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  1. the title says it all. with the current rework, it's actually exhausted my desire to play. the past week I haven't had any interest in sending out any of my CVs while these changes are going on. I'm tired of all the AA cruisers and cheap tactics Hakuryu can deploy. I've asked this in the past, and I'm asking again. can you please give us a way to take any tier CV into a Scenario Battle. I will happily pay 300-400k credits to send my Midway into a T6-7 Scenario Battle, and I'm sure that it'd also make some happy captains in random battles because they get fewer CV fights. and the Scenario battles would be fun cause I can just have fun and not stress, my team can have fun while I carry, and they hopefully get an easy win. please? it's a quick fix that sounds like a win-win on paper. ^^;
  2. Okay, so there isn't any big changes this patch, just the same old humdrum to keep things going. Notable changes are... -the "Usean Expeditionary Force" has been renamed the "International United Nations Peacekeeping Force" or "IUN PKF" for short. -Commonwealth flag (the blue one with a "C" on it) has been changed to the IUN "Flag". Thankfully, scout planes don't need repainting. so in future updates, the Carrier launched planes will be getting all painted up too. they'll be a separate release down the road. as always, if you encounter an issue with a mod, let me know on discord and I'll try and fix it ASAP. EDIT: totally forgot to update the tech tree flags with the new IUN flag... I'll fix this later. lol
  3. as expected all the planes have new skins... so I need to repaint them all. I wouldn't expect an update anytime soon, as of right now, I'd say there's a 90% chance I will release the Strangereal patches for 8.0... but it might be a while.... like "don't hold your breath" long. cause first I have to motivate myself, then find the files, and then find a weekend or two to sit down and paint planes. Strangereal Nation Renamer will probably be out this weekend. maybe the flags too. but planes will probably come out a few at a time, the Osean planes will be first. then we'll get the Eruseans. if I'm really feeling up to it, then the Usean CVs will get some prep-work too, assuming I'm able to find their files.
  4. not really a mod update, but a little festive greeting card was added to the O.P. of this thread. Happy New Year all! (I was hoping to finish this sooner, but life happened. lol^^;)
  5. Seasons Greetings!! so a bit later than I had wanted. but the 7.12 update is now uploaded! =D nothing noteworthy new in there, I don't expect there to be any major changes til after the carrier rework. which will probably see the introduction of all the British/Usean CV planes alongside the pre-existing catapult aircraft. as always, if you find any bugs, please let me know on discord.
  6. so, I meant to release this on Sunday, but Turkey Day here in the states made me extra sluggish, sorry about that guys. well, here's the newest version of the mods. flags and the nation renamer have been updated for 7.11. if you find any issues, let me know in discord and I'll fix them ASAP. じゃあ ね。^^ (later)
  7. Flags of Strangereal has been updated so all folders now contain the Usean flag (and double check to confirm all other current flags are in there too). ^^
  8. well, I meant to have this ready last week, but life got in the way and what little time I did have left was used to play games. sorry about the wait everyone. ^^; well nothing really new, just an update, if you find any bugs, just leave a message here or on my discord. =)
  9. I've been having that same issue since patch 7.9 arrived. I know it's because of something in the ship skins/shaders folders of mods. I want my ships to keep their Arpeggio of Blue Steel inspired skins but if I load them up, it crashes the game. I've tried a suggestion on one of the FB fan pages (remove the guns folder from all nations) but it still crashes. I haven't played in over a week because of this issue, just cause I'm not happy seeing my ships stripped of their ARP prettiness. I miss the days when getting the glow to work was as simple as "paint the glowing area this color onto the MG file and you're done."
  10. so, a small update to Strangereal Ships, a new skin has been added for Enterprise. the Azur Lane camo can now be worn as if it was a Fog warship. (it's been ARP'ed)
  11. flags and nation renamer has been updated for 7.9. now that that's done, it's back to trying to get the normal ships to glow like the ARP ships and not make my game crash. XD
  12. I don't think the clan patches are the cause of my issue. I do have mods that change the clan patch, but with or without them, the game still crashes. I have tried removing all camos and installing things in smaller blocks. starting with US carriers, then adding in the other three, but once I added in the guns. it crashed.
  13. so I'm not liking this patch at all, I can't play with the custom camos I've gotten for my ships. now sure, there are nearly 15gb of "camos" for these ships, but the game ran fine before the update with this and additional mods installed... I've been trying to get it to work for the last 5 or more hours, but all I can figure out is that it seems to just give up around 4.5gb. what gives? on top of that, it seems like what once worked doesn't anymore. on of the folders is called "misc" and it covers things on the deck of the ships, like a dismantled scout plane. having that folder installed INSTANTLY causes it to have a memory leak or something. WG can you give me any idea on why this is happening? please? I mean, at this point, I'm very desperate for an answer that'll let me play with my mods. I like my pretty ships and I don't want to go back to the default, rusty looking things. >,<;
  14. RazgrizRaptor

    Is it just me, or does something feel off with this ranked season?

    wow, I didn't know that was an issue either. I hope changes come to ranked, something that'll make them fun and/or more worthwhile. I mean, it's a pretty lame fix, but if they made it so losing stars didn't happen, but you had to earn more per rank, I'd probably play more. the biggest deterrent for me these days with ranks (for the last 3-4 seasons) is knowing when I'm on a 20+ loss streak because of the lost stars. 3 seasons ago, I was 1 star short of rank 5, then I fell all the way down to rank 8. 22 losses in a row. after one hellishly unenjoyable week and change, I got back all the stars, only to lose them again in two days on a 23 game losing streak. last two seasons I just stopped at R5, and this season seems like it'll be stopping at R12. a very big reason for that is because I want to rank lower next season so I can use my Enterprise, Massachusetts, and Kidd.
  15. RazgrizRaptor

    Is it just me, or does something feel off with this ranked season?

    I've been stuck at rank 12-11 for the past 4 days. unlike last seasons tho, this time I really can't find myself trying as hard. I mean, I'm still trying to win. but I was sorta hoping the steel rewards would be worth more, 300 steel for rank 9 feels pretty unsatisfying (and the effort to get to 10 is really diminishing my already low reserves of "try hard" that is depleted by clan battles). that and without any ability to do this with friends is keeping me from really wanting to play multiple battles in a row, I will say I can't wait for the next season of clan battles, I had much more fun there and even though I didn't earn as much steel there, it was far more enjoyable. maybe next season they'll allow divisions of 2 or add in more irrevokable ranks to encourage people to keep going. if I could play with a friend, then it'd be more fun just cause I have someone I know in each battle. if the checkpoints were still R10 and there was a new one at R5, I'd probably care way more to climb in ranks. lol