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  1. wish granted, I just finished the updates today. lol So after a little testing, the Nation Renamer is up to date and the flags have also been updated as well, there is not atlas file this time since this mod is back to the regular updates. I do plan on resuming the planes eventually, but they're a little farther out. also somewhere down the road, now that there are those patches and emblems to earn, I figure I'll figure out a way to throw in some ace combat stuff for those as well. the final thing I wish to mention is that now I'll be posting here and on my discord about the mods. discord, however, will be posting more of little updates alongside the "so-and-so is out." it'll also allow for quicker replies. ( discord link: https://discord.gg/X6RgASj ) I hope things with your family have improved tho.
  2. Disable Camos

    anyone know how to disable just the FTW camo? or I guess more accurately, what its name is in the camo file.
  3. and with 12 losses in a row, no saved stars, a loss from rank 5 and 3 stars back down to rank 7 and no stars... I am done with ranked... probably forever. the amount of demoralization, heartbreak, anger, and absolute misery I've experienced in ranked this last week has had a massive negative impact on my opinion of the game and this game mode. the worst part is knowing how many losses I've had because of a cruiser yolos, the enemy gets a lucky torp hit, the enemy getting 2 radar cruisers to my 0, or outright being out skilled has crushed any desire to continue. and I only know how many losses I've had because of the lost stars, had they put in a stopgap at 5, I wouldn't know, I wouldn't be so... defeated and I'd have the will to keep going. but watching all my hard earned ranks evaporate because of misfortune with teams has killed any and all desire to ever do this again... thanks, WG, I have never experienced such disdain for a game mode in my life.

    if I ever do ranked again it's either because I'm paying someone to do it for me, or because wargaming makes rank 5 irrevocable.

    "No reward is worth is this." - Han Solo

  4. okay... I've had it, I hate ranked battles. I mean whoever designed this game mode and didn't make a checkpoint at rank 5 placed it there just to destroy a captain's desire to do anything warships... it's sucked all of the joy out of the game for me. I no longer even want to play any game mode. so yeah, after having my spirits crushed over and over and over again this week, after see-sawing from rank 7 to rank 5, then back to rank 7 again... I've had enough. if wargaming leaves it as is, I will never touch the game mode again... ever. cause they really expect us to do this sort of hell for a grand prize of a crappy digital flag and 2750 gold doubloons, or $13.76 (In U. S. Dollars)... HOW IS THAT WORTH IT?!?!?!

    if ranked is lucky, then I'll finish this season, if it's super lucky, then I'll climb up to rank 4, be encouraged to play more, and then get to rank 1. in which case then I'll try again next season. but if I don't make rank 1 this season then I'm never, EVER touching the game mode again.

