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  1. Thank you! :D yes, Have got both atm!
  2. 4chan
  3. Pringles bridge
  4. the NC is up now! apologies for taking forever on that T_T
  5. its been like that for an entire year on me aswell. Yeah. And then BAM.
  6. Updated
  7. there are always supercontainers
  8. Just researched NC. Glad to hear that it is good. Don't have the creds tho...yet D:
  9. "way too much punishment for little mistakes" I came from LoL, tell me about it....
  10. Hello there I was wondering, might you have any spots left in your collections?
  11. LIES! The Chibi world is canon! it HAS to be...! It is...am I...am I right..? D':
  12. Gawd, Condolences my friend. Here have a crappy fake poster i made, yall.