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    My interests are changing all the time. The only constants I can definitely say are games and family.

    I also make skins/mods for games I sink time into/like alot, so only warships gets them atm.

    I also sometimes stream World of Warships and Titanfall 2 when I can at www.twitch.tv/RazgrizRaptor.

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  1. and with 12 losses in a row, no saved stars, a loss from rank 5 and 3 stars back down to rank 7 and no stars... I am done with ranked... probably forever. the amount of demoralization, heartbreak, anger, and absolute misery I've experienced in ranked this last week has had a massive negative impact on my opinion of the game and this game mode. the worst part is knowing how many losses I've had because of a cruiser yolos, the enemy gets a lucky torp hit, the enemy getting 2 radar cruisers to my 0, or outright being out skilled has crushed any desire to continue. and I only know how many losses I've had because of the lost stars, had they put in a stopgap at 5, I wouldn't know, I wouldn't be so... defeated and I'd have the will to keep going. but watching all my hard earned ranks evaporate because of misfortune with teams has killed any and all desire to ever do this again... thanks, WG, I have never experienced such disdain for a game mode in my life.

    if I ever do ranked again it's either because I'm paying someone to do it for me, or because wargaming makes rank 5 irrevocable.

    "No reward is worth is this." - Han Solo