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  1. dad003

    Fixing Carriers - Five Tweaks

    Maybe you should play then it is not easy to farm good amount of damage with then , I can do better in most others ship ....
  2. dad003

    Dare I Daring?

    In the right handit a beast but are you the right hand ?
  3. Cry baby making their daily CV hating post , now feel like playing CV even more !
  4. 8.0 would be fine., A good CV player cannot win.a.match by himself now because.of the no alpha strike.....
  5. dad003

    The Best CV Video I've Found

    Just another CV hater that it.all
  6. dad003

    ST: 12th Ranked Season!

    Republic are my favorite to bomb with rn CV no BB AA will save you!
  7. dad003

    ST: 12th Ranked Season!

    Yes finally I can play CV on ranked and get my salt by the bucket !
  8. Yea another CV Nerf that mean that no damage for the first 2 minute of the match , more as death ball , we need a Nerf on as grouped up , ............
  9. Enemy ain't gonna spread it just give then time to death ball ......
  10. When the Russian BB drop people will.complaint about Russian BB .....
  11. dad003

    In need of assistance purchasing new gaming laptop

    Gaming laptop are a wasted , just get a tower no worry about battery or overheating problem
  12. dad003

    Anyone else disapointed with the Zep

    They nerfed it too hard only good things about it now are the secondary on the hull that it the plane just get shred the speed is not enough
  13. The British dont even have enough plane for 2 squad of each
  14. dad003

    Nope, no problems with the game

    The sky is falling !!!!
  15. dad003

    continuous AA buffed?