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  1. I'm gonna miss the "Modder" title, but all good things must come to an end. Earlier today I handed in my resignation. I could not longer tolerate the moronic actions of WG over the way they treat Little White Mouse, fellow modders, friends, the community as a whole, and even their own employees. I'll still set aside some time to update my mods, I'm just quitting the WG program not the good captains of the sea. so, they'll be an update tomorrow hopefully, I doubt I'll ask for it to be moved out of the "archived mods" subthread.

  2. RazgrizRaptor

    Volunteer ship Alabama VL

    what a delight, thanks for the gift!^^
  3. RazgrizRaptor

    CV planes = BB ammo

    So, I'm pretty sure this will be ignored by WarGaming, just like years ago when I suggested my idea on how to fix the RTS Aircraft Carrier (CV) gameplay. I'm gonna keep this short because, honestly, this is my final attempt to do anything in support of the game development cycle. I call it "CV planes = BB ammo". what does this mean raptor? glad you asked. what this means is quite simple. ALL aircraft carriers have a standard reload of about 30 seconds. the "planes on deck" system that currently exists is abolished. gone, doesn't exist. the major difference with what I'm proposing makes it so your stuck doing nothing for less time, you can't spam a single squadron type at the enemy to "haku shotgun" torp drops, "rket rockets" on DDs, or whatever other tactics are out there and in return you truly do have unlimited planes. no more half squadrons caused by the 5 planes on deck nonsense. so, here's what the "CV planes = BB ammo" suggestion does... 1.) the game starts. all squadrons are prepped and you get to have fun doing nothing for 30 seconds, like a battleship. 2.) after the 30s "arming" time, you pick a squadron and it takes off. let's pretend we've sent up Torpedo Bombers (TBs). 3.) the TBs fly about, find a target and we'll say that the planes were unlucky and all 9 are shot down. 4.) the CV is locked out of the TBs for 30s while a new TB squadron is prepared. however, the other two plane types are ready to go. let's say we send out a team of rocket planes. 5.) the rocket planes go out, search around for a bit, and 3 of 9 are shot down. the other 6 make it home. no advantage to them returning. (maybe at a later date, returning planes apply a little bit of a cooldown enhancement. like -1s per recovered plane) 6.) the TBs are ready for another flight, 9 TBs take off. (because this isn't the old system that'd say you only have 5 planes on deck ready to fly.) 7.) rinse and repeat for the rest of the battle. that squadron type is locked out for 30 seconds AFTER the last plane R.T.B.s/dies, forcing the CV to launch a different squadron. so send up TBs, know that once the last one drops its fish or is shot down, you can't use TBs for 30 seconds. now, what this might do is 3 things. A.) it makes it so the apparent issue of spotting can't happen as quickly. B.) it prevents a CV from spamming one squadron type all game. C.) because now the planes are truly unlimited, in theory, it should encourage pilots to swing around and risk another attack. meaning that the defending ship gets more of a chance to fight its attacker. the major con I can think of for this is that pilots will be reckless. they won't care about the losses because the planes truly are unlimited and all they have to do is wait for 30s to get a whole new squadron. but then again, does anyone care to fire torps carefully when all it means is "wait 100 seconds for torps to be reloaded."?that's my suggestion... probably won't be noticed by WarGaming and the devs, so I'm probably just wasting my time. if my fellow captains wish to comment, go for it. but if you wanna help, then see if you can get someone from WarGaming to take a look and somehow tell them.
  4. RazgrizRaptor

    Game crashes with custom ship skins installed

    I've been having that same issue since patch 7.9 arrived. I know it's because of something in the ship skins/shaders folders of mods. I want my ships to keep their Arpeggio of Blue Steel inspired skins but if I load them up, it crashes the game. I've tried a suggestion on one of the FB fan pages (remove the guns folder from all nations) but it still crashes. I haven't played in over a week because of this issue, just cause I'm not happy seeing my ships stripped of their ARP prettiness. I miss the days when getting the glow to work was as simple as "paint the glowing area this color onto the MG file and you're done."
  5. RazgrizRaptor

    Game crashes with custom ship skins installed

    I don't think the clan patches are the cause of my issue. I do have mods that change the clan patch, but with or without them, the game still crashes. I have tried removing all camos and installing things in smaller blocks. starting with US carriers, then adding in the other three, but once I added in the guns. it crashed.
  6. so I'm not liking this patch at all, I can't play with the custom camos I've gotten for my ships. now sure, there are nearly 15gb of "camos" for these ships, but the game ran fine before the update with this and additional mods installed... I've been trying to get it to work for the last 5 or more hours, but all I can figure out is that it seems to just give up around 4.5gb. what gives? on top of that, it seems like what once worked doesn't anymore. on of the folders is called "misc" and it covers things on the deck of the ships, like a dismantled scout plane. having that folder installed INSTANTLY causes it to have a memory leak or something. WG can you give me any idea on why this is happening? please? I mean, at this point, I'm very desperate for an answer that'll let me play with my mods. I like my pretty ships and I don't want to go back to the default, rusty looking things. >,<;
  7. RazgrizRaptor

    Is it just me, or does something feel off with this ranked season?

    wow, I didn't know that was an issue either. I hope changes come to ranked, something that'll make them fun and/or more worthwhile. I mean, it's a pretty lame fix, but if they made it so losing stars didn't happen, but you had to earn more per rank, I'd probably play more. the biggest deterrent for me these days with ranks (for the last 3-4 seasons) is knowing when I'm on a 20+ loss streak because of the lost stars. 3 seasons ago, I was 1 star short of rank 5, then I fell all the way down to rank 8. 22 losses in a row. after one hellishly unenjoyable week and change, I got back all the stars, only to lose them again in two days on a 23 game losing streak. last two seasons I just stopped at R5, and this season seems like it'll be stopping at R12. a very big reason for that is because I want to rank lower next season so I can use my Enterprise, Massachusetts, and Kidd.
  8. RazgrizRaptor

    Is it just me, or does something feel off with this ranked season?

