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  1. nothing big yet, just Nation Renamer being updated for 9.7.0... past week, I've been doing a little updating to the Erusean squadrons to remove the incorrect roundels, not yet ready, Kaga has thrown a fly into the ointment and refuses to accept the new markings. assuming I find a few hours this weekend, I'll be working on the flags and if I can remember what the last season of ranked was for a flag, I'll try to slap a squadron emblem to that (and the lore I can dig up for it too.). . . that or maybe I'll get to work on some other carriers of the world. a very unlikely 3rd option is attempting to get Enterprise to be Kestrel again. none-the-less, one of those three things will be worked on ASAP. have fun out there Captain. ^^
  2. hey guys, just wanted to give a little update. I've finally found a bit of time to start prep work on the newest IJN planes, so Kaga won't be half Erusean half Japanese fairly soon. if I'm fast enough, I'd like to release Kaga at the very least with 9.7.0 when that comes out. ^^
  3. Small update to Ships of Strangereal: Graf Spee's fancy "Belkan Pride" skin as I'm calling it has been updated to replace the german flags and railings to something more belkan. have fun out there kommandants. ^-^
  4. as of a few minutes ago, the flags have received a patch to correct a "French" flag to be Aurelian... that's all.
  5. Flags of Strangereal has been updated. I also fixed a flag I half-finished unintentionally in the last patch. so no more confusion on what nation or planet you're from. lol I did spot a few new flags in there that I haven't changed. I do not know which ships fly them or if they're for some other purpose. if anyone knows which nation they truly belong to, let me know and I'll release another update to correct them. as always, if you wanna reach me for suggestions or find something wrong, then join my discord and let me know. ^^ also, as far as I'm aware, the ship skins, nation renamer, and now flags are 9.5.1 compatible.
  6. okay, Nation Renamer is now up to date. as always if you encounter an issue with it, find a typo or a line of text is missing. let me know in the #mod-comments-and-bug-reporting if you can't find your favorite coffee mug, ask your crew who took it and dish out punishment as you see fit. the next update is gonna be the flags sometime next week. have fun out there captains and stay safe.^^
  7. Alright, so I meant to do this yesterday, but I kinda forgot. ^^; anyways, it's here now and ready for everyone this weekend. so get out there Strangerealians and go sink each other or whatever. I don't have anything noteworthy to mention in this update, it's basically just more of the same, all nations updated (except the European nation, I still don't know what to name them) and I forget if this is new or not, but camos and flags now are rewritten to say the proper nation instead of their Earth counterpart. beyond that, my other plans are to see if the PnF files are finally working so the ARP ships can re-deploy, update the flags, paint up the new USN and IJN planes to their Strangerealian counterparts, and if there's time left, have a bagel. stay safe out there on the digital seas and have fun. ^-^
  8. okay, so I'll be honest, the updates this time around were quick and pleasant this time. Nation Renamer and Flags of Strangereal are both up to date for 9.3. I have no plans to update the PnFs as of now. I'd love to, but I have no idea how to fix them. even fresh out of the box, the PnFs just crash the game. so again, DO NOT download those as of now. as always, if you find any issues or typos in the mods, please let me know on Discord and I'll patch it up ASAP.
  9. alright, so I've just updated the Nation Renamer for 9.2. no major updates to mention everything's the same as last time. as of now, I'm planning to brainstorm on who to make the EU ships while I pass out for the night. I'll try and get the flags out ASAP, I'm hoping that I can work on them this weekend.
