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  1. Players: WG we really don't like all the silly over convoluted gimmicks you keep putting into the game. Could we do less of that? WG: I see the players are absolutely LOVing the new mechanics we keep putting into the game. Lets double down! Cirran
  2. Cirran

    Why do players...??

    Since this is not a simulation game (a fact that some folks like to parade out occasionally) detonations only serve to be an irritant. Cirran
  3. Cirran

    Tiers 1-4

    The first year of Snowflake season all premium ships at all tiers had snowflakes on them. I am of the opinion the removal from ships below tier 5 just speaks volumes to WG thoughts about playing at low tier. Cirran
  4. Cirran

    Carriers need to learn to "just dodge"

    FYI the "just Doge" quote originated from the open water stealth torping days. DDs favorite saying was "Just Dodge!" when folks complained about torpedo soup. It got so bad WG had to take steps to nerf open water stealth torping. Cirran
  5. I have never finished a Dockyard. I can barely tolerate playing the game for the first two daily containers in Co Op. When they first came out and the free ship was at stage 15, I used to have just enough time to get it. Now that they have changed Dockyards and where they put the free ship, I bare get anything done on them and never get the free ship. This Dockyard I am sitting at stage 8 with a VERY small possibility of getting stage 9 and 10. I am curious how many folks finish Dockyards only playing Co Op. Cirran
  6. Cirran

    Happy Login Reward Supercontainer Day!

    1000 Dubs. Cirran
  7. I know some folks do not want repeats/carbon copies of ships already in the game, but I am not one of them for various reasons. I would love to see every single ship on that list and more added to the game and frankly with out gimmicks. Cirran
  8. Cirran

    Dockyard Requirement Changes

    I personally found it harder, MUCH harder. Before I was able to get to around stage 15. Right now I am at stage 6. Cirran
  9. Cirran

    Battle Pass reset

    I think OP's point is WG should not have their battle pass showing in game that so many days remaining when that is not true. I can confirm that in game on the days remaining screen it showed there were a few days left after yesterday. Clear, honest and concise communication is NOT one of WG's strengths. Cirran
  10. Cirran

    Name 1 thing you'd change

    I would made one VERY controversial change. Once you hit 1000 PvP games you can no longer play Co Op, you can still play Scenarios. Once you hit 1000 Co-Op games you can no longer play PvP Randoms, you can still play in brawls and ranked battles ect. After the change hit if you have a 1000 games in either mode you have to choose which mode to continue playing. Now you may be going BUT wait! I do have my reasons for this. If WG were to do this (they wont) they can drop the farcical reason the pay out and rewards are so bad in Co Op. All missions, campaigns and achievements can be done in either mode. Play the way you want and the rewards are the same with no impact on either mode. (Yes I know the die hard "but Co Op is too easy" crowd will still foam at the mouth about difficulty.) Cirran That is one change I would make.
  11. WG mods have made at least one statement where they basically say DDs have way too much to do and BBs should be the primary ASW Ship in the game with their slow, inaccurate, designed to to do minuscule damage ASW planes. Cirran Don't look for realism in this game, there is none to be had.
  12. Side thought: I have been grinding on the Colorado for what feels like a lifetime and they keep adding ships that branch off of her LOL Cirran
  13. I do hope that is not the case. With the Pre 12.0 patch early access I could at least get the tier 5 ship. I am hoping this is a only a thing because of the hybrids being only tier 8 through 10. Cirran
  14. I like the idea of adding Coast Guard ships, corvettes and destroyer escorts. Have them be usable in Senarios. Cirran
  15. I normally spend a bit for Christmas Crates. This year I decided that the odds of getting the trash items (in my opinion) signals, cammo's, boosters and credits was way too high this year. I dropped my cash on the Steam Winter Sale. Cirran