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  1. Haguro_Tutorial_Task_9_1 - When focusing firepower, shift your broadside towards the enemy. Haguro_Tutorial_Task_9_2 - Shift broadside towards the enemy.
  2. I've updated the version numbers. These ports rarely break when the game gets patched so it's a low maintenance mod that can carry over to new versions easily. I can confirm these are working for
  3. Looks the it's stuck in the archive... Come on WG. What version of the game now and what version of do you have in the title of the topic? You do not see any difference? MedvedevTD
  4. Seems like if I don't bump this it keeps getting lost in the archive... Maybe that's how my original thread got nuked.
  5. How long ago was it? It's been a few years since my other ports had music in them. Yokosuka has leftover music code allows it to work. The rest have been removed after every few patches by WG & currently there's no modding capability to add your own port music. Before user port functions were created for modders the port formerly overwritten the NY port that had the music, if that's what you're referring to. You can still do that if you want. Just move the files from spaces/mpc_Dock_NY_Lights to spaces/Dock_NY & it will replace your NY dock.
  6. Update time: - MatterCore's Submarine Bay - Many other ports received an update to prevent clipping with the extension of the new port camera. Your camera will now properly interact with port objects.
  7. It's been a long time since I've posted that hasn't it? This is what I got so far, sorry it's going to take longer than I anticipated. Since I can only work on this during my free time.
  8. The Master Port Collection: See The World Hello everyone, I'm proud to present the Master Port Collection, an undertaking that has been around since August 2016 and lasted through the test of time of constant patch cycles. The old thread was removed so this will serve as the new homepage for the Master Port Collection. This collection of port mods integrates seamlessly into the game without any of the major hassles that came with previously handling ports. It's as simple as downloading the mod & dropping it into your mod folder. Launch the game & you will see a shiny new port. To other modders: If you have your own port mod would like to be included in the Master Port Collection we are happy to add you! Simply drop us your port details & a download link to your port so we can add it in. As a bonus I will even provide GUI ready placeholders for your port if you wish. Features: Lots of ports to choose from Simple to navigate GUI within the game, switch ports freely within the client itself without needing to mess around with game files Easy drag & drop installation into res_mods Various optimizations Multitude of ports brought back from the dead User created ports Generally future proof, most ports will stay intact through many WOWS updates WG modding policy friendly, this mod doesn't provide any in-game advantage to other players Ports will not conflict with any future client updates (hopefully) or other user mods (including ports). How to Use: Download whatever interests you, all of these ports add a new port into the game. Once installed you can find the port in the port selection menu on the top left. Ports are all compatible with each other so you can download one or all, they will all show up. GoldPile (NA) - Yokosuka v1.3.1 (WOWS - Download This port plays the original music found in Yokosuka. Gamescom 2016 v1.2 (WOWS - Download New York Independence Day v1.3 (WOWS - Download Storm on the Ocean v1.3.1 (WOWS - Download Black Sea Anniversary v1.3.5 (WOWS - Download Lights of New York v1.3 (WOWS - Download Pan Asia New York v1.2 (WOWS - Download More to come... MatterCore (SEA) - https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/25033-06130-unreal-port-mods Submarine Bay (Hub-S) v1.1.1 (WOWS - Download Installation: See Readme included with the download. I've also included Steam installation directions, let me know if it's not working. Thanks for taking a look at the Master Port Collection & I hope you enjoy it. As always, if you need to contact anyone concerning this mod feel free to talk to me (GoldPile) or Zakuul.
  9. Listing Sigma values sounds like the easiet way to fix this problem. If people don't know what it does then have a tooltip describe the importance of this value.
  10. Fire Hax, aimbot, wall hacks, all the hacks.
  11. I wonder where I got the theme name from, surely I didn't happen to click on Themes & find out. It doesn't stay if you log out, so that mean's it's constantly on the light theme.
  12. Christmas Armada Package coming to a Premium Store near you.
  13. Don't forget damage saturation, dark areas take less damage.
  14. The thumbs up emoji is the new upvote *cough*. Also the sig's from the first one.