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  1. Looking for a Budget GPU...Suggestions

    I would say save twice that and get a decent GPU , otherwise you will be stuck to buy a new one in 1-2 year because you will be stuck at very low quality as graphics in-game for most game
  2. BB Mass range

    Mass on a t10 game is still a threat , I constantly citadel yammy and Monty with mine , no rare to hit those t10 for 25-30k in one salvo , once you get in secondary range it don't matter that you are bottom tier ,
  3. Alabama or Massachusetts??

    Big mammy , got 165 game in it around 60% win rate soo far , ever had 2 double strike in one game ? I do with the mass ! Halsey is sitting on mine right now Got numerous battle like this one here
  4. Khab...

    Your pray the rng God that the enemy is bad , in a 1vs 1 gun fight the khab will likely win over just because of. The armor , use your concealment to maybe torpedo it , I've been torpedo more than once in my khab because it doesn't turn that well
  5. Got the one on my Moskva it make a good difference at long range
  6. My favorite port

    Dunkirk is mine !
  7. I Did It. I Finally Did It

    Team red for the win here , and no problem
  8. World of Warships Crashing entire PC

    It either your video card that overheat or start to die , or your power supply is slowly failling , wows run most graphics card at high % utilisation, try to swap these part and see what happens ,. Unless. You have compatibility issue between the parts in your system
  9. Best Ship type for Halsey?

    Mine sitting on my Massachusetts , had to give up AR for the turret buff , but it doing good can't never loose the target while turning
  10. That board is wrong you can get dreadnought with a DD as long you got a heal I get it in my khab frequently, just play a BB problem solve
  11. They burn well like any BB , me and my buddy run sometime a duo of Mass it make the enemy turn back sometime when it start raining and that they didn't see it coming when top tier it a monster , even bottom tier it a threat
  12. With player like that playing the mass it make my 60% win rate a Unicum , the mass is my favorite ship soo far , I don't mind bad player as long they are on the red team so I can seal club them,
  13. Tier VIII Matchmaking

    It fines as it is, I like to citadel Tammy and Monty with my Massachusetts , even had a brawl with a GK last night and won,. People need to adapt you can't always yolo it ,
  14. What is your config ? You might not t have enough ram , maybe it your hard drive that reach 100% utilisation and cause the stuttering ,
  15. T8 -10. Raked again??????

    My Massachusetts should carry me for the first part hopefully