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  1. up coming Dasha captains

    How do we know she did not record for each nation?
  2. OK Well good luck to you.
  3. Well that might be your main problem then. Slow down do not use Free XP in normal line. or Go ahead with Nelson.
  4. I mean save Free XP no money required. You have in my opinion the best tier 7 BB already.
  5. Ah OK. I would save up then. You have ships now that are in the range of Nelson. Go for a free Musashi. In the meantime work on your Scharnhorst skills. Check out youtuber videos on the ship.
  6. Yeah this is probably true ^^^ I do like Nelson but she does require a lot of tactical application. In my opinion she is not nearly as user friendly has Scharnhorst. I would also recommend you forget about your fears and just go for tier 8 prem. I Credit grinding is your goal then go grind some credits! The get the Tirpitz or Musashi.
  7. Sorry missed that in your opp. I have never heard any one call the Scharnhorst "fickle in performance". She is very dynamic she can brawl but her fast reload and speed means she never has too. In a head to head she will tare up a Nelson. Having said that Nelson is fun but she is definitely not a brawler. She is a fragile bow tanking fire breathing dragon with a great heal.... but do not get flanked lol. Lots of bow tanking and reversing with some Island hugging. Scharnhorst is an open water terror of a ship that can deal with a variety of targets and does just fine when bottom tier.
  8. If you are limiting your self to Tier 7 then yah sure. I think Scharnhorst would be better but Nelson is a fun ship so go for it.
  9. Most fun way to grind credits?

    Tirpitz and Harakaze
  10. You can also earn steel in Ranked play so....
  11. WOW 34! I am sure I have never done that many.... dang nice work!
  12. Too Many Resources?

    I like it my self. Sets up incentives to play in the various modes which helps keep those modes alive. The more ways to play a game the greater the variety. The more variety a game has the longer it's longevity.
  13. Oh just for fun. "Why isn’t the CV rework priority 1 like it should be?" It is.
  14. Nope, but I will likely start playing CV a lot more than I do now.
  15. Well not bad idea for trying to adjust balance but nope. WG is going way deeper than that. Full gameplay experience change inbound. Total paradigm shift is on the way.