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  1. paradat

    Is This For Real !!!

    That is true. For me I am not bothered by that much if it is a good deal. Best I can tell this is a bad deal.
  2. paradat

    Is This For Real !!!

    The random loot crates are pretty new, and the progressive bundles, events are more expensive.
  3. paradat

    Is This For Real !!!

    No gimmicks other than increased credit earning. Best I can tell this event is also very expensive. Will wait for the full article but looks pretty nuts.
  4. paradat

    Thoughts on Shikishima?

    If you like Yamato, you will like Shikishima. Playstyle and impact is basically the same.
  5. paradat

    This is the problem with subs

    Perfect keep doing that. You are breaking everything on the sub and they have very limited damage control. Battleship HE is a true nightmare lol.
  6. paradat

    This is the problem with subs

    Shoot HE even near misses' wreck subs.
  7. paradat

    Jesus patch

    Ah Alena....
  8. paradat

    Gato is Garbage

    Second round of Gato. Also pretty good had a few big damage (for me) games.
  9. paradat

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    #604 More tokens are in.
  10. paradat

    Super Containers

    LOL I think we have a winner.
  11. paradat

    Gato is Garbage

    First session with Gato was pretty good. Had a wide variety of results. Zero damage up to 90k
  12. paradat

    Feedback on in-game monetization

    Random loot token bundle events.
  13. paradat

    Super Containers

    It is the most descriptive.