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  1. Submarine Watch - Update

    So even if WG implemented them in a way that was game enhancing rather than game breaking? Well some people always look to how a thing can not be done and others look to how a thing can be done. Not to sure about the "small" portion of the player base. This whole topic reminds me of the anti arty crowd in WOT.
  2. "In Memory of Dseehafer"

    Very Nice WG. Love this company.
  3. Submarine Watch - Update

    Hmm so you would quit on principal? Without even seeing the product? Interesting
  4. Submarine Watch - Update

    Not a bad Idea. Might be a nice way to introduce them and wet the apatite of the community.
  5. A better place to play

    Time Zone does effect MM.
  6. Interesting, I find that good DD's in early game can dominate the caps and kill the enemy DD's then they dominate both early and late game.
  7. Submarine Watch - Update

    They are really fun now. You do not get the giant one shots that were the norm back in the day. On the receiving end they are more irritating than ever but at least you do not normally get killed so you can take the hint or not.
  8. Submarine Watch - Update

    Yeah again only sharing as a concept. WG could do this better.
  9. Submarine Watch - Update

    Hmm even another way to go. In this case going with the ide of including the underwater mapping.
  10. Submarine Watch - Update

    Well very likely CV's are about to get a massive paradigm shift in gameplay. As big or bigger change than the Arty change in WOT.
  11. CV for both questions. In the absence of them. Then DD for both questions. DD's may not be the most powerful class but they have the biggest impact on the Win or loose of the battle. Great DD's can carry a bad team. Bad DD's can make even a good team loose.
  12. excellent video. Yet another tidbit on the future of CV gameplay.