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  1. Redwing6

    California is worth it!

    Iv'e played it. It's not worth buying. The Arizona is the same ship without the T7 drawbacks.
  2. Redwing6

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Funnily, I get a down-vote while you didn't. Imagine that.
  3. Redwing6

    California is worth it!

    Is it worth it? Nope, read @LittleWhiteMouse's review. If that's not enough then go see Flamu's (a WG fanboi) review on Youtube, which is almost as bad. You'll always have great games, but for the most part, unless you're a unicum, you'll get shytegames...
  4. Redwing6

    Stealing kills on WoWs

    This has been an issue since WoT's came out. THERE IS NO KILL STEALING. If you don't do enough damage to kill a ship/tank/aircraft, then blame phking SerB for it. His RNG generator is what is to blame. Life goes on, get over it.
  5. The title says it all. How many are disappointed about buying this turd of a premium ship before seeing/reading reviews of it?
  6. Redwing6

    Premium Ship Review: California

    As always sir, you & @LittleWhiteMouse are far more verbose than I at describing what I think would be good for the game. I'm merely a back bencher throwing rotten fruit at the stupids of WG...
  7. Redwing6

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Indeed, at a time when subs were LUCKY to get 7 knots underwater speeds. The Germans exceeded that with the Type XXi's...by sacrificing surface speed...
  8. Redwing6

    Premium Ship Review: California

    This is why I read @LittleWhiteMouse's reviews BEFORE BUYING anything. I simply don't want to reward WG for their bad choices.
  9. Redwing6

    Premium Ship Review: California

    @LittleWhiteMouse My level of admiration for you simply can't be exceeded. Thanks for putting this out. I would pay for a "better AZ" standard, because I (like @Lert) enjoy playing bricks. However, I draw the line at a "copy & paste" ship that isn't worth the $$. So, I too will take a hard pass on this unless WG is smart enough to buff it in a couple of places. I doubt they will because this company has a history of refusing to admit making mistakes. Thanks again for your time and effort on this.
  10. SHHHHH! @Lert dammit, they're trying to build a narrative here (like the MSM). You're ruining the mood, so hush!
  11. Redwing6

    wows and it future

    I'd say "Meh", but then I've said that since they took out the flotation bar during Alpha testing.
  12. Yes, and the Iwaki Alpha too!
  13. Like they're going to listen to you/us. WG ALWAYS nerfs over performing ships, even if the first people to get the damn things are the unicums. Always happens that way
  14. But sadly, they're moving in that direction by over tweeking this class one way...and adding another unbalanced class another way...while nerfing the ability of ships to defend themselves still another way.
  15. You've obviously never played NavyField 1 OR 2. They implemented subs in a ll modes and broke the games...on top of OP CV play. I've been playing this game since well before release. It ain't what it used to be. It was supposed to a be a SURFACE WARFARE game...I opposed CV play because, like in reality, surface warfare ended with the Battle of the Coral Sea. Surface warships became simply adjuncts to CV's... just as they have in game. AA to counter CV's is a joke. I played the test server for subs, and USW is a joke...once subs hit randoms, I like many others will simply walk away. It was a good game, then WG does, what WG does...