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  1. GoldPile

    Friedrich der Grosse Build sugestions

    Here's my one size fits all GK build that I use for all other German BBs as well. Survivability plus secondary fun. Ordered by Skill Points: 1. Priority Target, Preventative Maintenance 2. Adrenaline Rush 3. Superintendent 4. Manual Secondaries, Fire Prevention, Advanced Firing Training I would get FP first, followed by AFT and lastly Manual Secondaries. PM was my final point dump. This frees up room for Aux Armaments Mod 1 so your secondaries stop dying. Of course I also run secondary battery mod. You will notice that concealment is thrown to the wind, this isn't a back line build. You're expected to get up close (at least mid range) and personal (but not suicidal).
  2. GoldPile

    Kronshtadt...pull the trigger?

    I personally really enjoy mine, it's like a Stalingrad that can kite.
  3. Imagine if your fires have a 5 second base duration on BBs. This is now on CVs. 3 fires? no problem they burn out in 5 seconds even without DCP.
  4. It's quite possible to become de-planed, as getting double squad wiped guarantees you will be sitting there for a long time, even with full replenishment build. At lower tiers, getting single squad wiped already puts you on the lifeline in terms of reserves. Of course, you'll also be locked out of your preferred bomber type depending on the wipe.
  5. It should be noted that catapult fighters will chase your recalled planes to the ends of the earth occasionally even if you have no idea they're above you as planes being recalled are invisible to surface ships, but not to AI fighters. From personal testing, CVs below T10 lack speed and durability to get through heavy AA fast enough to be able to escape with minimal losses by recalling after the strike. T10 CVs tend to lose their squads AFTER the initial strike is completed as they fly away to turn around for another run. T8 and below suffers more losses on the initial approach compared to their T10 counterparts while under heavy AA fire at equal tier because they move like molasses (e.g. striking Dallas with Ranger vs striking Worcester with Midway). Ranger hovers around ~130-150 kts for their bombers while Midway blazes in and out at ~190-230 kts, add around 20-30 kts for rocket fighters. That speed is less time spent in AA and faster time to recall + sending another squad in the air. You can literally send an endless stream of bombers against an enemy if you're close enough with T10 CVs. Also 5 second fires on CVs is broken, it puts Midway at a significant disadvantage against Hak if they're bombing each other. This also means DDs and cruisers can't set CVs on fire.
  6. Get the wins in co-op, grind everything else in randoms. Even on a loss you get paid more than a win in co-op. Also you don't bleed credits.
  7. GoldPile

    WG enough bending the knee to DD!

    We would have a lot less of these threads if people played other classes more... there's no rule saying you can't any class in the game.
  8. GoldPile

    Nelson needs buffs...

    Don't bow in to overmatch battleships +380mm, maintain an angle. Also don't sit in one place like a brick unless you want to be torp fodder all day.
  9. 13, alternated between Kami R & Zuiho with most of the battles being in the Kami R. Done half solo & half divvied. Fun fact: I sunk more DDs with torps than BBs. Also I found out Zuiho can get through Texas & Guilo AA if you stack your bombers in 1 wave with minimal losses.
  10. I recommend dual catapult fighters. They last a long time & have a short cooldown. Heck I'd say they're better than any AA buffs you might be looking to grab for the point expense you will be giving up. Musashi's AA is garbage, but with dual catapults you can at least panic & shoot down some planes with them.
  11. GoldPile

    Secondary battleships and why you want one.

    Neither, you want FP. Concealment on the GK is so bad that a PLANE can spot you 1km further than your surface detection. If you're focusing on getting within secondary range you're also not concealed. IFHE is highly situational especially when secondaries love to aim at the belt, which IFHE won't fix. On the other hand HE spam is guaranteed every match & most fires start on your superstructure.
  12. GoldPile

    Secondary battleships and why you want one.

    Obviously the Kind of Secondaries is the Conqueror. This raid boss has the furthest secondaries that can shoot past 20km with high accuracy & fire chance. Although it may not shoot as fast as the other secondary kings, it definitely makes up for it with range & accuracy.
  13. GoldPile

    Secondary battleships and why you want one.

    I have my GK as only a half secondary spec build. What is half secondaries? Well AFT + the secondary module + flag & that's it. But why not go all the way some may ask? Because secondaries don't matter if you can't survive to use them. 4 points is an expensive investment for manual secondaries that you must give up some crucial skills on GK such as Fire Prevention (helps a lot with HE spam) & Basics of Survivability (also with fire spam). Since you basically don't eat cits you're left with HE spam, AP pens, & fires, which you only have so many captain points to spend on. Unfortunately ships that aren't Massachusetts also don't get an innate secondary accuracy buff either.
  14. GoldPile

    Proposal: Tier 10 Musashi

    Reading through your bullet point suggestions, I still don't see the point of a Yamato with worse main batteries & a better heal only if you take damage you shouldn't be taking, e.g. citadels & torps. Even GK, the prime brawling BB with hydro, still fears torps as its sluggish to evade & has terrible TDS. Also 100% torp healing is a bit too much don't you think? Torps that hit bow & stern is 50% heal, while torps that hit your TDS gets the percentage reduction while counting as a cit. Wouldn't it be better to be consistent & also have it heal 33%?
  15. The title is somewhat confusing, a typo?