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  1. Redwing6

    Premium Ship Review: HMAS Perth

    @LittleWhiteMouse @Lert I put off buying it because I haven't wanted to reward WG's bad behavior with the CV update...but I finally decided to get it today. I think it's pretty good. I'm not a great player...50% at best. But my first game, I had 153 AP hits 90235 dam, 20 HE for 2772 dam, 1 torp for 14034, 2ndary bats 9 hits for 2228 damage. 4 kills 6 damage...on a loss. Fired mostly AP at CLs & CAs. edit: That was with a zero point captain...btw.
  2. Redwing6

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Destroyers

    @LittleWhiteMouse is my phking hero because this player takes the time to review every single ship in game...and give a relatively unbiased assesment of that ship. I'll accept my ban for this post. Love you girl
  3. Redwing6

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Destroyers

    Thanks for doing these @LittleWhiteMouse
  4. Redwing6

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Cruisers

    @LittleWhiteMouse Thanks for rebuilding these threads Mouse.
  5. Redwing6

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Battleships

    @LittleWhiteMouse You're my hero! Thanks for taking the time to rebuild these guides. They're invaluable!
  6. Redwing6

    Premium Ship Review: Mutsu

    bumping because it's @LittleWhiteMouse
  7. Ummm, as always sorry to bother, but what happened to your pinned post/page of premium ship reviews? Did they get memory holed?

    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      Two things:

      1. Wargaming is doing some forum maintenance.
      2. It hasn't been updated since March or so because the forum hates that post because of it's size.  Making even a small edit takes at least half an hour of fighting with the forum's attempts to reformat it.

      It needs to be done anew, I'm afraid.  I'm trying to work with Wargaming to create a new one, but I have some asks that I'm trying to see if they can be met first.  It's no small undertaking, I'm afraid.

    2. Redwing6


      KK thanks for taking the time to answer.

    3. Redwing6


      LWM, Not going to do what I'd like to do to , because I don't want to get hammered on the forums, but I genuinely appreciate what you do. You're awewsome. Thanks for what you do and the time you take for this game.

  8. That's Russian gratitude for you. They spit in yer eye, and you just have to take it.
  9. Redwing6

    Premium Ship Review #135 - Gorizia

    Thank you @LittleWhiteMouse
  10. Redwing6

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    Actually, I was thinking about the Genova...but any way...
  11. Mouse, are you well? You've not updated your famous premium ship notes since March. Is there anything I can do to help?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Redwing6


      Ok, what can I do to help? I don't have much free time either, but you're stuff is too important to let slide.

    3. LittleWhiteMouse


      For now, just be patient.  I'll be on my feet soon enough and back to abusing my free time to push out content.

    4. Redwing6


      ok but I'm willing to help if you need it. I ain't as good as @Lert but I try


  12. Redwing6

    Do Not Chase The CVs

    why yes, yes I am well aware that WG made sky cancer easier to play. unlimited aircraft. No enemy fighters to interdict. permaspotting...sky cancer must die, every single pharking chance I get, I kill them.
  13. Redwing6

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    @LittleWhiteMouse What do you think of the Italian Prem Cruisers?
  14. how have you been? are you feeling any better? thx for taking the time to answer my q a bit ago...didn't expect you to do it like that at all. I really do appreciate what you do here. just my 2 cents....


    thx again.

    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      Thanks.  I was, then I got the flu.  So technically I am better but don't check in right at this instant.

    2. Redwing6


      To be honest, you, Lert and one or two others are just about the only CC's I trust in this game any more. The rest have turned into WG fanboi's...which is a pity. In WoT's, I have a great deal of QB because while he's often a "rah-rah-boi" he does call out WG when they FUBAR something. Just as you two do. So I have a great deal of respect for you presonally and "professionally as a CC. 

      Once more, thanks for what you do here.


      Rich Vail,


  15. Redwing6

    My Sincere Thank - 25k Sub 30 Ship Giveaway

    redwing6, na server.