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  1. First of all Congrats :D Molotov is literally tier 9 Dimitri donskoi guns on a frail t6 cruiser body. like the others have been saying, go for arson and maneuverability. gameplay wise you start fires for days but your reload is a little slow in comparison to proper soviet tech tree cruisers. We all know that CA in general cannot take hits but ESPECIALLY not you. one shot placed almost anywhere has a big fat chance of citadelling your fragile body. so use that recon plane, keep on the move, dodge while spamming away. Have fun, shes not the easiest to play, but damn are those guns fantastic :D
  2. The Skies are my clothes and the seas my pants. ....what are you doing inside my pants?
  3. infinity
  4. Du wirst macht greifen das krug oder DIESE Krugen ;)
  5. D.va
  6. "You do not simply, talk about Umbara." "AAAAAUUUGHHHHHHH" "Dogma's having flashbacks again..."
  7. Hangugeo motaeyo...
  8. Och Ja
  9. Engrish
  11. Belle aint dumb.
  12. Papi
  13. Oof that hurt my waist so bad also hey thats not nuff said yet for Tier 3, you forgot the Katori for seal clubbing :D
  14. so the SC's have been failing since only recently? last one I've gotten had a Kutu in it mere weeks ago
  15. The door used to be the only thing stopping me to Jenny Craig's but look at me now! call 1800 Kako gym today.