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  1. Have to agree. Some of the nerfs were needed (The F key especially) The Hak CV TB aiming times is TOO long now. It was to short before. Make it 2.5-3.0 seconds and its fine. AA is WAY out of whack. Losing entire flights before you can get close to two ships off to the side is ridiculous. I've played CV's a long time and have been in favor of the change and enjoyed it. But tonight for the 1st time in a LONG time. Playing CV was ZERO fun. Tweak quickly please
  2. Roamer0101

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    Noticed this too. I played 5 times in cruisers and not getting the XP or Credit reward. Think this is bugged.
  3. Roamer0101

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    So after a few more games on Saturday Im getting the feel for it. The lead in time for the Torpedo bombers is tough to figure out, and indicator like for DD's would go a long way to help that. But I think the concept is fine. Rockets are fun but they're affect on the ship needs to be buffed.I use them as scouts and to try and "soften" up a CL/BB defenses or chase away a DD. Either increase the fire chance or module damage chance. Rigth now they feel totally underwhelming. I find DB TOTALLY useless. They are incredibly difficult to aim and hit. I basically use them as fighter cover droppers for the fleet and to "TRY" and get a hit in. Almost never launch them Number one issue, There needs to be a "View home" Button. Sometimes my ship is burning or flooding and the only way I have to stop it is to recall my flight and deal. A simple view ship button would allow me to quickly deal with the situation and return to my attack runs. I shouldnt have to cancel my entire attack to deal with a fire.
  4. Roamer0101

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    As a long time CV player I'm enjoying it. Of course I was probably the aberration in that I didnt care one bit about fighter support and wanted to sink ships. Dont get me wrong I would put fighters above BB and use them but they were secondary to my primary purpose. After playing 2 days or so now my thoughts are this. 1.) Definately need a tutorial. Had to go in blind. 2.) Rockets needs a bit of a buff, especially against DD. If you do manage to hit a DD with your rockets it ought to rock its world. I spent one match chasing of a DD from the cap with over 20 rocket hits on him and he was wasnt really affected. If I hit a DD with that many HE rounds, he goes boom. 3.) Maybe it just me but Dive bombers feel REALLY clunky. I havent been able to do squat with them. (Hoping my GZ will retain its small DB circle when the rework launches. That will help.) 4.) Good news for our BB friends, the dreaded ALPHA strike T-Cross torpedo attacks are gone. I know some folks will hate that. 5.) I must admit teh flight mechanic is a bit clunky, but I found if you make RUNs instead of constant turns it works better. Stop circling one ship. Fly away regroup or move to another target with the rest of the flight. 6.) The planes look great, and seeing the map from above is very nice Im ok with this and can live with it. Its just going to take some getting used to.