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  1. What do you think the future holds of WOWS? More Russian/Soviet Bias...more CV "rebalancing" all the while steadily eroding the western player base...until the only audience left is in Russia. SSDD.
  2. Redwing6

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    " How to make Mouse a grouch...? Treat her like she's a "girl" and doesn't know what she's talking about Tell her she's doesn't know what she's talking about Try and show her she doesn't know what she's talking about Be a troll...
  3. Redwing6

    If you think CV are OP check this BB out

    It is permittedbecause is built wit stalinium stuperior shteel!
  4. Redwing6

    OK WG Ill see you later.

    Tv's have ruined co-op as well as pubbies. Nor break there.
  5. Redwing6

    Premium Ship Review #121: Exeter

    Yet another of WG's "what could have been..." ship/tank/planes. That's why I stopped spending money with this company. Well done @LittleWhiteMouse. Thanks for all the effort.
  6. This is exactly right.
  7. Redwing6

    Dreadnought more $ than Ishizuchi???

    Because they can. The Itchscratchy isn't a historic ship. After all, The Dread was the FIRST...so fools and their $$$ are soon parted. Myself, I'm done spending money on WG products.
  8. Redwing6

    Proof CV rework is here to stay..

    Some of us HAVE looked at the long term...and CV's will end up dominating this game just as they have in real life. How many nations have BB's or even CA's still in commission? They add subs, that will break this game even more than it already is. Just as that combination ruined NavyField 1 & 2.
  9. Redwing6

    Proof CV rework is here to stay..

    I rarely ever play any more. Randoms are far too painful, and just not worth it. Co-Op has been ruined by idiots in CV's as well, so they're not worth playing and the mission is a loss if there is a CV on your team as well...so I just don't play much anymore. When you toss in WG's differentiating premium time, I stopped spending $$. Just not worth it.
  10. Redwing6

    What will Ironium be used for?

    Is is an adjunct armour to Stalinium for extra plating of Sovyet BB's...they will then be invincible...
  11. Redwing6

    Proof CV rework is here to stay..

    This is most likely the explanation. WG wants to separate as many idiots from their $$$ as they can. If you buy a Prem CV, more's the pity.
  12. Redwing6


    i.e. just another way of WG separating fools from their $$$$.
  13. Yeah, but with the guns on this it would make a very good T8 CL AA premium.
  14. They are auto-loading 5" 54cal rifles...