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  1. VaygrEmpire

    buff cv dive bombers plz

    1. gif. just attach the file 2. ??? 3. agreed. glad devs know they over-nerfed cvs. 4. :(
  2. VaygrEmpire

    buff cv dive bombers plz

    beached leander SLOWLY backing out closest altitude to drop bombs 0 hits yeahhhhh
  3. OH! I wonder HoW CoNtInUoS DaMaGe PeR SeCoNd in AA bubble is working with aircrafts? What, does dodging flaks do anything to planes to prevent being hit by continuous damage per second? Rephrase that quote: "This in itself is normal, but there is a problem: evasive maneuvers on the part of the aircrafts being attacked by continuous damage per second don't do enough to prevent being hit." How does logic for former work while logic for later don't? Someone enlighten me pleaseeeee
  4. VaygrEmpire

    When will Slingshot Drop Exploit be fixed?

    Now the game designer is going to get cancer from this "feature" and how to balance this crap. Immunity cannot be touched. Period. Messing with immunity means player is losing majority of his planes while he can't control. This is pretty much same as camera bugs that rarely happens in game where camera freezes in certain position in map and your ship is keep moving forward, leaving your camera behind. by that time you have no control over your ship because you have no idea where your ship is, or basically your ship is out of your camera's range. Temp fix would be fix speed gain while in dropping bomb phase. But the issue will come back once players figure out the speed difference. Sure, bombing will need to be carried out in less than second when that happens, but players still used old near-out-of-time trick before it got nerf. Re-positioning rest of attack squad won't help because players will use this "re-positioning" to attack same target over and over. I guess one possible solution is to implement altitude adjustment system and automatically send rest of attack quad when bombing phase happens. Send them to "above cloud level" and while they are on that level they can't spot. They cannot be damaged, or be spotted, but so are they - can't attack, can't spot, and returning to carrier while on this level will take 3 times longer than usual. In order to do something, they have to lower altitude themselves and get back in game. When "below cloud level," they can spot, can take damage, and can attack again.
  5. Oh? So how does DD mains - who never played post rework CV, complaining works?
  6. VaygrEmpire

    What removing radio location do to CV players

    because those DD players only play in high tiers (usually t10 where there are tons of more planes per attack run as well as more armaments per attack run), thus lower tier CVs are suffering from high tier complaints. btw, I don't mind losing it. Means I'm going back to pre-rocket nerf when I never used RDF.
  7. Remember that white torpedo assist line? When you choose your torpedo armament, you get that for free. Some people entirely depends on it and follow its line, some others use that as a base line to launch torpedo. Remove that white torpedo assist line after certain tiers, say, t7, or 8. By then players should be totally used to torps already. I mean, no other armament gets same aim assist. Closest one is CV's attack UI, but that's based on plane's movement, unlike surface ships's based on targeted ship's movement. BBs wouldn't care about this change. CL/CA might if they have over 8km range torps, for DDs this would certainly be an increased challenge. But really, DDs and CLs should know how to use torps by t7. I mean, they certainly know how to shoot their main guns to lead the target. OR instead of removing white torpedo assist line from every single ship with torpedo in game, why not give the same to CV players? All the other ships comes with torpedo assist line, so why not CVs?
  8. VaygrEmpire

    What removing radio location do to CV players

    too sad that there aren't any other 3D space RTS. All the other space RTS are basically 2D movement. :/ Although remastered edition comes with new bugs, ofc...
  9. VaygrEmpire

    What removing radio location do to CV players

    pretty sure they'll want Deflector shield where they are immune to CV attacks entirely for first few minutes. btw, if you are on american cv, use dive bombers. they are now new effective way to deal with dds early in game.
  10. VaygrEmpire

    What removing radio location do to CV players

    I'm not the dd Did you finish reading on my words? Seems no. That's a sarcasm. Next time, please finish up reading before you type. Nice to see someone who knows Homeworld XD
  11. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. All you have to do, is ask friendlies with with RL invested, and still fly straight to that direction as soon as game starts. All CV players have to do is waste a few more seconds to ask and get response from their friendlies. removing RL from CV only works if there are no RL invested captains in game, which never happens because A: ALL dd captains have RL invested and B: Majority of CL captains also have RL invested. This removal still won't save DDs from getting killed early in game if they cap rush because even if RL is CV oriented, since DDs are rushing in to caps, closest ship indicator will always be pointing toward DDs. Unless you disable communication between CV players and rest of the team, DDs are going to die regardless of whether CV captains comes with RL or not. Stop listening to cap-rush DD captains World of Warships: Bad Advice - Destroyers
  12. VaygrEmpire

    Tip for DD main [edited]

    With all these nerf, and seeing DD mains still not knowing how to deal with nerfed CVs, here's a tip. If you turn INTO their planes, you are likely to AVOID their attack. If you turn AWAY due to fear, you are basically LINING UP with their attack direction which is BAD. Since aiming time is nerfed so bad for CV players, you turning AWAY from their planes is pretty much giving them EXTRA time to aim. here's how it works for CVs: 1. Rocket planes: due to increased aim time, they need at minimum 5 km range to attack properly. anything less, they can't finish aiming in time. if you, DD captain, turn away from rocket planes, that's extra distance for CV captains. 2. Dive bombers: when DBs approach, LOWER your speed. When DBs enter attack run (when they start to rise/make noise), FULL SPEED while turning INTO their direction. Will throw off their aim most of the time. 3. Torp bombers: (if you can't dodge these, that means you can't even dodge shima's 20km torp. Hak's default torp speed is 50 knots which is even slower than shima's 20km torp. Sell your DD and go grab something else.) Anyway, if CV enters torp attack run state, again, turn INTO their planes. CV needs much more distance in order to ACTIVATE their torps. If ship hits torps that's in SAFE zone, that torp becomes "Dud." You can gamble for this, or you can watch youtube vids and learn the ideal range for CV to drop torps. *note: if CV is making second torp run WITHIN your / friend's AA against you, ALWAYS TURN INTO their planes once they enter attack run state. With so much shorter space to manage, there's ABSOLUTELY NO WAY CV can hit you if only you TURN INTO their planes. ** this tactic only applies to DD. Not guaranteed on CL and BB (#3 may work for both of these classes under certain conditions).
  13. VaygrEmpire

    Removing DDs from the game?

    IDK "Quick! Rush to DA CAP ASAP right after game start" type DD captains. I played DD as Khab and shima and it fairly went well. I stayed with Cruisers (mino and worcester because those two are the BEST AA atm) and I was safely able to carry out my duty as spotting and supporting friendlies while suppressing enemy team. Also by turning INTO enemy planes when they attack you are more likely avoid their attack. If you turn AWAY from enemy planes, you are LINING UP with their attack direction which is BAD.
  14. I've been attacking that ship to keep it away from fleet. There's only Harugumo inside that smoke
  15. 6 battles in langley pre rework and this guy speak of CV. legit. plz do try at least 5 battles in new cv rework and experience yourself what undodgeable continuous fire crap means. I bet you'd be happy to receive perma damage from BB's secondaries as soon as you are in their range.