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    My interests are changing all the time. The only constants I can definitely say are games and family.

    I also make skins/mods for games I sink time into/like alot, so only warships gets them atm.

    I also sometimes stream World of Warships and Titanfall 2 when I can at www.twitch.tv/RazgrizRaptor.

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  1. okay... I've had it, I hate ranked battles. I mean whoever designed this game mode and didn't make a checkpoint at rank 5 placed it there just to destroy a captain's desire to do anything warships... it's sucked all of the joy out of the game for me. I no longer even want to play any game mode. so yeah, after having my spirits crushed over and over and over again this week, after see-sawing from rank 7 to rank 5, then back to rank 7 again... I've had enough. if wargaming leaves it as is, I will never touch the game mode again... ever. cause they really expect us to do this sort of hell for a grand prize of a crappy digital flag and 2750 gold doubloons, or $13.76 (In U. S. Dollars)... HOW IS THAT WORTH IT?!?!?!

    if ranked is lucky, then I'll finish this season, if it's super lucky, then I'll climb up to rank 4, be encouraged to play more, and then get to rank 1. in which case then I'll try again next season. but if I don't make rank 1 this season then I'm never, EVER touching the game mode again.