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  1. Cirran

    What's replacing the Hizen in drydock?

    It has always fascinated me that what ever took the Edmund Fitzgerald, happened so fast that the strapped in radio operator had no time to even start to send a signal. Cirran
  2. Cirran

    What's replacing the Hizen in drydock?

    'Twas the witch of November come stealin' The dawn came late and the breakfast had to wait When the gales of November came slashin Cirran
  3. Cirran

    Grinding ships - COOP vs Randoms

    The only real negative is if you are trying to play something that is not fast and can not spam Torps. DDs and torp cruisers excel in the bring torps or stay home meta of Co Op. Cirran
  4. Cirran

    Dante Alighieri Early Acess

    Thank you WG for a new premium ship for free. I am hoping to see more ships from this time frame released into the game. Cirran
  5. Just got the following message when I tried to log into a Co-Op match: Server overloaded. Try to enter battle later or select another battle type. At 2:20 AM Pacific Time??? I logged out and back into the game and I am still getting the error when I click on battle. Cirran
  6. Every online game I have played that had PvP and good PvE the PvP population takes a hit. I wonder why that is? I have been told that PvP is AMAZING and the only way to game yet..... Cirran
  7. Cirran

    Nominees for Ugliest Ship in the game

    DDs in general look silly like they belong in a bath tub. Also the eye bleed colors on the FOG ships. Cirran
  8. Cirran

    Meandering Bots

    There are players that use Hydro right after the match starts. Cirran
  9. I got mine yesterday and I still have one day to go on it, so my answer would be no. Cirran
  10. I would love to see more low tier premiums. I miss the snowflake events where you had snowflakes on ALL premiums no matter the tier. Cirran
  11. I thought that was the case, I figured it would not hurt to ask. Thank you kindly. Cirran
  12. I have been detonated several times in Co-Op, sometimes at really weird angles. Just had one happen on my new Kirov. I don't ever recall getting flags for being detonated. Are the "door prize" flags a Random thing? Edit I intended to say only in non Co-Op game modes. Cirran
  13. Cirran

    CV's in CoOp play.....

    I am curious, if PvPers say don't come to Randoms "horrible" players you ruin my matches. Why is it ok for them to come to Co-Op with their toxicity, I don't care it's just Co-Op and ruin matches by their behavior? What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Cirran
  14. Cirran


    Thank you kindly, and Merry Christmas! Signals, 150k, 400 coal, free xp, and singals. Cirran
  15. Cirran

    Advent Big Gift Container Reward ...

    I got 15 Hotel Papa flags. I would like to add that just before the holiday event started I forgot to collect one container. When I logged in the next day I had a super container it contained the Prinz Eitel Friedrich in it. That tier VI is my first ship from a supercontainer. Cirran