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  1. little update to the Nation Renamer mod. you shouldn't be getting anymore of those "IDS_(russian letters)_(ship ID number)" when you hover over them on the captain's portrait and when you retrain a captain the text should show up correctly as well.
  2. alright, so Kestrel's gotten her special skin completed for the time being I'm calling it complete. if you wanna see what it looks like, just click on the spoiler for Ships of Strangereal, enjoy. ^^
  3. Alright, so I've been tinkering on Kestrel's special skin for the past few days, at first I was considering how to give her a nice gray that'd make her look "combat ready". something that'd be inspired by CVN-30, best I could think of was something along the lines of a lighter gray than what stock is, then I decided to take insperation from the skin I have for Iowa/Missouri, so she's now in a more pristine white-ish-gray and will eventually get a black flattop like Midway. but I figured now that I've gotten the hull painted up, it's time to show her off. ^^ I might leave the deck as is, just because she has a wooden flight deck compared to Midway's steel deck.
  4. Alright, so due to an unexpected day off from work I basically took the last... 8 hours (there was some breaks) to basically... 1.) Update the text file so it has no noticeable errors, please let me know if you find any. 2.) Finalize Kestrel's special flag 3.) Give CV-6's planes some special attention. 4.) Give Kestrel a special-ish skin with the name Kestrel written across her aft flight deck and an Osean flag is proudly displayed on her "Recovery Elevator" (the elevator at the bow of the ship). I was contemplating the idea of changing her gray default hull to a brighter gray, but a more specialized one will appear when I have a better idea. and now for pictures! first up, the flag, not included in the picture is the specialized "Osean" style band that'll attach the flag to the ship. now the planes, the fighters were given a darker Gray-blue vs the other F6Fs, the TBFs were given a cheeky bit of text and bright yellow tails to taunt their enemies, and the divers just wanted to let your enemies know how they died. Finally, OFS Kestrel (I'm keeping her designation CV-6 because I do like Enterprise and do not wanna fully "overwrite" her) Enjoy everyone!! =)
  5. So... I just got back from flying and working and stuff, basically I've spent the last... 6-ish hours watching youtube videos. one of them reminded me about ranked battles being back and how the commentator usually only makes it up to rank 10 then runs out of steam, for me that's usually rank 14, this time I'm having a hard time even getting high enough up there for the flag (rank 15 I think) and it's all because of the tier 6 ships. I. AM. SICK. OF. THEM. and it's all because of the co-op operations. don't get me wrong, I love playing that game mode, it's a blast. but I really wish there was more options to deploy my high tier warships. I'd LOVE to deploy my mighty Midway out in those operations alongside 6 little tier 5s and 6s. I'd love to just let them see what she can do, or send out Montana and just tank all the in coming fire for everyone. and on top of that, I think it's the only game mode where they could allow a single T10 to deploy in a game of low tiers and not be over powered, it's vs AI, they won't complain and it allows someone like me to well, carry a team and have fun doing it. I'd even do this if I was basically guaranteed to lose 100k a game by doing that just for the pure fun of it. I'll make money in other game modes. let me ready up in my Midway with my friend who's new to the game, just got their very first T5, pummel AI, and let them do clean up. or deploy with Montana and be a wall of steel to protect them and the others while my secondaries hammer away at everything and let the low tiers enjoy shelling ships without being shot at... I'd probably do this in my Midway too. lol


    oh also, I'm disappointed that ranked this season doesn't let me deploy either Kaga or Enterprise (who I still wanna buy) in this season's ranked, unless I reach rank 1 (it's not happening). I was really looking forwards to deploying Kaga, Sims, and Indianapolis in ranked. I enjoyed T7 last season, it felt like that perfect zone where ships get specialties and players are getting better at surviving and working as a team.

    TLDR: tired of low tiers for every game mode I wanna deploy my Midway (and other high tiers) with my friends who are new to the game.

