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  1. Welcome! Wilkommen! From another old GrandPa (62)
  2. Looking for WoWS Clan

    Hi, Mediocre player (honest here) looking to join clan for fun and improvement! I can make several evenings per week. Thanks,
  3. Finally got my ARP Kongo

    Almost instantly should show up. however, you have to be in Yokosuka! Click on the anchor in the upper left corner.
  4. Finally got my ARP Kongo

    thanks! found it!
  5. US and British cruisers would have excellent radar... IJN, not so much. German, pretty decent. Italian, not so much. Russian? Nope. While we are at it, how about night battles? IJN DD's and CAs would excel!
  6. Finally got my ARP Kongo

    Hi, I just got mine today as well... but it doesn't show up in my tech tree or in my harbor? where is it? HELP! LOL Joe
  7. Cleveland is good, I just suck with it! :-(
  8. Hakuryu Is OP

    Midway has jets? LOL
  9. Let's take a look at history... Battle of Savo Island, IJN takes our 4 cruisers and 6 destroyers in a night torpedo action. There are other examples in the Pacific. The IJN were given impressive torpedoes, great night optics, and trained with them constantly. Battles in the Med between the Regia Marina (Italian Navy) and the Royal Navy. DD's firing torpedoes accounted for 50% of the losses to both sides. (RN preferred night actions and did a number on RM vessels with gun fire at night.) Torpedoes were a constant hazard. Start adding in torpedo bombers and you have a lot of potential in the water at any given time. What I think makes torpedo combat in WoWS unrealistic is the incredibly fast load times. Many DD's could not reload their torpedo tubes at sea, they had to return to port. Others were reloaded manually, not a job I would enjoy! The IJN had loaders that would align behind the launchers and essentially use conveyer belts to load them. Even this takes 3-5 minutes. My $.02, recommend the War in the Pacific series by Ian Toll. The Italian Navy in World War 2 by Marc' Antonio Bragadin and Giuseppe Fioravanzo. BTW, a torp with a 10KM range does seem to come out of nowhere, but I plan my shots based on map activity.. call it "area denial", kind of like a minefield. Let's all be glad that we don't have to contend with mines! Joe
  10. Secret Santa

    How can you tell what you got?
  11. OK, so in the game I keep getting a pop up that says I have two messages... any idea where to get them? LOL Can't click on the tab. Yeah, noob question!
  12. phew, thought I was the only one! I sideswiped an island... a DD came in for the kill, guess he forgot I had torps too! LOL... his killed me, mine killed him...
  13. Yeah, you worry too much! LOL I don't consider myself good enough to play ranked, have fun!
  14. Personally, the thought of loading a 2ton torpedo on a pitching deck makes the ROF of some torps questionable. Some navies DID have reload trays that would push 3 torps into the waiting tubes. So you are pusing 6 tons instead of 2! LOL Real life just doesn't matter in a non-historical game right? (Ships that were only paper, etc.)
  15. Oh man, starting to sound like WoT ... sigh.