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  1. Same for me. I think the NC/Iowa was the hardest for me given the difference between their ballistics and armor profiles compared to the ships that preceded them.
  2. There's no shame in loving low tier play. I would say if playing the ship is enjoyable keep doing it. I'm in the same boat so to speak with the New Mexico. Love it, have a captain trained specifically for it, feel like I should probably sell it but probably never will.
  3. I would say the opposite. Hype train would be them releasing information with the possibility that said information might be entirely scrapped. You don't learn about the existence of new ships until they are about 80% complete. This is a whole new layer of gameplay that will completely shift the meta again. It's a massive overhaul that yeah, is and should take a year or two to develop. I feel like it isn't unreasonable for WG to remain cautious with their information until they know for sure one way or the other.
  4. Account name got rename for no reason

    You have to go into your wargaming account. I believe if you were renamed you get one free reset, but your best option is let the ticket run its course.
  5. Account name got rename for no reason

    That happened to me after a disagreement on the forums during beta. Someone reported your name as offensive and the system automatically renames you.
  6. Reward Whales WG

    And what would be that threshold for whales, pray tell? I've been playing WG games since the beginnings of 2011 and have probably spent quite a bit on tanks, ships, gold, doubloons, premium time and what have you. I don't think I'm unique either, in fact I would guess that your average WG consumer has probably spent in the thousands. So where would that be? Tens of thousands? If so, would you actually be satisfied with any digital gift they could give you knowing how much you've actually spent? Here's another hypothetical. Couldn't you make the argument that every player has contributed to the growth and development of the company regardless of their individual monetary commitments? The more people you have playing the game the larger the game looks and more enticing to more new players who may or may not be 'whales'. Players also tend to bring in friends and family who may also spend money. The truth about free to play games and the financial principle these companies run off of it that if you can hold a players attention for more than thirty days they will inevitably spend money. If you can hold it for more than three months you have them for years. I've never understood the 'I spend money now give me things' mentality. You are after all spending money for the express purpose of getting things. It isn't obligatory and it's not a donation, it's a transaction. Even so, WG does often sweeten the pot, both to drive sales and to reward consumers who spend enough, i.e. whales. The T-61 bonus is a very good, very recent example. If you want to ask WG to reward someone, ask them to throw a bone to longterm players. It could follow a 2,4,6,and 8 year format with progressively better rewards.
  7. New xvm mod now working?

    It is not hard to focus down a single player if you are looking for him. Skill only gets you so far against say a division that wants to see you dead. If everyone on the enemy team knows to kill you first you're either going to die quickly or be useless behind cover. That was never my problem though. I hate the rampant "I'm better" mentality whether its true or not. At the end of the day the only thing you have to show for sinking pixel ships is a wasted day, and that is true across the board. Honestly every time I see someone called a potato, tomato or any other word that denotes someone is beneath you I feel a great swell of annoyance and wish such ignorance could be a punishable offense. Im not going to say I've never felt rage towards a team or team mates who are making logical errors in my estimation, but that's part of the problem as well. We already have an abundance of toxicity in the game and on the forums, XVM might be a useful tool for many things, but above anything else it's a poison that'll compound that mentality. That's why I stopped playing WoT. Couldn't get five seconds into the countdown timer before these disgusting little trolls starting flaming each other and it didn't stop until you got back to the garage. Every. Friggin. Match. I was also very annoyed at people driving off of cliffs or into lakes if they had less than a 48% chance of winning.
  8. New xvm mod now working?

    XVM ruined WoT and is the major reason why I stopped playing it.
  9. I wasn't typically overly aggressive, or at least I tend to be more aggressive on my regular account, I just had the mentality that they were going to have to earn it. The team actually working together definitely helps I'm sure. I don't know if I ever actually checked my wr on that account.
  10. Grog?

    Cinnamon is typically a component of rum.
  11. Grog?

    Grog should be introduced to the game as a new currency.
  12. It was really fun. I think I played a little better knowing everyone is trying to kill me. Hope I get in too, but either way I'm really excited for the event and hope to see you out there.
  13. Indianapolis needs some buff

    It is a blight upon the forums for a slight that shall never be forgotten. I might just be weird as I feel like I did well and really enjoy the Pensacola, NO, and Indy. Learning when to expose yourself and let the ap fly led to amazing results and carried into other ships. It is an awesome feeling running someone down and wrecking their citadel in a ship everyone tends to dismiss.
  14. Indianapolis needs some buff

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Indianapolis. This isn't a premium you buy for the lols, this is a ship for those who like to exercise skill and consideration in their attack. There is a learning curve and it isn't a ship you can derp around in without some strategy, but on the whole it is a good ship that does what it does well.