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  1. paradat

    OK Just for fun.....

    Thanks Ahskance.
  2. paradat

    Mecklenburg or Bourgogne for steel?

    Bourgogne is a dynamic monster. She is probably the best steel ship overall.
  3. paradat

    OK Just for fun.....

    Agreed especially in the early game. On the other hand in the late game DD's can often cap at their leisure. I should add that if you take a ship from full health to zero that is more XP than a solo cap. The xp bonus for the kill itself is pretty small. For example if you take say the last 20% of a ships health and get the kill bonus that will be worth less than a solo cap.
  4. Yeah I get that, I was just responding to the op. As to your point, players will learn quickly now that it is part of the rotation.
  5. Hmm no. Having said that, just ignore it. When you get into that match focus on killing ships and don't worry about it. Unless you are a DD main that is.
  6. paradat

    OK Just for fun.....

    Pretty sure a solo cap is just about the same as kill as far as XP goes.
  7. paradat

    New rank stars

    Sweet, I usually find Ranked to be soul crushing lol, but I find myself needing to at least go thru Bronze. Glad to hear it should be better.
  8. paradat

    Armory Community Token Chests

    This is from the community token boxes? Does not look like the updated the tool tip in the Armory.
  9. paradat

    Seeking Opinions on Steel ships

    So just checked my steel stock pile and with the 25% off coupon (in 24 days) I will be 219 steel short lol. Well looks like I am going to have to play some ranked.
  10. paradat

    Seeking Opinions on Steel ships

    Yikes well that sounds interesting.
  11. paradat

    Seeking Opinions on Steel ships

    Yikes well that sounds interesting.
  12. paradat

    Seeking Opinions on Steel ships

    Yeah, at the moment that is probably Germany.
  13. paradat

    Game Mode Idea: CV Brawls

    Clans could set up both of those modes.
  14. paradat

    When will the sub rentals stop?

    Or a good chance that it is soon.
  15. paradat

    Seeking Opinions on Steel ships

    Hmm thank you so much. Lots of good info looking like Incomparable is going to be in the top 3. So maybe I am looking at Incomparable, Mecklenburg and Ragnar.