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  1. dad003

    Does anyone *not* run priority target?

    No, I run preventive maintenance on all my ship o don't care how many are shooting at me , what I care is that everything keep working
  2. dad003

    What is the strength of the RN CAs?

    They are tanky I had a 1vs 1 against a Kremlin , I burned him down, with ifhe you get 76mm pen so you pen everything , it not rare to get double fire in one salvo, against other cruiser they are hilarious they see you getting low than pop flex tape ..
  3. Here a things that many of you forget, the comp is not that important, having good player is more important
  4. Useless thread as usual , Dd are still good Here a kleber match fro. Yesterday in a CV game I killed the enemy Enterprise
  5. dad003

    How to best play the Venezia

    you play it on a flank aim at anything showing their side ....
  6. funny my build doesnt have CE on my capt and neither IFHE , it all about that fire chance ...
  7. time to buff the Smolensk so that poor soul become a better potato ....
  8. dad003

    New Ranked Season was awesome, until...

    I had a match versus a Kidd , I killed him and even pushed the cap with my CV at the start of the match
  9. Took me around 13-14 game in the bourgogne for the French 27k base xp is one of the best match , Most game were between 160 to 270k dmg excepted 1-2
  10. the French would like a word with you ....
  11. dad003

    When a CV attacks, what should I do?

    Keep sailing strait !
  12. i got citadel of a duke of york with mine in coop ...
  13. well right now him at 35/36 , so once i grind the next directive my grind will be over and PR mine soon ,
  14. Well is seem that as the time goes on , it come harder to win, most team seem always to ended up on the back on the map were there no return point. here an example of what it take to win sometime! WHen the team want ot throw away the game and you have to kill 7 of them to win .... That moment you get 2 brother and both flank run away on the AB line and you got up the middle , dev strike the enemy midway and turn the table around When you get a standard battle and the right flank run away giving the base to the enemy team and you now have to leave the left flank to save the day ....
  15. well i guess now you know was it is, it like playing a CV or a Smolensk ....