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  1. HubrisHam

    Carriers need to learn to "just dodge"

    You running some kind of reshade? Graphics look different
  2. I think it depends on what you are playing at the time. Smokeless dd, ambush cruiser or brawling bb? CV's can ruin any kind of good play just by passing by. Many times I've had a good ambush or flank around an island ruined by a CV. A super CV can completely decimate a DD if they choose to focus you as well. Subs are annoying to play against when you are trying to push a flank or have a slow ship that randomly has depth charges instead of airstrikes. Even in DDs going to depth charge one gets you over extended and out of position 90% of the time. Then you got those good sub players that random surface 2 km away from you and shotgun you with a full valley you can't counter or move out of the way from in time no matter what. I will say this, subs feel more fragile and better to play against now then any other iteration of them. I still think they dive too fast and climb too fast.
  3. I mean you could, and then it would be a good bote instead of a mehbote.
  4. They should have given them flatter shell arcs with more accurate guns. IMO they would feel a lot better.
  5. IMO the commander rework was good except for cruisers. They got the short end of the stick. No way to build secondaries, no fire prevention on BC's, no way to reduce cit damage or improve survivability and overall, very boring skill choices.
  6. I play tier 10, but I personally don't enjoy it as much as tier 8 and below. Why? I hate how campy it is. Everyone is hiding behind some island somewhere, bb's way in the back. I don't enjoy how everyone just plays the OP flavor of the month ships instead of grinding a new line or playing something unique. Lastly I enjoy DD the most, and tier 10 is full of 2-3 radar ships, especially the Russian cruisers with 12km radar. It makes pushing caps impossible and turns the game into a slugfest.
  7. HubrisHam

    PSA: Dockyard Missions and Ship Types

    Please consider passing along that more "challenge" type missions would be preferable to just grinding out base exp....dockyard missions have gotten a lot less interesting over the years.
  8. HubrisHam

    US hybrid BB

    Gameplay > Ship looks
  9. HubrisHam

    US hybrid BB

    I for one am interested in them. The Kearsarge is a blast to play. Normally I find bbs pretty boring to play with that long reload.
  10. HubrisHam

    Is Musashi still that OP?

    I like seeming them, almost no AA means kearsage can get free damage.
  11. Missed opportunity imo. Now I'll have to skip this pretty fun game mode to grind out the last few dockyard missions I still need. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll patch it in but I doubt it.
  12. HubrisHam

    DD role

    All this is correct. Also keep in mind the best way to spot those "island campers" is to get a flanking spot, so they are often doing you a favor. Not only that, but they are often countering the enemies flanking dd spotter and attempting to get zone control.
  13. HubrisHam

    Subs and mighty CVs

    Yeah, I'll probably quit after I finish up the French missions. I'll come back when super cvs and subs get the nerf bat.
  14. HubrisHam

    Does Wooster need help?

    Looks like the Yoshino needs a lot more help.