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  1. VaygrEmpire

    A ship should NEVER get stuck...especially in Ranked

    except, i'm playing a game. As a developer (am developer from same industry as well), you really shouldn't just slap into player's face saying "this is a spot in the game area where it is indistinguishable from other areas but you can't go here because of realistic reasons." You need to give some sort of indication that this is impassable terrain. In WoT, when tanks are submerged, they get notification, and encourage player to get out of the water as soon as possible. Same thing should happen in WoWS. Speed being reduced is one thing but that's not enough to get player's attention if intense firefight is going on. You need visual notification. Is this realistic simulator? no. Was there tutorial about this kind of issue? no. Was there First-Time-User-Experience animation somewhere before? no. Is there video about this on official website? no. I'm playing a game where there's health bar on each ship, planes can fix themselves in mid air, unlimited ammo and fuel, tech tree filled with blueprints that didn't exist during WW2 but somehow exists nowadays, ships that can take thousands of shells and not a scratch, etc. If game mechanics are not realistic, don't defend possible bugs with realistic reasons. Common sense don't work inside game; only the ones that developers set as rules work.
  2. VaygrEmpire

    A ship should NEVER get stuck...especially in Ranked

    got one yesterday in random battle. That yellow spot, there was nothing and it's still a bit far from island yet suddenly my speed dropped dead.
  3. VaygrEmpire

    gundam collaboration please

    Personally I prefer Macross (DYRL. Death with Hasbro and Robotech) over anything, but gundam fits better given how CAs and BBs are getting facerolled by CVs in current meta. Spaceships getting facerolled by Mobile Suits. feels pretty same.
  4. VaygrEmpire

    gundam collaboration please

    but but WG already did collab with some hockey professional. which part of that was about warships?
  5. I was winning Then I started to lose
  6. so we now have warhammer 40k collaboration coming up. (btw, for the emperor) I believe collaboration with gundam (origin in specific. UC ftw or gtfo) will bring HUGE sales profit to both parties that'll be involved. (gundam fans are the biggest in the world) WG would get more ppl playing the game, Bandai would attract ppl from WoWS. Cruisers would be Salamis (Federations) or Musai (Zeon) camo. Battleships would be Magellan (Federations) or Gwazine (Zeon). CV would be White Base (Federations) and gundam variants as planes or Musai - CV version - or Doroth (Zeon) with Zaku variants as planes. Maybe stick in Char Aznable somewhere in the squadron. Would fit perfectly into space maps, too. And you'd feel better if you were on CA/BB and sunk by gundam squadrons - 'oh well, it's Mobile Suit after all. These kind of things eat warships as snack' Sadly, can't think of any for DD camo. Please?
  7. VaygrEmpire

    should submarine gameplay be changed?

    or change it so that ping only works on subs and dds
  8. should submarine gameplay be changed from current to noise based? I was just re-watching some of [edited]'s submarine videos and thought what's inside both [edited] and WoWS are very similar in terms of submarine controls, yet they all approach differently. [edited] is more of noise based - you make move you produce noise which can be tracked easier. They also have a thing called noise maker which allows player to dodge player controlled torpedo. WoWS is more of, how do I describe this, feels like they tried to make it like WoT but underwater. True, it is action packed, but not very intuitive. I think WoWS could use some of what [edited] featured - noise maker for CAs and BBs. Using those will immediately remove pinged state from player and make them immune to ping for some time. (This will be useful IF WG decides they still need citadel hit from submarine torps). Submarine warfare should be totally different from how surface ships are fighting. It'd be very quiet underwater and someone making a large / rapid movement will give their position away to enemy submarine and submarine hunters. Making full stop at deepest level in perfect timing should remove any detection status from player. Just like how it's portrayed in movies - dead silence, and submarine hunters actively looking right above their head. Detection range for submarines would be based on the noise they make. Moving faster will increase their detection range while moving slower will reduce their detection range. Also submarines underwater below certain level wouldn't be able to hear any surface battle sounds (like battleships firing salvo. They can still see, but wouldn't be able to hear). Doing these will surely put submarine gameplay back to PTS though since it completely overhaul current gameplay system.
  9. VaygrEmpire

    What's Mikasa's class?

    I found legitimate source. Wargaming's its own video says Mikasa is 4th ship of Shikishima class. FINALLY I WAS RIGHT
  10. VaygrEmpire

    What's Mikasa's class?

    you are correct...mostly. The reason I thought Shikishima was re-using Mikasa's class name was because both Korean version and Japanese version of information on Battleship Mikasa specified her as Shikishima class. ALL English website I've found so far designate her as Mikasa class. That's when I got confused. Is Mikasa her own class or is it 4th class of Shikishima as Japanese and Korean claims? Also buffing to 510mm part was a joke that failed miserably. Or is this difference between how Eastern and Western perceives on Modified Vessel? i.e. Western: Modified Vessel with significant difference should be its own class. Eastern: Modified Vessel is still within its original class, hence, modified.
  11. VaygrEmpire

    What's Mikasa's class?

    In Real Life, yes, but I'm wondering if things will be that way in game as well. afaik, there are no ships with same class name in game beside Shikishima. WG never have done it before so I was wondering if they overlooked Mikasa's class or it was intentional and will be making more ships in the future with same class name as ship name. As we all know, Shikishima is a fake ship - well, blueprint - and Yamato class. (Wait, so they are using TWO CLASS NAMES as SHIP NAME?) For example, Imperial Russia had Gangut class battleships which consisted of Gangut, Petropavlovsk, Sevastopol, and Poltava..........oh wait. They already have done it before. Weeeee now I know how the ship names are being made for paper ships.
  12. VaygrEmpire

    What's Mikasa's class?

    eh I merely posted this in question of whether WG knew about Mikasa's class or not. There's certainly no other duplicates where there are huge tier difference between same class names in game.
  13. VaygrEmpire

    What's Mikasa's class?

    actually this is wrong information. I don't know why there's so much difference between Japanese wiki and English wiki, but here Japanese wiki shows Mikasa is, in fact, 4th ship of Shikishima class. I had to go to JP wiki because Korean version of wiki also stated it is 4th ship of Shikishima. Mikasa Shikishima Class Japanese Wiki Which brings me to next question: since Mikasa IS Shikishima class, will t10 Shikishima change its name as well? :?
  14. VaygrEmpire

    What's Mikasa's class?

    Is it Mikasa class or 4th ship of Shikishima class? if it's later, does that mean Mikasa is getting buffed with 510 mm? I've been looking at number of sources in various languages, but they all claim different class names...
  15. GREYHOUND - Official Trailer (HD) Will there be some sort of collaboration event with this movie? Maybe at least up to event match in public server?