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  1. KingCakeBaby

    Conference Championship games

    Geaux Saints.
  2. KingCakeBaby

    Kelvin Timeline is dead. Long Live the Prime Timeline.

    The clone might have some bearing on the show, but it isn't the premise. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/star-trek-patrick-stewarts-picard-series-reveals-new-details-1174452
  3. For the sake of comparison the Topaz, the 8th largest yacht in the world (Yas is the 7th), was built for 527 million. The Yas was completed for 180 million. A ship built from scratch to fit the requirements would most likely be around 580 million based on the building costs of other super yachts. With 400 million dollars saved, I would imagine they would have the wiggle room to fix whatever issues the hull might have and still come out cheaper than one built new. The owner is a baller on a budget.
  4. KingCakeBaby

    Kelvin Timeline is dead. Long Live the Prime Timeline.

    From what has been said so far it will focus on Picard dealing with the fallout from the Romulan Empire being destroyed, which was the event that began the Kelvin timeline. The issue is that technology and events changed due to the events laid out in the movie, so I'm curious how they are going to address that or if they're just going to ignore it altogether. Patrick Stewart has always been pretty big on canon so it'll be interesting to see.
  5. Remodeling the interior spaces, overhauling the mechanics and fabricating a superstructure is probably a whole hell of a lot cheaper than building a whole new ship from scratch. I'm sure by modifying an existing ship they probably saved half the cost.
  6. KingCakeBaby

    Kelvin Timeline is dead. Long Live the Prime Timeline.

    The Picard show is based on and heavily influenced by the Kelvin timeline, which is considered canon.
  7. One step closer to my dream of a luxury yacht Type VIIC.
  8. KingCakeBaby

    Discussion of +1/-1MM

    If WG was to kill off WoT tomorrow it wouldn't be at a loss. Most gaming companies only plan for a ten year life/support cycle for online games and WoT has exceeded that. With that in mind WOWS is a third of the way through its expected lifetime. I think it would be unwise to confuse the issues of WoT and the perceived issues of WoWS. WoT has spent the last year or so trying to squeeze every available penny from players by releasing tanks which very obviously give a considerable advantage to those who buy them. They also lacked a plan to continue beyond their projected ten years and have been plagued by certain issues that WoWS doesn't. In all, WoWS is doing pretty well beyond an occasional stumble here and there. It definitely has some problems that need to be addressed, but most of the 'issues' people post on the forums are little more than whining and aren't real problems with the game so much as user error and a lack of understanding. They do take player opinion into consideration when it comes to releasing and modifying content. When the players demand they make the game easier and WG tries to accommodate them is when you start seeing problems. The CV rework is directly geared so that any player regardless of their abilities can jump in one and play well and it has become a major source of contention.
  9. KingCakeBaby

    Discussion of +1/-1MM

    That wouldn't be a bad thing. It would definitely solve most of the matchmaking issues. The harsh reality of life is you should never expect anything or anyone to conform to your point of view. You take things are they are given and adapt yourself to the situation or you find something that better suits your taste. Complaining that it's too hard or is unfair is something people should grow out of around the same time they learn how to use a toilet. Very few companies are going to cater to players. I know every is going to complain about bad business practices or whatever, but really beyond a basic concept and a few tweaks here and there it's just not cost effective to try to please your fickle and wildly inconsistent customers. There are plenty of games I don't play because I know I'm not ever going to grasp the basics or because I don't like the gameplay. Black Ops is a good example. I like the premise of it but I don't like running in circles on a small map and spraying every time someone pops out. While I can understand the appeal, running and gunning has never been my preferred play style and the regular players are probably better off for it.
  10. KingCakeBaby

    Discussion of +1/-1MM

    No it wasn't. I don't mind being bottom tier because I have a firm grasp on how to play. Honestly every time I see one of these threads I wish the poster would be honest with his demands. They might as well be titled "This game exceeds my skill and scope and should be made easier for me".
  11. KingCakeBaby

    Gearing or Khab? both?

    I have a Gearing and am grinding the Tashkent. I loved the Fletcher and my feelings on the Gearing are about the same. The Gearing is well balanced between being a torpedo boat and a gun boat and depending on how you build it can excel at either or play a very dangerous jack of all trades. The Khab is a monster and is a definite step up from the Tashkent, but not as useful in competitive game modes.
  12. KingCakeBaby


    I already bought the special unfortunately. I just need to stop being so cheap and cough up the fifteen.
  13. KingCakeBaby


    XD I'm 15 guineas shy myself. Congrats on your new toy.
  14. KingCakeBaby

    german teir 9 f der grobe

    Point front towards enemy and move in until you're about 12km from them. Then set the secondaries and move in closer. It's one of the most heavily armored ships in the game with a protected citadel and a pretty quick reload and turret rotation speed. Fires happen frequently but have never really been an issue. Provided you're careful about avoiding the ram, you're either going to wreck them or cause them to flee in terror. If you have a division mate with radar or an aggressive dd you're practically untouchable.
  15. KingCakeBaby

    german teir 9 f der grobe

    I loved the FDG. The problem is people don't use it as intended. Like most problems in thos game, this complaint thread boils down to two words: user error.