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  1. Bush13

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    350 Ships.
  2. Well, I guess this guy is just full of crap and it was a scamming attempt. Live and learn. Won't be caught again :-)
  3. Thanks for the Bundle. How does one collect it?
  4. Trick or Treat, Happy Halloween!
  5. Bush13

    Armada: Agincourt

    Bush13 NA Server 1415.
  6. Bush13

    PTS 0.10.4

    I had several windows out of resources errors while playing on the PTS. No consistent activity caused it.
  7. Bush13

    Ranked Battles

    Yes, perhaps I was a bit thin skinned. At least this has been a learning experience on it's own. Thanks for all of the input and comments.
  8. Bush13

    Ranked Battles

    I believe I have improved. Thanks for your valued opinion.
  9. Bush13

    Ranked Battles

    @Kevik70 As you will note in the previous part of the thread, I am quite aware of my performance level. I just find it astounding that anyone would immediately go to the stats and attack a posters skill level rather than offer a constructive comment or criticism. In any case, thanks to you Kevik70 for your comments. Happy New Year!
  10. Bush13

    Ranked Battles

    Now I understand why players that are mediocre don't post in this forum. Glad that a beta tester with a 53.08% win rate feels free to point fingers at a player who is trying to improve and makes an observation. What a hypocrite.
  11. Bush13

    Ranked Battles

    Glad to see that at least this generated some conversation. I am far from perfect and may be a total spud farmer to you all, but I appreciate your comments and am continually trying to improve. Thanks for the input, and the abuse from some. Reality is a wonderful thing. I still think some form of screening to participate in ranked battles would improve the game.
  12. Bush13

    Ranked Battles

    @Kapitan_Wuff Yes that is a possibility, but one would think that with experience we all improve somewhat :-)
  13. Bush13

    Ranked Battles

    @IfYouSeeKhaos Thanks for the shot across the bow. Was looking for an opinion, not a condemnation. If you read my original post, I said nothing about winning, and I didn't blame anyone, I simply stated that it's frustrating.
  14. Bush13

    Ranked Battles

    @ Gavroche_ You tell me my friend. I think that I neither farm, nor get farmed ... I just try to enjoy the game.
  15. Bush13

    Ranked Battles

    Lol ... not an elitist (as my stats will prove) :-) Just interested in other opinions on the matter.