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  1. In Memory of Dseehafer Starts Tomorrow

    I just now discovered that he passed away. I.....I'll definitely make sure to sail my Tirpitz in his honor this weekend. He was an outstanding member around here.
  2. Sure, radar makes DD hunting easier, but radar honestly has a lot more utility than that. It's just knowing when and how to utilize it, and how much map/situation awareness you have. After I'm done hunting DDs (if I even have to), I'll use my radar as an information tool or a counter. If my team is in position to flank, I'll pop radar and see if I can highlight anything hiding behind islands or in corridors. Sometimes it flushes them out and makes them easy targets for my flanking teammates, or it forces them to stay honest and keeps my team safe for a few more seconds while they move up. Other times I'll use it to screen for my team and get an idea of where things are going, so I can piece together a decent reactive or predictive strategy.But knowing when to use it requires that you at least pay attention to the map, note where things were spotted last, and can predict when/where ships will end up based on current conditions. Your disturbances in the Force to come in handy when knowing when to use it, especially if it's eerily quiet in the latter stages of the match. Unfortunately I'm out of time to type, so no detailed guide for now.
  3. Life has gotten in my way, and I'm now a DadWaffle, but I'm still loving this game. However....I wanna know some things from you guys. It's been a long time since I took a proper look at the ship roster and picked out the worst of the worst. I know there's been a few meta shifts, and since there are new lines and all, I wanted to see if people's opinions on ships have changed. I don't want to create a poll listing every single ship, so I'll just ask you guys point blank: What ships do you hate playing the most? I don't wanna know about your premiums, as we know there's more than a few stinkers in there, but what tech tree ships made you grit your teeth or wear a new dent in your desk from all the fist-slamming. What makes it so bad for you? What did you end up doing? That sort of thing. There are a couple polls attached with this, more for the sake of knowledge than anything else, but the Waffle reeeaaallly wants to know what was/is/will be the worst for you.
  4. Decline of BB support role. Why?

    As far as random battles are concerned, I think it's a mix of several things. While a lot does depend on time spent playing BBs, I have noticed that a fair number of BB captains don't know how to time their push, or even where. Their mis-timing often gets them blapped fairly early on, or they suffer a slow painful death by HE spam, so it conditions them to stay further back and plink. Worse, when they do manage to time their pushes right, the first time that push encounters resistance, that BB's support runs for the hills and leaves them out to dry and die. It's not just exclusive to BBs, but whenever those that are brave enough to make the push only ever get passive support from their team, they feel less inclined to do anything and be passive themselves. BBs just happen to suffer the worst of it due to their inability to hide or retreat effectively. Teamwork with randoms is also becoming a rare thing nowadays, it seems. Every now and again I'll be blessed with a team that coordinates, is cordial, and actually has fun with it. But more times than not I observe a lot of A) Armchair commanders who scream at everyone with worthless tactics and lingo, or B) a lot of selfish players who would rather chase down a single target for the XP than turn and fight the flanking enemy knocking down their door. "After all, what good is teamwork when I won't get more points for it?" is what I imagine some people saying sometimes. Ranked? I can imagine the toxicity and passiveness being worse over there. I haven't played any this season, but I can well imagine the horror.
  5. What playing a Yamato reveals to you

    Sadly accurate. I've lost count of how many games I've been focused early on by a gaggle of enemy cruisers, only for my team to faceroll them after I die.
  6. Clan communications

    We still use Teamspeak, but we have a Discord server set up as well. We leverage both, but our main voice comms come through TS at the moment.
  7. This has Always Grinded My Gears

    I would love to hear from someone with a more historical perspective of it. I can't think of any reasoning for it aside from the note that you do see this turret configuration on some cruisers (Pensacola comes to mind), so maybe there was some merit. Then again, since you never saw a BB with it, there had to be a reason it didn't make its way to them. I would suspect that it had to do with what would end up being a much wider turret barbette, giving the enemy a much bigger target to hit. This is something I'm curious about from a design standpoint, so I'm gonna follow this discussion.
  8. Priority Target vs. Preventative Maintenance

    Honestly I've come to pick PT more often now. It gives me a gauge on how much I can get away with. If I'm spotted but I know nobody's targeting me, I might hang around for a few more seconds and do some more shenanigans that I couldn't get away with otherwise. PM is nice, but only comes in handy if I'm getting shot at in the first place.
  9. How many tier 10s are in your port?

    Two so far (Yamato, Minotaur), with a third on the way (Shimakaze). I have a bad problem of trying to grind too many lines at once.
  10. A Potentially hot selling tier 8 premium...forgotten...

    I know I'm late to the party, but while I would love to see Tone, I'm afraid that she'd end up suffering from Duke Nukem/Half-Life Syndrome upon release - the hype vastly outgrowing any possible product that could be produced. I mean, I would love to see her appear, especially if they ever rework CVs, but I'm not hopeful that we'll see her any time soon.
  11. My Turn = Neptune

    Ah, Nep. The only ship that I played in which I was regularly deleted if somebody so much as farted in my general direction. I feel that, when you purchase the Neptune, the 'How Not to Be Seen' skit from Monty Python needs come up on the screen as mandatory viewing because she is so fragile. Drifting out of smoke, waiting too long, getting the slightest bit greedy, or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time and I usually ended up staring at the screen watching my ship disappear. Worst part is, a lot of times you just knew when death was coming, and all you could do was wait. That being said, she was pretty enjoyable when she wasn't sunk, especially against CVs who didn't know any better. Monster AA range and damage output, plus being able to shred things at close range was a lot of fun.
  12. Tech Support has stopped responding

    I don't know if things have changed with their support service, but I know that at one point it was mentioned that each message you send in the chain before their next response bumps it further down in the queue, as it used to treat it as a new/additional issue. If you've only just now started sending daily updates to them, you might actually be making it worse. That is, if they're still using the same queue system.
  13. Serious mismatches in general. DDs, radar, CVs, you name it. Or when you get a couple teammates who decide to teamkill each other and you're down 1/4 of your team before you've even engaged the enemy (I can elaborate on that if needed. Was not a fun match).
  14. Best way to Equip Izumo?

    Oh. And don't forget: She may be somewhat tanky from the front, but she has such a huge butt that any side shots or hits while retreating will cause some serious damage.
  15. POLL: Community Feedback on Roma

    Honestly, i want to get Roma, but I'm definitely not going to get her with that camo. The beer can kills it for me.