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  1. KingCakeBaby

    British Commonwealth Destroyer Tech Tree

    My only question is why have a complete line if their utility is questionable and their primary purpose is to hunt submarines? If submarines don't start until Tier VI (which hopefully it'll be lower, tier IV or V), then wouldn't it make more sense that the Commonwealth line doesn't branch off until ~ Tier V?
  2. KingCakeBaby

    This is kind of sad

    That would be amazing. I think there's a Russian joke to be made there.
  3. KingCakeBaby

    This is kind of sad

    Oh don't get me wrong, I am one of the few that doesn't mind a business making money off of its customers. I can even understand the high prices to keep the game from being flooded by certain ships. I'm even looking forward to submarines and was disappointed when the game launched without them. The reason I don't play much anymore is because I've contracted a debilitating condition called fatherhood, but I'm hoping it isn't terminal. My amusement came from getting an email that said "hey, you haven't played for a while. Did you know you still have 3k doubloons on your account? Think of all the things you can buy!" Then a few days later same message, only about the free experience I have.
  4. KingCakeBaby

    This is kind of sad

    Hey Wargaming. Look, I know it's been a while since we've had a chance to hang out. Life's just been kind of crazy lately. I still love you, but I just can't give you the attention you deserve right now. It's not you, it's me. I know you're dealing with some abandonment issues, but please stop leaving me emails trying to get me to come back. It comes off as desperate and, honestly, a little sad and that's not how I want to remember you. You used to be so generous, but now you're leaving texts telling me how much gold and free experience I have in my account and trying to get me to buy things for you. I know what my account looks like, and you telling me what I already have isn't going to win me back. Before you ask; no, I'm not interested in rentals either. Were you always this way? I thought we were having fun, I didn't think you were just looking for someone to spend money on you. I guess I should've seen it sooner given how you went after all my friends. You said it was because I was looking at your sister, the one with the Thunder thighs, but I've never even gave her my email. This isn't the Wargaming I fell in love with. Keep your head up and think of this as an opportunity to work on yourself. We can still be friends and who knows, maybe we'll get to spend some time together in Alameda come January. See you around Wargaming.
  5. KingCakeBaby

    Picture your Pets - 23rd - 29th

    This is Logan. He doesn't do tricks and he's not quite housebroken yet.
  6. KingCakeBaby

    Thrust issues

    There's a pill for that.
  7. KingCakeBaby

    Does Wargaming actually listen to your suggestions

    Player. Singular. I'm not really sure what your opinion is here, or if you really think the often regurgitated 'do it or you hate your players' argument can really be made here, but as you didn't consult with me before posting this please don't speak for me. If I am correct, Community Contributors usually have to hit a certain numbers of views or have a certain number of subscriptions and be active over a period of time. They also have to apply to be one on the occasions when WG asks for volunteers...which seems to happen every few months.
  8. KingCakeBaby

    Biz T10 Push!

    If I have a claim to fame on these forums it is with my oft-repeated assertion that the vast majority of Tier VIII ships are competitive against their Tier X counterparts. You just have to pay a little more attention and have an exit strategy.
  9. Best moment was waking up one morning to find this delightful email in my inbox. After failing my way through WoT since 2011 I had been looking forward to WoWS since WG first made mention of developing an aerial and naval game back in 2012. Best Christmas present ever and I've maybe played a dozen matches of WoT since. I'm not really sure what I would like for my birthday gift. I haven't had much of an opportunity to play this year since the birth of my son, so I'm kind of out of touch. I suppose a Smolensk or a Friesland Admiral Pack would be nice if they qualify, if not maybe some free passes to the USS Hornet on the Anchors Away Tour?
  10. KingCakeBaby

    There willl be no subs in random or competitive

    It's going to happen sooner or later. All things are flexible for the sake of balance; but the real question is why do you think they have to go fast at all? I don't see them as a class of ship that chases and harasses, I see them as a class that finds a good spot and waits in ambush. To accomplish this, all WG has to do is move their spawn points a little closer to the caps, and since most games revolve around either team pushing towards the middle anyways they don't really need to go faster than 20 knots. The lack of speed could in itself be a balance, as a submarine caught out of position is dead or chasing the fight, like a mid-tier US BB with half the range.
  11. Not relevant to the post. You can argue the causality of any military action effecting another in a campaign. You could also argue that the Japanese moved forward with the operation and many others because Yamamoto threatened to resign, a tactic he frequently used when told he couldn't get his way. The point is that it's a movie called Midway that doesn't focus on the battle it was named after, instead choosing to rehash events that took place prior to in emulation of one of the worst war films ever made.
  12. I am pretty disappointed that they are basically remaking the train wreck that was Pearl Harbor...even though the Battle of Midway had very little to do with the attack on Pearl or the Doolittle raid... but I suppose I should be happy that they wont have a copy-pasted modern American task force filling in for the Japanese and modern cruisers anchored in the harbor.
  13. KingCakeBaby

    ST: Priority Air Defense Sector

    Different teams working on different projects. I have faith that CVs and AA will eventually reach a satisfying equilibrium, but I've always doubted it would be within 12 months or the rework.
  14. Can't believe no one mentioned having tiers 1-6 swamped with specialized 19 point captains yet.