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  1. It's a ship I would actually spend money on, since the Shiratsuyu we have in the game right now isn't really my style. And since it has a nice bit of history in real life, I say even non anime lovers will enjoy it. Please give it the white sail if you get it in game, kthanksWG. So
  2. I'll be waiting for our new recruits. New blood is always nice.
  3. Like the others said, Free exp should be the go to... I hope. And if the rumor is true that it's going to be a higher "price" in terms of exp, it probably won't be that heavy handed. I'd say around 800k? 850k? All we can do now is wait, and see.
  4. "Message from Beyond" solution

    Can confirm that I have the same missions after playing one random battle.
  5. "Message from Beyond" solution

    Actually, I never got the missions with the odd credits, so I think that even without them, you should still be able to enter the code.
  6. "Message from Beyond" solution

    The way I solved it is quite easy. Using the Tabula Recta that flashed in the GIF (The QWERTY one), you simply use FIRE as the Keyword. I brute forced it by hand, since everytime I worked with an online tool, the result was different. It seems that I was somewhat right. The online tools appear to be unreliable, so I advise you to do it by hand... well not anymore since I did it for you all. So for the actual way to do it is simple : The actual phrase to "decypher" is : The Gate Has Opened. Use the Keyword F I R E on the left row. Each time you use a letter from The Gate Has Opened on the top column, switch to the next letter in F I R E. Which means this : For the T in the top column, use the F in the left row to cross towards the letter you want. Example below. Just do this for the rest of the word and Voilà. Be sure to remove the spaces.
  7. "Message from Beyond" solution

    For all the actual headache this challenge has ensued, I have to admit, I'm thrilled. I always enjoy a good puzzle. Good work to everyone that participated so actively, and good luck to those who actually want to solve it on their own!
  8. "Message from Beyond" solution

    For those wanting actual proof *by the way, I edited the answer without the spaces*
  9. "Message from Beyond" solution

    And so... I think I solved it. I entered it on the appropriate page and it confirmed. For those who want only a tip, try looking at the place where you found the OTHER tip for the Tabula Recta. And use the QWERTY table URL guy has given.
  10. It never happened to me before but it could be many things : 1) Try and update your drivers for you GPU, maybe it will help with your problem. 2) Try to check your security settings for the game, maybe your computer blocks access to the memory needed or something similar. 3) You can also send a ticket via the Support section of the website. Usually they respond quickly. Sorry I couldn't help more than this, I hope you find a solution to your problem!
  11. Damn this game for doing something out of the ordinary! I mean I played it and found it funny. It's a cool idea, and doesn't hurt anyone. Just have fun!