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  1. Cirran

    Code for a Unsinkable Sam container

    Thank you kindly. Cirran
  2. Cirran

    Fire whoever made the new sounds

    I am liking the sound changes, especially the engine sounds. I also like how the voices sound like they are talking over a speaker tube when I am aimed in, adds to my immersion. Cirran
  3. Cirran

    7 x Bogus Codes <3 Venom

    Thank you for the codes, all worked when hand typed in. Cirran
  4. Cirran

    Thunderer; Money Conquers Morality

    You expect morality in a game with PvP??? Cirran
  5. Cirran

    This, is World of Warships. Why We Play.

    I think the variety of replies this thread will inevitably get, will be revealing of the audience that WoWS has. It will also be illustrative of the human condition. Cirran
  6. Cirran

    Quaity of life improvments for DD

    Hit the nail on the head, the DD mafia is a loud lobby. Cirran
  7. Allowing PvP players with more than a 1000 PvP battles in Co-Op and allowing Co-Op players with more than a 1000 Co-Op battles in Random. Cirran
  8. Cirran

    Think I've played my last battle.

    Unless you are in something does 21knts. You get two maybe three salvos before the greyhounds with trollpedoes have everything sunk. That is a facet that also needs to be worked on. Cirran
  9. Cirran

    Loot Box Ban in the US proposed.

    I think the best we can hope for is a listing of what exactly is in the boxes and what the percentage chance to get each item. Cirran
  10. Cirran

    Rejoice all, for Azur Lane returns!

    What is up with all the animalism? Cirran
  11. Cirran

    How Destroyers Are Ruining WoW

    You could always just keep folks with over a 1000 PvP battles out of Co-Op, and keep Co-Op folks with over 1000 Co-Op battles out of PvP. I know this is not a popular opinion, but it would fix several issues in Co-Op. Cirran P.S. I am not talking about operations.
  12. Worst employees are those that go to work to hang out with their "friends", spend all their time on their cell phones texting and ignoring their work, don't know what Murphy's Law is, thinks that they should start out at the top because they were born, think they should not have to do anything that is part of their work that they don't want to, have zero life experience and think they should be in charge, think they should be able to smoke pot on their breaks and then go back to driving a forklift, think that the dress and appearance SOP is for everyone else ect ect ect. Cirran
  13. Cirran

    It is a Torpedo Fest

    CVs sink DDs "Nerf NOW!" DD's sink everyone else "Learn to play noob." Cirran
  14. Cirran

    What In The World Is 'lmbo'?

    The joint pain she is going to enjoy later in life.... Cirran
  15. Cirran

    Thank you Wargaming

    Have we broke 20k yet at peak times??? I wonder why..... Cirran