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  1. lorddiable

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    if at least we could have access to musashi. the skin shouldn't be in the bundle if the ship for wich it is is unattainable.
  2. lorddiable

    Premium Ship Review - ARP Yamato

    definitely saddened at how much of a cash grab that is, especially how the bundle does not contain Musashi, nor have they made her available for this. pulling out a new skin for a boat that no one can get at the moment, and forcing it in the bundle is just adding fake value to the lot. but if you want the unique upgrade , you gotta fork for the bundle !
  3. î mean, hydroacoustics was active, and no network lag was had on my side, so i kind of doubt it was the case, but i wont reject the possibility outright.
  4. Played a game on my Z23, at around the 10 minutes left point in the replay, i dodge akizuki torpedoes detected by my hydro-acoustics, i then fire up the engine and move ahead, and the torpedoes, which had past me for roundabouts 10 seconds, suddenly hit me. i had no network issues at the time so i am uncertain of the cause of a desynch that egregious in markers-to-topedo time. played further and no such occurences repeated. 20201102_153558_PGSD108-Z-23_15_NE_north.wowsreplay
  5. lorddiable

    Premium Ship Review - AL Littorio

    *sigh* so that explain the HE when i took her out on my first run, this is seriously disappointing, and i wish i'd've seen this review before buying the pack. oh well, i guess i have two roma's now. somewhere in my heart i keep the hope that they will revert this change if enough of a fuss is raised... but i dont see that happening in reality.
  6. lorddiable

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    it's a shame. to me they felt like a good addition to your conclusions peppered with a lovely bit of humour. but i can entirely understand how people would just skip everything and use it as a TL;DR :/
  7. lorddiable

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    i'm sorry if you already answered this somewhere that i've missed. But i've been curious as to where the 5 rating pictures near the beginning and the end of review gud/meh/opbotes pictures have gone in the latest reviews ? i know its a silly thing to miss with all the great information you're giving out, but i couldn't help but wonder.
  8. lorddiable

    Submarines: How to Play

    this is PTS, just install the instance and login as normal. the Betas that needed those special logins were a couple of months back
  9. lorddiable

    Submarines: How to Play

    How will Carriers interact with submarines, will dive he/ap bombers be able to hit at a decent depth?, what about rockets. will player-controlled CV planes be able to spot the subs underwater like the npc plane calldowns? there is no indications in the article. in the article they do state a Sub can only capture while surface so we have that answer, at least
  10. lorddiable

    Update 0.8.8 - Sound Engine: Bug Reports

    Issue: No volume control on Gun sounds, always at maximum. expected result : lowering the Volume should lower it. unsure how to replicate. Current audio settings. not changed from pre-patch, aside from moving gunfire volume, everything else is fine. video has been taken in training room with a friend to show that all other volumes are unaffected, including carrier attack volumes. issue seems to affect only select gun calibers, mostly battleships, maybe an issue with the new sound files ? 2019-09-16 11-43-18.flv WoWS_report.wgc
  11. lorddiable

    CV Rework Feedback

    that 12mil is the one you start with, the problem is not getting any income past that.
  12. so talking of terror of the deep, i was faffing about and found this in the textures of the middle tower of the dark castle, if it can lead to anything else. sorry if the photos are messy its hard to take anything good with the spectator cam.
  13. lorddiable

    Aircraft too op against dd's?

    i can quell your worries for now, playing the cv test, at t6 the strike aircraft are woefully innacurate and as such only hit dd's rarely. and whitout information, i can only guess at the fire chance, but it looks to be about equivlaent to dd shells with a much slower refire. . t10 has a massive volume of fire, but dosent seem to be overly problematic there as well with the prevalence of anti air on t10 ships.