  6. Alright, so due to work, I don't have the time this week to properly work on CV-6, her planes, the nation renamer file errors, or the roundels on other planes. however I was able to squeeze this in. I present to you, OFS Kestrel's flag. let me know what you think, it's still a W.I.P. =)
  7. So I just wanted to make a small announcement, in addition to working on the aircraft I've also bought USS Enterprise into the dry docks to get a special Osean skin. I'm thinking she'll take on an appearance similar to OFS Kestrel and if I can she'll be a WWII Osean Kestrel. Additionally, I plan to make the CV-6 flag specalized as well. Also her planes will het special colors as well. If you have any suggestions let me know.
  8. I've no idea what's changed in this second mini-patch, all mods seem to work, all you have to do is move the files over. currently I plan to paint Enterprises aircraft assuming I can find them. continue painting the Belkan planes.
  9. So, I love how you give us all these event, flags, the season flags, the Great Turkey Shoot, ect, but... eventually everyone reasons that point where they get so many awesome flags they wanna fly, but can't. do you think in a future update you could allow us to fly more of these event flags? it's not like it'd be game breaking since they're purely cosmetic (except one that provides a 5% boost to exp and credits). thanks for your time WG. ^^ P.S. I hadn't realized this but that title might be misleading since there are signal flags as well, 4-8 on a ship is enough for me. lol
  10. So since the 6.6 update for me at least all of the ARP voices do not work properly when not using the ARP ships. for example if I choose Haruna, then I'll hear her at the start, then I'll launch a squadron of aircraft and Ashigara will call them off, when a critical hit happens, Kongou speaks up, I sink a ship, Iona chimes in. althrough it's kind of cool, I don't like this mash up every match. but I would like it as an option for another voice. =]
  11. Don't whoop them too badly NA teams, we want them to have fun too. lol
  12. tiny update, Kaga's planes have Erusean Roundels and Hakuryu's fighters had their colors tweaked a bit. eventually I do plan to give them a better color scheme. I'll probably have them mimic the that new Erusean "Ace" we see in the newest trailer for Ace Combat 7.
  13. Mods are up to date now, if you find any issues please let me know. what's in this update? -Strangereal nation renamer has been updated -flags have been updated -Kaga has a custom-ish skin replacing the rising sun with an Erusean roundel -the Belkan planes are still being painted up, but like I posted a few hours ago, there are 3 fighters painted up already. consider them a preview of what's to come. -a new skin has been given to the Hakuryu's tier 10 fighters. EDIT: I have discovered that for some reason Kaga's skin seems to incorrectly skinned the little boats scattered around the ship incorrectly. I'll fix this ASAP. additionally it seems that the fighters require a special skin as well. that till will be fixed ASAP. Edit 2: yeah... I'm at a loss for why for why the tiny boats are getting skinned incorrectly, it and the stock skin look identical aside from the roundel. Edit 3: so I've no idea what changed, but for whatever reason the skins are proper for Kaga (not her planes, those ones needa be painted). I'm guessing that probably I just had a file from a different mod I downloaded installed that was doing this.
  14. alright as of right now I am downloading 6.6, so updates for my mods will be on the way shortly, they'll probably be done in a couple hours since some of the was already taken care of earlier in the week. here's what'll be updated... Strangereal name changer: just an updated version so you continue being your favorite Strangereal nation fighter with and against the other nations. IJN Aircraft Carrier Kaga will have it's Rising Sun emblem replaced with an Erusean Roundel, just like Hiryu (I think that's the CV anyways.) although not all the Belkan planes are painted, the 3 that are will be included in this patch's version of Aircraft of Strangereal. they're done, I don't see a reason to hold them back, more to come ASAP. oh also after realizing that Hakuryu's fighters were not given a special paint job a quick-fix one was applied to them to sort of mimic Yellow Squadron's colors. when I got some free time, I'll probably bring in a similar look to what Hakuryu's former T10 fighters had that also mimicked Yellow Squadron making the green parts different shades of gray. here's what they look like currently. What I plan to do in the future... Hood's turret emblem will be changed to something more Ace Combat-y. I'm not sure if it'll be another flag, a blown up version of the Roundels on Usean aircraft, a squadron emblem, or if I'm feeling very creative, a custom made version of Hood's irl emblem but stylized to be Usean. this last option really depends on how much energy I have going.
  15. so I figured I'd give a little update, so far 2 of 7 fighters have been modified, it's going a little slower than the all of the USN and IJN planes, but some progress is better than none. additionally when the Belkan planes join, the current Erusean Tier 10 fighters have gotten a much more simplistic, but specialized skin to compare to their Osean counterparts. Unlike them however these pilots didn't want to blend in they want to stand out with a bold yellow, like one of their legendary pilots, Yellow 13.