  5. thanks for the shout out. ^^
  6. So, originally I was planning to release the flag update last weekend. unfortunately, I got completely sidetracked by GTA and it's snow. more so, as of like 5 minutes ago I just learned that in the next update warships plans to add in some sort of "insignias" to the game, as far as I can tell, these are just another way for us to be "special little snowflakes". for me tho, I'm quite excited for this because it could be a way to "re-deploy" used emblems and introduce markings I had wrote off because they weren't legendary squadrons that suited a ranked flag. another benefit of these might be that more people can use them vs the "Hawaii" flag which required you to partake in ranked season 2 or something like that. at this point, I don't plan to introduce any farther updates for 6.15, most likely the next update will be in 7.0. which leads me to this question, anyone out there with a suggestion for a certain squadron emblem they'd love to "wear"? or would you prefer to see something more like what Kestrel got and me making up some stuff? so, the TLDR version: no more updates until 7.0, then hopefully lots of new stuff.
  7. So, for a while I've been wondering, how do people modify the files in the folder called "shaders". it's the folder that contains the files that allow the normal ships to glow like the ARP ones when given custom skins. the reason I want to know how to modify this is that I love having my ARP Midway, but there isn't a skin for Belfast and she's left being a glowing "ghost" ship or using a dull gray hull. I don't want that, what I'd like to have is Midway with her ARP skin and Belfast in her camo, along with all the other ships that do not have skins of their own. the last version of the game (6.14), I discovered which 10 files control the camos and using the camouflage file, I was able to enable the ones I wanted and disable the camos for the ARP ships. the file names look something like this. PBS_ship.00.dx9.fxo so yeah, what program do I need to be able to edit those fxo files?
  8. I'll start working on this update before the weekend, so expect things to be released on friday or saturday.
  9. Flags of Strangereal have been fixed and uploaded. and just in case. a maybe new version of the renamer has also been uploaded. during my tests, I did notice I forgot to change USSR to Yuktobania in the tech tree. I forget if I fixed that before uploading the file yesterday, so I'm updating it out of paranoia now. lol if you guys find any errors or have suggestions for future updates, do not hesitate to post here. have fun fighting the skies Strangereal captains. ^^
  10. Alright, so, after several hours of "testing" it appears that the mods are working as intended. as of right now, I've only updated the Nation renamer and flags. but regular updates for them should continue to arrive now that I'm having fun again. which means that sooner or later, I'll have to work on more plane skins. starting with the few German planes left to be painted and then the French. also, I didn't see any flag changes in the files. for now, all Pan-Asian ships are Leasathese. maybe in a future update, they'll get split into multiple nations, but I don't see that happening since I've still gotta pick Italy and others. XD EDIT: just realized that yes, the flag displayed ON the ships has been changed to the golden dragon one. a fix will be out for this shortly (in like 24hrs).
  11. yeah, I played on the test server a bit too, but I only got a day to try it out. used ranger a lot since I knew what to expect from AP bombs. I'm really loving the idea of T8 TBs, it'll be a fun kind of challenge to keep the ones aboard Midway alive because of that. the numbers seemed the same on the test server but I won't argue if they up their numbers. XP from what I saw tho, this seems like it might be what's needed to revitalize my passion for modding this game. ^^
  12. well, I guess that's a possibility, looking into it, there was a couple concept (enough to fill out a tech tree) but making them competitive vs the ACTUAL carriers would be tough, for low tiers, no problem, they're very similar in the role of "Jeep Carriers", but once you start to climb up in tiers, Graf Zep is really the only thing they have with the numbers to afford the losses CVs normally sustain. also, due to the fact that probably within the next 2 weeks, warships will see update 6.14, I'm gonna postpone the planned updates to the flags and other mods. I'm expecting the work to go faster with that update since they're finally fixing some of the carriers so my desire to play will be on the rise... hopefully.
  13. Alright, so Nation renamer is up to date for 13.1. the flags, unfortunately, won't be out until later this week since my weekend is busier than I had expected. @AzureComet, ah cool, I guess it'll be fun to maybe pick up Belka's only 1940s CV soon.
  14. yeah, I figured Spanish ships would join even if it's just one or two premium ships. Estovakia isn't a bad option, I just needa get their flag and emblem (shouldn't be too hard). and yeah, I stumbled across that news yesterday on the US CV tweaks. I'm pretty stoked that Midway's basically just a bigger, meaner Enterprise. ^^ I'm ecstatic that Lexington is no longer just an exp wall since they're getting rid of her atrocious 2/0/2 or 0/1/3 loadouts. so glad they're just giving her back that old assault loadout of 1/1/2. ^^ here's hoping that the rumors are true and that it'll fix at least the US CVs and later the IJN CVs.
  15. I thin Pan-Asia is Leasath... no idea on what to do with Italy. I've considered making them Sapin tho I sorta don't wanna jump the gun in case Spanish ships join the game... cause I'll be honest, I could see them joining with a few cruisers in the shop because reasons. lol sorry about the wait for an answer. I got distracted over the weekend with actually playing warships and then there were all kinds of irl life work. ^^;