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  1. dad003

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Keep crying like babies ....
  2. dad003

    F.D. Roosevelt

    Pretty sure steel was mentioned ,
  3. dad003

    Salt farming operation

    meh , you get this kind of dmg game rarely , you pretty much have to do a sacrifice !
  4. CV aren't op enough to carry a 1vs 12 which seem to be norm these days , all the 11 player in your team are dead weight for most part
  5. dad003

    Salt farming operation

    Something like 5 ship only , team just bunched up behind some island and they die one by one ...
  6. dad003

    Salt farming operation

    There was no dd in that match , 5 bb, 2 musashi a Yamato , lion and monarch they all got their fair share
  7. MY best salt farming in CV all those battleships tear , Tasty !
  8. The best is discutable , hak has best alpha damage my highest average dmg 148.5k , but my audacious has my highest damage game 316k , midway is good middle ground but I hate the torp
  9. dad003

    This rockets needs to be fixed!

    well if no skill is require for CV why does the average potato player in CV is really bad why are they not all unicum with 200k+ avrg damage ? answer is simple CV require more skill than anything else because of has to now which ship you can hit or cannot their AA and if you can AP bomb them or not ... no other ship need to do that .... just point and click , even destroyer get aiming assist for their torp which CV doesnt get ...
  10. dad003

    Is Yoshino worth it in todays meta?

    No and was never with to start with
  11. dad003

    The real reason many quit T-10 DDs ?

    Nobody quitting t10 dd I get pretty much every match 3-4 per side ...