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  1. not a lot this patch, life's getting busy and a bunch of games are giving me meals to feast on, so I got a lot on my plate. ^^; all that's been updated is the Nation Renamer file for 10.4, I do not plan to update anything else at this time, but we'll see how next week is looking. as always, if you encounter any bugs, typos, missing text, or anything else. please feel free to boop me over on discord. enjoy! <3
  2. ARP Midway to Nowhere is once again running, I've no idea how AstreTunes did it, but she's able to sail the seas once more thanks to you AstreTunes.^^ as for the other ships... I still can't figure out how to fix them, but I'm trying to learn how to use the Python program so hopefully, that'll get the others working.
  3. it's finally happened, flags are updated along with the nation renamer. I'm sure a few out there will be excited to hear that the reworked Rank Season 1 flag has been custom-made to embody a squadron I have no idea why everyone admires... but hey, at least it'll put some grins on those faces. hopefully, you at least got to bronze rank 1 last season. I think that's all there is, a new flag, a new bit of history for said flag, and those little updates done. as always, if you find an issue please let me know on Discord. enjoy!
  4. RazgrizRaptor

    Volunteer ship Alabama VL

    what a delight, thanks for the gift!^^
  5. Update for Nation Renamer is out. enjoy everyone. ^^ if I'm able to motivate myself to update the flags, then that'll be out at a later date. but seeing how it's hard to motivate myself to even play the game... don't hold your breath. >.<;
  6. Nation Renamer has been updated.
  7. So, the first update of the new year... unfortunately, it's also probably the last consistent one. [Rant Ahead] To put it bluntly, over the last 2 years, Wargaming has continued to pump out bad update after bad update. With each one, my enjoyment of the game has been whittled down. The CV Rework was a massive blow, I mean, really they coulda just put a tutorial into the game and shrunk it down to all CVs have "1 fighter, 1 torpedo bomber, and 1 dive bomber squadron" so it's more manageable for the masses, but nope, "needs 80s movie-style action". But I did learn how to make the PnF skins, so that was a desperately needed shot in the arm to bolster morale. Unfortunately, that's been broken beyond my skills to make the shiny skins I like so much (for 8 months as of now). The final big issue is the ranked rework. I did not enjoy having a week's worth of grinding invalidated every Sunday night and I'm told "do it again"... Who's f(ERRK!!)ing idea was that?! and the "prime time" play window. WeeGee, you do realize people have to work and go to school and so it's "wonderful" having only an hour or two to try and grind out only to gain a stair and lose 6 because a battleship won't push, a DD won't cap, or the cruisers yolo. I'm being sarcastic, just so you (Wargaming) don't think it's actual praise. [End of Rant] Anyway, the only thing that has been updated is Nation Renamer. I was planning to do an update to flags to add more squadron emblems to the ranked flags but, as of now, I'm not really willing to dedicate any more time to this game. I as of writing this, I haven't even touched the game in about 3 weeks. I might miss an update or two while I take a break with the hopes of something improving. good hunting everyone, --RazgrizRaptor
  8. Okay, so Nation Renamer has been updated for 9.12.0 as of now, I think I'll aim to update the flags this weekend. I've still had no luck with the PnF... honestly, after like 7 months of no joy, I think I'm left with two options. --A.) Abandon the mod and let it rust --B.) look for another modder that I can "hire" to help me revive the ARP skins. if I can, I would like to venture down the option B path. so if anyone out there is interested, please contact me on Discord and we can discuss it. uh... that's really it. oh, I guess since the ARP mods have been broken and I don't have any new pictures of my wonderful ships, I doubt I'll be making a "Holiday Card" this year. >.<; so Happy Holidays to everyone, stay safe and sound aboard your ships on the Strangerealian seas not catching "you know what" and have a happy New Year's!
  9. alright, as of now, Nation Renamer has been updated for 9.10.0, I do plan to release a flag update over the weekend. there are no major changes done to the renamer (actually, there are no changes at all aside from being updated.) anyways... the flags, I'm aiming to release them on the 31st because it's Halloween and I love that holiday, so I gotta do something to celebrate it since I can't go out for candy or whatever. lol beyond that, I'm gonna try the newest versions of the mod materials I have to see if that'll fixe the Erusean planes that refuse to fly the proper roundels and the PnF files hoping that those are finally fixed. if I am able to fix one or both of those things, then hopefully those will get re-released too (especially the Halloween ship duo).
  10. Alright, so Nation Renamer should now be up to date for 9.9.0. I'm currently not expecting to update the flags at this time, there might be an update down the road, but it's not planned. why? because I'm doing research on newer squadrons and pondering on designs for new ranked flags. not the best reasoning... I know, but I only have so much free time and I like to play games too. lol as of now, the ARP skins still are out of commission and I don't expect them to be returning anytime soon since the files we're provided are, uh, I'm going to say "they're still out of date for some reason". a few modders have found workarounds that I could try, but in the past, my luck with these is very bad. lastly, I've been given some advice on a method to use to try and fix the unruly pilots in the Erusean Naval Air Force that refuse to fly with Erusean roundels on their planes. I do hope it works and if it does, it'll mean an update to the aircraft mod. okay that's it, have fun out there and as always, if you encounter a typo, bug, or what-have-you please let me know on my Discord channel. ^-^
  11. Flags have been updated for 9.8.0. ^^
  12. Hey all, so first off, happy 5th anniversary to all captains that have been around that long... can't believe I've been doing this for nearly 5 years now, how time flies. anyways, Nation Renamer has been updated for 9.8. I plan to work on (and hopefully release) flags tomorrow. if this weekend is quiet, I'm going to try and get the PnF skins working again and if that goes well... uhh... well, I guess I'm going to enjoy some downtime.
  13. nothing big yet, just Nation Renamer being updated for 9.7.0... past week, I've been doing a little updating to the Erusean squadrons to remove the incorrect roundels, not yet ready, Kaga has thrown a fly into the ointment and refuses to accept the new markings. assuming I find a few hours this weekend, I'll be working on the flags and if I can remember what the last season of ranked was for a flag, I'll try to slap a squadron emblem to that (and the lore I can dig up for it too.). . . that or maybe I'll get to work on some other carriers of the world. a very unlikely 3rd option is attempting to get Enterprise to be Kestrel again. none-the-less, one of those three things will be worked on ASAP. have fun out there Captain. ^^
  14. hey guys, just wanted to give a little update. I've finally found a bit of time to start prep work on the newest IJN planes, so Kaga won't be half Erusean half Japanese fairly soon. if I'm fast enough, I'd like to release Kaga at the very least with 9.7.0 when that comes out. ^^
  15. Small update to Ships of Strangereal: Graf Spee's fancy "Belkan Pride" skin as I'm calling it has been updated to replace the german flags and railings to something more belkan. have fun out there kommandants. ^-^