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  1. We are a new Clan and we are look for members who are interested in building a clan. We are in need of members who see in themselves the ability to rise above the challenge and help others are welcome here. Who ever wants to join just need to be on discord which is required and have a good manners and willing to work with others . Please feel free to contact me if any question you have? WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: • Players who are seeking Fun, Camaraderie and Friendship • ANY tier of ships - we do not exclude players based on what ship tiers they don't have • "Team" players - if you'd rather play alone, we are not for you. • Consistently ACTIVE players - no deadweight, no "paper soldiers", no "I'll play for a week or two then disappear 'ghosts'", Etc. (**note: we regularly cut deadweight out of our roster) - Do you want to have fun and div-up with other players? Well, guess what.... You're not the ONLY one! So, do your part... be active, be reliable and "be there" for them too! Don't be a selfish gamer. • MATURITY... the mental aspect, not the physical age (just because you are over 18 does not automatically mean that you are actually mature!) • Players with (or willing to get) Discord • Players with a microphone (headset or free-standing) • Players willing to help and to teach - We were ALL tier I and II at one time. Don't be arrogant and snooty. Help the newer players and share the experiences you've had with the game.