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  1. How I would love to be able to go to Ormoc... It was the first and only thing left on my bucket list. Like I said in my post, his experience is what drove the family to become a military family. We hold his service as short as it was, to be the utmost importance to our pride! Edit: There is a short Doc on YouTube about his ship... Return To Ormoc Bay... They dived and put a plaque on her wreck, wish he could have been here to see it!
  2. Not a problem at all! Thanks for being interested in it :)
  3. Hey all, I didnt know how to title this post so you got what you got. Also, I never post in forums, so here we go... Anyway, my father served on the USS Cooper (the ship in my profile). His experience and story is what propelled most of us kids, and there are quite a few of us, to join the military. During the Battle of Leyte Gulf, a small force of destroyers was sent into Ormoc Bay to intercept and destroy Japanese supply into the Philippians. In order to save time for you guys time, I will link the official story to the ships wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Cooper Now for what my father told me. They were sent in as a small destroyer task force. They entered Ormoc almost undetected they saw troops and supplies being unloaded onto the docks. They were ordered to open fire.. One ship was under so much fire they could only make out the ships shape by the fire it was taking. Now by this time the Japanese knew they were there and were beginning to return fire. His ship which was with the USS Sumner, and USS Moale was taking the brunt of Japanese fire the gunner who was a friend next to him took 20mm fire and as my father put it... "I was wearing my friend and so was the ship" ... He then turned his attention to fighters/bombers that were trying to use the dark silhouette of the islands as cover in order to attack the ships. It was at this point when the Cooper took a torpedo which was believed to be from the Take. This caused the ship to violently shift vertically which caused him to fall from his gun into the water, he told me that he turned at watch the ship sink in less than a min, but what stuck out most in his mind is the crews in the 130mm were still firing as the ship was sinking! He spent the next 10 days dodging Zero's trying to strafe the survivors in the water until it was safe for a Catalina to come in and pick them up. He as a result of being in the water for so long got TB, but after recovering he went on to serve in the US Navy during Korea and also in Vietnam, retiring a 1st Lieutenant. Not sure if you guys were interested in that, but I just thought I would share that. It was one of many, many untold stories of WW2. Edit: Apparently while posting this, some of what I posted was cut. Anyway, if anyone wants to know more or if something doesnt make sense just ask, ill be happy to reply.