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  1. dad003

    Super Ship SC.. What did you get?

    Got a Duke of York
  2. dad003

    How is Enterprise

    ship has been nerfed so much by change to game mechanic that it only a shadow of what it used to be , AP bomb nerf , than the rocket nerf , than the rocket timer .... not worth playing it anymore
  3. Italian DDs are great
  4. United state is still very crappy plane dont feel great at all it all the opposite of eagle , following match was a lost but 240k in the eagle !
  5. NEW DMG record beat the old 320k dmg in the stalin wit hthis new DD ... 20220319_210110_PZSC110-Jinan_51_Greece.wowsreplay
  6. dad003

    Div Killing the whole team.

    Meh I think the most my division had was 11 ,
  7. dad003

    Forest Sherman overhyped?

    nothing better than to hit the confederate with halsey on the sherman , unlimited power !
  8. dad003

    Every. Freaking. Game.

    Carry harder ?
  9. dad003

    Report Triple Well Dones

    Well done! Well done! Well done!
  10. dad003

    Forest Sherman overhyped?

    Wrong we did rant into a few in cb so far , it really anoying to deal with if you cant radar it you just get farm really fast
  11. Expert hate this simple trick to sink your karma : Well done! Well done! Well done!
  12. dad003

    How to Afford to Play at Tier X

    Simple , be in the top 3 everytime, doesn't matter what flag or premium time you have. , If you do 150k dmg you get more than if you did 50k ...
  13. 6 container mostly got credit , some fxp and captain XP , mostly worthless No ship,
  14. dad003

    XF Sherman gameplay

    Well than keep playing it like a DD and get [edited] match
  15. dad003

    XF Sherman gameplay

    Here your problem , stop playing it like a DD , this is like a light cruiser...