    I've been stuck at rank 12-11 for the past 4 days. unlike last seasons tho, this time I really can't find myself trying as hard. I mean, I'm still trying to win. but I was sorta hoping the steel rewards would be worth more, 300 steel for rank 9 feels pretty unsatisfying (and the effort to get to 10 is really diminishing my already low reserves of "try hard" that is depleted by clan battles). that and without any ability to do this with friends is keeping me from really wanting to play multiple battles in a row, I will say I can't wait for the next season of clan battles, I had much more fun there and even though I didn't earn as much steel there, it was far more enjoyable. maybe next season they'll allow divisions of 2 or add in more irrevokable ranks to encourage people to keep going. if I could play with a friend, then it'd be more fun just cause I have someone I know in each battle. if the checkpoints were still R10 and there was a new one at R5, I'd probably care way more to climb in ranks. lol
  9. RazgrizRaptor

    Is it just me, or does something feel off with this ranked season?

    ah, it's good to know there is a flag. someone said how there's far less pressure to get to rank 1. maybe that's the reason. cause with this new steel system, it's sort now a case of "eventually, I'll have enough steel for Black." vs "I need 5 R1s" and I haven't gotten to R1 once. @Optio_Praetorii, thanks for telling the link to the ranked details. the T10 thing might also have something to do with it as well. the only T10 I truly enjoy playing is Midway and it's hard to get a match with her. the rest is "meh". thanks for the input guys, there are things here that I hadn't considered that have made this season of ranked feel less enjoyable.^^
  10. so, the title says it all, there's nothing wrong with it really, but something feels off to me. I was super excited to start ranked before it came out, for weeks I was excited. but now that it's here, I'm finding it very hard to click that battle button. does anyone else feel like something's off with this season of ranked? best guess I have on why it's off for me is... 1.) no flag rank 15 flag for this season. so every ranked until this one has given us a flag to say "I participated", but this one doesn't seem to have that. am I wrong or is this little reward missing? 2.) reversion to rank 12. again, not really anything wrong with this, just like everything I can think of, but for some reason, I was more motivated to get to rank 10 than I was to get to rank 12. 3.) Rank 10 = Tier 10. I just liked that, it meant placing high in the ladder meant I could still use my T8s. you've no idea how excited I was to just enjoy Big Mamie and Kidd, only to start this season too high to use them. >.<; well, those are the little things that have no effect on gameplay and there's nothing wrong with how ranked is currently, but for whatever reason, I just can't find my excitement for ranked like I had before it came. I even looked under the couch and my bed. lol
  11. RazgrizRaptor

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT Insignia MOD

    aw, thanks. it's always good to know others like what I do. ^^ that voice mod is amazing, I'm already downloading it as I type.
  12. RazgrizRaptor

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT Insignia MOD

    glad to see someone other than me is making ace combat mods. =D
  13. and with 12 losses in a row, no saved stars, a loss from rank 5 and 3 stars back down to rank 7 and no stars... I am done with ranked... probably forever. the amount of demoralization, heartbreak, anger, and absolute misery I've experienced in ranked this last week has had a massive negative impact on my opinion of the game and this game mode. the worst part is knowing how many losses I've had because of a cruiser yolos, the enemy gets a lucky torp hit, the enemy getting 2 radar cruisers to my 0, or outright being out skilled has crushed any desire to continue. and I only know how many losses I've had because of the lost stars, had they put in a stopgap at 5, I wouldn't know, I wouldn't be so... defeated and I'd have the will to keep going. but watching all my hard earned ranks evaporate because of misfortune with teams has killed any and all desire to ever do this again... thanks, WG, I have never experienced such disdain for a game mode in my life.

    if I ever do ranked again it's either because I'm paying someone to do it for me, or because wargaming makes rank 5 irrevocable.

    "No reward is worth is this." - Han Solo

  14. okay... I've had it, I hate ranked battles. I mean whoever designed this game mode and didn't make a checkpoint at rank 5 placed it there just to destroy a captain's desire to do anything warships... it's sucked all of the joy out of the game for me. I no longer even want to play any game mode. so yeah, after having my spirits crushed over and over and over again this week, after see-sawing from rank 7 to rank 5, then back to rank 7 again... I've had enough. if wargaming leaves it as is, I will never touch the game mode again... ever. cause they really expect us to do this sort of hell for a grand prize of a crappy digital flag and 2750 gold doubloons, or $13.76 (In U. S. Dollars)... HOW IS THAT WORTH IT?!?!?!

    if ranked is lucky, then I'll finish this season, if it's super lucky, then I'll climb up to rank 4, be encouraged to play more, and then get to rank 1. in which case then I'll try again next season. but if I don't make rank 1 this season then I'm never, EVER touching the game mode again.

  15. So, for a while I've been wondering, how do people modify the files in the folder called "shaders". it's the folder that contains the files that allow the normal ships to glow like the ARP ones when given custom skins. the reason I want to know how to modify this is that I love having my ARP Midway, but there isn't a skin for Belfast and she's left being a glowing "ghost" ship or using a dull gray hull. I don't want that, what I'd like to have is Midway with her ARP skin and Belfast in her camo, along with all the other ships that do not have skins of their own. the last version of the game (6.14), I discovered which 10 files control the camos and using the camouflage file, I was able to enable the ones I wanted and disable the camos for the ARP ships. the file names look something like this. PBS_ship.00.dx9.fxo so yeah, what program do I need to be able to edit those fxo files?