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  1. Ah ok great thank you so much! I can now see why some people would be willing to buy them.
  2. Hello all, Question for the forum members who have gathered Yamamoto collection items. Once you have earned the commander how often to crates give the collection items? Is it random? I received two right away but have opened a couple of crates since and have not seen a collection item. Thanks for your help Cheers.
  3. I like the explosions. You should add a poll to this thread.
  4. Great stuff..... and yet so far I am doing very well with the ship. Is it because she is so strait forward and simple? Sort of play style that goes back to US BB's when the game launched.
  5. Great review Mouse! Excellent read.... took a long time for me to see "gudboat" but I can see how you got there.
  6. So glad to hear about this price. I hope it hold true. That means I am all ready close enough to be willing to pay to convert the rest of the xp, but will likely not need too. As far as Mushashi not having a gimmick. I think her health pool at tier 9 will be her gimmick. She will tank like a boss. Not to mention that when top tier the thing is going to be a strait up bully.
  7. Good luck and have fun. Let give them a hard time. o7.........
  8. Yeah I do survive in most of the battle I win.
  9. Musashi Grind Thread

    OK well according to Flamu WG will set the price at 750k https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/147781-flamu-on-twitter-musashi-will-be-750k-free-xp-like-the-missouri/
  10. Musashi Grind Thread

    Yep totally agree. For me there is no reason not to get it.
  11. Try to increase your map awareness. Keep German BB's at a distance and you will wreck them. If they are within in 10k then you are giving them an advantage. Having said all that and you are in that situation Ram might be the best choice.
  12. Musashi Grind Thread

    I get that. If these ships were coming out rapidly I might be of the same opinion. Since they are so rare I will very likely get each and every one of them as they come out... well at least as long as I am this active in WOWS.
  13. I view survival rate as evidence of how stupidly aggressive I am.

    1 extra daily win bonus for brit BB captain xp grind is always welcome.