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  1. Woooot.. I thought i was the only dude on the planet who had thi..........bleh
  2. My grinds are nearly done, I'll be needing that vacation...
  3. I thought not being able to carry was tough enough - Now this. You've got to be kidding me....
  4. New Contest: Museum Hunt

    From down under: Sadly not able to visit any of these places. What i wouldn't give to go, though.
  5. Hello Guys :D Best of luck this year to you!
  6. Should the Izumo be Replaced

    Izumo is a bit of a pain, but she hits hard in her own ways.
  7. First update of the year!
  8. Man. You are a Saint! sometimes i wonder about the nature of these missions, do they want to promote good teamplay or everyone for their own objectives :D at least mission 1 helps the team.
  9. BB exclusive Task 2 of mission 4 (Duke of york campaign) "destroy or incapacitate 3 main turrets of enemy ships within ONE match." (YES 1 Match!) I am hard stuck here. I've tried all day with little luck. have only managed to get a chance for 1x turret downs when i fire HE at DD. Should i be brawling close up? which shells are better for CA/BB turrets? how am i supposed to aim as precise as they need me to? any BB's better than others for the job? (I have been spamming Nelson) I'm entirely deflated and need some desperate help, even High caliber and possibly Kraken is easier than this for me specifically at this point. :'D
  10. This. And wow, if that really did happen, and they still expect comebacks then they believe in God damned fairies.
  11. Happy new year! :D That does not help your team much because somehow your rag tag pubby team must still find a way to, you know, "communimacate". I mute and blacklist such punks as soon as i smell dung getting flung though ^^. That is much better.
  12. I am so touched! You Americans are so nice :D Anyways. Happy New Year captains, friends, ....Mastercard marines..! Good luck and heres to another year's smooth sailing!