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  1. BigPone

    USS Omaha

    I really love my Omaha. It is one of my top favorite ships in the game. And I also like my Marblehead as well.
  2. Kirov has decent AA and guns. As others have said Konigsberg is a good all around ship and does decent anti-air as well. A lot of ppl hate it but I just had a 181k damage game tonight in my Omaha although it does not have as good of AA as the Kirov or Konigsberg it does not seem and I do pretty well in it and the Marblehead too.
  3. Would be a good candidate to have some special ship crews and ship stats along the lines of what Wargaming have done with some of the Animes. It includes several ships such as Amagi, Walker, Mahaan, Savoie (Bretagne Class), Kagero, as well as some others. Just wondering what anyone's thoughts on this might be?