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  1. Defiant_Act

    Wargaming Account Transfer: WoW on Xbox

    The ship line progress is literally a ticked box. When you unlock something, it ticks that box that you have it researched. When you buy a ship, that box is ticked that you own it. Theres no additional downloading and no additional content that is needed to be implemented. You download all the ships in the game when you download it. There for, which begs the question, how hard would it be, to find a way to make all those boxes ticked. Ignoring for initial content release of course. Lastly, premium time on the Xbox is sold through Wargaming. You have to buy it in game. Meaning that you don't do it through the Xbox store. Kind of like In-app purchases on your phone. The only thing, from my understanding, is that Microsoft is the middle man. In that example, like Amazon and 3rd party sellers. Amazon has the refund policies and what not to protect the consumer and the seller. Microsoft works in that way on xbox. Just there to make sure no one gets hosed.
  2. Defiant_Act

    Wargaming Account Transfer: WoW on Xbox

    Cross play was just an added aspect I through in. The main point I was trying to drive was the possibility of having our progress carry over.
  3. Defiant_Act

    Wargaming Account Transfer: WoW on Xbox

    I’m literally just referring to progress. Like ship unlocks, premiums and premium time. It doesn’t have anything to do with the actual models of the ships. Edit: then if a ship line isn't out right away just say something like, "When this ship line comes to console, it the progress attached to your account will be added into port. thank you for your patience."
  4. Defiant_Act

    Wargaming Account Transfer: WoW on Xbox

    Lastly, I realize you are just the current voice of Wargaming, but you have to admit, Wargaming has a fantastic ability of getting customers, but is terrible at keeping them lately. So wouldn’t it stand to reason to go out of their way to make it easier for people to play their game on as many platforms as possible? One universal account does exactly that. I mean I can’t be the first person to see this...right? Edit: the primary aspect of this post to be taken away was that of the progress made on PC should carry over to that of console. And if a ship line or aspect isn't on console yet, then you say something like, "Sorry, but this is not currently in the game at the moment. When it is added, it will be updated according to our records of your account. Thank you."
  5. Defiant_Act

    Wargaming Account Transfer: WoW on Xbox

    This thing was being thought about for 3 years...how was this not considered? Also, what “differences” because thats what we heard about World of Tanks Xbox about that being a different game...then after 1 year of giving us that, they told us it’s the same game.
  6. Defiant_Act

    Wargaming Account Transfer: WoW on Xbox

    The thing is though is that they have already announced WoW on Xbox and it is in Beta...so control capabilities aren't the problem anymore. I do think that Keyboards make it easier to access, but the amount of control combinations on the console should be plenty. See Elite Dangerous on Console for proof.
  7. Wargaming, We all know you like money. It has become less and less subtle as the years go by. Loot boxes, Black Editions, Premium Versions exactly like in-game content. However, we also know that your overall sales and server activity are down on World of Tanks...on both Xbox and PC. So instead of gouging out your audience twice for the same stuff, make it to where we can share accounts. This way people can play your game pretty much everywhere, meaning they spend more time in game. Meaning, they will be exposed to more of you advertisements for in game goods. Meaning they will buy more stuff. Microsoft was smart to start letting some of their games being played everywhere. Now when they launch the Xbox app to play the game on computer, what do they see? Xbox advertisements for new games and services. When they turn on their console, advertisements for new Xbox games or services. This is something that should have been done for World of Tanks on Console and PC as well, but the cross-play wasn't there...now it is. So instead of watching all your games go the way of the Dodo, get ahead of this one. I like World of Warships, but you can bet that people who have played it on PC and also have a Console aren't going to want to buy the same stuff over again and have to grind for it over again. Every smart business knows that the best way to make a profit is to keep current customers coming back and using your product. New players will come by word of mouth and marketing. The core of your profits are and will continue to be from the base that keeps coming back, but only if you keep giving them reasons to. I'm begging you wargaming, please don't screw this up. Sincerely, A Fan P.S. I realize this would require keeping the games up to date with each other, but you've seen what happened to World of Tanks Console when you called it "a different game" surging the first year or so it was out...now even the console forum people are treating it like the same game. Just bring everything on the same page. It makes everything easier when it is streamlined...because Duh. Let me know in the comments if you agree, disagree, or simply don't care. At this point I'm just curious. Don't forget to post in the poll. Edit: If this has already been planned on being implemented then I retract my statement and admit that in this particular moment, I am a dunce.
  8. Defiant_Act

