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  1. well because you have a coupon doesnt mean you have to use it . i have most of the steel ship except shiki and somer , they all have their strenght and weakness , you just have to pick what you think you have the most fun in .
  2. none , new patch is about to drop and there might be new ship for steel or not .
  3. dad003

    Is Brawl a Joke?

    all you complainer what stopping you of bringing a cv ? it not like they are lock behind a magical wall ....
  4. dad003

    This has to stop

    But haven't you not say yourself that stat don't matter ?
  5. dad003

    Abusive purple players

    i swear all the toxic player i rant into are red .... red like potato !
  6. dad003

    over 50k random battles

    that probably a bot tirpitz or bismark with secondary ..
  7. dad003

    What were the winning bids?

    i had bid 75m and did not get the coal so i guess i should have put 100m like i tough at first
  8. dad003


    Yes to their gimmick I like to balance a few ship with it
  9. Keep crying about cv, they are here to stay , You guys are gonna cry a lot when subs are here
  10. seem balanced , it wasnt moving or trying to doge so that BB should get punish ...
  11. dad003

    Ranked it so bad ....

    And ? It just show I know which ship to play to win
  12. dad003

    Ranked it so bad ....

    no i carried my team to win
  13. that i ranked in 19 match .... Haida carry
  14. dad003

    MM... Dual CVs at T8/9

    Nope, it easy AA achievement near the end of the match
  15. dad003

    Plymouth - anyone seen one in battle?

    i got one it a decent ship doesnt do so well in current meta because everything sit 20km in the back . but have 57 game in it with a nearly 74% win rate .. that things is made to kill DD