  10. hey ya, everyone! new patch out today for Nation Renamer and Flags. what's changed? eh, not much, in Nation Renamer, the BB medal's text was tweaked a little bit to make it more faithful to its source material. and that's really it. for flags, the only thing I can remember doing to that yesterday was inverting the white/blue ribbon on the Kestrel flag after realizing that for months (or maybe a year) I had the Osean colors upside down. so that's fixed. the Stovie flag was touched up a tiny bit in the hopes that it'd stay cleaner in-game vs past versions... but a quick test didn't seem to show any difference from the older version of the flag. and as for the ARP PnF skins, those are undergoing final testing to release updates for them, Enterprise/Kestrel isn't technically working. but I believe updates for the other ships, Midway, Salem, and Fletcher are working fine, I haven't seen anything buggy on them. so those should be released sooner or later, the big thing for me to do is remember to finish packing them up and uploading them. haha^^; anyways, as always, if you encounter an issue, let me know on Discord in the bug reporting channel and I'll fix it ASAP (link to Discord on the OP). have a good weekend blowing up ships with your loved ones or whatever. ^-^
  11. Alright everyone, for the first time in a very long time... actually, this might be the very first time ever, there's a Day One patch for nation renamer. nothing major, hopefully, there are no errors. there is one new addition to this mod, ages ago, I started changing the CV medal to read "Certified Sky Cancer", well, now battleships get the same sort of fun. their medal's text has been changed to read. Long Range Ballistics. "Patterson, fire a warning shot." "sir this is a 2,000 pou--" "ah potato, potato, just fire it Patterson." I hope you guys enjoy the update and if you find any errors please be sure to let me know here or on discord. sometime this weekend, I'm hoping to work on the flags and release them later in the weekend or week. ^^
  12. alright, so my thread's been moved back out of archives and I'm able to write here again. so that means I can properly say "Nation Renamer" has been updated for 8.11. Flag's might not see an update this patch because my free time as of now is dedicated to earning the PR. I don't have the cash to just throw money at the screen and get the ship. there will be a small update to the planes in the near future. I've painted up a few of the Erusean ones this past weekend so I'll be adding them soon... there might be some Osean ones in there too, but honestly I don't remember. >.<; as always, if you find any problems with the mod(s), please let me know on my discord or here. for the discord link, that's on the post that started it all. =)
  13. Happy Halloween everyone! today I have two very special PnF skins to release. USS Salem and USS Fletcher have their Strangerealian Fog counterparts released today as your Halloween tweet. terrorize the waters with the undying Heavy Cruiser Oured Bay and the ghostly Destroyer Davenport! Salem is expecting an update in the future to give her a unique emblem. oh, one more thing, these ships, like their Flagship Midway to Nowhere, come with a unique captain picture. and because when Midway was released, I wasn't able to post a message, only edit, I'll include her link in this message as well. I hope you like them, elements of these skins use old files from years ago when HarunaLine made mods (they are however modified to improve some details or give ships custom emblems in addition to the "Fog Marking".) as always, if you encounter any issues, find a visual glitch, or something else, please let me know on discord. ARP Midway to Nowhere Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nz4znxfincft0pv/PnF Midway.zip?dl=0 Halloween Bundle Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jiks16rr1vtp2ku/PnF Halloween Horrors.zip?dl=0
  14. RazgrizRaptor

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.9

    so, I said this when they announced submarines, but, isn't this the "year of the CV?" don't get me wrong, new stuff is nice, but I would have preferred it if wargaming had postponed all of these new things to take the year to focus on carriers and get them and the game mechanics around them (like AA). just saying that 5 months of it being pretty half-baked, 6th month being semi-fixed and new battleships, and 7th month being "subs are coming", isn't a good way to celebrate the year of the CV... just saying. ^^; okay, that aside, cool I guess, might be fun to play around with those Italian cruisers. curious to see what the Halloween event will add and if anything is returning as well. =]
  15. updated the nation renamer for 8.7. flag updates aren't planned at this time, so it's completely unknown when or if they'll be updated. EDIT 23/10/2019: not sure why, but it won't let me post a new reply, so I'm just putting the new update news here, in this older post. lol okay, so I wanted to put this update out by the weekend that passed, I ran into a hiccup converting the .mo file into something poedit could read. finally figured it out thanks to the warships community, so here it is. the text file has no major changes it except I ceased altering all names of the "B" ships. as I discovered, it makes things confusing in clan battles when you say "South Dakota (orders)" and the MA B goes "what?" if you guys want those names back let me know and I can just add the names back in and release two versions. ^^ additionally, Tier 10 Aircraft Carrier Midway has been converted into her Fog counterpart, Midway to Nowhere. you might have seen her in past event pictures I've posted. well now she can set sail under your command. she also comes with her own custom captain picture should you want the "Mental Module" for her as well. finally, there's one last treat, but the trick is you have to wait for it, it'll be released on October 31st, Halloween. Link for Midway skin: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nz4znxfincft0pv/PnF Midway.zip?dl=0