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  1. The Massachussets is what secondaries focused ships should be, innacurate long range main batteries but accurate secondaries and the proper tools to survive like fast heal and lower base fire chance (dont quote me on that but it does feel ljke it). French secondaries are fairly accurate and shine at setting fires, German sec accuracy is on par to the main batteries capabilities to miss the broadside of a barn at point blank. Thats why a duel purely based on secondaryes between Massa snd Bismark is always the Massa on top, thats not taking into account the superior main batterues on Massa as well....
  2. The only reason why you want to avoid brawling with a Bismark is because of secondaries. For the armor dont be fooled, you can pen the damn thing from every angles other than full bow on, just aim above a tad above the water ljne and you not only avoid the belt but you will pen the casemate. Currently German BB are huge innacurate damage pinatas that are only very dangerous under 9/10 km. You can either snipe or brawl with the NC as long you angle properly and you dont repair on the first fire,saddly German BB armor is a curse not a blessing.
  3. Bacl

    state of secondaries

    I m a bit late to this party but here is my two cents. Massachussets if anything proven that having accurate secondaries is not game breaking and also satisfying to play. The upcoming Georgia if it retains the current build would also have those accurate secondaries. Now Massachussets vs equivalent tier ships: Bismark, Tirpitz, Richelieu, Gascogne and even higher tier Bb like the IJN and French navy. French Navy: French secondaries after extended testing seems to be more accurate than German secondaries but under the Masschussets level, this could due to a shorter maximum range but tye effect is quite noticeable so not sure if it should be the primary reason. Overall the French sec are doing a good job at lighting things up but being of small caliber they do not cause much direct damage, fire instead of direct damage is a good compromise. They also have excellent penetration on the main batteries with ok accuracy and superb shell velocity, they can snipe descently well. IJN: Their secondaries on Izumo and Yamato have the range and damage, they are innacurate but there are so many batteries that the volume of fire is making up for the lack of penetration. Awesome primary batteries. Krieg marine: German secondaries are hopelessly innacurate, they have better penetration on the higher calibers but they cznt hit anything other than another BB under than 8-7 km. Horrible primary weapons with extremen shell drag and an accuracy so abyssmal that you land 3/8 shells on a broadside BB under 8km quite often.... There is also the lack in survivability. The only exception would tge the GK, the sheer penetration on its secondaries is doing fine at the moment and giving it the Massachussets accuracy could potentially be a bit too much but the main gunz are so pathetic that its might makes thing fair in the end, if you were stupid enough to get in its seckndary range well its your fault. Overall Secondary builds need to be a viable gameplay option and currently the only ship fitting the bill is the Massachussets and possibly the soon to be available Georgia if they dont change it too much. TL:DR Massachussets secondary accuracy should be the standart for all secondary focused ships and it should be a priority for ghe German BB since their primary armament is a let down to begin with. Massachussets currently is the only ship in the game that truly makes thd investment in full secondary skills a sound choice, all the others may be "fine" but investing in a tanky loadout might be a better investment overall. Making all secondaries ( on appropriate ships) accurate like the Massa would promote more aggresive BB play style and justify the commander investment in that play style. The Georgia is next on the line and i expect it to be on par to the Massa but to surpass all the other secondary based ships from day one.
  4. Day off, no kid and time to play, something that didn't happen in a long time. Over the day i managed to play 22 games, over all these i was top tier 3 freaking times, tier 9 only 2 times, so i let you make the math and figure how many times i was facing tier 10. So everytime i pick up one of the premium tier 8 ships i paid a already ridiculous price for i get punished for taking them out because we all know how well a tier 8 BB is doing when facing tier 10 spamming cruisers, ridiculous DD gunships or BB that are superior in every single ways. Oh the Lenin on the shop looks great, would be nice to spend money to take it for a spin but nope, i am not spending a dime until you FIX YOUR crapUP and make the tier 8 (where most premium are bought with money) playable. Get your stuff in order WG
  5. I wouldnt mind a modified Missouri or just calling it "New Jersey" with a earning similar to the Musashi, for me the super credit earning power is not the main reason why i wanted the ship so i my regrets are due to not be able to play the ship itself.
  6. Ok thank you guys for the feedback, well overall this whole thing was a waste of energy and time lol.
  7. So today i looged into my gaming email account and noticed a mail from wargaming in the spam folder, goes as this: So the email was sent on the 22nd of March and clicking any of the buttons leads to a "not found" or "doesnt exist anymore" page. Was this a promotional email for these 3 ships or i missed my chance to play those ships for free for a limited time? I am not sure what to thing of this mail and if anyone knows about this or got the same email please share you experience, the message is not that old but nothing works from it so i assume it expired.
  8. Bacl

    Warspite's days numbered?

    Different style, Fuso is one hell of a sniper and has devastating broadsides while in brawls but the Warspite can overmatch its bow. All depends on the conditions, when i play my Fuso i usually kite the Warspite and maintain angle but depending on the player sometime charging in is the better strategy. In pure duel however the Warspite has the advantage because of much better stealth and bigger caliber but in team play the Fuso can snipe from 20+km and with so many guns it can inflict much more devastating volleys. Add me in game and we can go for a few rounds in the test room, in duel the Warspite will have an edge but hopefully i will be able to demonstrate my point.
  9. Me personally i dont want random MM well at least on certain aspects: I would particularly appreciate playing with my bought tier 8 premiums in tier 8 or tier 9 games far more often then i currently do. When 12 games of of 15 are tier X (with 4 of them me being the only tier 8 in it) while i only enjoy being top tier once and in tier 9 game twice. I would enjoy it a lot more if at least it was in the 33%/33%/33% range so yes i would like a non random MM that would address that.
  10. Just hope no arguments will be big enough to overmatch it....
  11. Bacl

    Warspite's days numbered?

    They play differently but the Warspite guns, accuracy and stealth (dont laught its there) makes it an overall better ship. It is not dominating the Gulio in all categories but the Warspite packs hell of a punch for a tier 6 (would even argue it hits harder than the tier 8 German BB go figure). I still think the king of tier 6 is still the Fuso, 14 gunz on broadside is too punishing to ignore and its easy to rack up very good damage numbers with it while the hull itself is sturdy compared to the Nagato. Fuso is the best followed closely by the Warspite but i dont know who i would nominate for third place...
  12. Well there is that cheek that is a weakspot if you expose to much of it but thats about it, maybe this could use a little more padding but anything going broadside should be punished and the very thick belt of the Yamasashi is a pain to penetrate with minimal angling because of its base thickness. Overall i think those ships are fine the way they are.
  13. Bacl


    Actually using IFHE on the now buffed FDG can melt even bow tanking BB and if you dont rely on fire damage too much the raw damage is getting a huge bump. Now i just wish all the German 105mm would get the 1/4 pen rule but i dont expect that anytime soon.
  14. Bacl

    FdG Apocalypse

    The difficulty lies in the timing: Too soon you will get focused before you can punish anyone in a brawl. Too late well you missed the opportunity and you been sniping all game with a mediocre damage score. When you time it right however this is the kind of results you will get. German BB have a very high skill ceiling when you think about it.
  15. Well looking at the Musashi that has the same problem with its shaped citadel and "underperforming" gunz compared to the Yamato completely murdering anything on the map... Keeping that weakness is necessary otherwise the bane of everything that ever dared wear out armor on would become a monster.