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  1. Not relevant to the post. You can argue the causality of any military action effecting another in a campaign. You could also argue that the Japanese moved forward with the operation and many others because Yamamoto threatened to resign, a tactic he frequently used when told he couldn't get his way. The point is that it's a movie called Midway that doesn't focus on the battle it was named after, instead choosing to rehash events that took place prior to in emulation of one of the worst war films ever made.
  2. I am pretty disappointed that they are basically remaking the train wreck that was Pearl Harbor...even though the Battle of Midway had very little to do with the attack on Pearl or the Doolittle raid... but I suppose I should be happy that they wont have a copy-pasted modern American task force filling in for the Japanese and modern cruisers anchored in the harbor.
  3. KingCakeBaby

    ST: Priority Air Defense Sector

    Different teams working on different projects. I have faith that CVs and AA will eventually reach a satisfying equilibrium, but I've always doubted it would be within 12 months or the rework.
  4. Can't believe no one mentioned having tiers 1-6 swamped with specialized 19 point captains yet.
  5. KingCakeBaby

    Return of the Salem Witch: Event PROPOSAL

    I was actually one of the lucky few who got to sail the Salem Witch and Phantom Fortress. To date it is probably my favorite event, however I'm not sure if I would want to see it returned, even if the mechanics were different. Having something that only happens once makes it a memory and special to those who participated in it. That being said I am somewhat intrigued by the thought of an event that everyone has access to, though I foresee a lot of problems with MM being flooded.
  6. KingCakeBaby

    Resizing DD models?

    Personally, I'd rather have larger relative map sizes and a seek and destroy game style. I think this would lend to better tactics and open up more versatility among ship and captain builds. It would also solve the vast majority of complaining when it comes to CVs, radar ships, camping and destroyers not being able to live up to their full potential.
  7. KingCakeBaby

    The Mighty Jingles!!!

    If WG can resurrect stalin to run their customer service department then they can bring back the gunny for some lines.
  8. KingCakeBaby

    The Mighty Jingles!!!

    R Lee Ermey. Make it happen.
  9. KingCakeBaby

    Walmart Bouncers!? WTH

    They can't physically stop you so no, you don't have to show your receipts. My annoyance with the practice isn't that they want to see your receipt, it's that they don't actually check them against the items in your cart or the date/location on the receipt, making the entire slow down pointless. Most of the time they don't scan them either, just mark them with a highlighter. This practice is more for the bulk expensive items like TVs that people can throw in their cart and walk out, but the blanket token check is fairly annoying.
  10. KingCakeBaby

    WG's Friesland vs my Friesland proposal

    Well @Lert, I told you that if WG ever put one of your ships in game I would gift it to you if it were in my power. Let's see how they decide to sell it and if possible it's yours. Unless you'd rather hold out for a different ship.
  11. KingCakeBaby

    Watch your premium time closely, gentlemen.

    When you take a screenshot its name in the file is a timestamp.
  12. KingCakeBaby

    A cool game to check out.

    I alpha tested MWO, even got the Founder's pack, but after testing it I just haven't had a desire to play it anymore. It is a good game though.
  13. KingCakeBaby

    Is Georgia...

    He's right you know.
  14. KingCakeBaby

    How Good Were Coastal Defense Ships?

    For most navies, the role of coastal defense was left to aged ships which could no longer keep up with a fleet or but had some utility beyond being a training vessel. Many of the battleships and cruisers that served in the first world war became coastal defense ships for the second one. Around the time of Tsushima they could've been ships that were only ten years old or less but were already outdated by the frequent advances in ship building technology of the time.
  15. KingCakeBaby

    Pobeda vs Yamato

    People are really sensitive about their oddly sexualized cartoon girls of an ambiguous age range. If you don't believe me watch the downvotes. Any mention of anime in a negative light has been grounds for being banned since time forgotten.