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  1. ValyrianSteeler

    Beta Tester returning after a long break

    Great! Regardless of your decision, add me and we can division up sometime. Would love to hit the open seas with ya. Take care, bud!
  2. ValyrianSteeler

    Beta Tester returning after a long break

    Pm'd you. Welcome back!
  3. ValyrianSteeler

    Looking for a casual clan for random battles

    Thank you all for your invites! I found a nice home for casual play. Your interest is greatly appreciated! Happy sailing o7. Moderator, you may close this forum topic. Thank you, ValyrianSteeler
  4. Hello, I started in beta but have only occasionally played since. Not looking for hardcore clan wars, just a group of people to play with and enjoy the game. I have a mic and headset, and only up to tier 7 (mostly mid-tiers). I know the game decently, but I'm not always on to play. I'm a high school teacher and coach, so I end up pretty busy most days of the week. But i'd still like to find some fellas to fleet up with and hit the open seas whenever time permits. Thank you for your patience, ValyrianSteeler