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  1. dad003

    French DD's, good for the game?

    I run mine with auboineau at 19 pts
  2. dad003

    French DD's, good for the game?

    French dd are Kings to rush enemy ship camping island because of the speed and torp angle , if one can surprise enemy dd you can gun them down fast . I love mogador and kleber . Here a screenshot of some of my stats of yesterday in kleber
  3. They screwed the holes CV things , I took my t10 CV tonight and try to do a.drop on a ship and lose the whole squad , CV where okay until 8.5 then they just killed it
  4. dad003

    Colbert Haters?

    Meh Ohio is not a HE spamming machine so there less chance
  5. dad003

    Colbert Haters?

    Yes , some people just can't tolerate that you have something they don't like or can't have , I had the same things happen with mine
  6. I work towards victory always worst case I'll fa more damage on a lost
  7. I don't know what you talking about I have like a 75% win rate in the last few days
  8. dad003

    Kelber - Is something wrong

    Ship is fine actually pretty strong , if you know how to play it, but.if your used to sit in smoke than it not for you , it play the same way the Khab line does .
  9. who care about karma , i use it as a way to measure how salty people are that i play certain ship , play CV get reported , play smolensk get reported , play colbert get reported , if somebody doesnt like that you beat the crap out of then they report you , Best karma is 0 karma
  10. dad003

    Kelber - Is something wrong

    French DD play like the Russian line in my opinion , torpedo are great for rushing BB behind island , since you got superior torp angle . i Dev struck a gk in my kleber earlier today , went from basically 0 damage to 93k in the space of a few second and only lost like 5k HP .
  11. dad003

    Tier III against 3 CVs equals NO FUN

    give me more of those salty tear please !
  12. dad003

    What an awful day for randoms.

    have you ever tough that it could be partially because of you ? since the only thing in all these match that was probably the only variable that didnt change ....
  13. kleber get 4x3 torp laucher extra torp compared to mogador , more HP as well
  14. dad003

    Tier III against 3 CVs equals NO FUN

    this is why in most of the battle lately since 8.5 that i see 3-4 dd every game ? come on open your eyes , Cv been nerfed so much to dust that any ship class can do more damage than them , they can rarely ever carry a match their ordnance are so weak , a cv torp does around 5-6k max a dd torp is minimum 10k or more ,