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  1. paradat

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    The experience is fine. It is only a perception that you are trying to master. You should define what a blow out is. Then actually track every battle for a few months. It is not that big a deal. Another exercise for you might be to not look at your stats at all for 30 days see how you feel. Win or lose, close or blow out the game is fun. If that is not true for you, try to recapture the fun. If you can not then maybe it is time to move on. Cheers.
  2. paradat

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    Does not matter what metric you use. It will always drive us back together after a period of time. Skill based MM is not a viable solution to anything. On a side not imagine a returning player that was pretty good. If they came back at the wrong time they would be the worst player on both teams for a quite a few battles until the relevant metric was crushed down to the new levels.
  3. paradat

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    Nope would not bother me at all. My position is that skill based MM would not change anything after a brief period of time. If any thing it would help the really good players because they would be more anonymous. So the new Unicom would be the 52% player the new bad would be 48% and we would all be squished in between. The new metric would be in tenths of a basis point instead of a full basis point. The WG could come along and tighten it again after enough whining and the metric would narrow further and again we are all playing together again. I am one of the people that suggests player should not be so worried about stats. That is not the same as saying if you are so inclined that you should not try to improve your stats.
  4. paradat

    Stop It

    Nice match looks good.
  5. paradat

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    LOL... yeah OK true.
  6. paradat

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    Yep ^^^ Everyone would be even closer to 50% and we would all be back in battle with everyone again. Except now you can not even tell at the beginning who the good and bad players are.
  7. paradat

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    Well you started that off right but you skipped the don't worry about your team mates and move on part. You can not carry every game and you are setting your self up for frustration if that is your goal. You did well you would not change anything OK no worries move on to the next battle. If you think Skill based MM is a solution then you have not thought it through. In skill based MM we all end up playing with each other again after a period of time.
  8. paradat

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    MM is not broken. Stop looking outside of yourself for your performance issues. Hit battle... play the battle..... evaluate your own game play forget about your team mates.... What would you do differently? OK now move on Rinse repeat.
  9. paradat

    What ships do you love that others hate?

    I actually really liked and did well in the Colorado.
  10. paradat

    crowns to florins

    Sweet! Looks like I will end up with the tier 8 after all.
  11. paradat

    Anyone receive their AIR SUPPLY CONTAINER?

    Looks like I got it as well this morning.
  12. paradat

    CV update

    Agreed. I almost never played CV's before. Had a total of about 100 battles in CV's before the rework.