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  1. Roamer0101

    CV are RIP Rockets 10.5 Big NERF

    You cant even HIT DD's anymore with RP. That's the real problem. I'm not looking to one shot them. By the time you lead your shot and the animations go off they are long gone. I did jump in my Midway last night and totally ignored my RP. I used them in the first launch to scout but that's about it. Luckily the HE bombs can at least make a DD react. It doesn't matter if they are immune to fire, if they can't hit anything. It would be like saying your torps cant be detected at all, but you wont be able to hit the ships either,. What's the point?
  2. Roamer0101

    CV are RIP Rockets 10.5 Big NERF

    Never thought Id say this, but this change is making me quit playing CV. Had a game last night in my Midway and this change was horrific. I enjoyed RTS style AND I enjoyed the rework. This change just makes it not fun and as stated takes away 1/3 of a CV's weapons.
  3. With so much radar around too, the 20KM seem to help mitigate that issue as you dont have to be close. The 20KM are nice as well for dislodging campers too. I always used the 12's to be honest but I'm enjoying the 20's at the moment. :)
  4. Whelp, I guess I should of used the 20KM LONG ago. Just had my best game ever in my Shima. 199K Damage 4 Kills
  5. I always thought about it but didnt want to vape my own team. Guess the grand battle is a great time to try em out. :)
  6. Any chance we can get a German CV folder in that section since its live?

  7. Roamer0101

    Enterprise in Ranked or CB

    Took the AVP German CV into ranked. She did ok IMHO. The AP Rocket planes are nice late game against cruisers and the AP bombs do well too. Torp planes are fairly useless except for buying time to reload as there is usually just one DD (if that) and the torps dont do squat for damage.
  8. Roamer0101

    T4 Rhein - Fix this steaming pile

    Things get better with the AVP at Tier VIII. You get heals for your DB and your torp planes. This DOES make a difference. You pick up a 3rd plane in your attack runs. This is especially helpful with Torp planes against DD's. Its not so easy for them to ride the middle of the torp run. Best use of the fast torps is to make DD's turn and run from the caps so your fleet has time to move up. Its not so much about destroying the DD as it is making it run away and keep it spotted. You can catch them by surprise with the speed of those torps as well. I've had more then a few "Brake" and pop smoke only to eat 2 or 3 torps. DB's take getting used to for sure. Make sure you do the "AD wiggle" to throw off a full flak hit. Make sure your sights are FULLY closed on the ship. Otherwise you usually have 1 or 2 miss to the side. Ive gotten more then a few 2 out of 3 Citadel hits with DB Rocket planes are really hard to time but if you hit it right you can DECIMATE a cruiser. I took a cruiser from 3/4 health to deleted with a 4 Citadel rocket attack. Ive got all TierX CV and I CV main. The German line is different and taking some getting used to but I'm really digging it.
  9. Roamer0101

    Ze german CV !

    I struggle with the aiming and the sun as well. Easily gets lost. And heaven forbid you have to fly over an island to get to a broadside. The reticle goes WAY past the target and cant recover as they even out. AP becomes easier as your captain goes up. Planes survive longer. Also work on the "WIggle" shifting side to side using the A,D keys to avoid the flak bursts.
  10. Roamer0101

    Ze german CV !

    Thank you for the write up. Your observations match mine, but I'm limited to Tier IV and VI at the moment. It took some getting used to not using rocket planes against DD. Best time to use it on them was to stop a cap IMHO. The torps are GREAT for throwing of a DD. Best used as a delay tactic in my mind. I may get a few hits, but mostly I'm making them turn and retreat back so that the fleet can move up for guns. And I agree you will surprise a few of them with their speed. Can't wait to get the 3rd plane in a flight as the right now DD's tend to avoid and ride the middle between my torps. 3rd may help with that. You didnt go into the Rocket planes an their use on cruisers at Tier 8? Ive had some good citadels with them at 6. I assume that is true for the AVP as well?
  11. Roamer0101

    Ze german CV !

    Havent gotten the mission for the AVP, and all my discretionary spending is gone so no more containers for me trying to get it. I peeked at the equipment for the AVP and saw the heals. That makes me think it will be a bit easier. Looking forward to going up the line.
  12. Roamer0101

    Ze german CV !

    Hmm, Dont know then. I can usually get 2-3 runs on a Tier 6 and below, Teir 7 and Up is basically a 1 run and hope to save 2-3 planes to fly home. I usually hold off on my AP bombers till the end of the match hoping that HE has taken out a lot of the AA on ships.
  13. Roamer0101

    Ze german CV !

    Whats your captain at? I used Free Captain XP to get my Wesser capt up to 10 and took the surviveability skill. Made a big difference. Also have to do the wiggle OTW to the target to throw off the flak bursts.
  14. Roamer0101

    ASW thoughts

    Good Tip, Never would occurred to me do to that. Ill slap one on.