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  1. I am still learning about new carrier tactics... Yeah I kinda lost interest in it but I sometimes play.
  2. ELOFan

    Yet one more cv thread

    I need time to get good with CV but for some unknown reason I have gotten good with Battleships I only survived once in one. I don't know what is going with me but damn I am enjoying it.
  3. ELOFan

    Poll on 8.0 patch

    One thing I don't like about it is... I love using torpedo planes and I can only launch two.
  4. ELOFan

    AA needs nerf seriously

    My reaction to op's post.... Give me a moment to stop laughing.
  5. ELOFan

    I am excited!

    I miss my Independence, Bogue and Zuiho but thank you for giving me the Ranger. :) I know I have to rebuy Hosho to get Ryujo and I played smart move by saving my commanders by placing in reserve. I am excited to relearn to play CV's I first going to go play against bots it will give me time to master by practicing how get better control of aircraft. But still I miss my other carriers so I will leave this song here. :(
  6. I know.... I know I am going get reported lol. :)
  7. I am detecting a high level of...
  8. ELOFan

    And on this day, a new game was born.

    Well I am up just got up but I left my computer running I am at 23% and cannot wait to play CV's again and I agree it is a "New World".
  9. ELOFan

    Happy trails odd tiered CV's

    If only those carriers could speak.
  10. I think the problem is many reasons... What I think what we need to do is help those who want to learn and be team player I am up for that. Its better not to blow a damn head gasket on chat in the game and remain calm by being polite and tell others "why we lost". Now I understand some aren't willing to learn and just do whatever they want then go ahead and let them but ignore them and only help those who are "asking" Our tactics We might have to change way we play and we also need come to realization about the ships we're using Battleships cannot keep up with Cruisers and Destroyers and CV's can't defend themselves so what do we do? Maybe the answer is team work. We need to stay together as groups and we need to have a player or two (depending on how many CV players there are on the team) protect the CV player while rest of the team hunt for red team. I know protecting and defending a CV may sound like boring job. But if you want us keep sending bombers and torpedo planes we need that damn protection. I didn't count how many times where I just got [edited] by destroyer, battleship or a cruiser and my aircraft didn't do jack crap. I think we need Cruiser or Destroyer to protect CV players because they can keep with a CV player when comes to speed. As for those who despise the CV's need to understand we're doing every thing we can to help you but we can't be every where with our planes if you get ugly situation don't blame us blame yourself for getting in that situation only choice you have now is to retreat it was your foolish judgement that you ran off alone and did not stick with the group. But that is all I can think of.
  11. ELOFan

    Theme song for CV rework

    Well I am 32 and I grew up listening to Classic Rock and Country music so being 32 makes me an old fart then I'll take that as compliment and reminding me what the Bellamy Brothers say to me every time "Old Hippie".
  12. ELOFan

    Theme song for CV rework

    My opinion on theme song since someone already picked ELO. or this song.
  13. I have a question and I am sure you probably can't answer but its been troubling me. What happens to carriers in tier four, five and six. Will I able still have Zuiho (tier five), Bogue (tier five) and Independence (tier six) as playable? Now I know that Ranger (tier seven) will be moved down tier six and this probably means two reasons for Independence or any carrier (in lower tiers Langley or Bogue) gets removed and another carrier will replace that one and if so I might as well send my Japanese commander and my two U.S. Commanders reserve to save them and wait for the day which carrier is removed.
  14. I know its hard to ignore team hell as CV player I ignore my team unless they are willing contribute to play as team even if we lose I'll be happy, But most of time I ignore them and have this song playing because "I will get by" even if I lose. All that matters to me is about earning credits, XP and staying alive.