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  1. paradat

    Godzilla vs. Kong Voiceover scam?

    Wow this package is terribly disappointing. Really WG?.....Really? That is a lot of money for a camo that does not even include what makes it potentially cool. So the voice over is not really a voice over.... it is not another ship only a camo .... and the camo we see in port is not the camo you get in battle.... and it is the price of a tier 8 prem ship? Errr,..... No and you lost some good will as well.
  2. paradat

    Here come the Submaries - In Ranked.

    Getting closer.
  3. paradat

    Weekend Spree, 30 April to 2 May 2021

    Still on break. So this weekend was lots and lots of Conan Exiles.
  4. paradat

    It is official

    Hold on to my thruster.
  5. paradat

    FINALLY!!!!... (PVE Thread)

    Wow! Nice work.
  6. paradat

    Weekend Spree, 26-28 March 2021.

    Large doses of Conan Exiles. Still on my early access Wows break.
  7. paradat

    Premium Ship PREVIEW - HMCS Yukon

    So a fake version of a fake ship? Yeah Ok I am interested.
  8. paradat

    Whale guide to ZF-6 (Is it worth it?)

    You never go full whale on the Dockyard. Play some spend some sure but never full whale.
  9. MM does not care about Radar. Just ship types and tier.
  10. Oh this is very useful. You did notice that this is only for players in the same clan right?
  11. paradat

    Weekend Spree, 12-14 March 2021

    This weekend was all about Conan Exiles. As is usual for me I am taking a WOWS break during the early access patches.
  12. Stopped reading right there. bye bye
  13. I would add some complexity to the play counter play between CV and Surface ships. Keep the new gameplay (please no RTS) but bring back some of the complexity in CV play. Let the fighters interact in a manual way again, so CV vs CV can become more of a thing. Add some complexity to the AA bring in some player skill (perhaps an AA gunsight option) that gives the surface ship a better chance to resist strikes even if that means the player has to divide his attention between surface combat and AA. I think the paradigm shift from RTS CV to current versions was a good thing and the right direction but we have moved a bit to far to simplicity and can I think now afford to come back a bit toward complexity.
  14. paradat

    Bismarck reduced to Useless BB?

    That was a really good battle in a ruff situation. He also mentions how good some of the other German BB's are right now.