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  1. Redwing6

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    Just as there are fewer and fewer players playing over all...
  2. Redwing6

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    someone found it, scroll down. That good enough for you?
  3. Redwing6

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    That came from WG employee in another thread.
  4. Redwing6

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    Because only 5% of the player base actually play CVs...
  5. Redwing6

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    No, he prolly doesn't. I do. However, CV's eliminated surface warfare. It doesn't happen any more...at least not if there are CV's about. That is a fact. In WW2 the only time surface combat occurred was when CV's were not in the area to sink the enemy fleet. Suragao Straight (sp?) was the exception, not the rule. That only happened because Halsey was lured north by the empty Japanese CV's (they had virtually no planes). What normally happened was the Philippine Sea where the US CV's decimated the Japanese fleet in the area. Game-wise, go into a game with 3 CV's a side and the surface ships simply don't do much at all. It's all CV action. That's not fun. I play this game to have fun, not get harrassed then sunk by CV's. So I've pretty muchs stopped playing randoms. I suspect that many others have done the same. Wait times for CoOPs have decreased dramatically as have Ranked & the MIssion modes. I appreciate what you do, @LittleWhiteMouse, I pretty much use you as the gold standard to measure premium ships by. However, since the CV rework, I've decided that WG isn't going to be getting any more of my hard earned $$$. I'll let my premium time run out (I've had premium time since the fall of 2011) and I just won't be spending any money on ANY of their products (I have 80+ premium tanks, 36 ships, & 5 aircraft). I have spent enough on a company that turns a tin ear to the wishes of a majority of their player base. Its that simple. I'll not call you a shill or insult your intelligence, because you are one of the few who calls out WG when the FUBAR things...and with this rework, FUBAR is what randoms have become. Still thanks for your taking the time to clear up misconceptions on how things work.
  6. Redwing6

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    Nicely put @LittleWhiteMouse, however, CV's are still ruining the game. Just as in real life, surface battles didn't occur in the presence of CV's they don't occur here when there are 2-3 CV's on a side. Everyone is too busy running away...the recent CV rework, may have badly skewed the game in a way the Dev's didn't intend.
  7. once a year or so, WG posts how much is spent by each server. Ours is 4x the RU and almost twice the EU.
  8. Redwing6

    10-15% drop in players since update?

    now you're asking for facts? that's just wrong. you must take them at their word. /sarcasm
  9. you're playing ca's/cl's because dd's are currently unplayable. You could have saved a lot of vapor by simply saying that.
  10. Redwing6

    USS Alaska Release Date

    No, it's the far side of never now...
  11. in the current meta, you'd have NO AA and die quickly, which is why I don't play mine any more.
  12. Redwing6

    Ship you hate facing the most

    Any CV at any tier. You can't beat them because you can't see them, while they can pound you with unlimited planes.
  13. This is what I think as well. Lots of CC's and SuperT's are now beginning to voice their disappointment to the state of the current meta. It's just not enjoyable. I was a an Alpha in AW, and I watched that game die on the NA server when the dev's ignored the issues raised by players. I see that happening here now. Eventually, the cash cow that is the NA server (we spend more $$$ than any other server in ALL of WG's titles. If we stop spending $$$ they will wake up...I hope.
  14. Just played Ranked for the first time in my Buffalo...that's my highest tier ship. It was fun...what the game used to be, but isn't. Can't play pubbies above T3 without facing 2-3 CV's.