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  1. HubrisHam

    Khabarovsk for FXP Worth It?

    You have a few weeks, see how far you can get up the line. The line is a blast to play imo.
  2. HubrisHam

    The Best CV Player Always Wins!

    Yeah damage farming isn't always the move. There has been many times I could just farm dmg on bbs but decided to focus a DD because I know it can have a bigger influence on the match, depending on the match and the dd's location.
  3. HubrisHam

    Sell the BB's

    I highly recommend you grind down some other lines, ideally not BB's so you can gain some diversified game knowledge. It's really helped me as a new-ish player starting out.
  4. HubrisHam

    Lack of New Maps

    Not just maps but game modes too. I miss Rogue Wave, Torpedo boats, and all the other game modes that used to mix things up.
  5. HubrisHam

    Can Fires occurrence please be toned down?

    -You can reduce fire burn time via skills and modules as well as max fire count, so that's a bit misleading -See Above -Standard heal can be improved with flags, and not every BB has standard heal -I'm watching DCP used almost immediately by the majority of BB players, only to have a fire put back on 20 seconds later. Only a few good players let a single fire burn and heal the damage back. BB players need to learn to manage their abilities better. I wish I had all the tools BB players had. I'd love to pop a button to make me citadel immune while I try to reposition or have heal on every cruisers / dd that lets me heal back 80-100% ap damage. I've been playing BB's all week for the event, never once have I had 4 fires on me and I've certainly never thought "wow this fire thing needs to be toned down". I've blapped some cruisers for insane dmg though for a single angling error and completely removed them from the game at full hp. The few times I've died without contributing much to a match was because I was somewhere I shouldn't have been, usually overextending.
  6. HubrisHam

    Can Fires occurrence please be toned down?

    If fires really bother you that much you should probably pick up the skill fire prevention. Max fires possible is 3 and it reduces fire chance.
  7. HubrisHam

    Can Fires occurrence please be toned down?

    Yup, had that problem in the kiev and trashcan. Let me guess, it was immediately reapair partied off and no subsequent shells caused a fire right?
  8. Coal, steel, or wallet?
  9. HubrisHam

    Tier nine Premiums

    The Kearsarge is the most fun I've had in recent memory in any ship. It's a blast to play. It has a lot of versatility. Need to spot a DD when there are no CV's in game? You can do that. Need to put the hurt on that bb / cruiser camping behind an island? You can harass the crap out of them. Guns are great and hit hard. It does soak a lot of damage but it has a high hp pool to compensate. Don't try to brawl with it though. I have been surprised how decent the secondary's are though when a DD gets close. If you aren't a CV player aiming the rockets might take some time to get used to the leading of targets. Recommend practicing in some CV matches before you sail her though. Personally I'm not of fan of the Pommern, I hate the bad firing angles and you have to angle poorly to utilize all your guns. It can be fun when the game allows for brawling though.
  10. I got the Trashcan done and absolutely loved that grind. Was an action packed adrenaline ride with all the dodging and speed jooking. Bismark i absolutely hate with a fiery passion and I'm about to just free exp to the end.
  11. That "grind" was a blast for me, the gunboat dds were a lot of fun. Tank 2 million+ potential dmg while harassing everyone on the map lol. Trashcan was my favorite but the kiev wasn't bad either.
  12. Ugh.. that means I gotta play this bismark more though.. and I hate that bote. Every shell misses all the time.
  13. HubrisHam

    The current aircraft carrier.

    Sometimes you have games where everything has amazing aa and there isn't much you can do but provide spotting while you wait for numbers the thin out. Usually those games I just try to keep enemy dds pushed back and provide spotting.
  14. HubrisHam

    Can Fires occurrence please be toned down?

    Except those ships take more skill to play than your average bb that can farm damage pretty safely. Cruisers can get deleted from one misplay from the other side of the map.
  15. HubrisHam

    Can Fires occurrence please be toned down?

    Because he doesn't play other ships, not really. That's the problem I have with players who ONLY really play one ship class. They argue for changes from only one POV which can ultimately hurt the game. It's the reason why I've been branching out to CVs and if subs ever get released expect me to play them as well to learn to counter them better.