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  1. dad003

    Make random...PURE random pls

    Simply not , with the average player behind a potato with sub 40% winrate , the only way to get a decent win is to div up it out the chance of a blowout , My advice is div up en enjoy , Back to clubbing potato now .... At t10
  2. I got some words for you git gud
  3. Triple Jean Bart , daring or conq is lots of salt
  4. dad003

    7.11.1 and detonations

    It all about rng had a clanmate getting detonated twice in the spam of 5 game
  5. dad003

    MM issues again?

    It totally working as intended , as the holidays get closer there more potato playing just be ready to see worst
  6. dad003

    The British Burn, UK DD nerf

    Yep stay away from daring since you don't know how to play it , in a 1 vs 1 versus any DD in my daring I will come out winner most of the time the harugumo is slow it need to show broadside to use all is gun you don't need , the moment they show broadside you use ap and 10 sec later at max there a dead harugumo ...., Rn DD don't need buff or nerf they are perfect like this , just get use to the play style
  7. How about op grow some thick skin , the world ain't nice , if you get offended by anything it your problem not our problem,
  8. dad003

    Jean Bart new Favorite BB?

    Wait until you do a triple baguette , it whereThe fun is
  9. dad003

    FPS issue

    Tell us what your hardware is first , what you think is ok is likely not sound like you have a potato computer ,
  10. dad003

    Seal Clubbing.

    Seal clubbing at t10 is the best way to get high damage , so many potato those day!
  11. Haha Xanthro stop trolling the forum
  12. dad003

    What happened to Yamato?

    Yes it got nerfed you friends should sell it , Just trolling nothing changed !
  13. Something like 13 in one salvo with my Atlanta against a Seattle for a total of like 25 citadel on him
  14. Maybe some people are going to get luckier than you and some worst luck
  15. dad003

    so tempted...

    Who care ?