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  1. Hey! Thank you for your support! original art as followed:
  2. Original artworks without modifications:
  3. Request and i'll post the Original source. Most of these are heavily modified by me, sometimes i keep higher resolution images before i resize them into icons due to maybe future room for improvement, but i've only started doing so recently
  4. should try Kirishima (bear version) when she catches fire. hint: actually dont :'D
  5. thats rather funny, ive switched over to national+ from national and now its just all English D:
  6. Sorry I'm late!
  7. 6alanc? XAXAXA shto takoe 6alanc
  8. Mod Updated!
  9. Hi! Sure, will add next update.
  10. - Sudden unexpected update! - (also i think this topic should be moved to the mods section...)
  11. Who have you seen in game

    Hahaha I remember that, we got decked by you :D Now that i know this thread exists, I think should... probably watch myself lol, cause' I'm known to cuss like a true bogan on a bote.
  12. What's your comfort ship.

    I cant win em all, but i do find comfort in my Kaga. *braces for rotten tomatoes* that aside i enjoy derping around in the Katori, Atlanta and the Nelson aswell.
  13. How did I get this ship?

    I had a friend who randomly got handed an Ishizuchi despite not opening any boxes or doing any campaigns whatsoever. In fact, he hardly played the game. It puzzles me even today @_@
  14. The Triggering of the Century

    Woooot.. I thought i was the only dude on the planet who had thi..........bleh