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  1. GoldPile

    Underwater Obstruction Charts

    One for the books.
  2. GoldPile

    What's the point in playing older lines anymore?

    If we're talking about the OG USN & IJN then the only true turd I have played through is the Ibuki. Izumo used to also be pretty terrible but it's gotten some substantial buffs over the years.
  3. GoldPile

    Ranked can be fun

    From my experience BBs tend to not get deleted right off the bat. I can’t tell you how many times I just stare at our broadside Nurnberg while a salvo comes from 17km and 10-20k goes poof. Other times cruisers play like budget DDs and yolo the cap only to, you guessed it, get focus fired and deleted. Then there’s DDs eating torps and just dying. BBs with their limited speed and heavy bulk can keep even the most determined potato alive. I’ve noticed a common trend of German BB yolo and every other BB hanging in the back. Anyway, you not dying immediately probably helps. Judicious use of F3 does help coordinate focus fire when you want something dead provided you actually have backup.
  4. This might come off as a surprise but I’m usually able to get my team to shoot that DD I lit up with radar. I tend to F3 the DD I’m shooting at (don’t spam it as that might annoy people to not shoot at the DD). Occasionally I get F5s but generally shells start raining down shortly afterwards. If the team’s slow on the uptake I F3 again and eventually if someone’s in range they’ll try shooting at the DD. I like to think of it as a somewhat unreliable arty strike.
  5. If that’s what you enjoy go for it. Seems like you already have a plan in place. Just don’t fall into the sunk cost fallacy when you need to take a break. I’m not one to nitpick how others spend their money.
  6. Honest question, have you considered buying or playing games other than WOWS? There’s plenty of entertainment out there and you’re effectively paying for a full game per ship. A few times is probably not a bad investment to get you a few premiums to enjoy. But you only have so much time and I bet many premiums are port queens right now.
  7. How about all BB matches? No island spam, no planes, no torps, no radar, no smoke. Pump up your damage numbers! Get 300k super unicum damage easy. Concealment? Spotting? Who needs that, we got big guns and big targets to shoot at. Live the dream of secondary brawls and broadside action with no need to care of dodging or positioning. It’s a fight to the death as there will be nothing capped, a pure test of grit and tenacity! Before you bring up that one line or ship with torps, smoke, or radar. Yes I know.
  8. GoldPile

    Venezia - Heavy SAP?

    Might I recommend the concealment heavy HE/SAP build? I haven’t ran it with Venezia (as I don’t have one) but working up the line my plan is to eventually have these skills: Adrenaline Rush, Concealment Expert, Heavy HE/SAP, and Top Grade Gunner. I would also be running the concealment mod. But hold on you say! Don’t these skills run contrary to each other? Part of the problem with lighthouse builds is that they have poor ways of disengaging and getting to where they need to be. But with the half lighthouse build you really lose around ~1km of detection on most ships for a flat 15% damage boost of HE/SAP damage and a 10% ROF buff when you close the distance. Instead of 18km detection memes you’re now running a more standard 14km detection for most ships which is very workable for a noticeable increase in DPM. Since you got smoke you can also use that to disengage. Most of my cruisers are now half lighthouse builds and they work pretty swimmingly. Exceptions can be made to AP focused cruisers or radar cruisers.
  9. Against my better judgement I'm going to dive into this thread with a battle from awhile back. Laying everything out... my damage was absolutely abysmal, even lower than your battle. But somehow I was able to claw a win with all my torps gone, AA wiped out, and a Midway desperately trying to end me while being hunted by 2 BBs. Some of our BBs played pretty well, we had a few high calibers on our side. Yet how did I end up first that match? Capping (especially solo caps) net you a lot of XP. Planes also probably contributed some to my xp gains but our bottom ships also shot down quite a few. Spotting may not earn you much, nor potential damage, but grabbing caps is a fast way to place high up on the scoreboard.
  10. GoldPile

    Where to put the Radar Upgrade

    Russian followed by US or any DD with radar. Essentially just put it on ships you’re getting a lot of radar usage from. General consensus seems to be US but honestly half the time the DD’s either dead or out of radar range before it runs out. Russian radar has longer range and shorter duration so you want to maximize uptime on them.
  11. GoldPile


    You’re right it is 25mm, but remember that 406 also overmatches 27. Problem with Agir is that the bow extremity is so darned huge with a brick of an above water citadel behind it. Contrary to Kronstadt, it has a much narrower bow profile. The citadel is also heavily armored and at the waterline. In practice I eat more cits through the bow and broadside in the Agir. Sometimes how easily Agir gets citadeled leaves me in shock.
  12. GoldPile


    Prepare to be surprised because Kronstadt has better side protection! Beyond sitting low in the water, half of the side is 230mm external belt armor. The citadel is also internal and sits at the waterline unlike Agir’s above water failed turtleback. It’s basically Alaska protection except the external belt covers more of the ship. Kronstadt has Stalingrad guns minus the auto bounce and sports German dispersion. Did I mention it also has some of the best if not best gun angles on any cruiser? Another often overlooked feature is almost detection radar, concealment can get down to 12.7km and you have 12km radar. Honestly Agir could use some better protection. My biggest gripe is the trash tier gun angles and some of the worst HE DPM by a mile. I know I also use AP but Kronstadt has better AP and HE which is bonkers.
  13. GoldPile


    My Agir also has garbage W/R, part of the problem might’ve been me trying to get 10km secondaries to work. It does not work well as a T9 GK lol. Heck I think it has the absolute worst gun angles I’ve ever seen period. Even the AP is just meh compared the pen of Kronstadt, and it has better HE as well. I’ve had some fun moments in ranked, especially in close encounter DD matches. I‘m quite sad that the secondaries are mostly for fireworks.
  14. Since my original post was probably long winded I have a easy (partial) solution. Give DFAA the panic ability back. In RTS CV this consumable debuffed bombers in AA range by making the reticle expand ~2x. Even if your ship had absolute trash tier AA as long as it had range you were immune to CV strikes for the duration of DFAA and your ship can actually function as AA support, not just plane deletion. CVs had two choices, find another target or go for the strike and pray. I think this is a reasonable compromise for both parties. Ships have a go away button, DDs that aren’t Halland can be useful AA support, and CVs don’t have to deal with having their entire squad deleted. They will still be able to drop their payload but at the cost of accuracy.