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  1. Heck ya I want Subs!
  2. Would still like to know what mods are in the pack.
  3. That is a good point and will be pretty dang fun as well.
  4. Yeah that's true. For me is real value may not be his special skills but rather his commander xp potential. I have a crap ton of prem BB's and CA's so..... So put him on the Yamato or Zao then play for the first win on all of the prem ships in that line.... My Shima Captian is all ready 19 so... maybe best to go for the BB or CA. Will have to count all the prems up and see which is better.
  5. Hmmm I did not think about making him a DD captain...... That might be a great idea. Could use him to farm elite commander XP. Use him on what ever line you have the most ships in. Thanks to the ARP ships there are a crap ton of Ships you could put him on.
  6. Wow seriously nice work!
  7. The basic training vids on TankRewards.com for WOT are really good. The Tank Academy idea could work in World of Warships as well. They are not only good but there is in game incentives to do view them.
  8. "toxic players and what makes them toxic" Pain.
  9. Yep the infamous dump match.
  10. I think there are financial reasons. Steam will likely be getting a cut from all purchaces from WG. We will all be playing together however so that part will be fun.
  11. Tirpitz if you feel like you are not very skilled. Atago if you are skilled.
  12. Happy Birthday Jar heads! From a Dog Face.
  13. Is the angle mod inside the WG mod pack? I think it is.