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  1. Bacl

    Can we get Commander Coupons?

    I wont support that, i would rather have descent prices on Prem commanders than have a coupon. The upgraded commanders in the Armory currently are going for 35K coal, make the prem ones 70k and we can call that a "fair" trade.
  2. Bacl

    JB or Thunderer?

    Thunderer if you know how to lead targets properly, the gunz on that thing are unforgiving and you have both awesome HE and AP shells so you cant go wrong. JB fast firing rate and the reload consumable is extremely powerful but the ship is fragile and due to its set up its easy to go bow on and regret it after wards. For first pick i would go Thunderer and once you mastered its sniping capabilities you will be able to score massive hits with the JB and make good use of the reload consumable
  3. [edited] i hate when some people check mates me with common sense.... Hang on what is the doubloon value for this^, i would expect WG to mess with us on that one in some ways at this point.
  4. If you can aim properly, it will reward you. Its not braindead like the Conqueror that thing will be a good investment.
  5. Well you got lucky, just the blac friday event i got mostly free xp from the black containers... So sorry i wouldnt count a wink from RnGesus as a metric for quality. Ona side not, congratulations on getting the ships :)
  6. That line made me smirk. If this is indeed the case well Companies need to realize that when you make a gesture you usually get it back from your community. Its is far easier to sell 10 T-shirst for 10 bucks each than the one for 100$. If the grind was reasonable to begin with people would not resist the moment the event is online. Yes everything can be earned for free but at what cost in hours? Remember that time is the only currency you are not getting back, ever so taxing it instead of real money is arguably worse but with the PR they managed to tax both! Warframe is doing well very well economically, they often throw stuff to the community and because of that i do spend money in the game in order to encourage them because it feels like they earned it. WG current practice is only accelerating the decay of the game.
  7. I was on my way to the Thunderer too but now the new German commander is out for coal i tough "maybe i can spare like 50k coal to get him"... The new commander is the price of the Bloody Thunderer with a coupon! I am very happy for the German accuracy buff but man they ruined the fun of it by failing on everything else...
  8. By principles for this mess i am not giving them a single penny. It would be irresponsible at this point to encourage them, the Directive non sense, the Puerto Rico cash grab and the insane price on the newest German unique commanders are all pushing way too hard. Nope WG, nothing from me this year.
  9. Bacl

    175k coal for one commander?

    Even if its a free captain it doesnt excuse the price, you can get a t10 premium ship for this price. the most expensive coal commanders are going for 35k now they arbitrarily make this one 5 times more expensive. Insult to injury this is a German commander, the nation that has almost no special commander worth going for and the first one we get is a choice between a Thunderer with coupon or tthe new lad. This on top of the "festive" directive WG is losing their minds.
  10. Ok i do get that the new German commander is pretty awesome but the price is very steep. Hell with a coupon and 10k more coal i can get the Thunderer! Good thing i still have my membership card for the coal mine because i think i will be needing it... 75K i could understand and its a fair price for a commander but the "1" at the front of the price is really sapping the motivation away.
  11. Germans are not the king of secondaries anymore, they lost the crown to the newly released USN secondary ships like the Massachussets, Georgia and Ohio. They do have good secondaries in therm of damage and fire chances but they are so inaccurate they have trouble to hit a battleship around 10km so not too hard to imagine how it will fare against smaller targets. Their thick armor is a curse and not a blessing: They do not benefits from overpenetration and for some reason they have all the troubles in the world to angle and bounce shells ( i can bounce BB AP ina french BB but German BB will eat pen damage, broken hitbox maybe?). Indeed the citadel is protected but with other lines you get punished by getting citadel hits if you make a mistake, with the German Bb you will eat full on pen damage no matter the angle unless you are bow on. Last thing if you play German BB and you enter a brawl with a Soviet BB you are dead. In my Tirpitz or FdG in a brawl with a same tier BB i absorbed Stalinium slavos of 40k while he either bounces or eat overpen damage. If you get in a Brawl with those guys just ram otherwise he will delete you.
  12. Well it is vital because German secondaries have trouble to hit anything even with it.... So if you dont take it you DO NOT count on your secondaries to do much and thus no point in with a secondary build or German BB at all ( better options there). So in short if you dont take it dont count on secondaries to be anything other than a particle effect.
  13. Spreadsheets says those who played against you had fun so when i see a result like that it means the ship is perfectly balanced.
  14. Bacl

    Why the German BBs do not function as a line

    I dont know mate, the Ru BB are vulnerable when on broadside but once angles i had a lot of troubles damaging them even with my Musashi. They also cause monstrous damage once they pass the "event horizon" ( any ships in this zone will face oblivion). In both my tier 8 German BB or my FDG i got 40k salvos from RU BB under the 10km ish line no matter my angle. I am very scared of these ships when i play German BB but i can rush them while i play Massachussets, Gascogne and JB with the knowledge that if i dont mess up my angling i will get the bastard. RU are in mh opinion the best brawlers in the game and i am a die hard German BB fan....