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    My interests are changing all the time. The only constants I can definitely say are games and family.

    I also make skins/mods for games I sink time into/like alot, so only warships gets them atm.

    I also sometimes stream World of Warships and Titanfall 2 when I can at www.twitch.tv/RazgrizRaptor.

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  1. So... I just got back from flying and working and stuff, basically I've spent the last... 6-ish hours watching youtube videos. one of them reminded me about ranked battles being back and how the commentator usually only makes it up to rank 10 then runs out of steam, for me that's usually rank 14, this time I'm having a hard time even getting high enough up there for the flag (rank 15 I think) and it's all because of the tier 6 ships. I. AM. SICK. OF. THEM. and it's all because of the co-op operations. don't get me wrong, I love playing that game mode, it's a blast. but I really wish there was more options to deploy my high tier warships. I'd LOVE to deploy my mighty Midway out in those operations alongside 6 little tier 5s and 6s. I'd love to just let them see what she can do, or send out Montana and just tank all the in coming fire for everyone. and on top of that, I think it's the only game mode where they could allow a single T10 to deploy in a game of low tiers and not be over powered, it's vs AI, they won't complain and it allows someone like me to well, carry a team and have fun doing it. I'd even do this if I was basically guaranteed to lose 100k a game by doing that just for the pure fun of it. I'll make money in other game modes. let me ready up in my Midway with my friend who's new to the game, just got their very first T5, pummel AI, and let them do clean up. or deploy with Montana and be a wall of steel to protect them and the others while my secondaries hammer away at everything and let the low tiers enjoy shelling ships without being shot at... I'd probably do this in my Midway too. lol


    oh also, I'm disappointed that ranked this season doesn't let me deploy either Kaga or Enterprise (who I still wanna buy) in this season's ranked, unless I reach rank 1 (it's not happening). I was really looking forwards to deploying Kaga, Sims, and Indianapolis in ranked. I enjoyed T7 last season, it felt like that perfect zone where ships get specialties and players are getting better at surviving and working as a team.

    TLDR: tired of low tiers for every game mode I wanna deploy my Midway (and other high tiers) with my friends who are new to the game.