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  1. VaygrEmpire

    Subs: Please...just no.

    *looks at entire soviet tree, including upcoming soviet cv* historical accuracy? where? dang i must have skipped entire section on soviet naval force during ww2... wish i can see the infamous petropavlovsk in real life XD
  2. VaygrEmpire

    Any Hololive Gura fans out there?

  3. VaygrEmpire

    Any Hololive Gura fans out there?

    How much are you paying for Shark camo for Wooster in Auction? I thought 10k doubloon would be enough butttt I'm pretty sure there are more than 5k Gura fans in WoWS XD. I once thought about putting down all the doubloons I have, but what if they do another collab with Hololive in the future? Especially with Gura.
  4. figured out after reading LWM's review. please delete this.
  5. holy shoot i use same minimap mod. might try that.
  6. VaygrEmpire

    Another Update, Another Annoying Bug

    same problem for me as well. I completely removed aslain mod, done check and repair after removing mod, and now the game won't start at all. Gonna try to re-install the game.
  7. I was playing the other day where enemy team had afk player. When it was past half the game and our team was sure to win in a few mins, enemy afk player came in my sight in their base and I started to shoot at him. Then some of enemy team players immediately started to blame me for hitting enemy afk player. Never heard the reason why I was being blamed. What's wrong with hitting/killing enemy afk player? Does hitting enemy afk player make him "not-afk" or something?
  8. VaygrEmpire

    plz add these effects for godzilla collaboration

    ???? which part of "visual effect only" did you not get?
  9. 1. add charging sounds while reloading 2. add radiation field effect as visual only effect when gun fires (optional: add the skin for musashi as well) Do that and I'll happily buy godzilla skin. XD if you can't since this is VS. Kong, well, go find a way to do collaboration with KotM :)
  10. VaygrEmpire

    random thoughts on cv balance

    my point was, if it can't detonate with 0 somewhere in the code, then change it to "add" 100% while in re-arm phase instead of "mutiply".
  11. i was watching Flamu's CV Imbalance vid, which then I thought 'what can be done to balance out the cv, some sort of penalty but for fun?' How about Queue for planes being armed? Hiryu and Akagi defense - Hiryu vs american submarine Uss Nautilus - Midway 2019 ITA - YouTube 3:02 in case vid doesn't start from there. Current CV mechanic for launching planes is: select squadron via number key -> launch. With Queue system, initial squadron will launch just as it is now, but following squadron will have to be saved to the queue to launch after player is done with current one. Arming would take 30 secs or so. Player would be able to save up to 2 squadrons in Queue (honestly I think just 1 squadron queue is enough but those with great mind would see further in the future :)). When player returns to CV by pressing F, next queued squadron would be automatically selected. Players, of course, can decide to change their queued squadron via Re-Arming. This would be simply done as double tapping other type of squadron while queued squadron is on the deck, ready to launch. It'd take about same amount of time (30 secs) to re-arm, but with one cache - detonation chance will increase by 100% during re-arm phase. (affected or unaffected by flags, i'll let devs to decide) in short, with Queue system, CV mechanic for launching planes would be: select squadron to queue, count 30s, placed on the deck ready to launch. They'll just need to remember to queue next squadron while they are in the air flying toward enemy ships. It'd be like reloading shell mechanic for BBs, except this is for CVs. Huge squadron status notification - whether they are ready to launch or not, or if they are re-arming - could be a lot of help, too.
  12. VaygrEmpire

    an alternative version for captain rework for WG

    eh, how about keep deadeye but also have +60% fire time. Actually, all 4 point skills should have same effect as legendary modules. few good things, and one bad thing.
  13. (made using MS Paint so quality is not so great butttt you get the idea) increase total number of skills and divide them into 3 sections*: Tanking, DPS, and Utility. (thought about keeping current number of skills, then it becomes "choose one of two" which isn't that great? so maybe increase total number of skills per section? Also made from BB's - GK - perspective) investing certain number of skills in specific section would give additional bonus in that section. Only 1 section bonus (whichever satisfied requirement first) can be applied. Might as well call it Specialization Bonus note*: tanking and utility are same skills in this example but I'm pretty sure WG will figure it out to different skill sets ;) With this, there can be more diversified options and less sniping BBs. What do you guys think?
  14. 11:00 am to 04:00 am is also what's confusing me about along with "not available during night time." Does WG's definition of "night time" go from 04:00 am to 11:00 am EST?