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  1. Press the F key. It is almost always worth it to just abort the attack and jump back to the CV. As far as the TST economy that is on purpose. Play a battle in a non CV to earn credits then play a battle in the CV. You need to alternate it is set up that way on purpose. I am sure you can see why.
  2. Yeah for me, I have been ending my attack and jumping back into the carrier right away to dodge the attacks and chew up the planes.
  3. CV AA is pretty dang effective. You lose a lot of planes in snipe attempts.
  4. Yikes…. I think the WG marketing team has a scale issue... or maybe they don't. Maybe there are enough people that will buy this stuff. I am basically a whale in this game and I am with you Admiral not going to even consider this.
  5. paradat

    Throwdown Thursday - The Ranked Sprint

    Hmm tier 5? …… The premiums.
  6. paradat

    Why is the password/email wrong?!? CV TST server)

    Download the Launcher Install the added instance TST Manually log into the launcher with your main account open the TST server instance from the launcher Use provided log in and password from your email. enjoy
  7. paradat

    Daring. Why?

    Flamu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-esX67QDhI
  8. The ones that are tier 5 ships will. Tier ship operations will not count.
  9. paradat

    Future of the game?

    Yeah agreed. Even if you have a system that is taxed by the game you can close the launcher after you launch the game. I really like having it for patches.
  10. paradat

    Future of the game?

    I have been using the Wargaming Center since it's Beta and I love it. I can understand you not wanting them to move your cheese but cancer? Crazy talk. Perhaps your future should include therapy.
  11. paradat

    Not enough memory for update

    OR fix your memory problem.
  12. Well if you don't own the ships already they could be pretty cool. If you want to double up on the 1st win of the day bonus for captain training then... could be good. If they stay on sale long enough I can see myself picking them up but that just me.
  13. paradat

    What's your impression of the early release RN DDs?

    All good. Lighting is Joy to play.
  14. Ah well there you go OP WG is all ready doing what you want!