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  1. LightningWaffle

    Your very first Premium was?

    Mine was the Yuubari. Bought her to get into CBT, and even now I still love that little ship.
  2. I can't speak for other captains, but personally I tend to get in closer when able. I prefer medium to close distance in my KM BBs, but if I start trading HP/being a Distraction Carnifex, but my team fails to capitalize on that, I will disengage and retreat to the edge of mid-range (I refuse to snipe in my BBs except when I'm firing opening salvos). Once I see them actually rallying or I see an opening I need to support, I will get back in there. Sniping with KM dispersion is too much of a lottery. I think most KM BBs benefit from a push-and-pull sort of mentality. My best Tirpitz games, even when I'm uptiered, have always been when I push in, draw them back, then push back in, wash rinse and repeat. Problem is, most people don't realize it, nor do they really tend to think about their engagements. More than a few BB captains don't know when to disengage or how to properly handle big engagements. They either play it safe and snipe which does absolutely nothing for them and their team, or they dive in, panic when they start getting focused, then end up dying. They play too binary of a game sometimes. They learn what works for them, but it may not be the right lesson to learn.
  3. LightningWaffle

    Deliberate Attempt to TK

    Like they said above, don't name and shame here. It won't end well for you if a mod sees it.
  4. LightningWaffle

    Absolute WORST super-container opening?

    *Sudden realization of terror*
  5. LightningWaffle

    Absolute WORST super-container opening?

    I feel you. On all 4 stages of that campaign, all 8 containers only ever gave me flags. I've honestly stopped caring for the supercontainers at this point. It's gotten to the point where the regular ones are arguably more useful.
  6. LightningWaffle

    How to Shimakaze

    After about 9 months of having it unlocked, I finally ended up buying my Shimakaze. After a few matches in her, I realized.....I'm dreadfully rusty at true torpedo boats. I took the advice listed here and used her as an intel ship/scout to start with, and I found myself doing better than I have in a while, but she's still a tough thing to play. Still....it's fun though. Now I just need to get everything set like I want it, and I'll be happy. I'll post replays here after I've managed to stop sucking and actually get the hang of it again.
  7. Convincing myself to actually do things has to be the worst job in the world. I should be getting paid overtime for it.