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  1. Same here, multiple ships. They did eventually come back after multiple restarts and over an hour.....but no credit for battles (xp, credits, mission tasks)
  2. Maybe you have to win, or something else? I played 1 match where I won, survived, and got 2 kills. Just in case those are relevant variables. After that 1 match, I had the mission show up as a 'personal assignments'
  3. Maybe I am missing something? I have the ship in my port. The mission does not show up for me. ------------------------------------- Combat Mission start at Fri. Jun. 01 4:20 AM PT end at Wed. Jul. 25 4:20 AM PT Play a Battle. Reward: 1 container of the "American Cruisers" collection. Available types of battle: Random and Ranked Battles. Ships: VII Indianapolis You can complete the combat mission once. Every 3 days, a new similar mission appears. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/premiumshop-monthly-june/
  4. Just a fyi, I have not checked all of them, but the Cleveland does not show up for me if I filter by cruiser.
  5. You know anyone who does a rank 1 match, will quit after that. Thus, you have no sustained population to generate games. Plus, of course, most will quit after 30? min waiting
  6. My friend was in queue for 9 hours, sent me a screenshot to prove via a broken timer. WG, its rather unreasonable to give us objectives that are impossible to fulfill. After hearing that, I gave up at rank 2, its pointless to keep up the grind.
  7. My friend left his computer on and queued up for a tier 7 battle.......9 hours later, its still in queue, although the counter is totally broken.
  8. People will play many battles at rank 2 and 3, but only 1 battle at rank 1. So, Its going to be way way harder to get a battle at rank 1.
  9. I spoke to someone who spend over 90 minute in the queue before giving up.
  10. Yeah, but it needs to be in the actual mission info the section that lists all the mission requirements, not hidden in the 'small print' somewhere else. Don't force players to be lawyers, reading every single line to find a loophole. Put the info in plain sight. Of course, since its impossible to get a tier 7 game.....
  11. The news I read does not say T7, it says 'sea wolfs league'. It has no definition of what sea wolfs league is. That is useless for people who don't already know everything, but might want to give it a try.
  12. Yeah, but I bet there are NO GAMES at tier 7. Everyone will play 1 game at 7 then quit. So for most people there won't be anyone else in queue, and it will be impossible to get a game to launch.
  13. Count me in as another person who should have been on the list. I have 34 invitee's. Sure, not all were invited during the contest and made it to tier 6. But, I know for a fact that other 'winners' had less invitee's than me in Dec. Its obvious that they are not picking the winners correctly, and they just don't care. I have spend days going in circles with a support ticket. Mostly answered by staff who have no idea how this contest even works.
  14. Ohh god, what a [edited] interface. I managed to change it, but previously it would say 'hotkey reserved' on every key. I don't know what combo of things I did to get it working.