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  1. KingCakeBaby

    NHL 19 doesn't have Admiral Halsey!

    You're my new favorite.
  2. Judging by the stats of the ship, the special flame camo, the fact it's a lower tier premium and a better version will be out next year I would venture to guess that this will most likely be the next free campaign/event ship like the DoY and the Indy.
  3. KingCakeBaby

    20 Point Captains A Drunken Epiphany

    I think you've answered your own question.
  4. KingCakeBaby

    Advanced tactics.

    How dare you call me out on my jerkiness and I will not got to bed. You're not my real father stop telling me what to do.
  5. KingCakeBaby

    Advanced tactics.

    Helpful. I don't understand how the majority of the people on the forums can complain about players that don't play to their level and have no interest in improving, yet posts responses like this to a player who is reaching out for advice on that very thing.
  6. KingCakeBaby

    Advanced tactics.

    Honestly only practice and repetition. You could try to train yourself to look at your minimap in intervals of five or ten seconds or so. Also when you get the notification that an enemy ship is sighted glancing at your map will put you in good habits.
  7. KingCakeBaby

    Bismarck builds

    The days of maneuverable German bbs are behind you. From the Bismarck onwards they are huge and cumbersome. Fires and torpedoes become a real issue when you're not bow tanking or when a ship slips into your flank. The good news is they are really fun to tank in and those secondaries will light up every other ship that stays within 11 km...except the Massachusetts, which makes it a blast to point your nose at a cap and wade in. I would focus on survivability.
  8. KingCakeBaby

    The Soverigndawg Blog.

    This thread is going places. -KingCakeBaby, Unofficially ordained officially unauthorized community contributor. Test Me.
  9. KingCakeBaby

    Best Secondary Ship?

    The Massachusetts can melt a FDG with its secondaries.
  10. KingCakeBaby

    Playing for "Fun"

    It's never that clean cut. I've had games in my MO, which is known for having strong and accurate guns, where no matter what I do the shells just won't go where I want them to and I get ricochets or mostly overpens resulting in very little damage. I've also had games where being the top tier BB the second you fire half the enemy team focuses you down because they believe you to be the biggest threat. This is especially true in a Yamato. Sorry, but every game is different and you really don't know how it's going to shake out. To say that a player is beneath you because you see where he lands on the after battle stats without actually witnessing his play is not a valid reason for bashing someone.
  11. KingCakeBaby

    Playing for "Fun"

    It should never be the result that makes a game fun, it should be the process of achieving that result. Since the majority of these open-ended games are 99% grind, if all you care about is the end game you're going to be constantly disappointed. You see this in the impatience of those who race up to the next tier in the tech tree only to complain that it isn't as good as the one they just sold. Their happiness in achieving the next ship is quickly lost in their desire to race through it. You also see it in the individuals who's only motivation in playing is winning, which is the absolute wrong way to look at it. The 'I'm competitive so I play to win mentality' is as ignorant and in my opinion as unwanted as the 'I only lost because these stupid potatoes on my team will never be at my level'. The people who have these mentalities are the ones I'd rather not play with because they were the ones who have to rant in chat and on the forums because they feel cheated. You could be the best player in the game and you're still going to lose almost as often as not, the key is to have a little dignity and grace about it and not bash others because you think you deserve better. I absolutely play for fun. It's a game; that's the purpose. I play because I love interacting with the highly detailed and more or less faithful models of ships I've held long fascination with. I play because every now and then I can pull off that awesome strike, close game or see something truly amusing or praiseworthy. It's the adrenaline of getting into and out of close situations or seeing if you can land that finishing salvo before they do. I have never cared about whether or not I win a match. It's nice, but if it doesn't happen I realize I can jump in my next ship at any time and the next match is only a few minutes away. Losing streaks are frustrating, but I've come to accept them as just another part of the overall experience. If people can't accept such things or recognize the reality of the situation that bad losses happen and everyone plays on different levels for different reasons then they should probably find something else to do with their free time that is more fitting with their narrow understandings. For those who think they are amazing because of their damage output, just remember the potatoes are just as responsible for your ability to achieve those numbers as they are for your loss. You farm damage on players who have made mistakes and can do so because the players on your team have failed to do so. Skill based matchmaking would be equally frustrating to you because you will suddenly find yourself only getting average damage and average stats and you will still find yourself suffering disappointing losses. Case in point Ranked Battles are supposed to be skill based, and there are very few aspects of this game that causes more salt among players. Skill based matchmaking is at best theoretical. Raging against players who you feel are beneath you because they don't play to your standards is not going to go away regardless of how much you rage. Crying about a loss and judging your worth as a player based on how many wins you can skate through is going to leave you a salty, bitter loser in your own right that no one wants to play with. At the end of the day you'll just be another kind of potato. The toxic kind which in my estimation is even worse than those who are just trying to enjoy themselves without having said potato spout abuse at them. Embrace the suck and enjoy the journey.
  12. Check your acceptance email again. You'll find some links towards the bottom you should look into.
  13. KingCakeBaby

    Tactical Tip Tuesday - Controlling the Map

    The JDF participated in several wars since WW2 including those in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think you guys are missing the point. These would be the sons of those who fought in a war that was and still is presented to the Japanese people as a righteous cause. The MO wouldn't just symbolize the fall from their greatest height, but a moment that has drastically changed the course of their country forever. Go on with your thread Gneisenau sorry to derail it.
  14. KingCakeBaby

    Tactical Tip Tuesday - Controlling the Map

    You have to wonder the thoughts of the Japanese looking over at the ship their nation surrendered on some 40+ years after the fact.
  15. KingCakeBaby

    HMCS Vancouver - Fleet Week 2018

    I was kind of surprised by them too. I thought at first that they may have been storage for more harpoons until I saw the exhaust funnels. I wish I could've taken better pictures of them but I was being hurried along. The dual torpedo tubes angled off the hangar were interesting as well. It kind of seemed like a token novelty until I saw the control center for them.