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  1. DD or Atlanta for the 500 ribbons. I coasted through the event with the Iwaki and unlocked it yesterday. Find the ship that works best for you and the rest should take care of itself.
  2. No I expected it to be lame, just not that lame.
  3. ? ...what do you mean u ppl?...
  4. The move comes from the fiscally sound practice of rotation; not complaining. By removing them from the shop for a set period of time WG effectively drives up sales by announcing their removal, makes players more likely to buy other premium ships currently offered in their absence, frees up space for new premium content and drives sales again when they announce their inevitable return. It might take a year but you will see them again. In the mean time there will be other premium ships available for purchase.
  5. I've been dying to get my hands on the Khab. One day.
  6. The Pensacola is a surprisingly good ship. Good speed and almost every shot I make in it results in citadels. It also absorbs more damage than the stories would lead you to believe, which is both its greatest strength and weakness. You start doing well and you forget just how fragile your ship can be when you're no longer one on one with an enemy ship or they don't have anything else to shoot at (it is almost guaranteed that next to a spotted destroyer a Pensacola is everyone's favorite target of opportunity). You just have to be really careful about overextending or showing your sides more that necessary. I haven't played the NO since Beta (The Pensacola was way worse back then as well) but I would imagine it follows the same logic.
  7. Amazing how many people can complain about free things.
  8. It fills the void the Strike series left in my life.
  9. Go for the hulls as they drastically improve your survivability, then engine. Range can be researched last as you already have good range and the extra 2km doesn't make much of a difference (shooting at 20km+ is not really the best use of your time.)
  10. Refer to one of my previous posts. Repairs are already underway and the construction of a dry dock will most likely start around 2020.
  11. A ship doesn't have to have a high kill count to be relevant. Her value is as one of the last surviving examples of an era or rapid technological advancements. She was served as a test bed for most of the experimental technology between and during both World Wars.
  12. In the beginning it's cost. It's cheaper and ore desirable to have the ship floating at dock. Later when it becomes an isue it's cost combined with structural weaknesses in the hull. In the case of the Texas, if they tried to put it in a land-based cradle before the repairs are done it could collapse under its own weight.
  13. It's an educated guess. I've never had any issue hitting rocks unless I was tunneling and not paying attention to the icon when it pops up. I've also not seen too many complaining either on the forums or in the game about this particular issue which is a virtual impossibility given how quickly the community is up in arms whenever they feel like something doesn't work in their advantage. Even the responses in this thread mostly lean towards the 'maybe it's you' explanation. Lastly, if hitting rocks is enough of an issue that you made a thread about it it's a reasonable assumption that you spend quite a bit of time hiding behind them.
  14. Consider myself corrected. To be completely honest I haven't played the ship type since they were first introduced in testing. My statements were based off of the frequent and numerous complaints I have read from others, which in bulk usually has some validity. Maybe the complaints about the lack of maneuverability stem from the issue that a lot of cv captains ram the nearest island at the start of the match and don't move until a DD is in torpedo range.