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  1. This ship... This absolutely worthless, garbage ship... I'm on the verge of putting a fist clean through my monitor just trying to bear with this absolute floating garbage heap of a ship. There's just absolutely nothing good about it. There's nothing bad, either - it's all just so completely AWFUL. The ship has absolutely no armour, it takes massive damage from everything that ever shoots it. A bloody Takao just finished planting 10k+ AP salvos into this accursed thing from a solid 45* angle. God forbid you should be shot at by any kind of Battleship - even the Tier 5's have more than enough power to completely ignore your armour from all angles. T8/9 ships are guaranteed 30k+++ damage per shot no matter what. And you know what? I could even deal with that, if the thing had guns. But oh, man. These guns are actually somehow WORSE than the pathetic lack of armour. They can't hit a target at any range. Even beached, broadside, stationary targets are a no-go. I just fired FIVE salvos directly at the Citadel of a beached, motionless, broadside Takao at a range of SIX KILOMETERS. All but TWO shells missed the ship completely, and the two that hit were a bounce and a failure to penetrate. The damned guns are just not worth firing, they're so inaccurate and so weak that you're just wasting credits to tickle the enemy. Add to that the lacklustre AA load, the impressive but hilariously ineffective secondaries that still don't have the range to engage anything until well after you're already doomed... What the hell, Wargaming? Who amongst you thought that designing such a worthless waste of a ship was a good idea?!?
  2. GearaDoga

    [12.1] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Exact same issue here, as well.
  3. GearaDoga

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Yubari

    Yeah, but DD's are a lot tougher than the Yubari. They're also stealthy, small targets that are extremely agile, and have engine boosters and smoke to help them out. Yubari is just a big lump of all the disadvantages of both cruisers and destroyers, with none of their strengths.