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  1. GoldPile

    Secondary battleships and why you want one.

    Neither, you want FP. Concealment on the GK is so bad that a PLANE can spot you 1km further than your surface detection. If you're focusing on getting within secondary range you're also not concealed. IFHE is highly situational especially when secondaries love to aim at the belt, which IFHE won't fix. On the other hand HE spam is guaranteed every match & most fires start on your superstructure.
  2. GoldPile

    Secondary battleships and why you want one.

    Obviously the Kind of Secondaries is the Conqueror. This raid boss has the furthest secondaries that can shoot past 20km with high accuracy & fire chance. Although it may not shoot as fast as the other secondary kings, it definitely makes up for it with range & accuracy.
  3. GoldPile

    Secondary battleships and why you want one.

    I have my GK as only a half secondary spec build. What is half secondaries? Well AFT + the secondary module + flag & that's it. But why not go all the way some may ask? Because secondaries don't matter if you can't survive to use them. 4 points is an expensive investment for manual secondaries that you must give up some crucial skills on GK such as Fire Prevention (helps a lot with HE spam) & Basics of Survivability (also with fire spam). Since you basically don't eat cits you're left with HE spam, AP pens, & fires, which you only have so many captain points to spend on. Unfortunately ships that aren't Massachusetts also don't get an innate secondary accuracy buff either.
  4. GoldPile

    Proposal: Tier 10 Musashi

    Reading through your bullet point suggestions, I still don't see the point of a Yamato with worse main batteries & a better heal only if you take damage you shouldn't be taking, e.g. citadels & torps. Even GK, the prime brawling BB with hydro, still fears torps as its sluggish to evade & has terrible TDS. Also 100% torp healing is a bit too much don't you think? Torps that hit bow & stern is 50% heal, while torps that hit your TDS gets the percentage reduction while counting as a cit. Wouldn't it be better to be consistent & also have it heal 33%?
  5. The title is somewhat confusing, a typo?
  6. GoldPile

    Worcerster a little OP

    Well I decided to make a sig depicting how I feel when playing the Worcester.
  7. GoldPile

    To get Nelson or not to get Nelson....

    She excels in many areas, offensive HE & AP along with the super heal means she can take a beating & return it in kind. I would say she's a solid investment if you're bored.
  8. I just got 3 penetrations! Wait a minute... Those were overpens! I'm not sure why there was a need to make it look visually similar to the penetration ribbon, especially the 2 red bars on the side. I would understand if it was a different color... like blue. Now I have to double check myself to see if I actually penetrated someone or if I just overpenned. I kindly ask the devs to revert back to the old ribbon, or at least change the color of the 2 red bars.
  9. GoldPile

    BBs, stop taking Survivability Expert!

    Don't forget to take Fire Prevention on your DDs.
  10. GoldPile

    Any T9 tech-tree ships worth keeping?

    I would've said Fletcher a few patches ago. Ever since Gearing received Fletcher torps I haven't found a reason to keep her unfortuntely. I haven't found any other T9 tech tree ship that I would keep. Most of them I just want to finish as soon as possible as the T10 is a straight upgrade. Even Iowa wasn't that fun to play in IMO.
  11. GoldPile

    Poor visibility in new London Port

    If you're interested I could make fog free variants of the ports.
  12. Sorry I was reading the post BELOW the OP, my bad.
  13. Heck no. Thats how you get subs who spend 25 minutes skirting the map edges at 12 kts going CV & BB "hunting". Meanwhile you are down one ship & are losing caps while the sub goes "hunting".
  14. GoldPile

    World of Fires?

    How to counter fires: 1: Fireproof flags 2: Damage control upgrade instead of steering gears 3: Fire Prevention captain skill 4: Basics of Survivaiblity captain skill Congrats, fires are now not a problem. Instead it will be HE eating up more of your HP.
  15. Unfortunately that loss of concealment is too great for me. With full conceal you get a 0.4km drop on a DD. Without it you're at a 0.5km disadvatage, losing your DD trapping speciality for a bit of longer radar. A smart DD would've turned around long before you're able to use it without concealment. It's one of the reasons DM struggles in open water because it cannot maintain vision control. Yes you also get longer DFAA & Hydro but those aren't worth sacfrificing concealment in pubs or comp if you play as the DD trap (you don't really see CVs either). Plus lower concealment means you can get caps that other cruisers simply can't because they will be spotted.