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  1. Anyone else have comments on this?
  2. Redwing6

    Kansas And Minnesota Are Ruining Battles

    Someone pass him the cheeze to go along with his whine...
  3. Redwing6

    Premium Ship Review: Florida

    I wasn't born there, moved @ 8 years old...in 1970 and moved back north in fall of 2000...and while FlaMan makes things difficult for those of us who identify as being from there...I fully support your assessment, sir!
  4. Redwing6

    Premium Ship Review: Florida

    Didn't know about that feature. THanks for that pointer. @LittleWhiteMouse and @Lert are among the very few I trust any more about ships to spend real world $$ on and how those ships perform. @iChase @Notser and a few others have become fanboi's of WG...I've never hear them say a negative thing about WoWS. That's disapointing. I would hope that CC's would have the courage to give the good with the bad. LMW is one of the very few who does. That's why I personally give a great deal of weight to her premium ship reviews. (I currently have 48 premiums!)
  5. Redwing6

    Premium Ship Review: Florida

    I was prepared to spring $$$ to buy this ship...BUTT...it's marginally better than the CA. If the ROF was slightly higher, I'd do it...butt it's not...so I won't. As always, I give deep thanks to @LittleWhiteMouse for her work here.I'll keep my wallet closed for now. Thanks Mouse, I deeply appreciate your work as always.
  6. Redwing6

    Premium Ship Review #150 - Siegfried & Agir

    As always, @LittleWhiteMouse my thanks. I have 1,042,535 free xp. I was going to use it on the Agir, but with a thorough reading of this, I'm going to use it to push through the Colorado (sorta grinding in a haphazard, lazy manner) to the Montana & do the same to the Worcester (already have the Alaska, so there you have it; Same lazy sorta grinding on the Cleve). Already have the Des Moines so I guess I'll use my free xp to cap the CL & BB US lines. Thanks again, LWM!
  7. Redwing6

    Thunderer in a Nutshell

    Thanks for the time to respond.
  8. Redwing6

    Thunderer in a Nutshell

    @LittleWhiteMouse call me a [edited]...but since I've become a casual player (not grinding at all) and since I just bought this beastie, what upgrades do you recommend? Seriously, you and @Lert are just about the only contributors I trust any more (not to be "fanbois" for WG). You say it like it is,not how WG would like it appear to be...just my 2cents...
  9. Redwing6

    Asymmetric Mode is not Asymmetric Enough

    Does this mode have the subs? Input appreciated.
  10. Redwing6

    Bonus Codes for 0.9.8 and KotS

    You have to use ALL caps: LETTHEPARTYBEG1N
  11. Redwing6


  12. Redwing6

    California is worth it!

    Iv'e played it. It's not worth buying. The Arizona is the same ship without the T7 drawbacks.
  13. Redwing6

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Funnily, I get a down-vote while you didn't. Imagine that.
  14. Redwing6

    California is worth it!

    Is it worth it? Nope, read @LittleWhiteMouse's review. If that's not enough then go see Flamu's (a WG fanboi) review on Youtube, which is almost as bad. You'll always have great games, but for the most part, unless you're a unicum, you'll get shytegames...
  15. Redwing6

    Stealing kills on WoWs

    This has been an issue since WoT's came out. THERE IS NO KILL STEALING. If you don't do enough damage to kill a ship/tank/aircraft, then blame phking SerB for it. His RNG generator is what is to blame. Life goes on, get over it.