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  1. arrrgh

    Arsenal Bug

    If you go into the box's area Click on the santa box banner on the bottom left - sometimes it loads a news webpage - sometimes it loads some sort of xmas page. There may be a couple of different xmas pages. On one of them, there is a dull brown, barely noticable, christmas package on the upper right corner. If you mouse over it it says something like claim gifts, open gifts etc. I forget what it says. Click on that, you should get a new, small popup, you can exit back to the main port, and should have 2 xmas boxes.
  2. As usual, the in game popup failed to load. Seems to happen in all three titles regularly. So, I didn't get the free xmas crate.
  3. arrrgh

    Spotlight - Twilight Battles!

    Almost certainly the xp will go to the orlan, but just in your tech tree.. Same as if you have 200 xp on a ship and sell the ship. The xp stays on the ship, as you can see in the tech tree.
  4. Yup, WOWP used to do that too. I would have the 'delete replays older than 30 days' turned OFF. They would turn it BACK ON with every patch, and delete all the replays. Insane to have a checkbox, and then reset it retroactively with each patch. The only way to turn it back on, is from inside the client......AFTER its already deleted all the replays.
  5. arrrgh

    Spotlight - Twilight Battles!

    My issue is that you have to play a massive number of games to 'finish' aka get the rasputin. But, in the end, for all those games, you get zero commander or ship xp. Convertible xp is fairly useless, at least for me. I have infinitely more than I can afford to convert already. So, okay, lets assume the mode is fun. In that case, great. But, you are basically abandoning any actual improvement on your account. Unless I missed a detail.
  6. Just wondering, as its not that far away now. I am sure there are lots of players who won't have finished the grind on their various tier 10's. Is dec 31 a real deadline, or was it just a placeholder and you plan to reset it?
  7. So, you have various weird beasts that drift around that mode. At a guess, I didn't see all of them, as I was busy actually playing. But, a highlight real to show them, post event, might be a good idea.
  8. arrrgh

    Go Navy Rip Off

    " WG has mentioned when patches are scheduled to drop. " They only published that in a news article less than 24 hours before the patch hit.
  9. arrrgh

    Go Navy Rip Off

    Yes, and as I said, there was less than 24 hours notice of the patch dropping. Thus, players had a tiny window to spend tokens earned on that last day.
  10. arrrgh

    Go Navy Rip Off

    I guess you didn't read any of the prior posts. Players received tokens AFTER THE END OF THE EVENT, at the server reset. Thus, they were able to spend tokens AFTER THE END OF THE EVENT . Players can't spend tokens before they received them. So the fact that the end date of the event was published is irrelevant. The only relevant date was the date the patch would drop. There was less than 24 hours notice for that.
  11. arrrgh

    Go Navy Rip Off

    Everyone knew the event was ending. That is not the point. The end of the event was not the end of token utility, so, citing that date is missing the point.
  12. arrrgh

    Go Navy Rip Off

    You got 2 points the moment you chose not to change teams. You didn't get the last 3 points till the end of that days event, at the same time you got the container. " all of yesterday." Yes, and only 24 hours is a tiny amount of time. Not everyone logs in every single day. It was less than 24 hours notice.
  13. arrrgh

    Go Navy Rip Off

    OMG, Really, could you at least attempt to read the points I am making. You just keep recycling the same points, that don't even respond to the points I am making. The event ending date was obvious, and also NOT RELEVANT. That is not the end date of token availability. Why do you keep citing the date the event ended? What part of this point don't you comprehend? There is ONLY ONE relevant date, the date the patch would hit. There was only 24 hour notice of the patch.
  14. arrrgh

    Go Navy Rip Off

    24 hours is not 'plenty' of notice. If you think 24 hours is plenty, how many hours notice would be not enough, by your definition. 1 hour? You, yet again, cite end of the event. What don't you comprehend about the fact that the event ending is not a relevant data point? I am talking about the end of token availability. NOT the end of the event. I never, ever indicated that I didn't know when the event was ending. So your repeated insults implying I was ignorant and not reading the news, completely miss the mark.
  15. arrrgh

    Go Navy Rip Off

    Because you don't get your last 3 loyalty points until AFTER the last days event was over. You think everyone should wake up at 3am (or whatever timezone), and quickly spend their tokens just in case WG suddenly decides to delete them?