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  1. The Fletcher dilemma

    Ask yourself if you want a DD for Clan Wars or Ranked. If the answer is yes then go with the Gearing. If you would rather have fun torp spamming in pubs stick with the Fletcher.
  2. [] Master Port Collection

    Yeah sorry about that, I'm taking an extended break from modding to catch up on other things. The ports still work though!
  3. [] Master Port Collection

    Hey everyone, thought I'd post an update. I've been on extended break from the game due to IRL matters. Sorry if I'm behind on things.
  4. [] Master Port Collection

    All ports are compatible. Isn't it great when a mod doesn't break? I have the space map & port underway as the next preservation project. I will save it to the best of my ability but no guarantees on a 1:1.
  5. Shima needs top buff

    Torpedo Reload Booster when?
  6. [] Master Port Collection

    New Release: Naval Base Access Hey everyone, it's been awhile since a new release. Naval Base Access lets standard account holders use the Naval Base port complete with ship location switching and music. This new version will replace my outdated Dry Dock Standard port. Enjoy!
  7. Haguro_Tutorial_Task_9_1 - When focusing firepower, shift your broadside towards the enemy. Haguro_Tutorial_Task_9_2 - Shift broadside towards the enemy.
  8. [] Master Port Collection

    I've updated the version numbers. These ports rarely break when the game gets patched so it's a low maintenance mod that can carry over to new versions easily. I can confirm these are working for
  9. [] Master Port Collection

    Looks the it's stuck in the archive... Come on WG. What version of the game now and what version of do you have in the title of the topic? You do not see any difference? MedvedevTD
  10. [] Master Port Collection

    Seems like if I don't bump this it keeps getting lost in the archive... Maybe that's how my original thread got nuked.
  11. [] Master Port Collection

    How long ago was it? It's been a few years since my other ports had music in them. Yokosuka has leftover music code allows it to work. The rest have been removed after every few patches by WG & currently there's no modding capability to add your own port music. Before user port functions were created for modders the port formerly overwritten the NY port that had the music, if that's what you're referring to. You can still do that if you want. Just move the files from spaces/mpc_Dock_NY_Lights to spaces/Dock_NY & it will replace your NY dock.
  12. [] Master Port Collection

    Update time: - MatterCore's Submarine Bay - Many other ports received an update to prevent clipping with the extension of the new port camera. Your camera will now properly interact with port objects.