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  1. KingCakeBaby

    ST, hybrids

    Paper Soviet superships, submarines, Kitakami and now Tone and Ise. I believe WoWS is hitting that same wall WoT did when it started getting long in the tooth.
  2. KingCakeBaby

    Forum users not playing

    I check the forums daily and follow development changes, but I haven't really played since january 2019. The exception being the Puerto Rico fiasco that helps to make the break even easier. While my absence is mostly motivated by a lack of time, I haven't really seen anything so far that has encouraged me to make to the effort to return.
  3. KingCakeBaby


    Only thing the shima needs is about fifteen to twenty seconds shaved off its torpedo reload time to be more than competitive in its desired role.
  4. KingCakeBaby

    Iwaki and Arkansas

    The Iwaki isn't very enjoyable either these days either.
  5. KingCakeBaby

    Goodbye, Smolensk!

    It actually doesn't mean anything. I read it at 3AM and my mind tied it in to what was said on the Hornet about the Dry Dock feature coming back. My apologies.
  6. KingCakeBaby

    Goodbye, Smolensk!

    The JB will be the next dry dock ship. I wouldn't kill yourself grinding for it just yet. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/dry-dock-jean-bart/
  7. If I remember straight the next thing is three days premium time followed by a series of rental ships. I used to save the emails because they amused me but then they just got sad.
  8. KingCakeBaby


    I have no dog in this fight. I'm only commenting in appreciation to the Primus reference.
  9. KingCakeBaby

    Trying to be patient with these crates but...

    I'm not religious at all but its hard to resist the deliciousness that is king cake. The Hispanics have a version too, but it's not as good. Greetings from a fellow CO! I worked in the administrative segregation unit of a level five maximum security prison, but worked all over the prison during overtime. I've worked in a number of detainment facilities since and they're all pretty much the same. The biggest problem for prisoners isn't the staff or even the facility, although the older ones have obvious issues. The biggest problem a prisoner faces is boredom and stupidity from other prisoners.
  10. KingCakeBaby

    Trying to be patient with these crates but...

    Prisoners don't have food rations. They actually eat really well and can buy pretty much whatever they want through the commissary. Honestly, if it wasn't for all the whiny man-childs prison isn't such a bad gig.
  11. KingCakeBaby

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Top heavy.
  12. KingCakeBaby

    Pats Dynasty Over!!!!!

    An overrated team and an overrated quarterback. When every team in their division and over half of the teams on their schedule have losing records for most of the last ten years it really shouldn't be surprising that they've had a free pass to the playoffs and a first round bye.
  13. KingCakeBaby

    New EULA what are you hiding WG?

    Probably something to cover themselves against players vexed by false advertising.
  14. KingCakeBaby

    USS Fanning and the U-58

    The History Guy is awesome. I wonder if he plays.
  15. KingCakeBaby

    WG Please Read From a Concerned Player

    @Dradan_Nightshade Hello sir. I've recently posted a similar letter to WG over the PR issue. The change in the UUs is equally distressing to me so I thank you for your well written post that also addressed my concerns. I understand your frustration sir. Unfortunately the official response has been a little underwhelming. @Hapa_Fodder We have seen in the past that the 'wait and see' process tends have negative consequences on the player base because once WG gets to the point of releasing needed information, they've already developed the concept to the point they are unwilling to consider changes. I myself have been grinding these modules in my free time when I can since they were released. How are you going to compensate me for my years worth of effort? It took me forever to get the Tier Xs I have and i have no interest in regrinding them. This not only puts the UUs out of reach of a large portion of players, but is also a very blatant means of milking even more money through flags, camos and premium time. Sorry, but the argument of 'they're not very good i only use two-thirds of mine is as misleading as it nonsensical. Honestly I'm not even sure why this conversation keeps popping up, or why WG can't grasp the fact that people would spend a lot more money on the game if it had less predatory business practices. Customers tend to be loyal towards brands they think are better or transparent, even if the cost is higher. The main reason why products fail comes down to poor reviews, and given how hard you work at not only bringing back players who have jumped ship but also try to convince people to recruit new ones for you, I would imagine you're already noticing that. This game is still pushing out new content, but in many ways it has stagnated. Given recently history, and how nice naval forces is shaping up on W-T - the Graf Spee looks amazing and has a much better sense of scale - I'm getting really tempted to cut my losses eight years be damned and find greener pastures. Also, if Wargaming as a company is so insecure that someone isn't allowed to mention their competition on the forums for fear of players jumping ship, than you should know that the way you conduct business is wrong.