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  1. Battles in this game are fun win or lose.
  2. You seem to be suffering from male member envy. I would seek professional help.
  3. Vulgarities

    Thanks for sharing that! I never even bothered to check it.
  4. Vulgarities

    Sticky note over the chat box works.
  5. "No money in fixing MM so forget about it." That is pretty funny if you think about it.
  6. Some people focus on how they effect the world and some people focus on how the world effects them. MM is fine. You really do not want skill based MM.
  7. Fix your teaming algorithm, WG

    No, you are mistaken. WG could use win rate in the MM (skill based MM) if they wanted to but they do not want to and they don't. This topic was beat to death in WOT years ago. There is currently no skill based MM in WOT or WOWS. MM does not take the player into account at all. Now having said that many players have wanted WG to do this for years. The cry for skill based MM has been loud and consistent. WG would not keep this change a secret if they were to implement it.
  8. Fix your teaming algorithm, WG

    MM matches ships not players. Nothing to fix
  9. LOL. Better to make a mistake together than alone. lol
  10. Tyranny of the mind is the worst sort of tyranny.
  11. Novices and Experts

    MM matches ships not players.
  12. Hmm interesting but pass. Being in the ideal situation would get boring over time. Getting in matches where you are in a bad position inspires innovative tactics and keeps the game play fresh. Variety variety variety.
  13. Joined 100 club with Bogue

    Nice , Grats. I am also very slowly exploring CV's more.