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  1. Because there's absolutely no way such a feature would be abused by those who find themselves with a surplus of salt and a whiny disposition. In all seriousness, the only thing the reporting feature seems to accomplish is to give those who felt like they were personally wronged a placebo effect for their spite. I would even be okay for that, but they still feel the need to let their displeasure be heard in chat anyways so it seems like a completely irrelevant addition to the game.
  2. Quick! Get your games in before...

    Of this I have no doubt.
  3. Quick! Get your games in before...

    On WoWS, every day is World Down Syndrome Day.
  4. Reset?

    Coins sir?
  5. Surely WG MM can do better.

    The only thing MM balances are ships. If you want to compare skill levels it would seem that, given the displayed levels the players earned from ranked battles, that both teams were more or less even in skill. It doesn't take much for a game to go sour for a team. Having one or two ships out of position within the first few minutes of the engagement can do it. Having your top tier BB spawning on the far side and getting obliterated while trying to cross to the cap points the team has agreed upon, having a DD taken out while capping or a cruiser that fails to support it. All these and more could lead to a domino effect where a team gets steam rolled. There are names for these types of phenomenon, however I'm too lazy to look them up right now. The only thing that's really surprising is that people actually think that everyone on their team but themselves are wind licking mouth breathers. WG would have to specifically spend time and money coding MM to weight one team with below average players. It boggles my mind when people imply that this is intentional. Truth is you could have an entire metaphysical discussion about the why behind such one-sided battles, but in the end it is simply the nature of the beast. People always suggest skill-based matchmaking yet don't seem to remember the average is around 48-50%, which means that for most ever other battle is a loss, which wouldn't solve the perceived issue. Why doesn't anyone ever complain of the landslide wins, which statistically happen as often as the one-sided losses.
  6. Wall humping

    Never understood this. I've always found it pretty easy to land shells on ships hugging the border, in fact it tends to lead to easy citadels when they are eventually forced to turn one way or the other.
  7. Super Containers are *** nowadays

    If that was tonight, I got the same SC at pretty much the same time. Wonder if there is something to that. That said SC have always been like this. The percentile of getting a ship is very low, like the single digits. It does seem that SC have been more common in the past few months, so there's that.
  8. April Fools Event Leaked

    When they did this in Alpha I got 9 kills in the Des Moines. Sadly I haven't been able to replicate that good luck ever since.
  9. Not about U-boats...

    I've been watching this one very closely. Can't wait for the release.
  10. The Corgi's are fighting back!

    As a Corgi captain I've been met with a lot of hostility and rude/aggressive comments over the weekend. I'll admit that sometimes it was hard not to hit that enter key and share my opinion. Guess it's just something that comes with the territory.
  11. Vaporizing a Fiction with Facts

    I hate to say it, but playing lower tiers is a guilty pleasure. Not because it's easier, but because the action is more fluid. I prefer the dynamic, close-in engagements over the static play at higher tiers where each team parks behind an island and dares each other to come out first. That being said however I usually don't go below tier IV unless I feel the desire to take out a rarely used premium or I'm helping a friend or new player learn the game or speed through the lower tiers. I'm not sure about Tier I and II as ships at those tiers don't really have a distinct flavor, but I can attest to meeting a good portion of veterans at III and IV. Sometimes you just need that St. Louis fix, and I don't really blame them.
  12. To Mo, or not to MO...

    If you have 6.5 million free experience to spend, you're really not risking or losing much by buying it.
  13. How is that any different from people already flooding the forums and going nuts about anything and everything else? Practicality comes down to implementation. If it is done effectively then work versus reward is relative. Either way this conversation is irrelevant because they are unlikely to ever be implemented, I'm just saying if it popped up on a dev blog somewhere my first reaction would be curiosity as opposed to concern.
  14. As I said, they could go either way. Balance would absolutely be an issue. Possibly they could be short range, have a chance of failure or any number of checks and balances. They have a very good historical precedence and there's a valid argument to be made for their testing.