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  1. No, Shima doesn't get one any more. ffs if ppl don't even know when shima got nerfed with TRB, how long did they stay out of game?
  2. matchups? no no no. i'm complaining about idiots who just stay stationary in front of battleships when they are on cruiser and pew pewing. Are they in smoke? nope. just sitting still in one place and pew pew pew. i can't play Random Battles because of all these plebs who came back from months long absent for event. i can't play ranked for same reason as above. i guess the only option left for me is either coop or operations.
  3. These plebs just don't know how to play their classes. Please force players to play certain amount of co-op or even training battle against AI with their average strength before they stopped playing. For example, if player stops playing for a month, and came back for event, average out his record (last month before he stopped playing) and divide AI into 3 categories: lowest, average, and highest. Player who came back for event will have to play against his own shadow in order to get back on their feet. If player can beat up to lowest strength, he can join co-op battles. if player can beat up to average strength, he can join random, co-op, and operations. if player can beat up to highest strength or play certain amount of battles, he can join ranked battles. pretty please?