not had any FPS drop, though mine only averages 55.
  11. Favorite ship huh? For once it's guns reminded me why it is my favorite.
  12. After bugging him about it for months I finally dragged my brother @Olos290 into the game. We used to play WOT back in the day and found that being in a division/platoon was always more fun. Unfortunately we did not know about invite codes. His first couple of games went about as expected dodge the torps, not ram them. It also took a little while for him to get how to properly use AP, then he decided to go KMS and AP became his schtick. It turns out that he loves how CV's play post-rework(given his love of RTS I think he would be ticked if he played the pre-rework first so maybe the delay in getting him to play was a good thing) Our favorite thing to do is probably our "wolf pack" where we both grab DD's and both just focus a flank/cap till everything there is dead. Making the reds play targeting ping-pong as we alternate who is hiding and who is firing is just silly fun(Also who says cross-drops don't exist anymore?) I am going to go with 87 for my number.
  13. Vladeshi

    Revenge of the Red - 10th - 17th

    A victory does not mean I had a good game.
  14. Definitely Cleveland, she just has the attitude.
  15. Vladeshi

    What is the Smolensk?

    It is a Russian TX cruiser in testing that currently has 4x4 guns with a ~3sec reload, USN DD level turret rotation, 8km torps, heal, and a smoke. Just be happy that it is squishy and that its shells are floaty at long range.