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  1. Ready Player One

    The book is definitely worth the read, in fact I'm sure it'll probably wind up being leagues ahead of the movie...which is typical (Jurassic Park). Cline is writing a sequel as well.
  2. Slow ships which can take a while to get up to full speed and loses much of it when maneuvering. Meanwhile every other class but the carriers are racing for the caps. For faster cruisers and destroyers I can see why looking back it might seem like the BBs are sitting in the rear. I would also like to point out that as a BB it is best not to commit entirely to any front until you know for sure your team mates are committed as well. I've been having a blast in the Gneisenau the past few days, but even that ship with it's higher speed can quickly find itself up the proverbial creek when you attempt to tank for your team only to find that everyone on your side of the map has turned tail and ran the second you get set on fire. No amount of speed, armor, maneuverability or angling will save you when you're facing down five or six ships with no hope of reinforcements and no means of retreat. Everyone has been in this situation as a BB, and those who predominantly play them might have learned a degree of caution when it comes to being the tip of the spear.
  3. Christmas Ship Sales

    It isn't the Scharn but given how much fun I'm having with her sister (still stock and an 11 point captain) I think I'll probably splurge as well.
  4. Early Santa via Supercontainer

    Nice! Congrats.
  5. I suppose it's probable that my game lags a bit before finally dropping me. I stand corrected, carry on.
  6. Interesting. I wonder why my ship is sometimes a lot farther than it was when I crashed. Even with a small amount of coasting it doesn't really account for the distance traveled.
  7. I'm more partial to A-Wings and TIE Interceptors.
  8. I do believe if you start a match and the client drops you or the game crashes your ship continues on the same course and speed and your guns stay trained in the same direction until you return to the match. If the game allows you to log in and load up before the match finishes. This has happened to me several times when my internet crashes twenty seconds into the match and when I manage to rejoin my ship has sailed or sunk way out in the middle of nowhere. I feel like the case for dropped games and people who get phone calls or have something unexpected happen that requires their attention after clicking the battle button is far more likely a culprit than bots and cheats.
  9. It's about the long game. If people can race through ships then many would get bored once they reached all the tier x's. WG said a long time ago about WoTs that ideally it should take months to grind through the higher tiers and about six months to a year to reach the top. Play tiers lV through VI, should help with earning credits.
  10. This has happened to me a couple of times while maneuvering frantically across several maps. Moral of the story is don't beach yourself sideways. It's better to ram the island than try a last second turn if you're not sure if you can make it.
  11. Why Beta ?

    I had the same problem recently when I tried to install WoWP. Install the Beta and use the launcher to select the US server when it's done.
  12. Ya know what, I did good.

    Glad for you. People put way too much emphasis on winning, losing and what the team does or doesn't do. Sometimes you just have to focus on your own successes and enjoy yourself.
  13. Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to hide

    That Alabama though...
  14. DD Being Spotted way out of Spotting Range

    You may have also been spotted by a ship much closer with hydro or radar, including some sneaky DDs.