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  1. dad003

    Daring is a lesser Minotaur

    They are totally different ship , ever got caught out of smoke in a mino ? You don't live long , Daring wreck any other DD , it a DD hunter ,
  2. I wouldn't say useless , I do pretty well in them , the most I did so far in daring is 196k, they require situational awareness more than other DD , they require more skill and brain , which unfortunately a lots of player don't have
  3. dad003

    I love Daring

    The team had no cap at one point , and we turned that to a win !
  4. dad003

    HMS Daring: Day 1 first Impressions.

    I only have 3-4 battle in mine because of work , but last night had a gunfight with a DM under 4 km he was 3/4 HP and me like 1/2 , he lost the fight and i survived
  5. dad003

    Daring. Why?

    Here your problem your playing again bots , player behave totally different , I played over 175 game in mine , had over a million xp on it , it an op ship in the right hand , Jutland and daring play the exact same way , they are DD killer , you just can't do like most other DD, they have a different play style , they demand more awareness and higher skills than most other line. They aren't for everybody , I already got the permanent camo on daring and will likely buy the one for Jutland
  6. dad003

    Daring. Why?

    Jutland and daring are both keeper I play both like the lighting ,
  7. dad003

    RN Destroyers

    I got all from t5 to 10 the fun is at 8 to 10
  8. dad003

    Harugumo Verses Other Destroyers Unfair

    You wrong 2.0 sec here on mine !
  9. dad003

    Are RN Destroyers worth the grind?

    The fun start at t8 , they aren't for everybody , but they fit me good
  10. I love these 2 feel like the lightning but with more daka ! Jutland !
  11. dad003

    British destroyer smoke. Do you all like it?

    I like it , sometimes in the end game I run out
  12. Can't wait for the patch to drop him gonna farm those salty BB tear !
  13. dad003

    Yup. "Super" Containers suck

    last nigh even got one with 1k doubloon !
  14. dad003

    Just a frustration rant

    If you think it bad at t5 wait for t8 and up the amount of he spam is way higher , specially with the Wooster and harugumo