    Letter to Wargaming. The Problem with BB's

    I lived through out the entire battle. The picture that doesn't have the alienware is my game, the other picture is the one of my friend in the division with me. He fired HE the whole game except for one salvo. I fired AP the whole game...that is how broadsided these guys were. Bad RNG, I can understand, this game was an anomaly compared to the about 10 others before it. The point I want to raise is that I encounter a lot more BB's sitting in the back firing HE then I do BB's who fire AP or switch types when situationally appropriate.
  9. Defiant_Act

    Letter to Wargaming. The Problem with BB's

    Thats how I got to tier 9 though. I was confident in my ability to use AP so much so to the point where I would feel comfortable aiming at Yamatos. I know I am not the best, but my stats I think can reflect that I am above average, if slightly. That being said, I will be more then happy to listen to any tips you might have.
  10. Defiant_Act

    Letter to Wargaming. The Problem with BB's

    It was about a pretty even distribution. I did fire at some cruisers and got one or two there (as expected sometimes) the bulk were over pens on middle of BB's and some bow pens from shots that went wide. The issue I have is that the immense inconsistency of AP vs the almost guaranteed damage of HE.
  11. Defiant_Act

    Letter to Wargaming. The Problem with BB's

    If you're referring to the particular game I had: I will admit that I am by no means the best at this game, but I'm telling you, normally it would have been a field day. If I had replays enabled I would gladly show you lol. If you're referring to the meta of BB sniping and HE firing: Well there is no motivation for them to get better. If they can do consistent damage without having to move up...whats the point in trying to get better? You know what I mean?
  12. Dear Wargaming, Do you even play your own game? HE for battleships is better then AP. 32 hits with AP on broadsided ships...literally the worst team I have ever played and this happens? My buddy fires one salvo of AP for 20k (got a citadel), however, the other 80k damage he did was with HE. What is the point anymore in firing AP? The screenshots here are not of some tier 5 battleship ship and it is not like I don't know how to play the game. I am in an Iowa with a dispersion upgrade and an 11 point captain. I played with moderate aggression and pushed with my team. I played a BB like it should. I fired at broadsides, weak areas of the armor, and places I have gotten citadels before. Every single shot either missed entirely because it would straddle enemies I shot at from further away, or over pen in places where it really shouldn't. Again, I'll bring up the issue, why fire AP when I could have just fired HE the whole time and done 10x the damage I did? I don't have to worry about bouncing and over pens, the fire chance is really high, and I get rewarded for the 23 second wait between firing. Also raising the issue, what is the point in advancing...if every battleship is firing HE and doing well, why would I move up to make an easier target? This is why battleships stay in the back and don't move up. Sure there are a few that do and I applaud the ones that do, but most don't. Jingles even made a video about that or do you just not pay attention to his content since he left your community contributor program because of poor practices. Look, I love this game and I want it to do great, but stop throwing the mechanics down the crapper. This game had some kinks to work out sure, but its become a bit of a joke now. Congratulations, you're making money, but don't let this thing become like World of Tanks Console where the experienced players don't play nearly as much because all they do is re-skin things and call it new. Old map now has rain on it...calls it new map. HMH Tank has a different color then its normal tank...calls it entirely new tank. Think of the Black Edition tanks but year round...its a joke. Like I said, I love this game, just stop pissing the potential away. Sincerely, Defiant_Act 5 Questions to the community: Do you think Battleship gameplay has gotten better, worse, or just different since launch? Do you think that the overall gameplay has gotten better, worse, or just different since launch? Do you agree with me in that Battleship HE has gotten out of hand? If not, why? Do you think Battleships should even have HE? (I'm thinking for historical purposes here). What are some good things that you like about this game? (I like being able to captain a ship I have been on) What are some issues you have with this game and how do you think they can be fixed? Thats it for my long rant. Answer the question down below if you'd like. See you out there Captains.