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  1. Did you strongly suggest for those 2 DMs to radar? I find that sometimes it works when you tell them the obvious. Also maybe they were... Spotter plane... DMs...
  2. According to this source: http://gpuboss.com/gpus/GeForce-GTX-1060-vs-GeForce-GTX-1050-Ti The 2 cards you mention should perform relatively very close but in terms of raw stats, 1060 is more powerful. So pick one depending on your other preferences. From past experiences with other rigs WOWS has a severe GPU bottleneck. You can even pass with an i5 or i3 but if your GPU is not up to par then you will struggle in the FPS department. SSDs facilitate faster loading into a match but it won't affect your FPS. With RAM you only really need 6-8 GB if you're just planning on gaming. For other games such as Stellaris you want a good CPU.
  3. The first question is do you like Yamato style play? If the answer is yes then totally. Musashi is taking everything good about the Yammy & moving it down 1 tier. You basically get an extra T10 ship on your team if the enemy doesn't also have one. She can literally 1v1 a Yamato & stall T10 BBs in their tracks, what other T9 BB can do that? (assuming both are of similar skill)
  4. Someone once "reported" my Graf Spee for dev striking their broadside Omaha because of "aimbotting".
  5. You didn't bother to read my other post did you? U.S.
  6. Since not a lot of people believe my testimony about PayPal charging a fee for WG purchases, here's my proof.
  7. @renegadestatuz PayPal adds a % fee to your purchases since WG is considered an international company. I was pretty pissed when I saw it in my statements.
  8. Based on the previous comments about your performance, I'm sorry to say but there's a reason why your WR is so low & why you're receiving so much flak. Unfortunately being a higher tier CV, if you cannot play well it tends to drag your teammates WR down along with you, especially a T10 CV. Hence you're affecting all of your teammates in a negative way when you don't carry your weight & your teammates gets nuked by that 60% WR CV. My suggestion is to dry dock your CV in port & go up non-CV line. Also toxicity tends to be a lot less if you win often as another user pointed out.
  9. You're correct that IFHE on 152mm barrels provides zero benefit against DDs. However the guns themselves will be devastating against DDs.
  10. The rules never changed, stop being the first one dead in a TX ship.
  11. The side who had better team play won obviously.
  12. Zoom & Enhance Cinematic Port Camera What does this mod do? This mod adds more zoom levels to your port camera allowing you to zoom extremely close and far from your ship. Camera yaw has also been unlocked so now you can look almost 90 degrees up and down. Ever wanted to take a closer look at your ship? Perhaps even stand on it? Or maybe you want to see everything the port has to offer. Well now you can with this mod! Features: Extreme zoom angles both in & out Reworked FOV to eliminate perspective stretching Unlocked camera yaw angles (ability to move your camera up & down) Adds zoom levels to preexisting zoom parameters, you will still maintain your original zoom (think of it like an expansion) Extremely lightweight in size Please note that with the freedom to move wherever you want (for the most part), you may experience some clipping. This mod also answers the question on why there's no port free cam. Screenshots: Compatibility: Currently not compatible with other camera mods, may change in the future. Download: Link